Aranizer SS-3xs

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Product Description

The ARANIZER produces activated Oxygen. Activated Oxygen is the natural enemy of odors, pollutants and many other harmful substances, yet it is completely safe. The activated Oxygen produced by the Aranizer will naturally disperse through out any room and begin restoring the indoor environment. The ARANIZER: Removes dust, pollen, mold and other particles from the air. Removes smoke, pet, cooking, and most other odors from the air. 98% of organic odors are removed by the Aranizer. Oxidizes chemical fumes and toxic gases. Kills molds, mildew, and fungi. Kills many viruses and bacteria, in the air and on surfaces for a cleaner, healthier environment.

  • Produces activated oxygen
  • Removes dust, mold and pollen from the air
  • Removes undesirable odors
  • Kills molds, mildw, fungi, bacteria and viruses