Whirlpool HEPA Replacement Filter (1183052)

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Product Description

True HEPA Filter, Fits Whirlpool AP35030 air purifier, Single qty.

  • True HEPA Filter (captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger)
  • Easy-to-replace
  • Regular replacement of filter ensures air purifier will operate at optimum efficiency.
Customer Reviews:
  • Air Filter
    Whirlpool HEPA Replacement Filter (1183054)
    I ordered the 1183052 filter, but they sent the 1183054. I guess Whirlpool changed the number. This one works just as well. My wife and I both suffer from allergies. This filter used in the Whirlpool AP350 keeps the air in our bedroom fresh and clean. We live in the country where dust is a constant problem, and also have two small dogs that sleep in our bedroom. I don't believe the 350 is available anymore. It has been replaced with the AP450 or AP510. This air purifier keeps the air pure and clean. ...more info
  • Excellent Filter
    This appears to be an excellent filter just like the one that came with the air purifier....more info