Omron HEM-432C Manual Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor

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Omron HEM 432C Digital Blood Pressure Monitor-Manual Inflation

Taking your blood pressure is easy with the lightweight and convenient Omron HEM-432C Manual Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor . This monitor comes equipped with a standard adult-sized cuff that fits arms nine-to-13 inches in circumference. Simply wrap the cuff around your arm and squeeze the bulb to begin inflation. In a few seconds your blood pressure and pulse readings are displayed on the large digital panel. Omron's monitors are clinically proven for accuracy so you can use the HEM-432C to track your blood pressure and pulse progress as your work towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Omron HEM-432C delivers accurate, clinically-proven blood pressure readings in the comfort of your own home.

To take an accurate reading, first position the marker so it is centered on the inside of your arm and aligned with your middle finger.

Next, place your arm on a table so the cuff is positioned at the same level as your heart.
Instructions for Manual Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors
There are several easy steps to taking your blood pressure with this monitor. First of all, avoid eating, smoking, and exercising for at least 30 minutes before taking a measurement. Remove tight-fitting clothing from your upper arm, and sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Slide your left arm through the cuff and position the cuff approximately 0.5-inches above the elbow. On the cuff you'll notice a blue marker; position this marker so it is centered on the inside of your arm and aligned with your middle finger. Next, secure the cuff with the closure strip. The cuff should make direct contact with your skin, but you should be able to easily fit your index finger between the cuff and your arm.

Place your arm on a table so that the cuff is positioned at the same level as your heart. Rest comfortably in a relaxed environment for at least 15 minutes prior to taking your blood pressure measurement. Once you feel relaxed, begin inflating the cuff by rapidly squeezing the inflation bulb until you have reached approximately 30-40 mmHg higher than your normal systolic reading. If your normal systolic blood pressure reading is unknown, inflate the cuff to 180 mmHg (never inflate higher than 299 mmHg). When the desired pressure has been achieved, release the inflation bulb. Once inflation stops, the measurement is started. As the cuff deflates, decreasing numbers will appear on the display. When the measurement is complete the Heartbeat symbol stops flashing and your blood pressure and pulse rates are displayed on the screen. And remember, always consult your physician for specific information about your blood pressure.

The Importance of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring
Doctors, diabetes educators, physician assistants, nurses, and other healthcare professionals all recommend home blood pressure monitoring for various reasons. Home monitoring provides your healthcare professionals with better information to understand and manage your high blood pressure. Many types of hypertension can only be detected by monitoring your blood pressure at home, including:

  • White-Coat Hypertension: blood pressure reading is high in your doctor's office but lower at home
  • Masked Hypertension: blood pressure reading is low in doctor's office but higher at home
  • Morning Hypertension: blood pressure reading is higher in the morning
Additionally, many factors can affect your blood pressure, including physical exertion, emotional fluctuations, medications, and stress. So having your blood pressure monitored at a pharmacy with an in-store device after you've been shopping or walking around might not provide you with the most accurate measurement. Monitoring your blood pressure at home allows you achieve a relaxed state more easily, and it gives you the flexibility to take your measurements at various times during the day. By keeping track of your home blood pressure readings, you can provide your healthcare professional with a log of your measurements over time. This can help them evaluate the effectiveness or need for medication.

What's in the Box
Omron HEM-432C blood pressure monitor, inflation bulb, standard arm cuff, and instruction manual.

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Features Simple manual inflation Easy one-touch operation with auto inflation Deluxe auto inflation with Comfit cuff Premium auto inflation with Comfit cuff Ultra premium auto inflation with software
Clinically Proven Accurate
Advanced Diagnostics
  • 30 memory
  • Averaging
  • Date and time
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • 30 memory
  • Advanced averaging
  • Date and time
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • 60 memory
  • Advanced averaging
  • Date and time
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • 200 total memory
  • Advanced averaging
  • Date and time
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Detects morning hypertension
  • 2-user plus guest mode
  • TruRead
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • 200 total memory
  • Advanced averaging
  • Date and time
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Detects morning hypertension
  • 2-user plus guest mode
  • TruRead
Power 4 "AA" (not included)
AC adapter N/A
4 "AA" (not included)
AC adapter not included
4 "AA" (not included)
AC adapter included
4 "AA" (included)
AC adapter included
4 "AA" (included)
AC adapter included
Warranty 1 Year 2 Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year
Cuff/Cuff size D-ring cuff
Arm 9" to 13"
D-ring cuff
Arm 9" to 13"
ComFit cuff
Arm 9" to 17"
ComFit cuff
Arm 9" to 17"
ComFit cuff
Arm 9" to 17"
Cuff/Cuff size D-ring cuff
Arm 9" to 13"
D-ring cuff
Arm 9" to 13"
ComFit cuff
Arm 9" to 17"
ComFit cuff
Arm 9" to 17"
ComFit cuff
Arm 9" to 17"
Omron Health Management Software

Q&A - Blood Pressure Monitors

What is IntelliSense?
The IntelliSense Monitor inflates the cuff to the ideal level with each use. No adjustments are required by the user to select an inflation level. This is especially convenient for hypertensive users and for people with certain arrhythmia or heart disorders, because their blood pressure is more likely to fluctuate. The advantage is fast personalized inflation for maximum comfort.
What is a ComFit cuff?
The patented pre-formed cuff expands to fit regular and large arms comfortably and easily.
How is an Irregular Heartbeat Shown?
This advanced monitor can detect irregular heartbeats while your blood pressure is being measured. If an irregular heartbeat is detected, an accurate blood pressure reading is displayed along with the irregular heartbeat symbol.
What is Morning Hypertension?
The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends you take blood pressure readings in the early morning and evening. With the touch of a button you can review an eight week history of your morning and evening weekly blood pressure averages.

  • Manual blood pressure monitor is the simplest way to take blood pressure readings at home
  • Displays blood pressure and pulse readings in seconds on a large digital panel
  • Measuring blood pressure at home prevents inaccurate "white-coat" readings
  • Cuff fits arms 9 to 13 inches in circumference
  • Main unit measures 4.125 x 3.125 x 5.375 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • blood pressure monitor
    Recent blood pressure issues prompted me to purchase my own monitor. This one fit the bill perfectly. Moderately priced. Easy to operate. Very happy with my purchase....more info
  • I am not pleased
    Omron HEM-432C Manual Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor
    I get error messages more than a reading. Th error states that the cuff is too loose or to tight. Also the unit read high compared to others. To return it is a pain ans expense . In this case it is better to purchase locally. ...more info
  • Reliable
    I have tried a number of blood presssure moniotrs before this one, including the wrist type and was not satisfied - measurements often gave error messages and were unreliable. I have used this instrument daily for the last month and have been able to keep a good track of my blood pressure. The Omron monitor was recommeded to me by my cardiologist and I definetly recommed it to others....more info
  • very pleased with item
    THis is the first blood pressure monitor we got and I wasn't sure whether this would be adequate. I am very pleased with it and don't mind the manual inflation. keeping it simple saves me the trouble of replacing batteries for an air pump I don't need....more info
  • egwreview432c
    Product is exactly what I expected. It is easy to use and easy on batteries. I highly recommend this item....more info
  • excellent BP machine
    Very accurate and easy to use blood pressure machine for self-monitoring use. Included cuff is a bit small for average-bigger users. Portable. Handy self-turn-off....more info
  • must validate it
    good overall.
    i took it to my doctor to validate/compare it with the traditional gauge.
    found that my digital one consistently reads 5% higher.
    so now i know to subtract 5% from every reading.
    i'm happy with the gauge. does what it was ment to do....more info
  • Excellent and works better than a fully automatic BP Monitor
    purchased different kinds of BP monitors in the last couple of years to give to various family members (abroad). This is the best one I have seen (I had to try all of them before I gave to make sure they are working!) This the best even though its semi-automatic, you can kind of treat it as automatic. Just read the instructions once on how far to press the inflater bulb, and.... it works flawlessly as said. May automatic monitors don't work properly unless the battery is fully charged or connected to a wall outlet for power....more info
  • Manual Heart Monitor
    Have used this monitor continuously, AM and PM, for weeks. It is easy and accurate. Further, it's likely more satisfactory than the automatic version...which almost doubles the price, and provides something else to go wrong. Save your $ and just pump a little....more info
  • Ms
    This blood pressure monitor is convenient and reliable. I cann't say they are very accurate. When bought four of them at one time, I used them to check my own blood pressure and I got different readings from each monitor that very from 2-8 in systolic or diastolic blood pressure, which is not bad. For personal use, you can always compare the readings you get from previous ones. I think they are worth to buy. ...more info
  • Manual Inflation BP monitor is better than automatic ones
    I use it couple times everyday.
    It is very reliable and useful....more info
  • Must have tool
    I bought this for my mother who lives in Pakistan. She is a Blood Pressure patient and it helped her a lot, she could calculate her blood pressure very easily and she has crossed checked the readings of this tool with the clinical professional tools. I would recommend this and give it all 5 stars....more info
  • Great Value
    I bought one of these off ebay. I was concerned that it did not come with an AC adapter and is powered by batteries. My fears have been quashed. The batteries last a long time. I don't think the extra cost for an adapter is worthwhile. For ease of use, accuracy and cost, the HEM 432C can't be beat. I would only recommend an "automatic" unit over this manual unit for those who for some reason can't squeeze an inflation bulb; or for a few added features. This is a great basic unit....more info
  • Great Device, Initial Concerns Unfounded
    Three months ago my doctor recommended I buy this monitor and take readings for a few weeks. At first I got mostly error messages until I started pumping up to over 200 (the instructions recommended 180). After that I got few error messages, but the readings had some wide variations. My doctor said that is not unusual and told me to count only the lowest of three readings each session. Then the measurements were mostly consistent showing an average of 158/90, which is high. Now that I have been on high blood pressure medication for a couple months, it has dropped to an average of 135/80.

    So I'm convinced the device is accurate. The only caution is that it does take a fair amount of hand strength to operate the pump. If that is an issue you should probably spend more for an alternative device....more info
  • Seems good, wrong batteries
    Just got this. It was easy to set up and seems to work well. But be advised that it takes AAA batteries not AA as stated in the description. ...more info
  • BP meter
    i wouldnt suggest this product...its very clunky and also very slow. i am not a medical person nor used this types of products much. i some how did not like this.....more info
  • Works for a short time then a dud
    At first it worked great, 6 months later I used it and according to it I should be dead. Reading very by 50 to 60 points in just a few minutes. Also if you have a arm larger than a small child you will have to buy a large cuff. Look elsewhere. ...more info
  • Good for the money
    Unless you are a really large person the armband should be fine(there have been reviews saying it's small). If you are considering ordering this you should probably wait to get the product before you order a larger armband. The readings have been close. Sometimes it will read really high or really low but if you wait 5 minutes and test again it's fine. Also,make sure that you pump the armband and let it do it's thing, from other reviews it seems that people are deflating the armband like the doctor does. You do not have to do that and if you do you will get an "error" all the time. Once the reading is over then deflate. Overall great for the money....more info
  • Value for my money
    reliable results at $20 something dollars.
    can't beat the price and the results.

    i think in the long run, the manual pump will work better than the electronic inflation mechanism.

    it does need 4 AAA batteries that (according to the manual) will last only for 300 readings (i can live with that!).

    i recommend this to anyone looking for a BP monitor....more info
  • Good product at price
    No complains so far. Tried multiple times and seems to be accurate....more info
  • Omron HEM-432C
    I've took it on my last doctor's visit and checked it against her manual monitor. It showed a difference where the Omron was slightly above.

    With that in mind it is a nice product combining the reliability of arm strap and the convenience of digital display.

    ...more info
  • Junk
    System is not properly calibrated. Readings are always high as tried with several people with normal pressure. Can not return to the vendor once open. Manufacturer will look at it if you pay shipping to and back, which is about $10.00. Will not replace the item even if defective.

    I just bought a piece of junk....more info
  • Heads up!
    Most people who have their blood pressure regularly taken know whether they are using the proper size cuff. Too small a cuff gives a higher than correct reading, whereas the larger cuff would give a false low reading to a person who needs the smaller cuff.
    Unfortunately, this monitor comes standard with the smaller cuff. Nowhere in the product description or reviews does it mention this information. The unit cost appears to be a good value. However, to get the larger cuff, you must purchase THAT item separately at an additional cost of twenty dollars or more plus shipping. If it is necessary for you to use the larger cuff, save yourself some time and order one in the $40-50 range which comes with the larger cuff originally and save waiting time - plus the second shipping charge. I know if I had read that information in the description, I would have purchased a different monitor....more info
  • Machine does not work
    I have bought this machine but I have got no service from it. It has not worked. It powers up but when I attempt to take a reading only one figure appears on the screen. It just does not work. I am sending it back to the merchant. In view of this I can not give the product a rating....more info
  • worked properly
    My Omron worked as it should with no problems.
    I only sold it because I was given a Lifesource UA-767
    which is self inflating. Otherwise I would have kept the Omron....more info
  • Highly Recommend!!!
    I did alot of research and viewed many reviews, before I decided to purchase this unit. This monitor is really easy to use and very accurate.
    I'm very pleased with the ease of operation and would definately recommend it....more info
  • Works well
    If you need this, it's not good. However, it works well and matches the doctor's readings closely. So far I've had the blood pressure monitor for a year, and it has worked flawlessly. Remember to take 3 reading and use the lowest one, it will make you feel better (only kidding). Use the average....more info
  • A reasonable compromise
    It is OK. However it does not take the upper reading right. You need to measure it 5-6 time until it gets steady....more info
  • Fussy & unpredictable
    After four months use, I find this monitor gives unpredictable systolic (upper number) readings, largely dependent on how much it's pumped up. It tends to be more repeatable with diastolic (lower) numbers. I can, for example, obtain a reading as high as 140/70 or as low as 106/67, purely by changing my pump-to start pressure. I would recommend another monitor. ...more info
  • for what i paid, it's a good value
    seeemed to work just fine for me...more info
  • Excellent cost/benefit
    Was looking for a reliable entry level product. Definitely found it. Works great, is consistent and I think batteries will last a long time.
    Been self checking every morning when I wake up, takes readings easily. You can even self check systolic pressure, just follow the pressure drop and feel when your pumping resumes in the arm.
    Based on the price, don't think there are really negatives, but it would be nice if memory was larger (only 30 records)....more info
  • Great little device!
    This is well worth your money. It's a little bulky in size and the hoses are a bit short. But it does work fine....more info


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