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Nothing captures more dust on more surfaces that Eureka's new 4D upright! It is the only upright vacuum designed to clean your entire home from the floor up. To clean carpets and hard floors, there's the Electronic Brushroll Control which easily turns off the brushroll. A unique RugSaver feature controls the speed for better cleaning control. To clean the stairs, there's the Power Paw turbo brush with extra-long stretch hose. For above-the-floor cleaning, there's a unique Spin Duster electrostatic duster. For cleaner indoor air, count on the sealed HEPA filtration system to capture 99.97% of airborne dust and allergens. Plus, the dust cup is easier to use because the filter and dust cup are separate. Get a complete clean on all the surfaces in your home with this Eureka Boss 4D vacuum. With Eureka's four dimension cleaning system you'll have a cleaner home from floor to ceiling. You can vacuum floors with the Electronic Brush Control for carpet and bare floor cleaning. The PowerPaw(TM) with Riser Visor(R) and other on-board tools let you clean stairs, upholstery and pet hair both vertically and horizontally and the telescopic duster attracts dust from furniture like a magnet. And with the only sealed HEPA system on the market, the air you breathe will be cleaner. (Similar Model: 5902AVZ).

Eradicate impurities in a room's air while simultaneously stripping dirt and debris from the carpet with The Boss, the newest upright vacuum from Eureka. The 12-amp vacuum provides what Eureka dubs four-dimensional cleaning, tackling various three-dimensional surfaces such as drapes, stairs, armchairs and hardwood floors. The Boss' sealed HEPA filtration addresses the fourth dimension, removing up to 99.97 percent of the miniscule dust particles and allergens in the air. In addition to the vacuum's operational efficacy, it features a simple bag-free design, reducing bag waste.

The multi-faceted vacuum comes equipped with Rugsaver Brush Speed Control, enabling users to adjust brush from a rapid 4500-RPM speed while cleaning standard carpets to a slower 1500-RPM level for treating antique rugs or delicate drapes. In households with especially furry pets, a special hand-held brush roller can be attached to agitate and uproot deeply embedded pet hair and debris. The attachment adapts to maneuver vertical surfaces like stairs. The Boss also includes an electrostatic duster that telescopes an additional 3 feet to dust windowsills, blinds, and other hard-to-reach spaces. The vacuum cord spans a distance of 30 feet. For the best success, read all enclosed material prior to use. The Boss is covered by a one-year limited warranty. The vacuum measures 44-1/2 by 15 by 13 inches and weighs 24.6 pounds. --Jessica Reuling

  • Multi-faceted upright vacuum cleaner from Eureka for floors, carpets, upholstered furniture, and air
  • Vacuum's sealed HEPA filtration removes up to 99 percent of air impurities and allergens
  • Operation speeds on the 12-amp vacuum range from 1500 to 4500 RPM for delicate or heavy-duty cleaning projects
  • Includes many on-board accessories including electrostatic duster and brush roller; 30-foot retractable power cord
  • Vacuum measures 44-1/2 by 15 by 13 inches and weighs 24.6 pounds; limited 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Love this Vacuum Cleaner!
    Great product at a great price! I shopped around for about 3 months before finally selecting the Eureka 5902BVZ "The Boss". And let me tell you, it IS THE BOSS!!! The vacuum cleaner does everything as advertised, and has exceeded my expectation. If you are looking for a lightweight vacuum, this isn't the one for you. I love the heavyduty workmanship of this baby. It feels the way 'equipment' use to be made. I park this bad boy in a special place in the closet, and keep it clean for show. Also, I read in Consumer Report that this vacuum is just as good as a similar competitor which is priced at $600.00+. Trust me, it's worth it!
    ...more info
  • Last Less Than One Year
    This Eureka Vacuum work good when it's new. But less than a year the belt burn badly when turn on....more info
  • Great vacuum
    I bought this vacuum after returning a $500 Dyson which seemed really poorly made for a $500 vacuum. I had a Eureka previously which had incredible sucking power. I have a dog with very short hair and its very difficult to get the hair out unless you have a powerful vacuum. This vacuum has AWESOME sucking power. The only downside is that its pretty heavy and has a small dirt canister. I dont have wall to wall carpets so it doesnt bother me but i can see that the small canister can be a problem for people who have a lot of carpets to clean. ...more info
  • Does The Job - Getting Better In Design
    The Eureka `The Boss' vacuum cleaner has come along way. First, the bad: It is still somewhat bulky to roll around, the electrical cord still is manual and the filter inside the dust container is a problem The round filter that DOES collect all the allergens, pollen and dust really works, but when you need to dump out the clear container, you need to remove the filter AND shake out the particles in the filter (do it outside). Now for the good: The wide track is rubberized for protection and the adjustable height adjusts for a deep rug to a bare floor. It truly does suck up all particles (kitty litter, dust, etc.) without spitting it out the back of the vacuum cleaner. The `spin duster' is a neat attachment, as it is soft and really does attract and pull out dust. Simply putting it back in its case and turning of the vacuum cleaner sucks out the 'spin duster'. There are several great attachments that are very handy and handily placed. So, besides the noise and the bulk, this cleaner is the best I have had in my household to this day....more info
  • Eureka Is The Leading Vacuum Cleaner Provider-Offering Quality and Reliability
    January 11, 2008
    I happen to be a product reviewer who settles for nothing other than excellence. It may sound peculiar or even quirky but because I am rather handy with repairs and product maintenance, vacuum cleaners have always captivated my attention around the house. I ran into the company, Eureka when about two years ago I replaced a vanquished and troubled vacuum cleaner whose manufacturer was once a household word much like Scotch tape. I bought the Eureka based on hope and it was the same model type that is the subject of this review. Eureka offers filter and belt subscriptions that serve to render maintenance a breeze because you are shipped the parts on a timely basis and automatically. In my phone dealings with Eureka Customer Service I was impressed with the agents and their due diligence in helping me with questions and always sticking with me even for long time intervals while I would take the unit apart to make a repair, clear a clog or change a belt. While it is true that I have acted in a thorough and meticulous manner in keeping my Eureka going for these two years, features connected with the unit such as immeasurable suction ability, the dust mop extra and the very fact that the company and the vacuum cleaner do not let you down are all verifiable reasons to buy my favorite Eureka herein or any Eureka- Eureka is the new household word.

    Jay Adler, Music Critic...more info
  • Best One I have owned
    This is the best Vacuum I have owned in a very long time, the accessories are great for the furniture and all the throw pillows. It sucks up pet hair with ease and does not blow the dust all over the place. It has alot of power it practically pulls you forward. I am so happy I returned my useless Dirt Devil Envison which by the way is a complete JOKE. This is a great deal for the price it is worth $40+ more easily.
    :)Thanks...more info
  • This vacuum does everything I wanted and does it well
    I purchased this vacuum through Amazon a couple of months ago, and it is great! We used to use a Hoover Wind Tunnel to vacuum the carpets and furniture and a Shark Stick Vac for the bare floors and ceramic tile.
    This Eureka does all those jobs and does them better.

    It's awesome on carpets, rugs, furniture, and stairs. The power paw is fantastic on stairs and the furniture, and being able to turn the brush off and/or slow it down makes vacuuming the rugs very easy.

    The bare floor setting for this vacuum sometimes appears as though it is not working well, and sometimes I do have to flip the brush on for a second to get up heavy crumbs, etc., but when I mop the floor after using this vacuum, the remaining debris that gets mopped up is minimal. When I used to use the Shark Vac, I would always be shocked at the amount of material that was left and could only be seen when mopping.

    I was hopeful that dust would jump onto the static duster, but I wasn't holding my breath. Good thing, because I would have suffocated. Don't get me wrong. It's not entirely useless. It's nice for dusting hard to reach places, but unless you have some serious amounts of dust (like you might find under the bed), it appears to me that it mostly displaces the dust instead of picking it up. I use it quite a bit for picture frames, nic nacs, etc., but on flat surfaces, I find that a Swiffer or Pledge and a dust rag are much more effective.

    Others have complained that this vacuum is too heavy, and the attachment hose isn't long enough. I don't think it's any heavier than the Windtunnel we used to use. In fact, when vacuuming, the brush pulls it along better than our old Hoover. The hose could be a couple feet longer, but it's still longer than the hose that was on our Windtunnel, and even though the suction is better on the Eureka, the hose doesn't collapse.

    All in all, we are very happy with this vacuum. I have already recommended it to a couple of friends. It is a fine machine, especially for the price....more info
  • The honeymoon is over!
    After burning through several "cheap" vacuums, I bought this product with confidence after my trepidation was eased by the great reviews. I bought this 10 months ago and now it is dead. I live in a house with wood floors and only used this to clean 4 of the rooms that had rugs. The suction was initially great and at first use I thought it was broken until I discovered that the trap was full (duh). That had me sold but after the last time I cleaned it out, it just died. I'm no dummy with fixing things but that is why I bought a "good" vacuum. Well, $200 in the trash!...more info
  • Eureka the Boss Upright Vacuum
    It has great suction with animal hair, but it is messy to empty the dirt catcher. It is a little heavy to carry up and down stairs.
    ...more info
    Had this vacuum cleaner for about 4 months before we started noticing that the room air seemed dustier everytime we used it. At first, I thought it was because of the gap of the housing where the electrical cord emerged from its housing. I took a closer look and behold, there is an half inch gap where the removable dust bin sits in the front of the machine. It is supposed to be airtight as evidenced by the rubber gasket that lies superior to the plastic basket. Nothing on the machine is broken - it just is poor quality control on the part of Eureka. By the way, the other reviewer is correct. They (Eureka customer service)do not answer their phones; you are put on an endless loop until, ultimately you are disconnected....more info
  • Pleased at first, only to be sorely dissappointed
    I have owned this vacuum for 2 years. It was great at first. Now, with a 3 level house, it is heavy and awkward to lug around and the hose that serves as the main suction shaft gets clogged at the drop of a hat. I have made mess after mess cleaning out clogs in the hose and now it drops dirt everywhere I move it. The main filter wears out really fast and is expensive to replace. If I had to do it all over again, I'd buy something else. Invest more in a better vacuum- not this one!...more info
  • real junk
    Buy something else. First of all, it started out fine - had good suction, etc. There was only one flaw the dusting wand didn't work. It is supposed to charge and clean itself, but that only happens if you can keep the thing together, and I bet you can't. It doesn't take long for the power paw to stop working. Mine rotates so slowly if it touches anything it stops. The cleaner itself loses suction over time. The dust catcher is easy to empty, but don't forget to buy all the filters it needs. This is a poor choice....more info
    This vacuum cleaner is not good!! It hardly sucks up anything! I used it on my room and it is so terrible that it makes me sad that I don't have a nice vacuum! I don't have anything against Eureka but this vacuum is bad!
    My mom bought a Hoover wind tunnel vacuum and it works just fine! I'm sure they try as hard as they can, but Eureka needs to make their vacuums just as good as the Hoover ones!...more info
  • Well worth the money!
    I've had this vacuum for close to a year and I still LOVE IT! It does such a great job cleaning! When I use my old vacuum and then go over it with the Eureka I still get a significant amount of additional dirt. I contemplated buying the more expensive cyclonic vacuum but couldn't justify the price. And I'm glad I didn't get it! I think this one is just as good! I highly recommend. Here's a final thought. when something gets caught in the wheel my old vacuums would burn the belts and start to smell. This one has never broken a belt or started to burn up when I get something caught up in it! I think that's pretty significant!...more info
  • Awesome
    I just love this vacuum. I wanted one that would pick up dog hair which my corgi mix produces in abundance. This vacuum picks it up by the shovel. Also, it has a container for the dirt that you just empty - no bags to buy. I vacuumed with my old canister vacuum THEN used this one. It was stunning how much dust and fur came up from my "clean" carpet.
    It is heavy, but I find if I hold the handle down and push it with the inside of my palm it moves with less effort from me. It has a wide "nose" that allows me to clean the hall really fast but which is a bit inconvenient in the living room.
    To sum up - buy this vacuum!...more info
  • The BEST Vacuum I Have Ever Owned
    Even though I vacuumed my carpeting with my old vacuum on a regular basis, my carpets were still filthy. I just never realized it. When I first got my Eureka 5902BVZ, the dirt cup was filled with cat hair and other debris in no time! Someone else said they could make another cat out of the cat hair their vacuum picked up. With all the cat fur from my three kitties my vacuum picked up I could make a whole family of cats and have enough left over to knit a sweater. If I could knit that is. My furniture, carpeting and rugs look so much nicer. I have asthma and find that I am actually able to breathe better and not use my emergancy inhaler nearly as often as I had been. The Power Paw works very well on my furniture and throw pillows. The money I spent on this vacuum will certainly be made up by not having to buy sweeper bags all the time. Maybe I am a bit warped but, I enjoy seeing how much the vacuum has picked up when I remove the dust cup to empty it. I get a real sense of accomplishment. Because I'm disabled, I was concerned that this vacuum might be difficult to handle and am pleased to say it is easier for me to operate than my old vacuum. This is the best vacuum I've ever owned. I was so pleased with this vacuum after first using it I left it out to show off to all my friends when they came to visit. I have never before, in all my years, been excited about a vacuum cleaner let alone enjoy using one. Believe it or not, I am actually happy my old vacuum cleaner stopped working and I had to buy a new one...and the Eureka 5902BVZ was the one I chose....more info
  • Good while it lasted
    Bought this a year ago and always cleaned the canister and foam filter after every use but a few months ago I noticed the suction wasn't as good as it used to be but it was still picking up most of the stuff from the carpet so I wasn't too bothered. But now it just rolls the excess carpet into balls instead of putting it in the canister and I can't use any of the tools. At this point I'm just going ti buy a new vac. Seems like I have to do that about every year now....more info
  • Not a bad vacuum - But NO RETRACTABLE CORD!
    This is a pretty good vacuum. We purchased this from Amazon a month or so ago. So far I don't have many issues with it. It seems to pick up a lot. The canister is easy to empty, and the vacuum seems to have plenty of power. It seems durable without being overly heavy. I'm not thrilled with the duster. I don't think it picks up much dust, although the vacuum cleans the duster well. I'm expecting the duster to break off relatively easily though. THe duster holder is made of your basic cheap, thin plastic and you have to put pressure on it in order to get the hose attchment loose. So, anytime you want to use the hose you have to press on the duster and I just think its going to break off easily. The hose seems to have plenty of power and picks up well.

    I'm not overly impressed with the vacuum's ability to pick up items along the edge of the wall. I don't think it has enough power for it. I've seen it pick up very little along the edges of the wll.

    My biggest problem with it is that this vacuum doesn't have a retractable cord, as listed in the product description. The retractable cord was one of the major selling points for me. I really wanted one. So, I was very disappointed with it arrived and I realized it didn't have one. I called Amazon and they would have allowed me to return it, but we'd already put it together. I couldn't get it back in the box at that point. Amazon gave me a large discount which helped, but I am still annoyed. And, I see that the error hasn't been fixed. The discription still says that there is a retractable cord.

    We bought this one sale, with a money-off coupon and then ended up getting a large refund because of the cord error. With all that taken into account, we got a GREAT vacuum for the price we paid. And, overall I'm pleased when you consider the final price. However, I would NOT recommend purchasing this vacuum for the price listed. There are others for similar prices that are better....more info
  • Great Vacuum for carpet, but no good on hard floors
    I have had my vacuum for almost a year now and I love it. I am glad that I got the bagless feature, because this vacuum picks up dirt so well that in my 1200 sq foot house, it can fill the canister up almost every two weeks.

    suction is very good for the attachment hose.
    picks up dirt out of the carpet and hair very well
    not too loud

    needs a longer attatchment hose
    awful at cleaning hard floors- do not buy this vacuum if this is your purpose for buying a new vacuum

    Great buy and I love this vacuum. It has made me realize how much dirt can get into the carpet everyday. ...more info
  • Very disappointed
    After reading the other reviews, most of which were positive, we bought the Eureka 5902. Took it out of the box, followed directions for assembly, plugged it in, it worked great for one sweep. Then the roller brush stopped turning. Checked the belt it was fine. Called Eureka, they had us try couple of things, which didn't work. Finally was told "it must be broken"! We are going back to a Wind Tunnel. I'd like to add that Amazon was great to work with. Sent me a return label, notified me when they rec'd it, and when refund was processed. Very polite all the way through....more info
  • Love it!
    I am happy with mine, I have waited a month to make sure and still i give it 5 stars. I have two cats two dogs and two small (under 4) kids and this thing gets the job done. I also have bad asthma and allergies and have noticed a difference after using this machine. It is heavy... but what vacuum cleaner isn't? I am 5'2 and 98 pounds and I can handle it. The hose could be longer but then it would be a pain in the butt to store! All in all this was the best out of all the others in the price range we looked at. It is well worth the $$. ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    This vacuum works really good. The suction is amazing! It picked up SO much dog hair and dust that I was shocked. It is heavy like all the other reviews state but I thinks it's worth it. If you are elderly or have a hard time with heavy objects, you may want to choose another model. The only other thing I would change is the length of the hose. It seems like you have to pull on it really hard and it's still short. All in all, I LOVE it. ...more info
  • massive suction but kind of dirty
    So many good things about this vacuum, and a couple bad.
    1. The suction if amazing, pulls tons of dirt out of carpet.
    2. tons of features that are nice to have, control of brushroll etc
    3. not all the dirt makes it into dirt cup, makes a mess when you pull it out.
    4. hose is not long enough.
    5. very heavy, i get a workout when doing the whole house, could be a good thing I guess.
    6. Some of the plastic pieces feel and are very cheap. When I first took out of the box, I squeezed the tabs to release the hose from the vacuum, and one broke. I had to send the whole vacuum back. The stair attachment works great, but some of the plastic pieces that make up the attachment feel loose and may even be broken now.
    All in all, i love this vacuum, couldnt afford the Dyson so im happy with what I have....more info
  • outstanding suction
    I got this vacuum delivered on time. Easy to put together. Cleans like nothing I have ever used. The container that holds the dirt was full after one room that I thought was clean. It is utterly amazing how much this thing picked up. My wife and I were amazed since the carpet already looked clean. Words cannot do this thing justice. I had a Sears Kenmore before this and there is no comparison. The Kenmore was twice the price too. The only down fall is this thing is very heavy and hard to move on thick carpets. On bare floors and low carpet it works fine. Also has a speed control for the carpet brush as so not to damage any fine carpets. Great machine, great price, easy to use, but a little heavy if your a small person. Definite good buy. ...more info
    I finally had to replace my Fantom Thunder which did a phenomenal job on picking up animal hair and Southwestern sand and dirt. Unfortunately, I could not find the Thunder anymore and was looking at The Animal by Dyson. My husband was not about to spend 500-600. on a vaccum cleaner. Mine finally died while I was attending a wedding so the husband bought me this one. At first I was skeptical as it wasn't wanted I wanted. However after 3 weeks I love the it.
    It is very heavy and hard to manage to take up and down stairs because of where the stair handle is located. Definitely not designed with a woman in mind. The hose is too short but that could have been fixed with the bottom hose retainer being open like the the other 3. Poor design again.
    It DOES pick up animal hair and dirt to the point it is embarrassing and I vaccum the downstairs areas everyday. The cup is small but I have always cleaned out my vaccum after every room so I can see how much it picked up in each room. I like the extra filtering system in addition to the hepa filter. It is easy to clean and I just run it under the hose and hang to dry. I clean it maybe 4 times a week. It gets really dirty and clogged up with dust and dog hair. I know it is working!!! The turbo brush does a good job on my stairs and the furniture. Again I was very surprised considering the brush is air driven rather than belt driven. It also does a good job on bare floors. I use it on parquet, linoleum and quarry tile floors and it even picked up grass clippings that one of the dogs brought in. I don't even change the settings. It stays on the low carpet setting. I also do not change the switch to bare floors.
    I solved the taking up and down stairs by buying a second one since I paid only $150 per vaccuum. No shipping or tax. Now we will have spare parts for the future when the downstairs wears out after all the use it will be getting. I recommended this vaccum to all my family and friends. It would have gotten a 4.75 if the rating was availible. No five because of the hose....more info
  • Horrible
    There is not enought suction to get the dirt and fibers into the canister, so the tubes clog- constantly. I spend more time pulling this thing apart then using it. When I am using it, the tubes pop off the vacuum spraying what little dirt this piece of junk did manage to sweep up and spreads it all around the house. The duster also wont remain locked in the canister, so it is constantly reducing what little suction is already there. Do not buy this vacuum!...more info
  • Shoulda called it "The Bomb Upright"
    The reviews about the thoroughness and efficiency were not overblown. My apartment was just steam-cleaned and after I ran this puppy around it sucked up a cup of filth. It was shocking. I left the carpet height setting at the default and when vacuuming it actually felt like it wasn't doing anything. I could see a change in the nap of the rug but was worried this thing wasn't working. WRONG!

    I would also like to point out that I think this thing is pretty light and VERY quiet. Realize my prior machine was Hoover Elite upright circa 1995. However, I've heard other brand new machines that are 3 times as loud. This was a great buy for me.

    The only negative would be that the static charging wand seems to want to come out of the tube that tries to contain it. This is a minor affliction and can be addressed any number of ways.

    The bottom line: 2 Thumbs Up!...more info
  • Belt breaks on day 1
    very impressed with the suction on this- filled cannister after doing 2 area rugs that were vacuumed regularly. then the belt jsut broke. need to unscrew screws to access belt, need to order replacement belt...a bit of a pain esp on a brand new machine. So have questions about quality. sent it back. may try a bissel or this again and see if the belt think was a fluke...just be aware that this happens, and that the belt on our old vacuum (bissel) has never broken......more info
  • Best vacuum I ever owned
    I absolutely love it! I have area rugs and wall to wall carpet and it cleans both wonderfully. I love all of the attachments, especially the power paw (great for stairs and hard to reach carpeted areas). It actually makes cleaning fun. There a few downsides that I can easily overlook. The vacuum is very heavy and I'm not impressed when I try to clean hardwood floors. It will skip over debris and I have to pull out the hose to suck it up. Also, the hose is too short for me, so I ordered the 15 ft. attachment to help with my stairs. But regardless of the downsides and I am extremely happy with this vacuum....more info
  • WOW
    WOW that's all I have to say. A great vacuum, great suction, picks up dirt, dust, and everything else. I didn't know how nasty my carpet was till I got this vacuum. Its big and bulky, but with the results I dont care. Its really quiet for its size, the static duster doesn't really charge, I have to run it across my TV screen first then it works. The power paw works ok, but if you apply too much force it stops working. I really recommend this vacuum, my mom now comes over and borrows mine, instead of using hers. Last time she brought me her vacuum and told me keep it, ill keep yours. So im forced into buying another one....more info
  • Great Value!
    The Dyson was out of my price range and after many reviews and agonizing over finding a *good* cleaner for an affordable price, I went with the consumer report rave review suggestion of this model.

    I have never felt let down.

    As many other reviewers have mentioned, I have cats and the shedding problem gets to be quite an issue. We also have a wood burning stove which means a lot of dust from the soot and ashes. WOW... Go Eureka GO. I am especially fond of the amazing suction that the machine gives with the hose and attachments. I have never in my life owned a vacuum that made the attachments worthwhile to use before.

    The machine is on the heavy side, but not overly so. I can carry it up and down our main staircase with no issue. Managing the spiral staircase gets trickier, but I haven't struggled too much. Being able to clean the stairs so effectively makes it worth the weight.

    Overall, a great product, well worth the price!...more info
  • Eureka is right.
    I looked around quite a bit, and thought I had bought the best vacuum for the money. Consumer reports liked it, so I bought it.
    I got the vacuum, pulled it out of the box, put it together, and it worked for about 60-90 seconds. The brush motor stopped working. Eureka was no help and neither was Amazon. It took over 2 weeks to get my money back. I bought a Hoover from Wal-Mart, and as much as that pains me, it has worked perfectly. ...more info
  • Hate to clean, but love this vacuum
    I really hate to clean. I can think of a million things I would rather do on the weekends.

    We have a cat and a longcoat Akita who weighs about 100 pounds and blows his coat twice a year. That's a lot of hair! We also have mostly hardwood floors with oriental or wool area rugs. I need something that would work with everything: pet hair on the back of the couch, hardwood floors, area rugs, and dusty corners. This vacuum does everything.


    POWER PAW: I love it. It's ingenius how it works with the suction of the hose. And it really does take the hair off of couches and chairs!

    SUCTION POWER: Unbeliveable. When using the hose portion, it parallels the power of my huge shop vac! I used to drag it out once a month to give the whole house a real good once-over, but not anymore... It does spew out a lot of hot air, though.

    RUG CLEANING CONTROL BAR: The rug cleaning control bar is so helpful with all the different types of rugs in our house. You can actually hear the vacuum getting more or less pwoerful when you move it.

    COOL DUSTER TUBE THING: This is pretty neat too. It seems to work well for me, and it just adds to the convenience of this vacuum - one less implement to drag out of the closet when I am cleaning.

    DIRT CUP: Easy to dump. Easy to take out and put back too. Holds a lot of dirt!

    NOISE LEVEL: Not too loud at all.

    OVERALL IMPRESSION: Although this vacuum is heavy, it is not hard to push. I love the bumper on the front of it, because I am always running into furniture legs. The only thing that I'm not crazy about is the hose - it is so powerful that it is difficult to keep it stretched out while you are using it. It's a little inconvenient, but a small price to pay for a really really good vacuum. And who can beat the price? Move over Dyson, here comes the Eureka Boss 4D! ...more info
  • Get's it done
    We had a Sears canister vacuum and with my son's golden lab/retriever service dog -- it just wasn't cutting it. The day the boss Upright Vacuum arrived we had it set up in minutes. There is a tremendous satisfaction in cleaning out that bin full of "yuck" (Although a little disturbing to see what was on the floor for all this time). The Boss Upright has enough weight to pick it up, and enough settings to tackle any floor. The price is right as well. I debated "investing" in dyson -- but with the power and suction of this model -- I am loving the savings. Picks up pet hair like no one's business and is ready for more. ...more info
  • Excellent
    Works great. Great suction and very quiet, solidly built. Only negative is too short accessory hose but other than that no complaints. Considered a Dyson but the price difference was too much to justify. I don't regret my decision at all....more info
  • Eureka did not honor warranty
    I consider this vacuum top heavy. If falls over easily. When we got it we also noticed that the beater bar only worked occasionally.

    When it quit working completely 8 months into the 12 month warranty period, I took it to an authorized service center. After three months the part that I need is still on backorder. I had to buy another vacuum cleaner (not Eureka). I tried to expedite the part by contacting their parts department, their customer service department, the regional office, and even the president to no avail. No one seems to care that they sold me a product that failed completely while under warranty. All anyone would ever do is tell me that the part was backordered. They never had any idea when I would get it. When I wanted to be transferred to a manager I was left on hold for 20 minutes before hanging up. ...more info
  • A really nice quiet vacuum
    This vacuum is really quiet compared to others we have owned and it is very powerful. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • AWESOME Vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum about a month ago, and I couldn't be happier! This is definitely the best vacuum I have ever owned. It is a little heavy, but the cleaning power and suction is well worth the extra energy it takes to maneuver it around the room. I highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Sucks better than the GF.
    Well we decided to try this Vac out, read the ratings here, few people said it was too heavy. We live in an apt so heavy is not an issue, I find that it's not too heavy to push at all, especially on level II it pulls it'self along.

    Picks up dirt and is EXCELLENT for hair both the cats (long haired) and the GF's that deposit on the floor on a regular basis. We cleaned with the old vac (10 year old hoover) Twice then with this one. All I can say is WOW, I wouldn't have let my son play on the carpet knowing all that crap was in there.

    The power paw is great too, pulled all the hair of the couch first time round. The duster is a good idea, but i'm having trouble getting a static charge on it, although I must say I like the idea of dusting and having the vac clean the duster out, which it does wonderfully. The cord is pretty long as it the hose (stretches out nice) I'm 6'3" and it goes way above my head.
    I don't find it to be too noisy ,unless it's on level II, then it sounds like a turbo, but I will say it's still alot quieter than my older vac. The canister is easy to empty, can't see anyone having probs with it. I give it 2 thumbs up. :)

    All in all 4.75 /5 (because I can't get the duster to charge all the time, It's probably something i'm doing though to be fair)...more info
  • All in all a great machine for the money.
    I purchased this vacuum from Amazon about 2 weeks ago, and so far I am pretty much impressed.


    -Boy, does this machine get cat hair out of carpet. I told my husband, with the amount of hair I've removed from my carpet in 2 weeks, I could just about make another cat!

    -I like the fact I can adjust the speed of the brush. I don't need my carpet beat so hard all the time, but it is nice to have the option to speed up the brush if I want.

    -The power button is in a logical location... the handle. My old vacuum had the power switch on the side, about knee height... not very logical.

    -I also like the fact that I can choose to run the vacuum with no brush (attachments) and the the brush automatically shuts off when handle is in the upright position... no accidently wearing a spot in the carpeting.

    -I'm not much for using feather dusters, but I will probably use this one more often then the other one I've had. It has nice reach and I can dust places I couldn't reach before. Handy design with compartment that auto vacuums the duster.

    -I like the window you can view the brush thru. With my old vacuum I never noticed when debris was packed all over the bristles, therefore I feel I was comprimising the cleaning potential and didn't even realize it. I've already cleaned globs of cat hair off the bristles, because I could see it was there.

    -Really appreciate the way the filter is separate from the dirt cup. Makes emptying the dirt cup much less messy then my last vacuum.


    -I don't feel the appliance hose is as long as it should be.

    -Not incredibly knocked out on the stair cleaning attachement, but I feel it probably does better then my last vacuum in that department.

    -With the included duster, the telescoping handle likes to self telescope at random moments making dusting awkward at times.

    -Dirt cup is very small. It is full after vacuuming only half (~750 sq feet) of my house.

    -Vacuum is very heavy. Luckily it rolls very nicely while vacuuming, so this is only a con when you have to haul it up and down the stairs.

    -The option to vacuum hard floors is pretty pointless (at least in my experience). I tried it out on my tile and the suction was very poor....more info
  • Very Nice Vacuum
    I have had this vacuum for several months now. I bought it to replace my old Hoover Windtunnel Deluxe. This is far better than my old vacuum, to be fair though, my old vacuum is at least 8 years old.

    This vacuum is well built and is very sturdy feeling. The accessories work well, and I especially like the Power Paw attachment for furniture. It has no problems with pet hair. The duster is very nice to have as well, and picks up dust well.

    This vacuum picks up so much. I was surprised to see how much dirt and tiny dust particles it vacuumed up in one room alone. If you think your house is clean now, you will be very surprised when you empty this bagless vacuums dirt cup.

    You will need to empty the dirt cup every time you vacuum. There is extremely fine dirt and dust that it picks up, so you may want to empty it over your trash can outside. Also, there are two foam filters you will rinse out often, do not leave them out to dry where a cat can get to them (sadly I learned the hard way how much my cat likes to chew on these and shred them). I am having trouble finding replacements locally and even on Eureka's website.

    One thing to mention, this vacuum puts out quite a bit of warm air through it's exhaust. This can be good if you want the warm air, but for me, it just makes me sweat. :)

    I would not hesitate to recommend this vacuum. I noticed a reduction in my allergies the first day I used it. It is a 5 star vacuum all the way. ...more info
  • Replaced a Hoover
    Ended up looking for a new vacuum just before the holidays when my top-rated Hoover windtunnel died. Checked Cons Rpts and went out shopping for the Eureka they listed. Ended up with this one because it was bagless. Am very impressed. Yes, it is heavy, but solid. Doesn't feel cheap or fragile. Very large HEPA filter, as well as a second washable filter over the dust cup. It has an adjustable brush control, so you can slow the brush down for bare floors or area rugs. Nice long cord, on-board tools and assembles with two screws. The only drawback for me was the short hose for attachment use. I went to the Eureka website and ordered the Universal Fit extension hose. It will help a lot, but be warned that you have to use one section of the hard extension tube between the vacuum hose and the extension hose, otherwise they don't fit together. Will hope it works longer than the Hoover did........more info
  • Compare to the Dyson
    I have always liked the Eureka vacumes, but this one is the best! I was looking for one with little kickback of dirt, ease of use, and practicle. This is it! It has strong suction and a long cord. While vacuming with shorts on I didnt feel the kick-back of dirt on my legs. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum, easy to use, a little heavy
    I bought this vacuum cleaner to mainly attend to my hardwood floors and area rugs. I ended up using it on my furniture and blinds as well. The suction is great, though I have to turn the brushes on to pick up cheerios, which my son loves to leave behind him from the hardwood floors (i dont know what it does to the floor on the long-term, but the sucktion itself doesn't seem to pick up big pieces from the floor). The powerpaw is excellent tool, i love going over little rugs with it.
    Overall, I am happy with this purchase, even though this vacuum is very heavy and I can't imagine how someone can drag it up or down the stairs.
    It cost me $150 + free shipping + Amazon's promotional coupon of $25 off = $125! I think its an excellent price for this product, which makes me enjoy it so much more. ...more info
  • So Far, Seems wonderful. Still New though...
    I just got it and love it so far. it is still new though. If I find it to be less than great, i will come back for an updated review!!! ...more info