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True Crime: New York City is the most authentic depiction of New York in a video game. Marcus Reed was a gang member, just waiting for his turn in a jail cell, until Terry showed him he could do more than just fill an orange jumpsuit. Five years later, Marcus and Terry are New York City police officers, and life is better -- until Terry is brutally murdered. Marcus gets the call to go undercover and becomes obsessed with finding Terry's killer. If he has to, he'll take on every gang and mob in the city to do it. Navigate over 25 miles of Manhattan -- select from any number of undercover vehicles, or borrow one from the citizens. Prepare for the nightmare of NYC traffic GPS-accurate streets of Manhattan, complete with subways, hundreds of interiors, internationally recognized landmarks and real neighborhoods from Harlem to Chinatown to Times Square

  • access almost everything in the environment that will help them defeat enemies
  • pulling off stunts on motorcycles or in a variety of vehicles
  • high-powered police issue weaponry
  • Dangerous situations involving multiple NPCs -- avoid shooitng fellow officers and innocent bystanders or you'll become a fugitive
  • Your actions will affect each of NYC's districts - The environments will change drastically to showcase the current crime level

Customer Reviews:

  • Just not very good
    They improved the game a little from the last version -- there is still the lame good cop/bad cop aspect to it (which ruins the game for me). The main character runs like he's in quicksand. The handling of the cars is like driving a tank. I also hate what they did to my favorite city -- they doubled the number of lanes on each road, for example, in the West Village, they made every street a four-lane highway. I mean, it's just ridiculous --- to the developers: put away the map of NYC, and go back to LA where you think fighting dragons is "true crime". This game just blows (as further evidence, the game's been out a week and it's already being sold used on Amazon for $20 less than retail)....more info
  • True Crime: NY City
    Players wield the ultimate power as one of NYC's finest in True Crime: New York City (Activision; PS2). Gamers assume the role of Marcus Reid, a former criminal turned cop. True Crime: NYC is a vast improvement over its predecessor, True Crime: Streets of LA. This latest version is more in depth, giving gamers the chance to explore an expertly recreated Manhattan island while fighting crime in your own morally ambiguous way.

    True Crime: NYC takes you on a unique journey through the eyes of an NYPD cop with criminal ties and background. As Marcus players bust criminals, take down gangs, extort, interrogate, search and seize and dispense justice, either by the book or by indulging in the temptations of the job. However, your choices do affect the city, if crime goes unchecked, the crime rate will soar and the streets will fill with trash, potholes and unsavory characters.

    Gameplay this time around is much better; developers have improved most aspects of the game from hand-to-hand combat to gunplay and driving. Environmental interaction allows players to access almost everything in the game that can assist, from listing stovetops to locking suspects in freezers. And you get to do it all with an all-star cast that includes the voice talents of Laurence Fishburne ("Cornbread!") and the original Frank White, Christopher Walken. Plus, with more than 80 songs, the in game soundtrack is off the hook, featuring music from DMX, Redman and Jay-Z (to name a few). If you are familiar with the past version of True Crime you will be pleasantly pleased with the new and improved New York City.

    The game carries an "M" rating and more than likely should have a parental advisory sticker as well for language and content. Kids should definitely check with parents (Or not, lol) before getting this one. Nonetheless True Crime: New York City is a solid game and should provide hours of entertainment while you bust, shake down, and grill ingrates to a hot soundtrack. ...more info
  • i cant believe u people!
    i got this game with my christmas money and i think its well worth the money. it has everything you can even rob shops take hostages (even thought
    your a police man)you can go in every shop in the hole city. crime gets lower if you consentrate on one city but if you just go around killing people then it goes high again. dont believe what every body else says just buy it hopefully youll like it like me....more info
  • Great game, but too many bugs
    First of all, I loved this game. I'm not an avid gamer, and this game wasn't too hard for me. I would otherwise have given it four stars if it weren't for the number of bugs this game has, but more on that later.

    TRUE CRIME: NEW YORK CITY follows in the popularity of the GTA series, but setting it in New York City. You can travel anywhere in the borough of Manhattan, which is a huge map. I live in NYC and I'm mostly pleased with the fidelity they have given to the city. There are times when I've been so busy admiring the scenery that I've crashed into people.

    The story of the game follows Marcus Reed, a reformed (possibly?) gang member who has joined the police force at the behest of his mentor. After his mentor was killed, he decides to follow the track of crimes and see who is behind it. This leads him to a series of meetings with some colorful characters.

    If you're not interested in the story, there are other things you can do, such as cleaning up the city, racing around Manhattan, participate in fighting arenas, etc. You can also be a bad cop and exhort vendors and such.

    Graphically, the game is beautiful. The physics seems a bit weird, but you should get the hang of it. You have a cool selection of weapons and cars to choose from. I also liked the way they drew the characters, making them look quite real.

    OK, about the bugs. They suck. I've checked with others who have Xbox and GameCube editions, and it's the same. I HAVE NEVER ENCOUNTERED A GAME WITH SO MANY BUGS. That requires emphasizing, as I hope the folks at Activision would hear about this and never put out a game as buggy as this one. The customer support forum is not helpful. They just ask you to reset the console. Well, duh.

    Most of the problem has to do with the game freezing in the middle of gameplay. You just have to save a lot because if you don't, you lose all your progress. It's still a pain because you have to begin at the start of the mission, but since the missions aren't overly long, that's not that bad, but still annoying. Other things have to do with poor gameplay design. For example, in one of the street races, every time you lose you have to go back to a police booth to get your car because the one you just raced is too battered and there isn't a garage in sight to fix it.

    It's a shame that this game had so many bugs because it was truly one of the most addictive games I've ever played. Rumor has it that they're making True Crime: New York City 2. A word of advice to Activision: FIX THE DANG BUGS!...more info
  • Terrible, supremely disappointing
    In the wake of the revolutionary Grand Theft Auto 3, there were a horde of pretender games released that couldn't come close to GTA's audacity and style. True Crime: Streets of LA was actually one game that came close in this sense, which is why this sequel, True Crime: New York City, was so looked forward to. However, not only is this game supremely disappointing, it's almost unplayable. At first glance the game looks slick enough, but once you engage in the game's storyline and horrible dialogue along with the unbelievably choppy frame rate, you'll wonder how this ever got released. The story of the game is you play as Marcus; an undercover cop looking to clean up the streets, one way or another. No matter which route you take: good cop or bad cop, it's going to be hard to get past the fuzzy graphics, the clunky controls, the derivative gameplay, the inane collision detection, and bugs that plague True Crime: New York City throughout the game. There's hardly anything good worth noting about True Crime, other than a somewhat decent soundtrack (featuring punk favorites the Misfits as well as the godfather of ghoul rock Danzig, and naturally plenty of hip-hop, ugh...) and a surprisingly solid cast of actors supplying their voices (including Christopher Walken, Laurence Fishburne, Mickey Rourke, and Mariska Hargitay among others) who are sadly wasted with the cliche dialogue. Also, it should be noted that the game will crash randomly, a lot. It's a wonder how this game ever got past quality control, but then again, I guess everyone's got to make a quick buck these days. Do yourself a favor; stick with GTA, any GTA for that matter, even the original one for the PS1. Just whatever you do, leave this game on the shelf....more info
  • love it!!!
    this is a great game , i definately enjoyed this one, i spent hours getting lost in NY city, fighting crime, doin whatever, going on my missions whenever i chose too, its sooo cool, i highly recommend this game...more info
  • You would think a game would get more fun as it went along...
    True Crime 2 is just plain awful. It starts interesting, yet it doesn't present anything original or interesting.

    The gun play just isnt that good compared to True Crime 1. True Crime 1 had you flying in different directions and doing slow motion dives behind cars. When cars would explode, you would be thrown backwards. In True Crime 2, you basically just point and shoot. There are different weapons that let you take people down non-lethally that you are given. There's no point in using targeting.

    The melee fights aren't that cool either. In True Crime 1 you were doing all kinds of kung fu moves while breaking everything around you. In this game, you press a button 3 times and the combo is executed.

    Also, the actual feel of the game has been lost a little bit. In True Crime 1, you had no map and were basically cruising to a destination unknown. It was fun driving to new objectives at night during the rain. In this game, you aren't quite as lost, but then again, that isn't a great thing. I enjoyed getting lost in True Crime 1 and I enjoyed feeling out of place everywhere. It was weird cruising as far as I could go and feeling like i should turn around.

    One of the more interesting features about True Crime 2 is the fact that you can enter any building. This isn't a bad feature, but it doesn't make up for the limited gameplay.

    I would skip this game and go for GTA 3....more info
  • The Truth About True Crimes: New York City...
    The only true crime here is the shoddy work done on this title. True Crimes: Streets of LA was like many Grand Theft Auto rip offs. Big city, plenty of running around to do. Except instead of working for the mob or whatever, you're actually a cop. It may not have been the best game, but it was a start. Some of the mechanics weren't bad. Some were actually fairly well done. I guess one could only expect a sequel. In hopes that True Crimes: New York City would be better, I seem to have had my hopes up.

    You play as Marcus Reed, a gangster who has just become a cop so he can clean up the streets of New York. And as Marcus you'll take on the assignments given to you by the police department. They're all pretty straightforward. Each mission is divided into parts. Each part consists of you gunning down all the thugs, and finding the bad guy. Rinse and repeat. The missions, like Streets of LA, are very simple and don't really call for any real strategy at all. And the bad guys are as stereotypical as the main character himself.

    The game is pretty simple, and should you only do the missions, you'll complete it in fairly short time. The same thing plagued the first True Crimes game, and I was hoping there would be an improvement here. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.

    If you don't want to do the main mission though, there are alternatives. Much like GTA there are side missions you can do. You can street race, go off and stop other crimes, and you can frisk people for contraband, including drugs, obscene pictures, weapon parts, stolen license plates... and the list goes on. You can either turn these things into the station for Career Points, which help your rank.

    There are five ranks in True Crimes 2, and they're all based on whether or not you're a good cop or a bad cop. Unfortunately, there's nothing special about the ranking system until you become an extremely bad cop, and that will overall lower your ranking.

    Being a good cop simply means you've taken the proper precautions such as frisking your suspects, clipping them in cuffs and not killing anyone needlessly. Bad cops are obtained the exact opposite way. It's a lot easier to be a bad cop than a good cop, but it is still one of the points of True Crimes that sticks out as being plesant. You just won't notice until you're an extremely bad cop, or an extremely good cop.

    The gameplay is simple. You shoot or strike down your enemies to death. You can lock on to them, but for some reason Marcus isn't always accurate in doing so. You can also pick up weapons your enemies drop but there isn't much variety in them, and in the end you'll most likely find yourself picking them up because you're low on ammo in one weapon, so you need more.

    Melee combat isn't bad. You'll probably only do it because it looks cool, but it's almost suicide in some cases. You can pick up objects and lug them at your enemies and whatnot. You can also snap their necks if you're good enough, or throw them up against the wall. There's a lot of variety there. Hey, you can even do it to random pedestrians, but it isn't much fun (especially when they, for whatever reason, don't die).

    The vehicles you drive around in are pretty realistic, based off of real cars, but you can't help but look at how messed up some of these mechanics are. A slight tap on another car will send it flying into traffic, without a doubt. It doesn't matter what the car is, it sends it out there! You'll also run into a moment or two of floating cars, and that's another of many bugs this game has.

    There are more bugs than one can imagine. For example, you may just randomly fall through the ground into eternal darkness. You'll eventually die, but you'll wish you hadn't stepped on the crack when you do. Some of the scripted moments for whatever reason just stop, cars changing colors... the list goes on and on and on.

    Surely the graphics will save this game right? Naw, and if you think they do, something is seriously wrong with you. This isn't up to the standards of this generation at all. The character models are blockier than a cube of ice, and the framerate is terrible. Every five seconds or so the game will freeze and then resume. This very apparent when you're roaming the streets of New York. In the indoor areas it's less frequent, but you'll lose several boss fights because of that. The game freezes for that brief moment, but the action does not. Not only that, but sometimes the sound will cut out.

    As far as the music goes, it really isn't too bad. You can rank your songs so that the ones you want to play actually play, and if there's a song you completely hate, you can rank it a zero and it'll never play.

    The voice acting isn't bad. Christopher Walken lends his voice, but sometimes the celebrity voice actors feel like a waste. Especially with the poorly written script. Now, I can be a good sport about cusswords, but not when they're used as senselessly as this. They come as sounding like little middle school kids saying these words just to "be cool" rather than to be serious or tough.

    Truthfully, I think this is a game that isn't worth getting. Way too many bugs, the game is short, the dialogue is bad, is there really any reason to want to get ths game? Even the graphics lack. This isn't worth your time. Even if you like True Crimes: Streets of LA this just isn't worth your time.

    The Good:
    +The sound, for what it's worth, isn't bad.

    The Bad:
    -Choppy graphics
    -Terrible framerate
    -Bad dialogue
    -Way too stereotypical
    -Way too many bugs to enjoy

    Just avoid it. Not worth your time. ...more info
  • Trying too Hard; hits Technical Shortcomings
    This review was written by James Shea, my son.

    The sequel to True Crime: Streets of LA, "True Crime New York City" takes the main idea of Grand Theft Auto and changes some key element; for example, the main character is a cop, rather than a criminal, and the game takes place in a map that is based on the actual NYC.

    The general story follows an ex-gang member who joins up with the NYPD to follow in the footsteps of a family friend, and simultaneously tries to escape the influence of his crime-lord father. The story progresses to involve corrupt police, gang members, and the mafia. Like "Streets of LA", the player can choose to be a good cop (arresting suspects, using non-lethal blows, turning in evidence) or a bad cop (killing suspects, pawning evidence, and generally being corrupt). This leads to two different endings, but not as many branches as in Streets of LA.

    The gameplay elements are fairly diverse. The controls, to start, are absolutely terrible. They're complicated, they don't handle well, and oftentimes they don't go where they're supposed to. The range of activities, and how the player deals with a given scenario, is extensive. There are many random crimes comitted across the city to deal with, ranging from a stolen car on the loose to a gang showdown to an assault and battery. There are many ways to deal with these problems. A good cop dealing with a sidewalk full of gang members has to flash his badge or fire some warning shots before they'll cooperate; a bad cop can simply run them all over with his car. Good cops need to only arrest legitimate criminals; bad cops can plant evidence to boost their reputation for getting an arrest. However, due to the bad controls, sometimes good cops may slip up and accidentally break a neck or some other unapproved act. This limits the full potential of the game. At the same time, civilians aren't entirely helpless, either. Frisk the wrong guy for drugs and he might just decide to pull a taser or a handgun. However, in a lot of regards there is no penalty (besides a bad cop rating) for running over civilians or your fellow officers.

    The graphics are decent to good, and the sound has lots of good licensed music. However, the main issue in the game is the lack of crowds. Considering that the game takes place in NYC, the entire city should be jam-packed, but due to the software and hardware limits there are only four or five people on a sidewalk generally. This makes the game feel like it's more ambitious than it can afford.

    As a whole, this game isn't terribly good; despite a lot of neat attempts, the game ultimately falls short due to a wide variety of technical shortcomings. It just seems like it's trying too hard to be GTA, and this makes it lose a lot of the little things that it had going for it.

    Rating: 6/10.
    ...more info

    ...more info
  • Good But needs sone improvements
    This game starts you out at Christmas 2000 and you are a gangster named Marcus Reed. This part is not very hard. Then 5 years later you become a street cop. After that you half to go through Fighting training, Gun training, and Driving training. Led by the person who takes care of Marcus, Terry. It is kind of boring. Then you half to drive to a certain place where Terry tells you the different kinds of crimanils and you half to search for drugs. You half to check 3 people for drugs. The last person you check has drugs. Then you half to check the car ahed for drugs. Of course, it has some. Then Terry tells you about the different kinds of criminals. After he tells you about all of them, you half to arrest all of them. After you arrest 4 out of 5 people, the last person escapes. You go into the car thet you see 1st (not Terry's) then you drive to the closest street. Then you chase the guy down and arrest him. Then you half to drive to another place because Terry has to do something the biulding explodes and Terry dies. Then back at the police station, Deena Dixon tells you that you are on yo'ur
    own. You are. My opinion of the game play is 5 stars but the music is -100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars. Rap and Punk are horrible! But the rock is ok....more info
  • A time consuming but awesome game
    This is a game for full frontal melee and weapons players.It may take a while but it is very rewarding with cars, money, and new martial arts and weapon techniques. The time slow technique is used in many games but this definitely pulls it off with changing crosshair colors just to be sure that you can make the shot and don't worry about wasting bullets because every gun is single shot, even machine guns. The sights change very fast from tall skyscrapers to back alleys and shacks. This game has 2 sides, the bad cop or the good cop. The bad cop is the extortion and "accidental" running over citizens. The good cop takes out criminals big in story missions and small in random crimes. He also only chooses to beat the living snot out of criminals and not the "innocent" townsfolk. Don't harass the citizens too much, there's consequences! I highly recommend this game for the vigilante in all of us....more info
  • Not the best, but good
    The game story is really good and the graphics are good. The music is okay and the weapons and cars are nice. The problems with the cars were that the turning is hard. Plus the character that your are playing with runs slow. The missions are fun but sometimes a bit diffcult which makes the game better. This game is better since there is motorcycles. It is a good game to buy but not worth 50 bucks....more info
  • Fun, but falls to GTA
    Ok, you could assume without much information that GTASA is a better game than this, though since this is sort of an imitation of it, it makes it less worth while. That's just a foreword: this game is decent.

    The graphics aren't great or anything, but they don't do a bad job of portraying NYC. The building designs aren't so great, they have the neighborhoods down and know where to place key structures (like churches or synagogues or famous food places, not just Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, or Empire State). That said, the human model graphics are somewhat mediocre, but they're not as bad as the grand theft auto ones, and the building graphics are decent, and vehicles look fair.

    The controls hold up pretty well. Compared to a lot of games, the combat engine is nice. Melee isn't anything special, but shooting holds up well, I just wish you could get weapons more easily (there's an armory that you can get as you go up in rank as an investigator, but it seems nearly impossible to be able to actually use them, unless I'm seriously missing something huge).

    The gameplay itself varies. There are the neighborhoods of Manhattan that have different crime rates, and you can temporarily 'clean' them up, but they'll decay as time goes on, and you can help this decay, the engine of 'rotting buildings' is rather amusing. As Game Informer cited: The stores will slowly close down on the streets where you randomly punch people in the face. Basically, there are repeatable crime scenarios (there are many, so you don't end up using too many) and several routes to resolving the issue. The only problem is, when the violators are getting intensely violent (to the point of guns) and you need to shoot them, other cops who are helping to arrest them will sometimes shoot at you, and flashing your badge generally won't work, in which case you need to flee or shoot them, which will eventually lead to demotion. There are story missions as well, of course, in which at first you're chasing down what appears to be a run-of-the-mill drug ring, which evolves into a more complex storyline, but the storyline missions really aren't very entertaining.

    In short, this game is a good effort, is generally entertaining, and has a decently good sense of city geography (central park is actually done alright, as is morningside. Riverside, like in spiderman 2, has shops on it which are illegal, there are no key spots.... well if you consider the actual meeting scene of The Warriors a key zone, and the park itself is just an intensely narrow strip. They have some buildings that are well-known, like Saint John's Cathedral, which is to an extent somewhat realistic). Basically, the subway system is done well, and it's a good free-roam game, but the storyline is mediocre....more info
  • Ultimate Street Cop
    I bought this game with my christmas money and went home to play it only to realize the best NYC graphics and the most real New Yorkers! First of all, you really can't just ignore the crime alerts for too long because eventually, the businesses in that area will shut down, causing you to waste time finding another store just the same that IS open. If you cruise through the areas that have the highest crime rate, you will notice the buildings have boards over the windows and there is ALOT of graffiti hanging around this area and if you frisk people that are in this area, they will most likely be holding drugs or a box of stolen jewelry!!! Bt, if you ride through the areas you have cleaned up, the buildings will be fresh looking and there will be less thugs in the area, and less crime alerts. But, all in all, the graphics are simply amazing! It is just so real in the life of a street cop, good or bad.
    Hop my review helped!!! ...more info
  • Not playing this game is a true crime
    Another true crime game this time in another big city New York. I love going to Harlem and Chinatown to fight the bad buys on the streets. They killed your mentor and now it's time for revenge. This game is not for kids....more info
  • The controls are difficult to master
    This game isn't bad, it's just kind of frustrating. You have to press the directional pad in different directions to change the functions of the buttons constantly. This is very difficult to explain, and even more difficult to learn while playing. If you have patience enough to play this game for two hours straight to try to learn the controls, then you are a lot more patient than me! I gave up after stage 3......more info
  • Somewhat Entertaining, but Ultimately Mediocre

    Description of this game in one word: Mediocre.

    Okay, so most people expect a Grand Theft Auto copy when they think of True Crime: Streets of LA as well as this version, as well. In many regards, it is set up to be a similar game. But in all honesty, it just can't compare. But then again, what game can compare to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, one of the best games ever made. And the Saint's Row franchise is the second best sandbox shooter out there. So, does that make True Crime: New York City the third best? I don't know, but if Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a 10 out of 10 and Saint's Row is about an 8.5 out of 10, then I'd have to say this game is maybe a 6. That's slightly, barely above average. In really, this game is just that. Average. Obviously, there's much better third person shooter/driver games out there, but I've also played much, much worse (like Crackdown).

    You play as thug-turned-detective Marcus Reed, trying to take down the major criminals of Manhattan island, as well as avenge the death of a fallen ally. You have a cast of colorful (but somewhat formulaic) characters to help you along your way. You can upgrade your stats and abilities via Detective ranks, starting out at 5 and going up to Rank 1, the highest detective rank (you can get in this game, anyway). Each rank boost unlocks new vechicles, weapons, and skills. Unfortunately, health is not one of the things that gets boosted. Manhattan island is completely street accurate, making it a HUGE video game city to explore, possibly the largest single city in any sandbox video game ever. Along Manhattan are various shops you can go to for various things. It's also unfortunate, though, that most all of them are not indicated on your map and aside from the gun shop, the ones that are are unimportant.

    As you explore Manhattan isle, you'll always get various police reports of crimes going on everywhere in the city. Aside from the main storyline missions, your job will be to clean up all 20 districts of the city, one crime at a time. Crimes generally start out small, based on how bad crime is in the district, and goes up as you improve the area. You'll start with Level 1 crimes like stopping bums from fighting and observing domestic fights and work your way up to Level 3 crimes, like stopping bank heists, taking down counterfeit money labs, and wiping out entire street gangsm at war. The amount of crime going on at any given time depends on how bad crime is in any district. If you're in East Harlem, for example, crimes will be happening all the time. But if you're in a safer area, like Midtown, however, crimes will be far less frequent. Each crime earns you Career Points that will affect your ranking boost, as well as your salary. Also given, is the oppurtunity to be a good cop, doing things by the book and ethically. Or a bad cop, playing by your own rules, and being ruthless, as well as lawless. Either method is your own choice. Also in the game are street races and fight clubs, scattered throughout, as well. They are part of cleaning up the city, as well. And you can buy different cars and fight techinques to help you on your way.

    So, with that said, here are all the good and bad points of True Crime: New York City.


    - The somewhat large number and diversity of crimes helps against repetition. Although some repetition is bound to occur.

    - Good enough balance between storyline missions, car races, bare-knuckle fight tournaments, and free-roaming crimes to take care of. There's always something to do.

    - The story is fairly good, making you want to play through the game to it's end, at least once.

    - The Street Races are actually quite fun (when the other cars aren't bumping into you, that is)!

    - The only video game to have a fully, street-accurate representation of Manhattan, New York City.

    - The Subway system (which actually has a different underground subway station for EVERY location) is a great way to get around the massive island of Manhattan, and most times, is much more effective than driving. Plus, it's cheaper than real life! In other games, it wouldn't be necessisary, but here, you need it.

    - A pretty decent number of weapons available, with various damage levels, firing speeds, and accuracy.

    - Pinpoint Targeting allows you to go for lethal shots or neutralizing shots, that stop a criminal in his or her tracks without killing them. However, you'll have to be at, at least Rank Level 3 to really take advantage of this.

    - "Bullet Time" fine aiming that slows time down to allow you to get in your precision shots.

    - The cars are pretty diverse and have fairly diverse stats.

    - This game actually has what too many sandbox titles skip on; First Person car driving! I especially like that as I really prefer to drive in the First Person view.

    - Good enough music soundtrack. Many Hip Hop and Rock songs from A-List talent, like Nas, Jay-Z, and My Chemical Romance, to name a few. Also, Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper"!


    - The multi-button controls are very confusing, at times.

    - Confusing double confirmation setup for selecting or buying things

    - The car physics are, for a game approaching a realistic type of feel, embarassingly unrealistic

    - It's way too easy to get to Detective Rank One and no increased difficulity between Ranks achievements

    - Button mistake/glitch in the Station Change and Car Horn (both being the Right D-Pad, instead of the horn being Down D-Pad) in motor vehicles

    - Sometimes, certain weapons are required for missions that you won't know about and can't get during the mission time

    - Sometimes, it's required to be non-lethal in crimes, but you aren't told when

    - Some Crime Alerts are much more important than others and can't be ignored, but you aren't told which are more important than others

    - No regenerating health in this game, in which it would be truly helpful!

    - The Map is off scale, which makes the pinpointed shops really out-of-scale with their location, making something that looks close by on the map actually being multiple blocks away

    - There's no actual clock in the game (at all), especially bad considering stores actually close at night!

    - Every single shop in the city has something different in them, which makes finding what you need in a city this big, a MAJOR hassle!

    - You can NEVER find the important things you need because most shops, including food/health stores, are not indicated on your menu screen map!

    - The traffic is really screwed up and almost always goes one-way, even in five-lane streets! (Meaning either dodging oncoming traffic, or being blocked by slow-moving vehicles in front of you!)

    - The weather system is off (it rains WAY too much! I thought this was New York, not Seattle!)

    - The clothing feature is pretty useless (The clothes all suck!)

    - Small and Major Crimes still occur in "Cleaned up" neighborhoods

    - It's way too easy to be a Bad Cop and much too hard to be a Good Cop

    - No real "Landmarks" to actually explore!

    - The weapon weilding and inventory system is pretty confusing

    - Weapon selection is set up very pretty poorly

    - You can't keep any weapons you get off of dead bodies

    - Most vehicles are very, very fragile and constantly need to be fixed at an Auto Shop

    - The cars have no names!

    - Shooting the enemy's tailpipe of their car can result in your Instant Death!

    - Horrible graphics

    - Much of the street-accurate Manhattan is just filler

    - A Random(?!?) In-Vehicle Music Player


    In summary, True Crime: New York City is a fair GTA clone, but it's not really a serious competitor for the Rockstar title, at all. While they do make a good attempt at a quality game, the whole thing itself falls short of worth owning. Maybe a rental, and worth checking out if you're a fan of Sandbox shooter/driver games like me, but I can't really say it's worth owning. Unless you can get it for under ten dollars. It is, I'll say, at least better than the Scarface video game they released on the PS2. That game is much worse. True Crime: NYC is worth a nice check out for it's story if you've played everything else, but with so many problems and glitches in it, (the glitches I really didn't go into in much detail, but there are quite a few) I can't really say it's worth anything over Three Stars. Or a 6.5 out of 10. A nice story, good game elements, and a clear showing that some work actually went into this title, but at the end of the day, it still falls short of success, and has trouble being worthy to hang with the GTAs and Saint's Rows of the sandbox gaming franchise....more info
  • Great Game
    I don't normally post reviews, but i felt that it was needed due to all the unjust negativity.

    I own both GTA and this game - as a comparison, GTA has some fantastic features, inculding a larger map ... however, True Crime has updated graphics, better choice of weapons, there are sports cars that drive better than others, it is more modern, better controls - I HATE GTA SHOOTER CONTROLS - they make no sense. Great Slow Motion mode when shooting is awesome.

    If you are looking for the most up to date free roam game available, Get this game and ignore internet garbage....more info
  • Horrible Game!
    The reason i give this game a 2 is because first of all the control is horrible. The graphics are good, the music in the game is not so bad either. The levels dont make any sense and you have to play for like 1 hour in order for you to be able to save. In the begginig theres this whole test thing learning how to punch and drive which was just a wast of time. It has some concepts of GTA like taking the people car's although in this game he's a cop himself,so he's exactly stealing the car. By the time you get through those crowded streets on the slow cars to the robber or rapist you already lost. I give it a 2 just because of the graphics if the graphics sucked it would be a -1. So, this game is a total waist of $50,trust me, go and buy 50 cent rather than this....more info
  • Pick Up This Game For Yourself and Give It A Try
    True Crime: New York City is the follow up game to Activision's popular title True Crime: LA. The game, which is based in New York, features a hip-hop influenced soundtrack.

    In the game you star as Marcus Reed. As the game begins Marcus is seen wearing a white shirt and he is bloodied. He enters a building and confronts a man and his crew. The mini-movie is brief and you are then thrust into game play. Your first mission is easy. You must track down your nemesis and kill him. Your health is monitored by the silhouette of a body on the screen. There is no time element to this first mission. To accomplish this goal you will have to shoot your way through the crowded house and battle his crew. After killing all of the men in the upstairs bedroom you will have to jump through the window. After jumping through the window you will then have to climb over the balcony and jump to the ground. When you land on the ground you will be in close proximity to a man standing in front of a fire lit garbage can. He is a homeless man and not a threat so you don't have to shoot hit. To continue game play you will have to crouch down and slide under a hole in the fence. Upon standing up you will have to turn the corner and continue the gun battle. There is a car near by that you can use as cover as you fire at the enemy's. There is also a car in the dark alley that you can blow up for fun.

    After clearing that area you will have to turn left into another building and you will be attacked by gunfire. The gunfire is relatively intense, but you can easily clear the area.

    After completing this first mission you will be greeted by a man who has strong ties to your father and your mission in the game. After a brief conversation the game transitions and the words on the screen read, "Five years later." Now Marcus is seen wearing a blue police uniform. His next mission requires him to complete several mini-missions in order to make detective.

    The graphics and player movement seem much improved than the previous True Crime game. The storyline is interesting and the movies incorporated into the gameplay are engaging.

    The Soundtrack
    The games soundtrack is pretty awesome. The soundtrack includes songs from Jay-Z, Cam'Ron, De La Soul, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Run DMC, Gangstar, Big Pun and other hip-hop stars.

    Credited Voice Actors
    A lot of the fun with these new games is learning what celebrity has leant their voice to the game. True Crime: New York City includes voice talent from Laurence Fishburne, Mariska Hartigay (from Law & Order SUV), Esai Morales, Traci Lords, and actor Avery Kidd Waddell lends his voice to the main character Marcus.

    In comparison to a Rock Star Game
    Gamers often compare the True Crime games to the Grand Theft Auto games released by Rock Star Games. This game will remind you some of Grand Theft Auto 3 because once again you are playing in "Liberty City." The developers of the True Crime: New York City game did a great job of recreating the New York scenery. The graphics are very good and the player movement is similar to that of CJ in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in the fact that Marcus can climb, squat and perform a number of moves. The cars drive fast and you can blow up cars with gunfire. It's a pretty good game. The shooting element seems a bit awkward at times. It's hard to explain but as a player you don't really get the feel that you are 100% controlling the shooting. The screen seemed dark in some missions, this may be something that could have been adjusted by tinkering with the game set up or television screen preference.

    Overall, it's a really fun game and can provide hours of enjoyment.
    ...more info
  • Yet again no different
    This game was okay i get tired of the samething over and over again. This game was like GTA3 but with some added stuff like going in store's and aressting people but the rest is the same. Okay let me tell you the game's that are no different, GTA1-4, GTA sanadrea's, GTAvice city, GTAvice city storie's, GTA libirty city storie's, and 25forlife. I'll give saint's row credit cause that's a awsome game with better quality and stuff and customization but back to this game. This game was okay if you really like doing repitive stuff then go ahead. I liked some song's in this game but that's it the rest is just no different. Yet again the picture view was terrible like GTA is, the picture quality is to small you can't even lie down on your bed and play the game you have to sit up and see what your doing that's the big problem. Interigation is pretty stupid, why bother threatning a clerk if you can easily beat the mess out of him for the money? so that did'nt make any sense. The storymode was okay it was'nt that bad but it was the same like GTA, so this game was okay....more info


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