PurTest P-Arsenic Water Purifier

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Product Description

Do you know what?s in your drinking water? Make sure you do with the PurTest Arsenic Water Test Kit. The World Health Organization safety standard for arsenic in water is 10 parts per billion, and this accurate test takes just minutes to indicate whether your water falls within the safety zone. Arsenic contamination has been linked to lung and skin cancer as well as death, and it is recommended that private wells should be tested at least once each year. The PurTest Arsenic Water Test Kit is part of an innovative water testing line that received the 2000 USA Consumer Product Award.

  • Indicates levels of arsenic found
  • Features:
    • Sensitive test kit measures arsenic levels in water
    • Immediate results let you take action right away
    • Accurate test is based on EPA test standards
    • PurTest Arsenic Test Kit detects the presence of arsenic in water
    • Quick test is complete in 30 minutes