Andis 75240 Ionic, Quiet, "Outlet Saver" Hair Dryer

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  • Ionic technology dries hair faster by breaking up water molecules
  • Even-heat ceramic technology preserves natural oils and seals in moisture
  • 4 heat/3 air settings for quick styling
  • Cool shot button locks in style
  • Removeable air intake filter for easy cleaning
Customer Reviews:
  • performs as advertised
    This unit was very economical and meets all expectations.

    Noise: On high speed it is only slightly louder than other dryers at their lowest speed (in between noise of lowest and medium speed of a Conair 1875 dryer).

    Airflow: On high speed it is about the same airflow as the Conair at medium speed.

    Drying time: On high speed it is about the same drying time as the Conair on the highest speed and heat setting.

    Frizz/Shine: This dryer makes my wife's hair almost (but not quite) as straight/smooth as when she uses a straightening iron, and is slightly shinier than with the Conair dryer.

    So overall the performance/function is excellent. There were no overheating issues some described with one of the other Andis dryers (the red one). I'm not sure about longevity, but I imagine it will be very similar to all the other 9 dozen Chinese dryers on the market. After a trip to Target and seeing no real difference in design or robustness between all the dryers in the store (priced from $25 to $140), the only thing that will set them apart is actual performance and functional advantages, and this Andis unit excels in that area....more info
  • Quietest dryer I've ever heard
    I'm happy because my wife no longer wakes me up with her hair dryer. She's happy because it drys her hair just as quickly as her old dryer. It is a marriage saving device. Not the same air-flow as other dryers, but the ionic and the ceramic allow it to dry just as fast....more info
  • Fantastic Blow Dryer
    This is a fantastic hairdryer takes very little time to dry a thick head of hair and is quiet. A real gem of a hairdryer, one of the best on the market....more info
  • not much airflow
    Compared to other hair dryers I've used, this doesn't put out enough airflow, even when using the nozzle. It gets plenty hot and the outlet saver plug is nice, but I'd gladly trade it for MORE AIR....more info