PurTest P-Bacteria Water Purifier

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Product Description

Be sure your water is safe and clean when you use the PurTest Drinking Water Test Kit for Bacteria and Nitrates. This accurate test kit detects the presence of bacteria, nitrates, and nitrites, which are three of the most common water contaminants. This award-winning kit includes three tests, one for E. coli and coliform bacteria, and two for nitrates and nitrites. The PurTest Drinking Water Test Kit for Bacteria and Nitrates is laboratory-certified and based on EPA testing methods. There?s nothing to fill out or mail; you?ll receive instant results on the spot. Choose this water test kit and keep your water and your family safe.

  • Results are immediate
  • Features:
    • Easy kit provides instant results with nothing to mail
    • Accurate test is based on EPA testing methods
    • Detects nitrates and nitrites
    • Identifies presence of bacteria, including E. coli
    • Straightforward instructions guide you through this simple test