Tomb Raider Legend

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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend brings back the gaming world's sexiest and most intrepid adventurer. Follow Lara down a path of discovery as she travels the globe to remote, exotic locales in search of one of history's greatest artifacts that unleash unwelcome figures from Lara's mysterious past. Use her skills to explore vast, treacherous tombs, riddled with challenging puzzles and deadly traps. Physics, Water and Fire systems bring the perilous environments of Lara's world alive, and challenge the player to improvise solutions to obstacles. Jump into the future of adrenaline-fueled adventure.

  • Lara is more realistic than ever - the sexy, dual-pistol wielding heroine has new graphics & animation sets
  • Discover and explore living breathing, lost ancient realms that hold clues to the secrets of Lara's past
  • Intuitive, fluid control system keeps Lara in continuous motion; handle any obstacle and interact with any surface
  • Use strength and intelligence to uncover ancient treasures -- Use the grappling hook, an arsenal of new weapons, Communications devices, and other tools to achieve your goals
  • Travel to the world's most exotic locales - Treacherous jungles, snowy mountain ranges, and much more

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Game
    I first played this game on the computer and enjoyed it very much. I do have to admit the graphics are not as good as a computer game, but the game play control is much esier and smoother. I love the way they changed Lara's graphics and the way she handled. If you love tomb raider games this is one of the best I have played....more info
  • Fun game with great graphics
    This is the first Tomb Raider game I've played and I liked it. Initially, my biggest problem was to focus on what I was doing and not watching Lara's cleavage. The framerates have been mostly smooth and the graphics are good. The characters can look a little blocky and the camera is a bit frustrating, which cost me a couple of deaths. The game on default is also easier than the Prince of Persia series and makes this game feel short. Some have said that the PC version looks better and that may be true. But in my experience, the 360 games have looked very similar to the PC games I've played, although I only play at XGA resolution. As for the price, yes it is too high, which is why I only buy used games now. This requires a little patience while you wait for the early adopters to sell their copies, but I have a backlog of games to keep me busy in the meantime....more info
  • Fun Platforming - But Quick
    The Legend member of the Tomb Raider series combines both traditional platforming and shooting along with some Dragon's Lair style button pressing timing.

    I'm very pleased that Lara Croft has moved beyond being a "huge cleavage woman that male gamers simply like to watch" and turned into a legitimate action heroine. Yes, she's still quite busty, but she's actually admired now for her ability to shoot, think and puzzle her way out of solutions.

    Many of the puzzles she faces are traditional. You climb up pipes and walls to reach higher areas. You push boxes in order to block spinning fans of death or to cross flaming passageways. You kill off bosses in a variety of ways.

    In addition, you have timed sequence actions. These are much like Bond Moments from James Bond games, or the gameplay of the old classic Dragon's Lair. In these games the game makers would create gorgeously fluid sequences of animation and you would be instructed to hit buttons at precise moments in order to keep the animation flowing. I always found this style of gameplay to be a bit hokey - it took you out of the 'immersion' of the gameplay - but on the other hand it does mean you can view some fantastic cinematics when you get the timing right.

    The game is relatively quick on the first pass, but there are plenty of secrets and items to find to get you to go back and replay a number of times. Still, for the high price you pay for 360 games, I really would have expected this to be MUCH longer. On one hand, you have games like Elder Scrolls Oblivion that you can literally play for months and months and enjoy it. On the other hand, you have games like this where you could play through in say 6-8 hours and be completely done. Surely there was plenty of room on the DVD to fit more levels.

    The graphics were quite impressive - from the lighting to the flickering flames and dark tombs. The way in which you light up your world as you look around really added to the feeling that you were down in a dark world, with perhaps new secrets lurking just around the corner. Little touches like the swing of Lara's braid added to the realism.

    The sound was reasonably good; the voice acting wasn't Drama Movie quality, but it certainly did well as a fun action game atmosphere.

    I would really recommend renting this one first to see how much the game grabs you. If you're a real Tomb Raider fan, you might be thrilled to have this in your collection. However, if you're not sure, it's best to give it a quick try before you pay out the full price for what amounts to a weekend game....more info
    I am a huge fan of the Tomb Raider series, and and avid gamer in general. This has been the BEST OF ANY GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED AND I HAVE PLAYED ALOT! It's beautiful for starters, full of action, puzzle solving and fun motorcycles. It has something for everyone. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY SPENT AND THEN SOME. In general the entire series is a blast and super addictive, but this is the best yet. Eidos even has you play in Lara's "memory" at one point and she's wearing her original Tomb Raider cloths. They have catered to every aspect of pleasing the gaming community. (Though we always have the complainers no matter what, don't pay attn: to those in this case) THIS GAME IS ALMOST TOO FUN, WHEN YOU DO BUY IT- DON'T PLAN ON GOING TO SLEEP ANY TIME SOON! GREAT JOB EIDOS!...more info
  • An appropriate title
    First off, let's face a horrible fact: since about the second Tomb Raider game, the series has just plain sucked. Fortunately, with some key personnel back on board, the folks at Crystal Dynamics and Eidos have put together Tomb Raider Legend, a game that's much more true to what made the series actually attractive in the first place.

    Of course, Lara Croft is back as the well-endowed and athletic protagonist, and this time she's going to delve into a mystery that involves her parents, long lost friends, and plenty of ancient ruins to explore through.

    Unlike past Tomb Raider games, Legend goes back to its roots with a healthy does of exploration and puzzle-solving. You'll still use your dual pistols, complete with infinite ammo, to take out plenty of bad guys throughout the game, but the killing of various wildlife is pretty much gone. There will be a leopard or an attack dog to kill every once in a while, but mostly you're going to be fighting various commandos that also want whatever Lara's looking for in those ruins.

    Combat is much more stylish than in the earlier games. Lara can still flip, dive, and roll while shooting, but now she's got even more acrobatic moves. Charge an enemy and slide at them while shooting, and you'll pop them up into the air, ragdoll-physics-style, and keep shooting them. Jump at an enemy and then jump again once your feet reach their face, and Lara will do a graceful, slow motion backflip off of the guy's head while shooting him simultaneously. We've seen this kind of stuff in games before, but the delivery here is very satisfying. And Lara isn't just limited to pistols; she can carry very powerful grenades, and she can carry an extra, limited ammo weapon on her back, like an assault rifle, grenade launcher, or shotgun.

    Lara's got plenty of moves she can employ even when her guns are safely in their holsters. When it comes to acrobatic moves, Tomb Raider Legend has picked it up habits once again from the Prince of Persia series of games (the Tomb Raider games have borrowed plenty of platforming elements from the original Prince of Persia games from the late '80s and early '90s). Lara moves gracefully as she hops, climbs, flips, and shimmies around. The animations are great, and the situations Lara gets into can get intense. There are a few dramatically scripted sequences, complete with a "tap this button right now or Lara gets crushed or falls to her death" element, which will keep you on your toes. Some Tomb Raider purists might scoff at these part-Dragon's Lair, part-Shenmue moments, but I think it's a good way to make sure that players are paying attention to the action at all times, even if it's during a cutscene.

    Mixed in with the platforming and action elements are some new sequences on a motorcycle. Although Lara can shoot from the bike, you will find quickly that you really have to watch the path in front of you. Every bump against the wall or a rock costs you plenty of health, so watch the road! Well, in this case, watch the dirt path. These sequences are kind of fun but leave something to be desired, especially the very, very short motorcycle sequence in Tokyo.

    Most of Tomb Raider Legend's difficulty comes from the puzzles that are laid out in many of the ruins. Combat is usually pretty easy since everyone but Lara is a terrible shot, and most of your enemies stand still while you're flying around the room, and the controls are pretty sharp and easy to get used to. That leaves actually figuring out what to do when the game presents a puzzle, and the first major one will test your logic skills right from the start. Sure, Lara has some crazy binoculars that can "scan" items like what we saw in Metroid Prime, but the game still doesn't tell you how to solve anything. You'll have to figure them out for yourself.

    The addition of a grappling hook makes for some interesting gameplay in Legend. You'll need to use it to pull things towards you, smash things open, pull yourself towards something else, or even swing from the ceiling like Indiana Jones on his whip. That last bit only happens in specific spots, though, so you can't just use it to go all Tarzan to escape an area.

    The Xbox 360 version of the game of course has excellent graphics, but the frame rate can get iffy at certain times. While the developers seem to have tried to make sure that there aren't any major frame rate issues that pop up in mid-jump or during combat, it's a little disconcerting having the game slow down significantly just because you decided to swing the camera around a bit.

    The locales you'll be visiting in Legend range from the Ghana rainforests to Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Tokyo, and even Peru. The developers have done a great job mixing up the pacing, sending you back into ruins just before you get tired of shimmying around the edge on a Tokyo skyscraper (and vice versa). While Lara's adventure this time around is pretty short, the exploration elements, great visuals that the Xbox 360 can produce, and even the surprisingly interesting story all come together to make a pretty solid game anyway. Those who aren't big on finding hidden bonus items or replaying levels in a "time attack" mode might find that the price is too high to pay for six to eight hours of gameplay, but there's plenty here to satisfy both those who like to rent or buy their games. ...more info
  • Lara Croft meets Dragon's Lair!
    I've never been a "huge" big fan of the Tomb Raider series, and I don't like third-person games in general. But I picked up Tomb Raider: Legend on a lark, and now I'm addicted. I have completed this game on all difficulties and earned all of the Xbox 360 achievements for this title.

    The game storyline dives into the Arthurian legend which reveals an interesting parallel to Lara's personal life as you uncover more about the story. It's an interesting spin and makes for a great epic adventure. To really connect you to the story, there's "Super Actions," which are parts of the cut-scenes where, as you're watching a predicament unfold, you're suddenly required to hit a specific button on your controller (to move, duck, jump, grab, or fire your grappling hook) or Lara will meet an untimely death. These Super Actions will remind older player's of Dragon's Lair, a game where you were required to match your button presses with the on-screen directions. In short, it's a great way to remove the monotony of cut-scenes and makes you really focus on the story, because it could mean the difference between life or death.

    The rest of the game is a well-done adventure story. Navigating Lara through the adventure with a 360 controller is nearly flawless, a testament to the many years of experience behind the series. The only problem comes with inopportune camera redirects, such as the change between climbing on the ledge of a cliff and pulling yourself up above the edge. When you do so, the camera will spin around; changing the direction that pushing "up" on the controller will move you. This will cause you to occasionally direct Lara back to the edge of the cliff or, sometimes, to leap off entirely and plummet to her death. Aside from this flaw, most users will find that this is one of the best controller layouts for a third person game, which is something I'm always hyper critical of.

    If you've read the other reviews, you know this game is short. In fact, I would say this game only has 7.1 levels, since the last level is nothing more than a glorified "boss fight" (usually the ending of a level where you face a super powerful foe) which could have been tacked on to the previous level. However, Tomb Raider: Legend does offer a considerable amount of replay-ability with the massive amount of unlockables and secrets the game offers. Hidden on every level are bronze, silver and gold treasures, often in unusual and interesting places. Bronze are easily found while gold treasures will require all of Lara's skills and a bit of ingenuity to find them all. The most exciting find may be the gold treasure hidden in Croft Manor (an extra level unlocked as you play through the single-player campaign.) The Xbox 360 achievements are tied to finding most (but you do not have to find all) of these treasures, as well as earning points for finishing each level and the game (with separate achievements for completing it at the hardest and easy or medium difficulties) and the time trials. There's also an incredible number of additional features (outfits for Lara, cheat codes, developer's content and more) for completing each level and the time trials.

    So, if you love scouring levels for secrets and unlocking special features, this game is for you and will easily quadruple the amount of playtime you get from this title. If you're a fan of the Tomb Raider series, you'll be absolutely delighted with this well-executed and exciting episode that will, most certainly, leave you excited for the next installment of the story....more info
  • Surprisingly good
    Every so often I'm guilty of hunting down older (yes, cheaper)games. I guess that all I'm expecting is something remotely playable. Admittedly, I had apprehensions when I bought Tomb Raider: Legends. I guess because there really hasn't been a good Tomb Raider game for a while.

    This game reminds me that we play video games because they're fun. This one is very, simplisticly fun. I almost hate to use the words simple or simplistic, because I don't want it to be confused with boring, because it is not. So many games now place so much emphasis on stunning visual effects, complex combat systems and multiplayer modes that they forget to be fun.

    Aided by backdrops like the Himalayas in Nepal and the highrises of Japan, the graphics are actually quite impressive without being pretentious. Gameplay is short, but makes up for it in replayability. Usually I don't call searching for unfound objects replayability, but some artifacts require you to get creative and find ways to manipulate the level, sometimes in complex ways to find them. I'ts a little more challenging then finding the discolored portion of the wall and merely kicking/shooting through it.

    The combat system is pretty basic. You have (lock-on and) shoot and that's pretty much it. There was some explaination of some melee attacks at the start of the second level, but I could never get them to work. It was just easier to shoot them. Plus, there are interactive cut-scenes that are just in essence trial and error/remember 2 or 3 button combinations. Kind of cheesy but not too annoying. Plus the time trials can be frustrating, because there is very little room for error to complete it in the alloted time. There really isn't much combat anyway, just minor annoyances with guns and poorly thrown grenades.

    The hardest difficult rating is "Tomb Raider - Hard", but it really isn't that hard. For me, the most difficult part was trying to figure out the puzzles than it was any "tourists" trying to shoot at me. Plus the damage that they do isn't much and they drop health power-ups everywhere.

    For the achievement score hungry population, and you know who you are, this is a good game for the price. The first 800 or so can be easily achieved in a day or two. It might take a bit of time and effort for the other 200.

    People's biggest complaints are going to be:

    1. It's to simplistic
    2. Graphics aren't very good (every game is not Halo 3)
    3. It's too short

    For those that just appreciate good platform gaming this is a very good choice for the price. I would say rent it before you buy it, but you just may finish it first....more info
  • Laras back, but is it a good thing?
    In this edition of Tomb Raider, Lara Croft finds herself traveling & exploring one exotic place to the next in order to piece together her past - and more specifically - what happened to her mother with the help of her two pals Zip & Allister.

    Its your basic Tomb Raider game with a lot of jumping, flipping, swinging from ropes, sliding down ramps/hills, grappeling onto objectsand shooting things. You get a few weapons like a shotgun, SMG, assault rifle, grenades & grenade launcher, and the infamous dual handguns with the bottomless clip. Also, there are a bunch of "rewards" hidden throughout the levels and if a lot are collected you unlock new outfits and areas in Lara's Mansion. Oh, thats the other thing - you can run around Lara's Mansion.

    Whats good though is that this game places you back into ruins and tombs instead of trying to make Lara some special agent (Angel of Darkness anyone?). So you'll find yourself in areas such as Ghana, Bolivia, Nepal, Lara's homeland of England, and many other areas. Each level looks absolutley beautiful - especially the jungle looking stages. The water effects are magnificent, and the lighting is beautiful. The character models are alright, nothing spectacular with the exception of our main heroine herself.

    The music was superb. I can't really explain it.. it was just really good. Each stage has it's own song which fits beautifully with the level's culture and design..sso for instance in Nepal - a really empty & voide of life snow stage - it has gegorian chants which help intensify both the beauty AND the lonlieness of the level. You just have to hear it for yourself. The voice acting was GREAT and there are some really interesting and funny conversations between the characters at points.

    So whats Tomb Raider: Legends' downfall? Well for starters its extremley repetitive - you'll be doing pretty much the same thing in every stage. Secondly, its a pretty easy game. Thirdly, its very short; its only 7 missions long come on!, and lastly the gunfights are kind of lackluste r. The guns don't sound powerful, nor are they - I literally had to empty a clip with my assault rifle into a Jaguar before it keeled over - and they ae terribly inaccurate. Thankfully the targetting system is pretty right on.

    The ending to this game was interesting to say the least. You wind up at the stone dias after beating Amanda in her beast form. From there you place the ancient sword into the stone, the dias starts up, and you see your mother in a parallel universe doing the exact same thing you are. Amanda awakes and begins screaming to your mother for her to pull the sword out so the dias explodes while Lara tries to silence Amanda. Anyway, the mom pulls the sword out, the dias explodes, and Lara loses a chance to re-unite with her long lost mom.. so in a rage she threatens to kill Amanda at gunpoint. Amanda reveals that Lara's mom is in Avalon, Lara is so heated she begins shooting basically right next to Amanda to freak her out.. then she pistol whips her so hard she KOed Amanda. Then Lara says a great line, "every breath you take from now on is a gift from me.", and proceeds to make arrangements to see if she too can get to Avalon.

    To finish it up, Legend is a decent platforming game but really not worth the $50 price tag it carries. It's definitley worth playing, even with it's flaws. I suggest you rent it first....more info
  • Not bad, but not great either.
    The short and sweet of it: Great graphics, very nice looking, but too short. The mini games are silly, the motorcycle also silly. What could have been an awesome game feels under developed and misguided. If you are more than a casual gamer, rent this one, you'll beat it in several hours. I really wanted to like this one, what a shame......more info
  • Best of the Series
    This is a pretty good game. The only compaint i have heard is the length and i for one am not bothered with that. The graphics are very nice, the tombs and jungle sections were in fact magnificent. Gameplay is good. Puzzles take some thinking but not so much that you get discouraged. It left itself open for a sequel and i look forward to that. The only thing i would like to see is the controls be a bit quicker. While not bad by any means there are a couple of places where a quicker reaction would have been a help. All in all i would recommend this game, however the more hardcore gamers might be able to beat this game quickly and may consider renting instead of paying the price. ...more info
    Lara Croft the pistol wielding somersault shooting fanboy fantasy is back for a new adventure in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Legend for the XBOX 360 and the result is an enjoyable but at times frustrating game. Lara Croft opens in the jungles of South America at the ruins of an ancient civilization, but the relic Lara is after has another taker, James Rutland, a rich spoiled brat who's used to getting whatever he wants. Lara will find out that the piece connects into a larger picture that involves the long ago disappearance of her mother through a strange Stargate looking portal. Lara will have to travel around the world through many different environments trying to put the puzzle together of what really happened to her mother.

    I guess I'll address the positives about the game first, and there are a lot. First, the environments are breathtaking, especially the first level, where you encounter steep cliffs, and real-life beautiful flowing waterfalls. Even when you use the binoculars to zero in on faraway horizons, the picture is crystal clear. No corners were cut in terms of the graphics. You can see around yourself in a 360 degree angle which really makes you feel as if you're really there. Jaw-dropping to say the least. In terms of Lara, her model is juse as sexy as always and the ragdoll effects when she gets hurt are great, and she always moves in a sleek and elegant manner. I don't know, but she seems motion captured. Another thing that reminds me of the old games is the sense of exploration you get from the game, as if you ARE the only one exploring the ruins in the game and are the first human to walk there in centuries. I also liked the fact that the game is not that difficult. It's more for a casual gamer than for someone that ones to memorize every move for hours before they can advance to the next level. I thought the storytelling in the game was a notch above previous incarnations and the fact that she's looking for information about her lost mother really makes it personal.

    Now, for what I didn't like about Legend. There are scenes in the game where the game takes a bit to load up because of the Dragon's Lair type mini-games where you have to get through a sequence that requires pushing certain buttons. The problem is that the first couple of times, you die and then you have to wait for the long loading time over and over again. These semi-passive sequences, while exciting to watch, are not that exciting to play. Another aspect of the game that got on my nerves were the "boss" battles. Boss battles just seem out of place in a game like this that works more on atmosphere and feel and should be reserved for Mario Brothers. Especially when you cannot concentrate on fighting your enemy. As the boss is basically slaughtering you, Lara has to be flipping a switch or shooting a jewel or pulling a lever to keep the boss from continually healing themselves. Instead of making it essential to the story, these distractions come off more as a gimmick to make killing the boss more difficult. Which brings up the sorry targeting system of your firearms, which makes it very hard to divide your attention, especially when you have multiple enemies. Any time you have more than one target, it's very hard to select the one you want on the fly. Lara also drives a motorcycle in parts of the game which was enjoyable in some of the earlier Tomb Raiders but here it makes you feel like you're playing an old Atari game. It just doesn't FEEL like you're riding a motorcycle as you pick off the bad guys. And if you try to avoid the villains, then the motorcycle levels just repeat in an infinite loop until you kill them off.

    Tomb Raider Legend has a lot going for it. I know that some fans believe that Tomb Raider before this was on its last legs, but I beg to differ. To me, all of the Tomb Raider games were pretty much the same and didn't suffer from a serious decline in terms of quality: Except for Last Revelation which required a lot of backtracking. So to me, the only difference here in Legend is the improvement in graphics. Most of the positives and negatives of the old games are still here, including a camera that even with improved control is still a little limited. It just looks better. So don't buy this game thinking you'll see a Tomb Raider you've never seen. Why does a game have to continue to "improve" anyway and what does improve really mean? If it's only as good as the last game, which was great, why change things? As far as length, Yes, if you sit for hours a day for several days, it won't take you long to finish Legend, but I'm more casual and just played a little each day and it took me about a month. The game is meant to run on HDTV 480p/720p. There were some small framerate problems running it on 1080i, but hardly noticeable except in the beginning level where you had the highest graphic content. ...more info
  • Great game
    A must have for every Tomb Raider fan, even for those who have played Tomb Raider Underworld as I did, the only complain is that it's a short game, less than two days to finish it....more info
  • Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
    This is one incredible game! The graphics are fantastic and the controls are fairly simple. There is a good bit of fighting sprinkled with puzzles that are very challenging. Don't worry though - you won't get "stuck" anywhere for too long. The motorcycle racing/fighting is a real plus in this game. Don't miss out on this one....more info
  • Good and very fun, but why can't Tomb Raider rock like I know it could?
    I am a huge Tomb Raider fan. I was hooked by the first game, and enjoyed the next few titles. However, with every game on PS and then PS2 this series has been going down the tubes to the ultimate bottom in "The Angel of Darkness." This game (I got the Xbox 360 version) is definitely a step in the right direction. It reminds me of the fun I had with the first game. I solved the game quite easily on the hardest setting, "Tomb Raider," and I didn't find any complicated puzzles that took me a while to decipher. That was disappointing. I loved some of the first games creative puzzles, and I don't think they were quite improved upon with any of the sequels including the newest title. I enjoyed this game, and I hope that Crystal Dynamics does do a remake of the original for the 10th anniversary of the game. I also hope that this series will get back to the days of the first game where I played it over and over and over, because I loved it so much. I can dream...I just don't think it's going to happen......more info
  • Gorgeous game
    I've played almost every Tomb Raider since the first one released a decade ago. That first one was brilliant, but the sequels only reached varying degrees of "good" and "OK." This Tomb Raider, however, reminds me why I fell in love with the game in the first place.

    First, the entire game -- and not just Lara -- is beautiful on the X360. The level of detail in the locations is astounding. Second, Lara has a decent selection of gadgets and guns to play with. Everytime someone drops a weapon, she can swap out for it. Unfortunately, she can only carry two kinds of weapons at a time, one of which is always her pistols with the unlimited ammo.

    Beyond the graphics and gadgets, though, is the game itself. They finally went back to the heart of Tomb Raider -- the tombs! Instead of blasting bad guys through Venice or dodging mummies in Egypt, this Tomb Raider lets you explore tombs and solve puzzles just like the original. There are plenty of bad guys, sure, but they don't get in the way of just wandering around empty tombs trying to figure out the proper series of switches or levers to activate the centuries-old mechanism protecting the god's idol. This is finally the sequel that should have been made years ago -- just good, fun tomb raiding....more info
  • A return to form and then some
    Oh, Lara how I love thee. Only not really. Truth be told, I could never get into the series from day one because of the clunky controls. I appreciated the step in the right direction with the original Tomb Raider but I regard it as a catalyst for what third person games are now as opposed to a great game. The following games all had the same controls, but the gameplay devolved into the horrific Angel of Darkness.

    Now, we have Tomb Raider: Legends and man is it nice. Having passed reigns to Crystal Dynamics, the creators of such games as Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver, the gameplay was scrapped to create an entirely new property that, mostly, washes off any malingering stink. In place of controls that are based on a grid system (creating improper jumping controls among other issues), the new movement feels fluid and is easily manipulated much like the new Prince of Persia games.

    Action takes the side seat as the game focuses mostly on Lara and tombs (what a novel concept). When action does take place, Lara can easily lock onto a target and then switch from target to target via flicking the right analog stick. It's pretty simplistic, but it is fun and easy to get into. Sometimes, there are context driven situations where instead of shooting at an enemy, a possibility will open to shoot an exploding can or a precariously balanced ruin that will take out multiple foes. While the gunplay isn't difficult, it does create some scenarios that feel like they would fit in perfectly in an action movie.

    The action is also broken up with some motorcycle based missions. These mostly involve getting you from point A to point B, with plenty of chasing enemies in the middle. Again, much like the combat, this isn't the focus of the game. I won't go so far as some reviewers to say its needless, filler and poorly implemented, but I do think it could have been strengthened a bit more. It makes sense, in the context of the game, to be driving. It never feels tacked on. However, if you're going to do it, you might as well make it as exciting as possible.

    All of this is dressing for what really counts: the Tombs. They are really fun. Figuring out how to get from point A to point C, with a step at point B, is most of the fun much like it is in Prince of Persia. The game touts "physics based puzzles" and it's true. But, I don't think the physics engine is all it's cracked up to be. A lot of times, items don't feel like they have the weight they should.

    A story involving Lara's past and a search for a sword rounds out the action, providing a context for what you're doing. It's pretty decent as far as these games go and of course can't live up to excellent stories like those found in Dreamfall, but it's okay.

    As far as value goes, you're spending about $60 for about 10 hours of gameplay. That's a problem in my book, not because of the length (although I do prefer longer games), but because of the HUGE price differences between the systems. If you're looking at just consoles, then yes I would recommend shelling the extra $10 for the 360 version over the others. But, Xbox 360 games are costing us $10s more, blah blah HD age/next gen blah blah, but the game looks better on the PC, has better resolutions and doesn't have as much frame rate issues as the Xbox 360 version. And its $20 cheaper. So, if you have a computer top lay it, plug in a Xbox 360 controller into your PC and you have a game that's cheaper, plays just as well and looks better. You tell me what the best deal is....more info
  • Great game, you'll surely be entertained
    Im not much of a reviewer like some others are on here but I do take reviewing seriously cause I judge most of my purchases on these. So the best I can tell you with this game from my perspective is you can't go wrong with it. Some people might tell you it has minor flaws, etc. But no dont worry about it. This is a game for all ages, you'll play it and you'll like it. What I like about the game is its scenery. You'll be on mountain tops, in Japan, underground. I really enjoyed this game. I found it to be rather easy and it wasnt so much a long game as others are but theres nothing wrong with that. It will be frustrating as well cause some puzzles will be hard. I had to go online to find out how to get past a couple parts in the game. Im sure you'll have to as well so be aware of that. Unless you want to rack your brain trying to figure it out lol. But this game gives you action, adventure, and puzzles. Lots of fun so go ahead and experience it. Solid addition to your collection at a cheap price....more info
  • Great game, but not very re-playable
    I was a big fan of the first Tomb raider when it came out. The series went down hill and it was a fairly poor franchise for a while. But this game is a great return to Tomb Raider's roots.

    The graphics for the 360 are very pretty. The lighting and textures are good, better than the PS2 and x-box, but not as good as other x-box 360 titles.

    The game play is intuitive for anyone who's ever played tomb raider before. The camera is a little tricky, but in a game like tomb raider where you're constantly moving up, down, left, right, forward, and back - it's pretty hard to have a standard camera angle that would work all the time. The opening level has a tutorial so it walks you through how to jump, swing, shoot, etc.

    The major downside of this game is how short it is. The game could easily be beaten in under 5 hours (especially if you set the difficulty to easy). There are lots of hidden "treasures" that you can collect to boost your "achievements" score; but it gets a little tiresome to find all of them. There's also a time-trial to beat levels under a set time (and it is VERY hard to do, I might add).

    But the time trials and hidden treasures don't really add much to the game. There's no reason you couldn't pick this up, play it over the weekend, and beat it and return it. Overall, I thought it was a lot of fun, and then I returned it to the video store.

    And, of course, if you have x-box live, you can download a demo of this game on the live marketplace. ...more info
  • Legends never die.
    Back in the day, the first Tomb Raider gave was a REALLY big deal. Arguably it was the first of what is now considered a modern adventure game. Instead of cute animals it featured a buxom brunette who shot at animals and people instead of jumping on their heads, and navigated elaborate deathtrap dungeons devoid of any music save in sparse moments. The first game was much lauded for its exploratory fun factor, but the controls were very complex, and based on an awkward digital control system. Still, amazing (for their time) graphics, interesting level design, and a gorgeous hero go a long way. In fact, the protagonist Laura Croft has come to be a symbol of the 32 bit generation of gaming, more so than any other character. Gradually however, the series lost steam as sequel after sequel came out and was progressively less and less fun.

    Fast forward to the now. People had almost forgotten what Tomb Raider even is aside from a couple of movies starring Angelina Jolie (but that's another review). When it was announced the Crystal Dynamix was making yet ANOTHER Tomb Raider game, some people feared the worst. But like Prince of Persia, this was not another cheap rip-off. This is the true second coming...

    When Prince of Persia Sands of Time came out it pretty much reinvented the wheel in terms of what an adventure game should be, emphasizing easy to pull-off combos, fluid and responsive controls, and levels requiring amazing acrobatics, yet surprisingly almost never frustrating. You could say that Tomb Raider Legend takes these elements, combines them with gunplay, throws in a grappling hook, and integrates some button-press action sequences (where Laura encounters a threat and a flashing button alerts you to press it before something kills her).

    The gaming elements aren't perfect. Some puzzles might slow down the action a little (your mileage may vary), the combat sequences are basically just running around and shooting and throwing grenades (hand-to-hand isn't very effective in my opinion), while characters and environments look great, facial detail is a little zombie-looking (I blame the eyelashes), and the whole experience ends rather quickly just as things are starting to get interesting.

    On the whole though, this is a game that is definitely worth owning. All cinematics are generated on-the-fly and in general look great, voice acting is adequate (don't really care for Laura's voice all that much this time around), boss battles break up the action nicely, there are multiple difficulty levels, level design keeps you moving forward and rarely stumps you completely (in my experience), and the pacing is excellent. And to me most importantly of all, you are no longer alone exploring the tombs. In the previous games I hated the eerie silence. But now you have two friends Zip and Alistair, who provide commentary as you progress, and throw in some needed comic relief. The only time you won't hear them is when you lose your radio connection (and that means you probably will be hearing some loud music instead), or if you get STUCK on a puzzle. Oh, the music is pretty cool too and really adds to the whole experience feeling more cinematic, and again, less lonely. The story leaves a bit to be desired in some respects and compels in others. The whole King Arthur's Sword aspect I found really cool (especially a level that starts in a silly history museum complete with cheesy voice-overs from the tour and ends up in the real tomb), but just exactly why Laura is obsessed with recovering the sword to the point of killings hundreds of mercenaries and fighting her old friend doesn't really make sense to me somehow (when you are plagued by guilt of someone's death trying to kill them afterwards just doesn't make sense to me).

    All in all, this Legend is fast, fluid, and a whole lot of fun. It gives you a lot of interest and excitement for the series as a whole, as we see what new directions it will take and what exciting adventures Laura will take us on next. Definitely worth owning....more info
    This game is great. The controls are simple unlike the other tomb raider games and the graphics are not the best but they are pretty good.The game is basically a combonation of puzzle solving and shooting, oh yeah and some mototcycle riding.

    This game is pretty short but only if you stick to just playing the main quest on normal difficulty. But if you go to the croft manner and try to find all of the rewards,do the time trials, beat the game on all difficulties and find all the rewards through out all of the levels it will last you a while and be one heck of a ride.

    I strongly recomend this game. What are you reading this for hurry up and go to wal-mart or something and buy this awesome game....more info


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