Emer 908015U Donnatello Power Plus Upright HEPA Vacuum

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Product Description

Features and Benefits: Outstanding performance Deluxe wood floor nozzle Turbo nozzle On-board tools: crevice tool upholstery brush Deluxe lightweight body Flexible handle Variable speeds HEPA filtration with odor-absorbing carbon filter 1450 watt power 30' cord Extention hose and wands included Weight: 8 lbs. Warranty: 2-year motor warranty

  • Outstanding performance
  • Deluxe wood floor nozzle
  • Turbo nozzle On-board tools:
  • crevice tool
  • upholstery brush
Customer Reviews:
  • Best vacuum for hard floors!
    I purchased the Donatello Power Plus vacuum two months ago directly from Emer USA and have been giving it a 2-3 time a week work-out since I bought it. I have two young kids, a very hairy dog and two cats so my house gets dirty fast. All I can say is, this is a fantastic vacuum!

    First of all, this a very powerful vacuum. It is as powerful as a regular vacuum cleaner (1450 Watts/12 Amps) but very small, lightweight and maneuverable. It is also extremely quiet. I love that the wheels on the nozzles are all made of rubber, not plastic so it doesn't scratch up my hardwood floors. It also has several filters that are washable and easy to install. The bags are also easy to change and install. Yeah! No dirty cups to empty! The cord is longer than any other vacuum I've had, but the cord itself is narrower than a regular cord and very light. It also will stand upright by itself (doesn't have to lean against a wall) which is unusual for a stick vacuum.

    There are three types of nozzles you can purchase with your vacuum. I added all three to my order because I couldn't choose between them. With the Donatello Power Plus you get the Electric Nozzle standard. This nozzle has an electric cord that plugs into the vacuum itself and acts just like a regular revolving brush vacuum nozzle, meaning it works great on all types of carpets. The Turbo Plus nozzle is the nozzle I use the most. It uses the force of the air flowing in the vacuum to turn a brush (no cord to plug in). This brush can be turned on and off just by sliding a small knob on the top - I usually do it with my foot. I turn the brush on when I'm vacuuming area rugs and turn it off when I'm doing all the hardwoods, tile and linoleum floors in the house. The Combination nozzle is suppose to work on both carpet and hard floors but I found it a little lacking on both. On hard floors the suction is actually so great it kind of "sticks" to the floor and I found it hard to move. On carpet it worked fine for dirt but my dog's hair took several passes to get it all up. I definitely recommend the Turbo nozzle if you have mostly hardwoods and area rugs, the Electric nozzle if you have wall to wall carpeting.

    The vacuum also comes with a hose and two attachments for the rest of your vacuuming chores. I usually just quickly remove the nozzle from the end of the vacuum and stick the end into corners or tight spots, but have used both the hose and the crevice tool to clean the couch. It is also light enough that you can just lift the whole thing up and vacuum the cushions for quick cleaning of your furniture.

    Customer service at EmerUSA was also excellent. I had tons of questions which they always answered quickly. I don't know why my local vacuum store doesn't carry this brand - it compares very favorably with the Miele S 168 but less expensive and with more features. It seems to be very well made and is absolutely perfect for my two story house of 2000 square feet with hardwood and area rugs, which I think is what most people have nowadays. I also love that it easily gets under my couch, table and chairs, end tables, bed etc. without having to pull out the hoses or attachments or anything. Check out the video on Emer's website to see the Donatello in action.
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