Insulow Dietary Supplement, Capsules, 180-Count Bottle
Insulow Dietary Supplement, Capsules, 180-Count Bottle

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Product Description

Improving Carbohydrate Utilization and Uptake

  • Enhances insulin sensitivity
  • Enhances glucose uptake
  • Enhances healthy carbohydrate utilization
  • Provides anti-oxidant protection to your brain, heart, liver and eyes.

Customer Reviews:

  • Insulow Working For Me!
    I am a type two diabetic who started on Metformin 500 mg. twice a day in
    December 2005. I did very well by staying on a low glycemic diet and with exercise for about 18 months. My family started to experience some traumatic events (deaths, job losses) and while I continued taking my medication, I discontinued checking my blood sugar and eating correctly.
    I basically went back to my high carb/glycemic way of eating. I finally decided to quit "flying blind" and go to the doctor for bloodwork. My HbA1c was back up to almost 9, and my fasting blood sugar was 170. The doctor increased my medication to 1000mg. Metformin twice a day. I also immediately resumed a good diet and exercise. The problem was that I was unable to get my blood sugar under 135, no matter what I did, even with
    double the Metformin. I decided to try Insulow, and use it only as directed. I don't take it before every meal because sometimes I am not eating over 30 grams of carbs. I am happy to report that my blood sugar now averages around 110. At times it has gotten down to 99. I am also losing weight. This is something that I was unable to do before. I'm a believer in this product. I just hope it remains available to buy....more info
  • Did Not Lower Blood Glucose Levels
    I had a blood glucose level of 156. After three months on taking this product as directed, it was only reduced to 152....more info
  • Insulow - It works for me
    Insulow helps keep my blood sugar from spikeing after a meal with some carbohydrates. I have measured my blood glucose after various meals with and without using Insulow and it definitely helps. My readings peak about 20 to 25 points lower than without it....more info
  • R.Nelson
    After just 3 weeks of using this product my fasting blood sugar has dropped to 111. Thats over 40 points!!!! Pretty impressive. My Dr. started me on Metformin but it made me very sick. This stuff works much better wiht no side effects. I wish I had known about this years ago as I have been fighting with high fasting sugars for years. This product is a god send. ...more info
  • Good reputation, but side effects
    I've read a lot of good things about Insulow on diabetes boards. However, when I took it for about two weeks, it gave me severe indigestion and I finally discontinued it. I didn't notice any changes in my blood glucose readings, but it really didn't have long enough to work. As always, YMMV....more info
  • This really works
    It is rare to find a supplement for Diabetes treatment that really works as well as advertised. My neuropathy is actually subsiding after 5 weeks use. I did not expect such quick results. I can actually feel heat and cold in my feet again. I am excited to find out just how much recovery I will eventually have in my feet....more info
  • Excellent for Pre-Diabetics
    I started Insulow in June 06. I have been diagnosed as insulin resistant with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Over the past year, my cortisol levels shot through the roof due to external stress and despite, a drastic change in diet, the addition of Relacore and vigorous workouts up to 6 days a week, I could not drop a pound. Glucose was simply not going to my muscles! Also, when I ate too much refined sugar over a period of days, I would get terrible boils from the sugar building up in my blood. After sticking to the Insulow regimen of 15 min. before meals, I am no longer fighting boils. Now is August 1, 2006 and I have successfully shed 7 lbs so far and my stomach is visibly smaller. I can go much longer periods between meals, sometimes up to 6 hours. I also eat much smaller meals, much, much smaller meals! I do take Insulow in addition to Relacore because I was diagnosed with high cortisol and the two give me so much energy that my entire lifestyle is reverting to the days when I was healthy. I'm out clubbing 2-3 days a week and exercising in my living room the other days. I feel wonderful. ...more info
  • So--So
    I have been using this product for about a month now and I haven't noticed any difference. I will finish what I have, but I probably will not buy anymore unless I begin to see improvement....more info
  • There are better and cheaper products available
    This product's active ingredients are alpha lipoic acid and biotin--these are common ingredients in natural multivitamin formulas which would be a better value. I am type II diabetic and have found the following herb/vitamin formulas to be excellent:
    Nature's Way Blood Sugar formula ($7 per bottle)
    Geromatrix Glucose Balance ($28/bottle)
    Life Enhancement Insulife ($24/bottle)
    Wild Tibetan Goji Berries for repair of tissues damaged by high blood sugar....more info
  • Insulow
    I am writing to correct the reviewer saying that this product is Alpha lipoic acid and Biotin. It is not Alpha lipoic acid. ALA is a cheap mixture of natural and synthetic lipoic acids. Insulow is pure natural R+ lipoic acid. Not ALA or Krala or any of the other cheap inventions of the supplement industry. R+ ALA is now sold by BASF in Germany for diabetics as a drug to manage blood sugar and neuropathy. BASF's costs 4 times as much as Insulow and is not even available in the US. Luckily the FDA classifies R+ ALA as a supplement and not a drug.
    There is a study from the Univ of Toronto showing that this ingredient is more effective than the 4 leading drugs used for glucose uptake enhancement in diabetics. That study is on the American Diabetes Association website. Insulow is not the same as ALA and biotin by any means.
    Dr. Richard Bernstein now recommends Insulow in his latest Diabetes Self-Management book. ...more info
  • It works to lower my blood glucose
    I agree with Victoria Kron that the automatic re-order program, with its discount, was very helpful and it's a pity it was discontinued.

    As Dr Bernstein has noted, Insulow is not inexpensive (about $1/day), and that's especially true for someone of retirement age who's living on social security (type II diabetes hits our age group disproportionately). So the loss of the auto-order and discount program is making me look around to see whether another rALA product might be a better choice once the extra cost of biotin (depleted by rALA, but added to Insulow to balance out) is factored in.

    The single problem I found was that the rALA apparently (several anecdotal reports plus one lab study) interferes with conversion of thyroid T4 to T3 in some individuals, making them hypothyroid even if they're taking levothyroxine supplements. I'm one of them, evidently, because quite a lot of my hair fell out -an *extremely* distressing problem- even though I was taking my usual supplement. The one lab study I found said that the interference happened when the rALA was taken "with" the thyroid supplement. I couldn't find the whole study, just the abstract, so I don't know what "with" meant to them. I've started taking the thyroid at a different time in the day, so we'll see whether that makes a difference.

    The good news is that Insulow (rALA) works! Taken with EPO (Evening Primrose oil, an enhancer), it definitely lowered my glucose numbers. They didn't go to normal for me (83), but they did go significantly lower (high 90s). So I intend to keep taking Insulow or its equivalent until I no longer need it.

    If you have problems with blood glucose (type II diabetes, "pre-diabetes", "metabolic syndrome", "insulin resistance", "syndrome X", etc) rALA+EPO+biotin might well be a good choice for you, if you watch out for thyroid problems.

    (Edit on 27th April, 2009. With Insulow's recent 33%(!) price jump to $40/bottle, the bulk r-ALA products are looking ever better. If the manufacturers were smart enough to add biotin, I'm sure they'd give Insulow a run for our money.)...more info
  • Great product!
    Insulow has been working well, along with a low carb diet, to keep my blood sugars pretty near normal. I saw a marked improvement right away once I started using it. I know I will continue to use this product as part of my diabetes control....more info
  • Great service, wonderful product
    I was very happy with the "Order and ship automatically" program. I really loved the convenience and the great price. So sorry that it had to stop. Still use the Insulow, and will still order, but the convenience factor is missing now that routine shipments have stopped.

    Thanks for the great service!...more info
  • Great Product!
    I started taking Insulow after a friend recommended it. I have had minor problems with regulating my blood sugar levels for a while - a sudden need for sugar, a rush when I eat the food, then a drop back to low energy after the sugar spike has worn off. I eat a lot of carbohydrates (I love pasta, rice, potatoes etc etc) and noticed that I felt drowsy after eating meals that contain them. Now I take 2 Insulow capsules with my meals and so far I haven't had the low-energy drowsy effect at all. I guess this product works by breaking down the carbohydrates in an effective way. Sometimes it actually seems to give me an energy boost which is always good for motivating me to go to the gym and get rid of some of that post-Christmas body weight!!...more info
  • Didn't work for me
    This product did nothing to lower my blood sugar readings. However, it must work for some people as it is recommended by Dr. Richard Bernstein, the chief proponent of extreme low-carb diets. Dr. Bernstein. who likes his patients to maintain A1-C numbers in the normal range (not just in the "normal-for-diabetics" range), writes that he adds it to diets of patients who are not quite hitting the target with traditional medications. Perhaps I will give it a try at a later date, but for now I am getting better results with other products,...more info
  • Fantastic!
    The product is fantastic and arrived in a very short amount of time. Wonderful! Thanks!...more info
  • Insulow Really Does Seem to Help!
    I bumped into Insulow while researching natural ways to combat high blood sugar for diabetes about a year ago. I've been taking Insulow along with another natural herbal preparation I added to my regime after that, for about a year, and my a1c has been below 7 ever since . . . WITHOUT taking any prescription meds! I also try to eat right and exercise, although I don't exercise as much as I should. Considering that my a1c was 12.9 when I was first diagnosed, that's pretty amazing! My endo isn't sure what's working, but something obviously is. I'll keep taking the Insulow as long as it's available and keeps working for me. ...more info
  • Insulow
    New user but it seems to be helping. It's really a little early to review but pleased so far....more info
  • Works on my diabetic cat......!!!
    I choose not to go at my cat with needles and insulin and this alternative has worked for one year. Success and no needles
    ...more info


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