Chaney Instrument 5-Inch Capacity Easy-Read Magnifying Rain Gauge

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Product Description

5 capacity easy to read magnifying rain gauge.

  • 13-inch, plastic rain gauge
  • 5-inch capacity
  • Easy-to-read white numbers and inch markings
  • Rainwater magnifies temperature display for easy reading
  • Mounts to fence post or sticks in ground with included stake

Customer Reviews:

  • Super easy to read
    I purchased this rain gauge as a Christmas gift for my Father. It is so easy to read. When its filled with rain water the numbers get even bigger! The plastic construction makes it less "delicate" as the lawn maintenance crew broke his glass one....more info
  • Good product - Just The Right Size
    Easy to read. Easy to clean at the end of the season. I like the screw holes to be able to mount it if I want (I keep it in the ground). Good value. The blue color is not that vivid, and has faded to a softer color after one year....more info
  • Wonderfully simple
    It's inexpensive, no moving parts, easy to read. Just stick into the ground, and rainfall or sprinkler coverage is measured....more info
  • resolution not good enough
    If you want this gauge for its price, great, its not that bad, but it's diameter is too small and its not graduated to 1/100th of an inch to allow you to keep daily weather records, and its not approved for use by any precipitation network due to these shortcomings. I would recommend, the standard cocorahs gauge if your interested in keeping climate records....more info
  • Excellent!
    The best feature is it's simplicity and the ease of seeing the rain level. It's tapered design and plastic costruction should even allow it to survive a freezing spell if you forget to empty the witer before it gets cold at night.
    12/26/08 UPDATE: Well, it snowed, then rained and then got very cold (10 degrees). I had forgotten to empty it and it froze and broke! But it is still a great product and I just orederd another....more info
  • Bright and Easy to read
    Very sturdy and easy to read even in low light....more info
  • Disgusted
    I purchased this item and in between moved to a new address. I emailed this suppleir several times before it shipped my new address. It was sent to the old address and returned. Thanks for the prompt response. ...more info
  • Practical and inexpensive rain gauge
    This is a gift for Dad who loves to keep track of the weather. He mounted it on the fence outside the kitchen window. The number are large enough he can see it from inside the kitchen....more info
  • Works Great
    Large numbers make it easy to read. With the slot type hangers makes it easy to empty for checking the next rainfall....more info
  • great quality rain gauge
    I love this rain gauge for the price and the ez to set up! This is one accurite rain gauge. I have two of these guys one in the garden and one by our pond. Both get great coverage. both are accurate and great quality.
    and i love the simplicity....more info
  • Review of Chaney rain gauge
    Inaccurate measurement. This gauge registers twice the actual reading. I had 2 sitting almost side by side. Our old gauge reading was right because it was compared to our paper's (San Francisco Chronicle) weather report for SF Airport which is near us....more info
  • Plastic not Durable
    Easy to read even from inside the house. But I forgot to empty it, the water froze over night and the back cracked. Nice but not durable....more info
  • Excellent rain gauge
    Not much to say- my husband the weather nerd loves this rain gauge because it is easy to install and easy to use. It would be great for a family because kids can easily help keep track of the water for the garden. I don't know if I can thank the rain gauge or not, but my yard is looking greener and healthier these days......more info
  • Will purchase my 3rd...
    Well, since I will be purchasing my third, I guess I like it. I just really need to remember to empty it if it is going to drop below freezing. They keep cracking. Guess I should just put it away during the winter. I really like how simple this product is, though. Guess that's why I'm buying another one....more info
  • easy to read and easy to use at a good price
    this produce is just as it is described.. easy to read and easy to use at a reasonable price.. no need to get anything facier.....more info
  • How much did it rain last night ?
    Great guage, had some type previous to this one.

    It rained, it got cold, water freeze's and plastic can break.

    This is the replacement, good product, fair price.

    If the above situation happens again, I will rebuy it again.

    That's my testimony.......more info
  • Simple, Superb, Durable!
    Simple, superb, durable rain gauge. Very accurate measurement. Very easy to read from a distance (ie inside the house when it's raining!)....more info


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