Hoover Savvy U8181-900 Bagged/Bagless Combo Upright Vacuum

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Hoover, Savvy Bagless Upright Vac, Hepa Bagged Or Bagless System, Sure Pass Cleaning System, Embedded Dirt Finder, Pet Hair Cleaning Tool, Headlight, Deluxe Attachment Set.

With air filtration, wind tunnel technology, and dirt-locating capabilities that surpass that of the human eye, this Hoover Savvy Combo vacuum does it all. The upright 12-amp vacuum's innovative design allows user to opt for bagged or bag-less systems, accommodating both users who prefer neatly bagging debris, and those who would rather reduce bag waste. In its October 2004 buyers' guide, the Good Housekeeping Institute bestowed the Best Overall honor on Hoover's multi-faceted vacuum.

The combo vacuum ensures a clean carpet with a special Dirt Finder function, notifying users of cleaning completion with the illumination of a green light. To obtain this standard of cleanliness, the Sure Pass Cleaning System uses two air paths together for a wind tunnel effect. Air agitates plusher carpeting from both directions to uproot deeply embedded dirt and dust. No vacuum belts are needed for this appliance, minimizing troubleshooting hazards with broken belts. A custom control switch permits users to shift settings for hardwood cleaning. A twin-chamber HEPA eradicates impurities from the air while the vacuum is in bag-less mode, while the vacuum uses filtrate HEPA filter bags for the bagged system. Users tend to stairs and odd-angled upholstery with an on-board rotating brush attachment while eliminating pet hair with another included brush. The vacuum's low hood slips under sofas and tables without difficulty. The self-propelled accessory cuts a 15-inch swath, spanning the power cord's 31-foot distance. Some assembly may be required. Hoover offers a one-year warranty for this item. The vacuum weighs 28 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • Bagged and bag less combo upright vacuum from Hoover for floors, carpets, upholstered furniture, and air
  • HEPA filtration system and bags cleanse air in either bagged or bag less functions
  • Embedded debris is agitated and dislodged by dual wind tunnels on the 12-amp vacuum
  • Includes many on-board accessories including upholstery brush and pet roller; 31-foot power cord
  • Vacuum weighs 28 pounds upon shipping; covered by a 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Piece of Junk!
    The Hoover vacuums including this one are not meant to last more than 2 years. We owned this vacuum for about 6-7 months then the main belt broke. The belt is extremely hard to find and cost about $16. All of the parts on this vacuum are made of plastic and certain parts have cracked. It was nice being able to switch from carpet to hardwood effortlessly, but the vacuum is also very noisy. My sincere recommendation is buy a Miele ($400). We did and are extremely happy with it. It has a 7-yr warrantly unlike the 1-yr with Hoover. INVEST in a vacuum that is going to last you a while. ...more info
  • okay for normal traffic, bad for pet hair
    after taking back not one but two dyson animal vacs about two years ago, I bought the hoover savvy. It worked fantastically...at first. The stair tool was awesome...until I nicked it on the corner of the steps and it stopped working. I used this vacuum about 3 times a week to keep up with the hair from my two border collies and it would pick up the hair and all of the dirt leaving my carpet pretty and fresh. Until the day it got a clog in the hose. Cleaned that out with a jerry rigged contraption. Then the belt blew. Then the power switch became tricky and you had to get it in the right place for it to work. Finally it just went kaput even though I religiously changed the filters and had only had it for two years.
    My mom has one that she bought around the same time and it is still working fine. She does not have excessive pet or person hair, just normal day to day dirt. It is working great for her.

    This vac is light and powerful but doesn't cut it if you have a lot of hair to pick up on a regular basis....more info
  • Would not recommend it.
    I would not recommend this vacume cleaner. It is junk. I tried to remove the bottom casing to clean the brushes and remove strings that tangel around the brushes. The screwes were so screwed so tight, that when I tried to remove them the plastic broke. Now I have to keep the casing on with rubber bands. I only had the vacume cleaner 1 month. It does pick up dirt on hard floors and the hepa filter is a mess. My mother has had her Hoover for 25 years. But I guess they just don't make them like they use to. I will never by a Hoover again....more info
  • waste of money
    I purchased the Hoover Savvy 18 months ago and it is going out for the trash this week. I had a Hoover Windtunnel that I loved, along with their floormate, carpet cleaner and stick vac. I had been a loyal Hoover customer until the Savvy's switch became loose and it no longer worked. Also, it was difficult to pull out the canister for bagless use and collected a lot of lint in the brush that required a pipe cleaner to fish out all of the trapped dirt.
    Do not waste your money on this product. Hoover let me down. I can't wait for my Dyson to arrive this week!...more info
  • Hoover Savvy Switch will break
    What a disappointment. Our Hoover switch also went, of course not until the 12 month warrenty expired. Can't get parts for just the switch but it looks like you can replace the whole handle if you want to try to repair it. I wonder what will break next and when. . . :(...more info
  • Dumpster-worthy
    After 15 months of occasional use, my Hoover Savvy no longer works. Although this vacuum worked great at first (despite being extremely heavy and hard to maneuver), it soon started having problems.

    First it seemed to have a short of some type. I would have to jiggle the switch "just so" to make it turn on. Next, the headlight refused to come on. Shortly thereafter the vacuum stopped picking things up at all. Instead, it merely blew the debris into the air and around the room.

    I was always religious about regular maintenance and took excellent care of this vacuum so there is no excuse for such an early demise.

    Today when I took the vacuum out to the dumpster there was already a Hoover Windtunnel in the dumpster. At least I can sleep well knowing that my old vacuum won't be lonely at the dump--it will be surrounded by its Hoover peers....more info
  • Another Dissatisfied Consumer
    I was initially impressed with the Savvy's suction and edge cleaning ability, especially on dog hair, but after less that two years, my vacuum is hardly even functional. The switch has been replaced once, and the second one is now starting to go bad. The "stop" that holds the unit upright cracked off, and cannot be replaced without replacing the entire bottom of the vacuum, and the roller/brush works only intermittently in spite of the fact that the repair shop says the belt is intact. My previous Hoover Self-Propelled had problems, too, so this is definitely my last Hoover....more info
    Beware! Hoover has been bought out yet again and thus support and quality have gone out the window. I bought this cleaner 9 months ago and it had an intermittent rotor. Came back after 3 months in the shop waiting on a part. Worked for 1200 sq ft then stopped! Im off to buy a new cleaner. It wont be a Hoover! ...more info
  • Replacing belt for 5th time!
    I've had the Hoover SAvvy for almost a year and a half and I'm now replacing the belt for the 5th time. I had to go to ebay to find the belts. The on-off switch has now been fixed 3 times! ...more info
  • Good at first, bad later.
    We bought a hoover savy of this type about 2 years ago and were very happy with the device at first. Then we started having problems with the switch. Almost like there was a short in it. The main vacuum wouldn't fully engage. We finally took it to a repair shop, and in short order found out the part was on back order. I promptly emailed Hoover with my problem in which i received a response with a phone number for another parts dept. This didn't help at all. To me it seems hoover dosen't keep its parts on order in order to have you buy a new vacuum. I will however never be buying another hoover product again....more info
  • Please don't waste your money.
    I bought this vacuum about a year ago. At first, like many others, I was impressed at how well this vacuum picked up pet hair and dirt. About six months after I bought it, I turned it on and it started making a horrible noise. All I did was turn the thing on. When I took it to the repair shop, they said that the motor was burned out and it needed to be replaced. 50+ dollars later (it was still under warranty), it was fixed and working fine. Now, six months later, the motor is making that noise again. The first time I thought it was me, but I'm not a crazy vacuumer; I vacuum about 3 times a week. It looks like I'll be buying a new vacuum because I refuse to spend another penny on this piece of garbage. ...more info
  • Short-lived satisfaction
    The Hoover Savvy seemed great, and it was for a short while. The suction was good, attachments handy and functional, bag-less or bagged option. However, the satisfaction was short-lived. The machine clogs easily and is a pain to clean (you must extract more than half-a-dozen screws to reach u-turns and curved pathways from the brushes & hose.) The plastic latch that held the top-heavy body upright broke into several pieces, causing the top to flop down constantly. The belt needed to be replaced after a few months. According to the manual, you need to take this machine to a service center to replace a belt, an unacceptable inconvenience and expense. I did find a belt online for about $12 and replaced it myself. This model is poorly-designed and cheaply-made...I don't recommend it. ...more info
  • repairs repairs repairs
    I bought the savvy 3 years ago and have had it into a vacuum repair shop 2 times already. The "lifetime" belt has had to be replaced every few months, I'm on my third one and that just broke. The belt is $13, but, over $25 for the labor to put in a new one since it's virtually impossible for a normal person to change it, although the manual does warn you that if their "LIFETIME" belt DOES break, you pretty much need to hire someone to replace it. Even the repair guy said it's one of the most difficult belts to get to that he's ever worked on, he has a difficult time. He also said this vacuum has a reputation for problems. I contacted Hoover about it and they said that it's a "lifetime" belt if it doesn't go through any difficulties, like something caught in the roller. They suggested I raise the level, too. If I raise it any higher, the brush doesn't even touch the carpet. So, basically, the belt lasts a lifetime if you don't use the vacuum the way you need to. And when it breaks, it costs a fortune to replace. Also, I'm so disappointed in their lack of customer service. Calling their number just gives you a recording that gives you the number of a repair person in your area. You never get to talk to a customer service person. I had to email my complaint to get hold of Hoover instead of a repair person, and there was no apology or sign of interest or acceptance of any responsibility. I have also had a problem with the switch since almost the beginning, and the hook for the cord broke early on. And, like the other reviews, it doesn't have any suction on hardwood floors. At over $35 a pop for a new belt that lasts just a few months, and the horrible customer service, I'm buying a new vacuum, and it won't be a Hoover. ...more info
  • Great new but in a year....disappointed
    Bought this vacuum and was very pleased.As the prime operator I use it at least every other day with the dog and cat. The suction and motor problems are not at this house, but the three way swith mentioned by someone else is the same problem I have. I must fiddle with the switch to get it to work. In addition after about one week of ownership the plastic catch that holds the vacuum upright broke off while vacuuming and I somewhat softly hit the edge of some furniture. Now the unit wont stand up if you use the hose attachment. This unit also clogged up and was heading to the repair shop til I took off a dozen screws and used vaious househould items to scrape the crap out. Just not worth the money with it being almost all plastic. I must buy a new vacuum now. It's just not worth the aggravation with the switch, plastic catch and constant clogging. $200 flushed for one year of vacuuming, there has to be a better deal out there. I must say, when working right, this really picks up the dirt good....more info
    I got my savvy a little over a year ago. I paid the extra money because my daughter has allergys and it was supposed to be great for that plus it had to clean light... When it worked it was great!!!!! Until about a week ago the roll bar on the bottom stopped working!!! This is my second hoover vacuum in 3 year!!!! I will NOT buy hoover anymore.. My Mom has had her dirt devil for 20 years maybe i'll try one of them next... ...more info
  • Not a good long term vacuum solution
    This vacuum worked great the first month we had it, as in amazingly clean carpet. From there, the reliability and performance suffered. I would vacuum my floor, and it pick up virtually nothing. Yes, I regularly emptied out the cannister, so this was obviously not the problem. I disassembled some of the bottom portion of the unit, and cleared out the vacuum tubes. I'm pretty sure I violated the warranty by doing this, as by disassemble, I mean unscrewing a dozen screws and removing half a dozen or more parts, not just snapping things apart(nothing here was in the instruction manual). After clearing the lines out, it worked decently again. However, now the main three-way power switch is hosed, so I have to really fiddle with the switch to get into the correct position for vacuuming. For $200+, this just isn't worth it. I wish I would have used that money to buy a Dyson. Hoover just isn't what it used to be....more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I bought my Hoover Saavy one year and two months ago. The warranty lasts only a year - two months after its expiration, the motor burned out. I'm an engineer and know something about taking care of my vacuum cleaner and I did the maintenence to keep it running well. This thing performs well when it actually works, but it is a waste of money to buy a $300 vacuum cleaner that only lasts one year. Our local vacuum service person told me that this is not an uncommon problem with this type of vacuum because they used cheap plastic to make it. I just wish I had known that before I wasted my money. Consumer reports gave it a good review because it cleans well, but they didn't follow up on the vacuum's subsequent maintenence problems....more info
  • I'm happy with mine
    What I like about this vacuum is that it's so easy to manuever, compared to the others I've had in the past, which include a wind tunnel Hoover, a Bissel and the Kirby I used at a former place of employment.

    It just seems to float across the carpet and the floor.

    I also like that it comes with 2 canisters, which you can change out, depending on if you want to use the bagless or bagged feature. Since I think bagless canisters are really gross, I've decided to use the bagged canister. But, I'll keep the bagless canister around, who knows, maybe I'll decide to use it once in awhile.

    All the attatchments are stored securely on it. I always hated it with my old vacuums, when it seemed like I was always having to pick up and reattatch the attatchments back on. No problems with that here.

    I also love the little dirt indicater light.

    So far, I'm happy with it, and I would recommend it to anyone. The only reason why I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5, is because I've found that to get any "real" suction power on my tiled and wood floors, I have to put it on the carpet setting. But, it's no big deal. My carpets and floors look great, so I'm happy....more info
  • Difficulty at first...
    I just got my vacuum cleaner a few days ago, and after an initial problem, I've found it to be excellent. While it is heavy, it does get up lots of dirt that I didn't know was in my carpet. The Hoover customer service I received was excellent. I have 2 pets and it seems to be getting up hair that was hidden. Very pleased, especially for the price......more info
  • save your money
    like everyone else says it does a horrible job on hardwoods. it is so heavy it hurts me to lift it. It is also hard to push on the carpet. it actually ruined my carpet and pulled the fibers out of it. I hate this vacuum so much I could scream!!!! I got it as a gift so I can't return it :-( I can't afford another vacuum either. ...more info
  • Suck (no pun intended)
    We purchased this vacuum less than 2 years ago, after having to replace another Hoover. Within the 2 years we are having an electrical problem with the switch. For the amount of money we paid, we expected it to have a longer life expectancy. We agree with other reviewers, there was absolutely no customer service. We were apologized to and blown off. After going through 2 bagless Hoovers in 4 years, we will stay far away from the Hoover name....more info
  • not for hardwood floors
    I purchased this vacuum yesterday and am bringing it back this morning. It worked great on the carpet but does not pick up a single speck on the hardwood! I couldn't even feel any suction when I put my hand underneath.I am so dissapointed because I really like the bag/bagless feature and have not been able to find that on others. I prefer to use a bag and keep all the dust and dirt from flying around when dumping a bagless canister. If you have wood floors don't bother it won't pick up....more info
  • Now I'm Totally Confused!!!
    I've been checking out lots of uprights at stores where I can actually try them out (e.g., Sears) and after several days of vacuuming up a lot of store carpets and floors, I decided on the Savvy U8181-900. Since I've bought other items from Amazon, I came here to get their price and the current deal with the $25 promo can't be beat.

    I thought the weight, features, and performance of the Savvy was better than most that I tried, but other than the first reviewer, the others are very negative, so now I don't know what to do. I tried everyone's Best Buy, the Eureka Boss 4870, and it was way too heavy!

    The motor of my very expensive upright burned up after 5-years of service, and since it and most other vacs are only under warranty for a year or two, it doesn't make sense to me to spend very much on any vacuum cleaner! Too bad about the negative feedback on the Savvy though - I really liked it......more info
  • Big mistake
    Bought this model from Costco - used it with the included HEPA bag (bagless HEPA is too messy) and have been very disappointed. It doesn't pick up even the lightest item from a bare floor and is hard to push on carpet. I can live with that BUT the constant blowing of air straight up into my face from the lower filter is totally unbearable. Can't even breathe when vacuuming. Will be returning it for a Eureka 4870 which Consumer Reports seems to like....more info
  • Doesn't work, No live customer service, Bought the Dyson instead
    I read the review below and thought I'd take a chance. However, I found the same reviewer almost everywhere I looked at the product, and only that reviewer. Raised some questions. When the product arrived there was a problem with the level of suction, it was not picking up minor items. I called the Hoover 800 service number and was unhappy to find that it was just a phone dump. It asked where you are and a computer gives you the name and address of a dealer in my case 40 minutes away and then disconnects you. I expect a company like Hoover to have a legitimate customer service department. I have a pet and a clean home is important to me; I have returned the Hoover and purchased the Dyson DC14 Animal. The Dyson is more costly, however if I waste my time cleaning and not picking up anything I believe that the cost of having a poorly performing unit in my case is greater than the outlay for the Dyson. This may have been just a defective unit however I believe it would do someone seeking to buy the Hoover U8181-900 well to check things out. ...more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever had
    I researched for over a year before finally deciding on this vacuum. Even thought seriously about getting a Dyson, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to spend a small fortune on a vacuum yet. I couldn't be happier. Even with 3 dogs(goldens, and yes, they shed ALOT)this vacuum does a great job. I usually opt to use it bagless. I would spend a fortune in bags with "the kids". Does a better job than any vacuum I've ever had,and I've gone through enough of them to know. The dirt finder works better than any I've had and the edge cleaning and low profile hood are superior to any. Can't imagine a Dyon would be better, or worth more than twice what I paid for this one. It's definitely a keeper...more info