Unistar 4-in-1 Desktop Fan/ Cooler/ Humidifier/ Ionic Air Purifier, DF158

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Product Description

No installation! Save 95% on your AC electric bill with this 4-in-1 cooler/ionizer/humidifier/fan with a power comsumption of 38 Watts only. This year, beat high energy costs with the Kaito Air-Cooler-Ionizer-Humidifier, yet the room temperature is reduced by as much as 12 F in the direct air way. The built-in fresh air anion generator releases streams of negative ions that attract dust and other allergens down and out of the air you inhale. Air feels as fresh as after a springtime rain. It uses the water to cool and humidify the air, ideal for desert areas such as California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and etc. The drawer-type water tank capacity is about half a gallon, which means the cooler can run for 8 hours continuously or even longer. To achieve higher cooling efficiency, you can even mix water with ice or with included ice packs. There are no expensive filters to buy; just rinse the permanent filter. Other features include three air speed: H/ M/ L, Two modes selectable, 8 hour timer. Unit comes with two ice packs. For more information, please call toll free 1-866-524-8676.

Customer Reviews:
  • Satisfied
    I was very satisfied with my purchase of the Unistar 4-in-1 desktop fan/cooler/humidifier/ionic air purifier.

    The unit will hold up to three small dry ice packs. Two dry ice packs are included with the unit.

    The air cooling feature does not go on when using dry ice packs. The fan mode works with the dry ice packs. Putting water and ice in the reservoir cooled the air effectively with the cooling feature.

    The unit should not be expected to cool a large area.

    The oscillation feature is a big plus. I actually would have been too cool with the air flowing directly towards me in one direction....more info
  • Perfect for Your Prison Cell!
    OK, maybe not for your prison cell, but a space of equal size. It's small, it's barely effective, it's noisy, but it does have some cooling properties. Then again, if you put a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan, you might get the same effect.

    You essentially need a freezer handy to keep the freezer packs ready to go. You put a freezer pack in the water tray (cooling the water) and then the water gets sucked up and dripped down a cloth mesh. The fan pulls air through the mesh, cooling it, and directing it into your prison cell - I mean - your small, comfortable space.

    I really just needed a fan, and the one in this device works fine. The fact that you get a little bit of cooling is a bonus. The "ionic" air filter is not. I turn it on to add a green light to all the red ones that go across the front. Humidifier? Put a bowl of melted ice (aka water) in front of a fan, and you get the same effect.

    For all the Chinese engineering on this (probably a first-year university student attending in the US), the price wasn't too bad. The shipping, though, was unsatisfactory. $30 to ship something that weighs less than a big bowl of ice (melted or not melted)? Come on, now....more info
    I purchased this for my camper van. I noticed that some campgrounds either charge extra for using the air conditioner or they don't allow it; so I needed a way to stay cool in the heat of the day instead of air conditioning that causes my nasal and sinus passages to be congested.

    After it being so effective in my camper van, I started using it in my den when I am home alone to save on my cooling costs. I don't try to cool the whole room, I just put it a few feet away from me and add water. It really blows out cool air and I have to shut it off sometimes because it is already on the low setting.

    And I love having another negative ion generator in the house. The air coming from this swamp cooler smells and feels fresh like the outdoors. I don't see it cooling an entire room, but for the spot cooling needs I have, it is more than adequate and is exactly what I need. And I breathe much better now because I always use the "ion" option.

    I also like the fact that the filter is permanent and only needs to be washed instead of replaced - adding to the total cost of ownership....more info
  • Unistar 4-in-1 Desktop Fan
    The water doesn't last 8 hours and the cooler isn't really cool. Fan works great....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I bought this product and am very pleased with the performance. It does just what it said it would do. It is being used to supplement central a/c in a bedroom that has eastern exposure and is very hot. It does not cool the entire room as stated in description, but using it in my personal space, either in front of my tv or next to my bed, has been more than satisfactory. In fact, it was so cool, I had to turn it down from medium to low and had to cover my ear with a pillow while watching tv. For the price and the performance I am very happy. Would buy another one if I needed one....more info
  • It does work, but...
    Well, it was hot in California these past few days and my room has no AC. Since i cannot paid for a portable AC so I bought this little cooler/fan. Well, it was easy to use and it looks nice, I place ice and water in it to cool my room down; my room was about 98 degree and after running it for 1 hr I check the temp again and it was 91 degree. In a way I guess it does work but not as powerful as the real AC. If the days are HOT then this little guy can only do so much, but if the days were like 80's degree then it will cool the room down. ...more info
  • waste
    This thing wouldn't cool a room in a dollhouse, much less a room in my house. And, the shipping charges were outragious....more info
  • Desktop cooler fan
    This fan works exceptionally well. putting water and ice in it keeps the air nice and cool. It doesn't cool the entire room but as long as you are in the air flow you are very comfortable. ...more info
  • Doesn't cool anything
    I bought this to cool my small home office. The office is on the same cooling zone as some reception rooms in my house that don't get used much and are naturally cooler, so I didn't want to run the AC for just one room. I thought this would do the job. It doesn't. It really is just a low powered fan. It might filter a little (I don't know), it might humidify a little (I don't know), but I know it doesn't cool the room....more info
  • Disappointed!!
    I am actually extremely disappointed in my purchase. I bought the fan to put in my daughter's room where there is no A/C. The fan on high is extremely weak, as stated in another review. The ice packs do not stay cool for long and even using ice cold water and the packs, you get about an hour of air that is a bit cooler than room temp. I find myself having to change the ice every hour but then I have to go to bed myself so when I get up in the morning, my daughter's room has been disgustingly hot and humid!!!! The machine itself is designed well, but every button you push beeps very loud which will wake a sleeping baby if you try to reset it while they're asleep. The water tray doesn't hold that much at all. I would've returned the machine if I hadn't thrown the boxes out already. Honestly, a regular standing fan cools better!!!...more info
  • WEAK
    I guess this works as advertised but it can't keep up with real heat and I only know it's on when I turn it off (if you get the drift). Basically, I think if I was in an air conditioned office that wasn't quite cool enough for me this would be a great way to go, but in a hot room that has no AC source this makes virtually no difference at all....more info
  • small bedroom high sunload
    This unit works reasonably well in my small bedroom that has large windows (no windows that open however) that face into the morning sun. The room can get quite hot and stuffy with no way to circulate air from nearby sources. This room does have darkening curtains to cut down the sun load and I am sure that gives the cooler some assist. I live in the pacific northwest state of Washington where the humidity is moderate. This cooler sits on a table at the foot of the bed. I ice it up and put it on high breeze and oscillate and it works quite well. I can sleep comfortably. That being said, I have awoken to some very hot mornings and the unit blowing warm air which makes me more uncomfortable. At this point if I add cool water and ice and the ice packs it will cool the room down fairly quickly. I don't mind the hum of the motor noise and the wind sound effects. It helps mask annoying noises and is actually pleasing to me and helps me fall off to sleep quicker. I am not sure how effective the ion option is. It is not recommended for large rooms or very hot areas but for a small room, office cubicle or dorm, that you need to cool down to a comfortable degree, it works fairly well. It is small and streamlined and easy to port from room to room. It looks attractive. It tends to cool an area directly in front of it from about 1-5 feet. Oscillation will get you a few feet at the sides as well. The timer is a nice plus. I would not recommend this unit to cool down a large room...it simply won't do it. But for a small room space and ice water added it should be effective enough to do a decent job for the money....more info
  • Nice unit for hot cubicle
    I was tired of sweating to death in my hot cubicle, and all my old fan did was blow the hot air around. This unit did the trick. I'm not sure it would cool off an entire room in a home, but it works nicely in my cube. Also, because it humidifies and oscillates, it doesn't dry out my contact lenses like my old fan did. It's a little noisier than the fan, but not enough to be heard by my fellow cube-dwellers. The little freezer bottles that come with it are just that, really little and don't stay frozen for long. I find I have better cooling results when I refill the water reservoir with ice cubes and water a couple of times a day....more info
  • Air cooler for my room
    This is the perfect size cooler for my bed room. The desk top size fits into the limited space and the timer allows for the cooler to cool my room very comfortably while I sleep. I am thinking of buying another one for my daughters room as well. Also dorms would like this cooler. I dont have control over the ac in my building so the extra cooling this gives is great....more info
  • It Serves its Purpose...Barely
    This unit is nothing to write home about but I guess it serves its purpose. I purchased this fan for my small studio apartment. To be honest I'm slightly disappointed. If you are looking for a medium sized unit for an office or small apartment this unit does help.

    That being said, don't be misled by the air cooling feature. This is not an air conditioner and will only give you slightly cooler air flow. The fan on high isn't really powerful. The two reusable ice packs are nice so that you can rotate them in. The timer control works well so that you can set it to run when you leave or go to sleep and it will continue to run for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. The setup and controls are very user friendly. You can get this unit up and running within 2 minutes of opening the box.

    I don't think I would buy this unit again. I'd probably look for something with a higher speed fan or something that cools the air a little bit better.
    ...more info