TRUE CERAMIC PRO Infared Ionic Styler Flat Iron Professional Kit

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Product Description

This state of the art styling tool combines infared ionic heat with advanced ceramic technology to create silky and sexy hair styles on any type of hair. Our dual sided baked ceramic plates and solid ceramic heater provide fast, even heat distribution. The negative ions seal your hair cuticle and lock in moisture, color and shine. This easy to follow instructional DVD teaches you how to use the True Ceramic Pro so you can create salon perfect styles at home. Our hairstylist shows you how to effortlessly create more than 10 different hair styles. Learn how to straighten your hair as well as to add volume, flips, crimps, curls and more!Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days Forever!The True Ceramic Pro Infared Ionic Styler Includes:(1) True Ceramic Pro Infared Ionic Styler Flat Iron(1) Instructional DVD(1) True Cool Carry Bag(1) Anti Static Ionic Brush(1) Partioning Comb(6) Sectioning ClipsFeatures:- 10 Foot Cord with 360 degree Swivel Action- Lightweight and Ergonomically Designed- Moist Ceramic Heat Keeps Hair Healthy and Hydrated- Heats from 140 to 400 F

  • 10 Foot Cord with 360 degree Swivel Action
  • Lightweight and Ergonomically Designed
  • 1Inch Plate
  • Moist Ceramic Heat Keeps Hair Healthy and Hydrated
  • Heats from 140 to 400 degress F
Customer Reviews:
  • It works
    This straightener is one of the best I've ever used. I've had it since December of 2006, I use it more in the winter...very often. Still works...does heat up fast. Of course like any heat product used very does cause damage. My hair is long, thick, curly, & frizzy, it doesn't take long to warm and I don't take long. I love it. Def. recommend it....more info
  • Awesome!
    This straightener is the best I've ever used and I've used them all believe me! My hair is naturally curly frizzy and this flat iron keeps it straight and silky smooth for days and days. A+++...more info
  • True Ceramic Pro
    I purchased TWO True Ceramic Pro in December of for myself and another as a gift. The one I gave as a gift broke in June of 2007 and mine broke in August 2007. I went to the website because they have a warranty and will send you a new one upon approval. Only problem, I was not approved for a new one! ...more info
  • SCAM!
    DO NOT BUY THE TRUE CERAMIC PRO! It is not truely ceramic! Mine broke after only 9 months, which is probably why it only has a six month warrabty. The first iron they sent me stopped working after two days, and the second they sent to me had chipped plates, and the third stopped working after only 9 months and the painted on plate coating chipped off VERY quickly to reveal METAL plates, NOT CERAMIC! I regret buying mine, it was not worth the money. The quality does not match the expensive price. This item should be priced at $1.00 for its quality. SCAM!
    ...more info