Andis 30975/HD-10L 1600W Quiet Hangup Hair Dryer with Night Light

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Andis Quiet hangup 1600 Watt hair dryer with night light, is a wall-mounted hang-up hair dryer with LED light. It has a quiet, long-life motor, and Lifeline shock protection that is built into the unit. It has a 3 position switch with 2 heat and air settings. The metal mounting plate is for secure wall attachment. It features a new hanger loop. An exclusive Andis innovation in cord storage. It has a long-lasting electronic light, no more bulbs to burn out or replace. Its soft, diffused light provides visibility for safely moving around. It is less expensive to operate than most night lights. It stays cool and is energy efficient. It has the cool shot styling feature to seal in hair style. It is ADA compliant when mounted below 48 inches.

  • Wall-mounted hang-up hair dryer with LED light
  • Built-in Lifeline shock protection; 3 position switch with 2 heat/air settings
  • Metal mounting plate for secure wall attachment with exclusive Andis innovation in cord storage
  • Long-lasting electronic light - no bulbs to burn out or replace
  • Less expensive to operate than most night lights - stays cool and is energy efficient

Customer Reviews:

  • Andis 1600W Quiet Hangup Hair Dryer with Night Light
    I bought this wall-mounted dryer to free-up some space in the kids bathroom, and it works great. The nightlight is nice and bright and the dryer isn't too loud. The bracket mounted easily once I pounded the raised "Ground" screw terminal flat. The bracket won't lay flat against the wall with the raised "Ground" screw terminal on the bracket. The cord hook on the dryer mounted easily and works wonderfully. I've only had it a couple of weeks, but everyone in the family really likes it....more info
  • Not The Easiest Wall Mountable Dryer
    This is my first ANDIS dryer, having shot craps with Sunbeam and Oster wall mounted hair dryers. The wall plate goes on easy enough if you don't use the suppled plastic screw wall anchors, but use hardware store achors instead. The supplied screws are too short for easy installation and I had to find and substitute longer screws to attach the dryer to the wall plate. I hope I am not the only one who had this problem. The hairdryer works great, and if you want 1600 watts, best you have an allen wrench to switch it from the default 1200 watts. I have no problem with the bright night light, in fact I like it....more info
  • hairdryer with light
    I bought this item and when it received the box was in bad shape, the dryer work, but the light didn't. I sent it back in the same box it was received and they returned one that didn't even run. I would not reccommend this iten to anyone. I bought the same one from target and it works gread. I would recommend you not to order it from amazon....more info
  • Hotel Style hair dryer
    WE love this hair dyer,
    we install one in each of our 4 bathrooms.
    no more messy cords. also we love the LED night light.
    this light lites the bathroom at night well.
    plenty of power to dry my wifes hair.
    ...more info
  • Nice compact Hair Dryer
    Excellent product, compact and powerful with ion generator and cool green nightlight (LED). Nice design , Built in Ground fault protection and thoughtful cord hook. Very easy to mount and fairly quiet in operation, especially on low speed. ...more info
  • Happy but wish it was a little stronger...
    We wanted one of these after staying in a hotel that had them. The one in the hotel blew a lot harder than this. Still I am pleased with the dryer and we even got a free upgrade. The box ours was in was labeled as this one, but what was inside was actually the ionizing version. Nice bonus, but not sure if it really helps. Still identical in specs. One thing I had to do was take the back off and bend around most of the LED's used in the nightlight. I also colored the inside of the clear plastic with a sharpie. This was to reduce the brightness of the night light. It would have been handy for a hallway bathroom but was too bright for our bedroom. We love it after the modification....more info
  • hair dryer
    I am very satisfied with the hair dryer, it has plenty of power. I would have liked it to be a little smaller though. ...more info
  • very satisfied
    This is a very useful product. It's compact and the night light is just enough so you don't have to turn on the light at night. We have three now!...more info
  • Great space saving device
    I bought this for my wife because I burnt out the last one (Who knew you couldn't put it on high) This one has a permanent night light and the ionic feature drys the hair at a very fast rate. My daughter and wife LOVE how quiet and powerful this thing is. The compact design and the fact that it doesn't sit on the counter top is awesome....more info
  • Not perfect, but still a good solution
    I was very satisfied with the Andis hang-up hairdryer with night light Andis 30975/HD-10L 1600W Quiet Hangup Hair Dryer with Night Light. A few flaws make it less than 5 stars. Mounting it to the wall was frustrating. The plastic plugs for the screws didn't work, but we bought some from a hardware store and finally got it up. The dryer itself once mounted is absolutely convenient. It was exactly what I wanted to make my bathroom more organized. It does not have as much power as my old handheld, but I wouldn't trade back. The nite light is a value added feature and I love the hook for the cord to keep it off the counter. Worth the price....more info
  • Andis hang up dryer
    Excellent. Combines all the elements that you could possibley want in one. Ionic, Quiet design, compact wall mount, built in night light. I'd buy it again. Can't be found in the usual stores....more info
  • Does not last!
    Bought Andis June 10, it died. Was replaced June 26 and today after 5 months it died again. Otherwise it WAS a nice hair dryer....more info
  • All the comforts of on the road!
    I do my share of traveling with work and personal. I noticed that I always used the hair dryer that was hanging up in the hotel bathroom. I rarely used it at home. I realized the convenience of "ready to go" made the difference. No more cords to untangle before plugging in. I am extremely satisfied with my new Andis 30975. Plus now there isn't an ion to be found on my head. ...more info
  • Andis Quiet Hangup Hair Dryer with Night Light
    I really thought that a product with "turbo" in its description would pump out more air. It produces adequate air flow and is quiet but quite heavy. If I knew then what I know now, I would buy the smaller, lighter dryer. ...more info
  • does the job
    The cord starts out really tight, but has loosened up a bit since. It does the job!...more info
  • Nice hairdryer - good power
    We installed in RV - up out of the way but good power - the night light is nice feature for us....more info
  • "as advertised"
    I like the designer look of this hair dryer. It is fairly quiet "as advertised" and the wall mount certainly adds to the convenience....more info
  • Two Quit Working in Less than Two Months
    I bought the first one and hung it on the wall in my guest bathroom. Within two months, it went dead. Bought a second identical one and it went dead in the same period of time with no one using it. Too bad because I really liked the light and it worked great when it worked....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    first hairdryer arrived damaged, second hairdryer only lasted five months before overheating. Now what, I have no box to return the item but I am going to let the company know my dissatisfaction with their product and see what happens. I'm going back to Conair!...more info
  • Andis Hair Dryer
    Install was easy and quick, loved the extra little arm to hang up the excess cord. night light is really bright, I mean REALLY BRIGHT. I think it's "quiet" ( as in the lable)is because of the lower speed of the blower motor. I prefer more air moving. Dryer does a good job all in all....more info
  • Wall mountable is good
    We own a new condo in St. Maarten and because we will be renting it, we felt that having a secure and space saving hair dryer would be most practical yet beneficial to our guests. The smaller model was installed in the guest bathroom and this larger one in the Master bath. The night light feature on this model is a little brighter than the other model we purchased as well but still is really not something that would really be considered a night light so that's why I did not give it 5 stars. It serves it's purpose and so we were pleased. The power on this model is just a little stronger but not much more compared to the smaller version we purchased as well.

    [...]...more info
  • Great Hairdryer
    This little hairdryer is great and it does not take up very much space on the wall. I love the cord hook; keeps the cord out of the way when not in use. I only have one recommendation for this product, I wish there was an off button for the night light!...more info
  • Love it!
    I love the way this dryer works. It's not so powerful that it blows the hair all over the place but it's ionic feature makes my hair feel so much thicker and I love the nightlight, too!...more info
  • Wife Likes it
    This replaces an older model that the fan broke apart. wife likes the wall mount and ease of usage. Nightlight is a bit bright. I had to cover it over with alum foil and tape to dull it a bit....more info
  • johnfromwisconsin
    Yes it is quiet but it in turn lacks air flow volume.Very disappointed in the air flow and also the hand held unit is to large for small amount of air flow?? I have had smaller unit and they had alot more air flow. I guess if you want a quiet unit your going to have to sacrifice air flow but I still can't figure out why hand unit has to be so large?? Also the hi/off/low switch if touched alittle it will move to the off position.Alot of people comment the night light is to bright but I think it's just fine.Also cord hang up knob is GREAT!!! Sorry but overall this would be a bad choice....more info
  • Not bad but not great.
    I bought this hair dryer close to a month ago. Overall I am satisfied with the dryer itself. The built-in nightlight I thought would help me save from taking up another outlet for a separate nightlight. However, the nightlight stopped working after only about 5 days. It still comes on occasionally (when it feels like it). When it is on, it is very bright. One other improvement I would like to see is where it plugs into the wall. I would like to see a 90 degree plug so that the cord does not stick out so far from the wall. For my particluar bathroom setup, the cord sticking out gets in my way. Not bad for the price though....more info
  • Great
    The product was exactly as described and works great. We placed it in our guest bath and not only do they have a hair dryer, but a night light as well. Thanks....more info
  • Handy little dryer, big results
    Nice quiet hair dryer that attaches to wall. Green nightlight is a little alien-like but it gives off quite a bit of light. I don't need any other nightlight in my bathroom. The cord is long enough to do the job and wraps nicely around the hook. It dries the hair well and I especially like the cool button. ...more info
  • Would not buy this item again
    I like the convenance of it hanging on the wall and the night light is nice. But it doesn't seem like a 1600 watt hair dryer. It has very little power and the power switch tends to turn off if you don't hold the handle just right during use. ...more info
  • Nice Hair Dryer
    Bought this a few weeks ago & really like it. The night light is a good addition to our home. The dryer works great & I like that the counter top is not as cluttered. I would recommend this to anyone....more info


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