Andis RC-2 Ionic 1875W Ceramic Hair Dryer with Folding Handle and Retractable Cord

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1875 Watt Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer with Retractable Cord/Folding H

  • Ions reduce "frizzies" while conditioning hair
  • 3 heat/air speeds for ultimate styling and control; cool shot button locks in style
  • Retractable cord and folding handle for convenient storage
  • The results achieved with the ionic dryer are immediate
  • Hair is renewed, repaired and revitalized for a softer, smoother, shinier finish

Customer Reviews:

  • Love it!
    Used this hairdryer in a hotel on vacation and loved it so much I had to order one for home as soon as I got back! Doesn't have a separate selector for temperature, and seems to be hotter on the higher setting that the lower ones, but it works just great for me. Would definitely recommend....more info
  • Works well but only for a while
    I bought this 5 months ago, and it croaked. Just like that,it starting to smell burned (w/o smoke) and then it stopped. It wasn't the socket, it was the dryer. Too bad--it was a good price and it when it worked, it worked well. The best part about it was the retractable! Go for a brand name like Conair or Sasson. Their dryers last....more info
  • Hair Dryer Andis 80020Ionic 1875W
    I like the retractable cord the most and the folding handle. The product has a nice drying speed and heat....more info
  • The Best!
    It's so powerful. It doesn't weigh a ton, and it packs smaller than less powerful blow driers. What is not to love?...more info
  • Excellent!
    I got this Andis dryer to take on a trip. It is larger than I expected, but with the handle folded, it fit nicely in my luggage. This dryer doesn't get very hot but it dries my hair very quickly and with less damage to my hair. It is great and I would buy it again and recommend it to anyone. :)...more info
  • Don't buy this or any other Andis products
    The first time out of the box trying the retractable cord, the button that retracts it got permantly stuck down. I am sure that this is a direct indication of the quality of Andis products - be fore warned!!!...more info
  • Works great!
    I ordered this after using an Andis hair dryer at a Hilton Hotel. While this ended up being a slightly different model, I still am very happy with it. It dries my hair very quickly and leaves it more manageable than my old hair dryer. (It was neither Ionic or Ceramic, so maybe it has something to do with that). Definitely worth the money!...more info
  • One of the best I've owned.
    We got this for a trip and it was great because it had a folding handle and retractable cord. Made packing super easy. It got real hot and I recommend it for anybody that needs a great dryer. ...more info
  • Awesome Hairdryer!!!
    Dries your hair a lot quicker, hair is super smooth and less frizzy! Love it!!!!...more info
  • excellent
    I used this product in a hotel on vacation. I loved it so much, that is why I purchased this one. It is a fabulous hair dryer....more info
  • Hairdryer
    Much quieter than the old one we had. My husband loves it, especially the retractable cord....more info
  • A Retractable Hair-Dryer?
    The hair-dryer cord comes in handy. Now I don't need to make sure the cord isn't touched by water. The hair-dryer has a softer sound to it, so it doesn't disturb any one in the house....more info
  • OK not great
    The dryer works OK but I bought it for the retractable cord. It works some of the time and almost never fully retracts....more info
  • good, convenient, affordable hair dryer
    this dryer is so much better than the two revlons i used before. it's just a hair dryer - how much does quality really matter? well, this may not be the most powerful dryer on the market, but i highly recommend it because:

    - it doesn't seem to make my hair as frizzy and full of flyaways (though it's been moist where i'm at).
    - the loudness doesn't hurt my ears like my old ones.
    - the retractable cord is very handy since you should not leave your dryer plugged in.
    - it folds up for compact storage and possibly travel, though it's larger than a true travel-sized dryer.
    - (this is the best part.) I used to have such problem with the back/motor part of my old dryer sucking in my hair that got tangled and finally burned out the motor, but this dryer does not suck my hair in!! i don't have to yank my hair out, and no more burning smell!!

    and the price is excellent. i hope your experience is as positive as mine....more info
  • Nice full-sized dryer, also folds for travel
    VERY nice dryer. Larger sized travel. Nice power & doesn't frizz my hair like my old dryer did. Happier with a full-sized travel than the compact ones... dries hair faster & without the frizz!...more info
  • Super dryer with great features and easy on the hair.
    This dryer's retractable cord is wonderful for keeping clutter out of the bathroom or wherever you store your dryer when not in use. The heat settings are high-medium-low, plus there's a cool button for a shot of cool air when you're styling. But what I like best is the low setting which is fantastic for my fine hair. It's warm enough to dry the hair but minimizes the stress and damage that the heat of most dryers inflicts. Word to the wise to prolong the life of the cord, it's easy enough to quide it gently with the other hand when you press the retract button - keeps it from snaping back. Overall an excellent choice for an all-purpose dryer and the price can't be beat....more info
  • Dries Fast, Lightweight
    I used this same hairdryer at a resort and fell in love with it. Now I have my very own! It dries my hair quickly, yet the dryer is lightweight, The cord retracts well, and then the dryer folds in half to take up very little space in my cabinet. The three speeds and "cool" button provide sufficient versatility to make this my favorite hairdryer....more info
  • Wonderful...
    I too bought this after using one in an upscale hotel. I have very thick, wavy/curly hair that dries out if I blow-dry it everyday. This dryer doesn't dry out my hair like the others and it folds up real nice for packing and storing in the drawer. The only concern I have is the retractable cord has a couple of times gotten hung up and not retracted properly. I've only had it about 6 weeks now and so far, so good, but that one little glitch is what prompted me to give it 4 instead of 5 stars....more info
  • Not Good
    I loved it the first TWO times it actually worked. Then it died. They were quick to give me a refund though....more info
  • Best blow-dryer I've ever bought
    I have had many blow-dryers. I was looking to replace my earlier one because it was heavy, bulky and loud, but didn't seem to have much oomph. It was an ionic dryer but I never seemed to see much benefit from that, either.

    What attracted me to the Andis was: compact size, foldable handle and retractable cord. I was also interested in trying a ceramic dryer to see if it made a difference in hair health/shine.

    I have to say this blow-dryer is FANTASTIC. It has lots of power, more than my old full-size one. And it works FAST. I can totally dry my shoulder-length hair in about 3 minutes. My hair has lots of shine afterwards, too.

    Hands down the best dryer I have ever had. I have a small counter space and this dryer doesn't take up a lot of room, but you sure get a lot of quality out of this little machine.

    I had never heard of Andis before seeing the reviews on Amazon, but this dryer is just in a different league from the 'recognizable' brands....more info
  • Works Great!
    I bought this for my wife and so far she likes it fine. The price was right and it is compact which she loves! I would recommend it for the price!...more info
  • Love this blowdryer despite problematic cord
    This blowdryer is everything I was looking for; affordable, compactable (but beware, it's not a dinky little thing), durable and of course, good at drying hair.

    The one problem I had with it was the retractable cord (the only reason it doesn't get all 5 stars from me). The first model I received stopped retracting the cord within a day. I returned it and Amazon sent me a new one. I've had it for several months now and the cord still retracts (most of the way, but not quite all the way). The blowdryer still works great though.

    I like the different settings, and the high setting it very effective.
    I don't use the cool setting very often but if I did I would want there to be different levels (high it the only option).

    My previous folding dryer was a little smaller, which was nice, but it didn't have nearly as much power; I'll take the power over the space, thank you. I suppose it all depends on what you're looking for in a dryer, but I would say overall, this is a great buy. You'd be hard-pressed to beat the price.
    ...more info
  • Pleased with power and price
    The retractable cord and folding feature along with the power this dryer produces, make it a great deal. My hair dries in record time and is very silky. The only downside is the heat/speed settings. I find the medium and low settings to lack the heat, and sometimes want to finish my hair with lower fan speed with more heat. For the money, this is a great purchase!...more info
  • Not Good
    Found this dryer to be very heavy and completely stopped working after 30 days. Amazon was nice enough to replace the dryer at no charge, just after the return policy expired. ...more info
  • Great...when it runs
    I have to admit, I really wanted this to be a good review. Now on my second Andis RC-2, there's no way that's possible without a serious caveat factored in.

    My first unit was purchased in April, before traveling to China for two weeks. It overheated the first day (in spite of the proper converter and adapter), so it didn't get used again until returning to the states. For seven months, it ran great---so great that I took it out of the carry on and began using it in place of my usual blow dryer. Then, POOF! One day, it just quit. The motor hums, but that's all.

    In December, I decided to buy another one for my carry on---same make and model, figuring the first one died early because of the China experience. Imagine my surprise when the new one worked exactly five times...then quit. Same problem. The motor makes a quiet humming sound, but that's it.

    Maybe it's unrealistic, but I believe a blow dryer should work for more than a few months, especially if the first four months' worth of use are limited to time on the road. It's a nice little dryer when it works, but my experience has been that "when it works" can be iffy at best.

    Sorry to have such a negative experience to share. Now...back to looking for a new dryer........more info
  • Easy to use
    I like the hair dryer very much. The only thing is the retractable cord does need help to go in. ...more info
  • decent hairdryer
    but it is not as compact as it seems.
    I wanted to replace my huge hairdryer with something
    smaller and this ended up being the same size as the one I had.
    Also, it's Ionic and supposed to not leave your hair frizzy but
    I did not notice any difference....more info
  • Love This Dryer!!!
    I researched hair dryers prior to making my purchase because this is something I rely on very seriously and need it to work and do a good job. I was replacing a very cheap and extremely annoying hair dryer I have had as a back up. I have not been disappointed. It has a nice feel, is not annoyingly noisy and does a great job. I recommend this to anyone looking for a quality dryer....more info
  • works as promised
    I used this in a health club so I bought one. It is excellent although I can't explain why....more info
  • Good power, way too big..
    This item I bought for my girlfriend... She liked it a lot, however after some usage, the retractable cord stopped working (so you will have the wire hanging outside), but its power was really good compared to the price.. Once I bought, I have seen that this product is bigger than what it looks like, so if you are thinking on buying it for traveling purposes, DON'T!!
    This is to be kept at your own bathroom, but otherwise it is really good... =D...more info
  • Excellent Deal
    This hair dryer was recommended to me by a coworker after I commented on how nice her hair looks. Sturdy construction, retractable cord, great price, and my hair looks much better with this blow dryer than others in the same price range. ...more info
  • Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer with Design Improvements
    My old hair dryer was eight years old - it got very hot, but it still didn't dry my hair very well, and I could smell burning hair when I used it. I decided to try the ionic/ceramic technology to see if it would work better and be less damaging.

    I no longer smell burning hair, but the speed at which my hair dries is only minimally faster. My favorite part of this dryer is the design for compact storage - not only does the handle fold in, but the cord retracts - especiallly nice if you are constantly stuffing your dryer in a small drawer....more info
  • Works Well and Inexpensive
    I really like retractable cords for my hair dryers. It makes them so much easier to use. I have been using a Conair 1875 model for many, many years and got great use out of them. I decided to try this one due to the great reviews and price. It's been a great decision.

    I've had this Andis model for 6 months now and I can safely say that it is a bit better because it is quieter. I have had no problems with it so far. My wife and daughters have been using it everyday and it works well. It stores easily in a cabinet under the bathroom sink with no hassles of a tangled cord when it travels from one room to another. It seems to be holding up well and the price is inexpensive. ...more info
  • Ceramic Blow dryer
    The best, hands down! My long, thick, naturally curly hair dries in 3 minutes and is flawless and straight! I use this in conjuction with the revo styler, resolve or lavei shampoo. I also use sleek look or sleeking conditioner. Then I finish sparingly with my own version of Ojon oil.

    Even other Andis blow dryers can't touch the performance of this one. Neither can the other way more expensive blow dryers....more info
  • Really, a great hairdryer!
    It's a nice hairdryer. The cord is longer than I thought it would be. Dries hair quickly and since I am use to hairdryers being a bit loud, this one was not bad at all. Compact, nice fold up handle.
    Would buy it again!...more info
  • Andis hairdryer
    It came in a timely manner. The box that the dryer was in was bent and broken, but the dryer was in good condition and worked well....more info
  • Iffy, At Best
    In May 2008, I stayed at a nice hotel in Philly that had this hair dryer. I used it, loved it, came home & ordered it from Amazon. The "push to retract" did not work 100%, but I did not expect it to (dumb idea). Loved the dryer, did a great job on my hair. A few weeks ago I was using it when suddenly the barrel got bright orange like it was on fire. I turned the dryer off & unplugged it. Luckily I always have a "back up" hair dryer, so I dusted that off & used it. Plugged the Andis back in the next day, the switch was on "off", yet the dryer was running at full speed. Changing the switch setting did not make a difference, it continued to run at full speed. I had to unplug it to get it to stop running. Waited a few days, plugged it in, and it was fine.

    Last week the barrel got bright orange like a flame thrower again and I had the same problem with it running on "high" even though the switch said "off."

    Needless to say, the hair dryer is now in the trash, and I'm on the hunt yet AGAIN for a hair dryer that gets hot enough to straighten my naturally curly hair, but doesn't overheat itself or blow itself up. It's not rocket science....more info


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