Sanyo SC-WP110 RotoSweep Bagless Stick Vacuum with Electrostatic Dusting Cloth

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Product Description

6-Amp MotorUnique Rotating NozzleBuilt-In Electrostatic Cloth Holder*Simple Bare Floor/Carpet Twist SwitchBagless Cyclonic Dust CupRemovable and Washable Inner FilterOn/Off Switch on Handle GripSoft Non-Abrasive WheelsOn-Board Crevice Tool16-Ft Cord with Quick ReleaseWeighs Just 6 lbsIncludes 20 Electrostatic Dusting ClothsMetallic Burgundy Color* Fits most popular brands of electrostatic dusting cloths

  • 6-amp motor for plenty of sucking power
  • Unique rotating nozzle with a built in electrostatic cloth holder
  • Weighs just 6 for easy maneuvering around furniture and up stairs
  • 16-foot cord with quick release
  • Includes 20 dusting cloths
Customer Reviews:
  • Not recommended
    Below average performance, and it's quite awkward when I empty the dirt cup. While vacumming the cord keeper on the handle keep slipping off constantly. I wrote to the company and requested a replacement, they just simply ignored me and never hear from them at all. What a way to treat their customers?!!!!...more info
  • ?
    The filter gets easily clogged and the screws that hold the handle to the base will not stay tight. In fact, I have lost one of the screws and cannot use the vacuum....more info
  • Great for Pet Hair
    I bought this stick vacuum to help control the pet hair from 2 golden retrievers. I have all hardwood floors and so far it has worked great. I have noticed a significant reduction in dog hair and dust on my floors since using this product. ...more info
  • Mrs. Sembar
    This is a great product for hardwood floors! I haven't used the dust cloth yet, but it sucks up all the dog hair and dirt that she tracks in. It is also easy to empty, no bags to purchase. It would be nice if the cord was longer though....more info
  • I think it is a great buy
    I have my own small cleaning company.

    I am hard on my tools, .......period.

    I always stop between my clients and clean out my brooms, mops, vacuums etc.
    This vacuum doesnt get treated any diffrently.

    It gets emptied out , the filter gets cleaned out and the bottom wiped out after every visit I make.

    I say this because, I dont know how it would hold up to someone who DOESNT do that kind of cleaning on a regular basis, and if there are reoccuring issues with the filter, suction or anything else that is the result of not being cleaned out.. I dont know about them. And you wont find information or an opinion about it in my review. ( Just in case that is what you were looking for )

    I am not saying this is a bad cleaner. Quite the contrary.. I love it.

    It has stood up to my abuse for almost 3 months and NO issues.
    NOT a one.

    I have dropped it down the stairs. It has fallen out of my car. I have stepped on it.. you name it.

    And it has just kept right on going.

    I use it in my own home and I take it to my clients houses as well.
    This cleaner works well on old wooden stairs getting all the hair and gunk out from between the stairs.

    It works wonders on hard floors, wood floors, even does a fair job on low carpet.

    If I had to complain about anything.. ( after really thinking about it) , My only complaint would be how deep the grooves are in the filter.
    I really have to knock that sucker against something hard ( concrete ) to get all the dust bunnies out.
    But that isnt even an issue really.. just bothersome.

    It is fairly quiet, powerful, and REALLY light weight .
    I love it. Enough that, if it went out, even now after only 3 months, I would buy another one.

    I have yet to try the cloths on it though?
    I doubt I will.. That is what my mop is for.. ...more info
  • Good choice for tile floors
    Last spring we updated our kitchen and laundry room floors from vinyl to ceramic tile and after a few weeks of trying to keep the new floor clean with a broom (grout lines are a pain!) I bought this Sanyo Vacuum based in part on these Amazon reviews. I've found this product to do a very good job! It's light weight, easy to use and store. I can't speak for its longevity as I've used it only a couple dozen times (OK, so I'm not a clean freak!) but it certainly is performing as I expected. It does not work well on carpet, even the lowest of piles, but I didn't expect it to. My only complaint is that it's made in China. (Isn't everything nowdays?) ...more info
  • Okay for price - but could be better.
    My wife ordered this item from [...]. We have over a thousand square feet of hardwood floors - and cats. Have you ever tried to chase cat hair with a leaf blower? The first design flaw is the switch mechanism. Inside the handle is a long, plastic rod that moves forward when the switch is turned on. In the "ON" position, this long, thin rod presses against an S-shaped metal band mounted on the actual motor switch which is located 16 inches away inside the motor housing. After the first use, the switch stopped working. Considering the cost, attempting to repair was simpler than returning the unit. Once inside, I found that both the thin plastic rod and the "S" shaped metal band mounted on the motor switch had about 1mm horizontal play which allowed the rod to slide to the side of the metal band failing to engage the switch. After several switch failures, I bypassed the whole contorted conglomeration and directly wired a 6-amp rocker switch from Radio Shack and mounted it on the underside of the handle. The next problem was the strong exhaust blowing sideways out of the motor housing. This created a swirling storm of whatever kind of hair and fuzz balls I might might be chasing at the time. Vacuuming fast-flying objects out of mid-air is difficult. I redirected the exhaust off of the floor and aimed it directly up the handle by mounting half-cone shaped devices made from flexible Armstrong flooring and duct tape. Chasing cat hair around the floor is now a breeze. The dust bunnies are quickly trapped - and without a chase. Flipping the vacuum head and attaching a dust cloth is useless and a huge waste of time. Every dollar and discount store around sells the light aluminum dusting poles and cloths for pennies. Why push a corded, 7-pound machine around when the same job can be done with something weighing a few ounces and no cord? The final flaw is that the cord is too short. It is okay for a room of less than 144 square feet. On the plus side, the 6-Amp Sanyo motor is powerful - and it does a fantastic job when doing what a light-weight vacuum cleaner was meant to do in the first place. The clear collection bin allows the user to know when the unit needs to be emptied. Empting and cleaning has not been a problem. After remanufacture, a 90-pound weakling can now push this unit around all day - and stay cool in a constant breeze blowing up the handle. We've tried central vacs, Shop Vacs, riding vacs, hoses that would wrap around a football field and small hand vacs on our hardwood floors. This Sanyo is now our favorite. My wife can vacuum all day and still feel like cooking supper at night....more info
  • Good for any hard flooring...
    I am happy with the Sanyo Bagless Stick Vacuum and would recommend it to those with hard flooring. The positives of this vacuum is that it dusts and vacuums at the same time and it does a good job of it. It is lightweight and easy to manuever....I now have no qualms about pulling out the vacuum to clean the floors. The negatives are that it is somewhat cumbersome to attach the electrostatic cloth. The filter frequently gets clogged and it is not easy to clean. It really isn't useful on carpeting or area rugs (though I hadn't intended to use this vacuum on rugs)....more info
  • Dirty Filter
    The vacuum works very well but the filter clogs easily and is extremely difficult to clean....more info
  • small canister...
    It has a very small dust container, the max level is so low that
    it's might be the equivant of several cup sizes, it's is just pitifull!!...more info
  • Super Sweeper
    I wanted an electric sweeper primarily to suck up cat hair on hardwood and tile floors. I had previously used a Swiffer sweeper which was almost useless on cat hair, and a rechargable electric sweeper, which was handy getting in tight places, but the charge didn't last long enough to do all my floors and the suction power was so-so.

    The Sanyo Stick Vacuum has awesome suction power for such a light-weight machine and far surpasses my rechargable sweeper in picking up cat hair and other very small particles. It can be used on carpet and also has a hand tool, however, I have not used these features. I am very satisfied with the Sanyo's performance for the job I needed it to do....more info
  • Vacuuming is no longer a chore!
    My house has 4 types of flooring: hardwood, Berber-type carpet, cork tiles, and ceramic tile. This little vacuum works wonders on all 4 floor types! It's very light, fairly quiet, and the cord is long enough that I can vacuum half of my house without having to change to another outlet. As for suction, it picks up everthing I've put in it's path - chunky bits of dirt, grass, leaves, litter, even cat food. For years I've had a fear of spiders, but now with my trusty Sanyo in hand the spiders fear me! :)

    I've read some reviews that say emptying the filter is messy, and that it has to be emptied often, but I haven't had any problems yet. In fact I can vacuum my entire 1500 sqft house 3 times before I have to empty the filter.

    Overall, I'd have to say this is a perfect vacuum for daily maintenance & quick pick-ups....more info
  • Good at picking up dust!
    I just moved into a house with a synthetic hardwood floor. It seemed impossible to get all the dust off the floor without moisture. I thought that a stick vacuum with a dusting cloth would do the trick. Sure enough, so far it has done a great job of dusting up all of the dust. I am very happy with this product. ...more info
  • Stick Vacuum
    Great tool! Just moved into house with lots of hardwood and ceramic tile and a couple of kittys. Light weight, easy to maneuver, no battery to charge, easy to clean. Also works well on my area rugs. Just what I was looking for to get away from the heavy vacuum....more info
  • Very Good unit for its type
    This is a very convenient, easy to use vacuum for quick clean-ups. Works very well on hardwood, lino, and tight carpet, but lacks the power to deal with anything but surface items on regular carpet. Compared to small Eureka I tried earlier it is much quieter and without a shrill whine. I've found the cord length adequate for rooms to 15 x 24. Recommend to anyone looking for this type of vacuum....more info
  • Pretty good little vacuum!
    So far so good. I have used my vacuum a few times and it is at least good enough to replace my old Hoover upright. For $50, that's a deal....more info
  • Great little vacuum.......!
    I purchased this item (...) and I am very happy. This is a cute vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet. I like the fact that I can use my Swiffer Cloths and vacuum at the same time too. It has a very nice color and I don't mind leaving it out when I have company....more info