Interplak NT7CS Triple Action Power Plaque Remover

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Product Description

Cordless Triple Action Plaque Remover / 8 tuff Brushhead / Covered storage in charge base / Holds 2 heads /

  • Compact 8-Tuft Brush head Fits Every Mouth
  • Helps Prevent Cavities and Gum Disease
  • Triple Action Engineering Cleans, Polishes and Massages Teeth and Gums
  • Soft, Ribbed, Nonslip Comfort Grip Handle
  • Covered Storage in Charge Base to Hold 2 Brush Heads

Customer Reviews:

  • I almost didn't buy this...
    I was looking for an effective electric tooth brush last year, and so I went right by this one, since it was stated to be for plaque control. I bought an Oral-B electric toothbrush and was very disappointed with its effectiveness in cleaning off food I could feel was sticking to my teeth after a meal. It also didn't seem to be reaching down past the gum line very well. Happily, I reconsidered the Interplak Plaque remover. It manages the above very well. One charge lasts at least a couple of weeks. It is very quiet and it is also fits very well into the hand. Control is excellent, as it has grip surfaces on the handle. ...more info
  • Good Product, Bad Manufacturing Quality
    I have used the Interplak/Waterpik electric tooth brush for many years. It does an excellent job of teeth cleaning, better than any of the others. However, their quality control in the manufacturing process leave something to be desired. My first Waterpik (now Interplak) lasted several years, though I had to send it back for repair twice. When it finally croaked, my wife and I purchased two of these a couple of years ago. Within 6 months both failed to hold a charge. Interplak replaced them, free (except for postage in returning the failed units). The new unit for my wife lasted just over a year and then failed to charge at all. She bought a new one. In spite of the endurance problem, it is still the best and cheapest on the market....more info
  • Really poor device.
    I've only reviewed one product here in the past, but I had to comment on this one. I used to own one of these a long time ago and it was a very good unit. This one has really LOW power and speed using any common toothpaste I found. The battery charge retention is way below that of competing units. The concept of the rotating tufts is excellent, but the execution is bad. I ended up replacing it after two weeks with an Oral-B Professional. Much better....more info
  • Best Model Yet
    I bought my first Interplak toothbrush in 1990, as recommended by my orthodontist, to help me clean around my newly installed braces. Worked great. I have used an Interplak toothbrush daily since then (~18 years).

    When the battery eventually died in my first Interplak toothbrush, a new model had been developed, the model 12207, which I bought for my second Interplak toothbrush. It's battery finally died recently. And now several newer models have been developed. I chose the model NT7CS as my third Interplak toothbrush. So far, I am very happy with it (I've had it for a couple of months).

    The model 12207 had two head sizes: one seemed a bit large, the other too small. The new head for model NT7CS seems just right. The model 12207 lasted significantly longer than my first toothbrush. It remains to be seen how long my model NT7CS will last.

    I recall in 1990 using Interplak-brand toothpaste with the toothbrush, but only for awhile, until the first tube ran out. If you are a first-time user, you will probably want to use toothpaste also. But the Interplak toothbrush does an awesome job without toothpaste. As I've moved around, each dentist I've gone to has commented that there is practically nothing to do at my teeth-cleaning appointments, and that my gums are very healthy. (Perhaps the hydrogen peroxide rinsing I do is partly the reason.)

    Anyway, be aware that if you use toothpaste, your toothbrush will have to work harder, and your toothbrush's battery will drain more quickly. So you'll have to charge your toothbrush more frequently, and the battery will die sooner. You can keep the head "fresh" by pouring mouthwash over it from time to time when you finish brushing. Also, remember not to keep it on the charger continuously. Charge it up, and then use it over the course of several days until it runs out of power, and then give it a full charge again....more info
  • Interplak
    It seems to be a great electric toothbrush. I gave it as a gift, it came just in time for Christmas, and I was told it works nicely. It arrived when specified and was well packed in the box. ...more info
  • Best Toothbrush on the market!
    My dentist recommended an earlier model of this toothbrush to me about 8 years ago and I bought it and it was AMAZING! Each set of bristles rotates independently and it really cleans in between teeth. It did such a thorough job that my dentist thought that I started flossing (even though I hadn't).

    Anyway, 3 years later the toothbrush stopped working. The head got clogged and I didn't know where to get replacement heads for it (this is before I knew about Amazon). Anyway, I decided that I loved electric toothbrushes and that I'd upgrade to the Philips Sonicare Elite Toothbrush... WHAT A MISTAKE! That brush is nothing more then a standard toothbrush that vibrates and pulses. It hurt my mouth and was unbearably tickling. It did do a good job of polishing the outside of my teeth, despite the discomfort, but left between the teeth for floss.

    That's when I started hunting around for this brush, and I'm SO glad I did. I couldn't find it locally at any department stores but Amazon had it and it is just as amazing as I remember it, AND IT COSTS LESS THEN 20 PERCENT OF THE SONICARE BRUSH!

    It's a great buy and I hope it remains on the market for years!...more info
  • A dentist's ToothBrush,
    I started using the Interplak when it first came out. As a dentist , I got a deal on it. I was having perio problems, so I needed all the help I could get. I went to my periodontist, had the problem fixed, once, one has periodontal problems the only way to stop the process is to have a Dentist take care of it. Then to keep from having it return one MUST keep their teeth clean , all the way to the periodontal attachment which is well below the gum line. The Interplak tooth brush helps to do that more effectively than any other brush, period. I have brushed my teeth for two minutes using another type brush , then finished up with an Interplak. I am always amazed at how much debris it gets from between my teeth If one gently pushes and backs off repeatedly it even goes below the gum line.
    By the way if your gums ever bleed during or after brushing with ANY toothbrush you need to see a Dentist NOW, not later.
    All of my family and friends use an Interplak, and No, I don't own stock in the company and I am retired so I'm not being lobbied by Interplak.
    ....more info
  • Best toothbrush ever!
    This is the best electric toothbrush available, except for the poor quality rechargeable batteries. The unique design allows for cleaning in even the smallest spaces and under the gumline, too. My hygenist is always amazed at how free my teeth are of plaque. I attribute it to this toothbrush which was recommended by a periodontist many years ago, and I've used it exclusively since. I really hate to give it 5 stars, because it is annoying to have to buy a new toothbrush every year when the battery gives out, but its superior cleaning ability cannot be denied....more info
  • Good Replacement
    I ordered this brush to take the place of another brand that was sent off for repair. It does the job very well. Sometimes the button is hard to push in for starting and stopping....more info
  • A Dentist's Opinion
    I have been using the Interplak tooth brush since they first came out. I use a slight bouncing action as I brush, this allows the bristles to actually get between the teeth and do a minor job of "flossing" . If I use any other brush, mechanical or regular, then use my "Interplak" I find more debris from between the teeth in the sink. Personally , I wouldn't use any other brush for cleaning my teeth and I insist that all of my loved one's do the same. They do so without resistance. By the way, use only a small dab of toothpaste if you must. Tooth paste is not actually necessary to get rid of plaque, it the mechanical action of a brush moving over the teeth that cleans the plaque causing bacteria to be removed. Proof of this to you should be that one does not use tooth paste while flossing...more info
  • Works very well, wears out too fast
    I have used these for years, but the quality of manufacture is deteriorating. My last one died after a year, which was a warrentee replacement for one that lasted a few months. It cleans teeth very well, however, so I'll keep getting them, I guess....more info
  • Tried and True Design
    This used to be the epitome of electric toothbrushes. It seems to me, the patent should have run out on this, which makes me wonder why other manufacturers aren't using this design. But then, I think most of the other brushes are just gimmicky, and they'll come out with another gimmick in a couple of years to keep "improving" their design. Using this, after using other toothbrushes, you can notice the difference. You can FEEL the penetration between your teeth. And as another reviewer said, you can see the difference in the sink. I notice much smaller particles coming out. The twisting tufts can get around and in everywhere, from every angle.

    What else surprises me is the price. The first one I bought years ago was around 80 bucks. I imagine 80 bucks would be considerably more, today. I'm glad these are still available. I started looking at the other, more expensive brushes and was prepared to buy one, when I thought I'd do a search for Interplak, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it available for THIS price.

    I've had several of these. One of the reasons I had several was because the C cells do, eventually give out. I did replace the cells one time, but found that, with all the gyrations this thing does, the parts in the handle eventually wear, so you might as well throw it out when the cells die, anyway (much easier at this price). I noticed, another reviewer had a good suggestion of charging the unit, only when necessary, to prevent the memory condition that plagues most rechargeable cells....more info
  • It's great
    An excellent toothbrush. Would recommend to anyone. Brush is small but does a great job....more info
  • Great toothbrush.
    These toothbrushes work well and do a great job. The only drawback is that they only last 18 to 24 months, but since they're not very expensive. you can just order a new one. We also travel with them everywhere. ...more info
  • Interplak Splatter-matic
    Shoots toothpaste and mouthwash all over the bathroom through openings located lower on the brush. Comes with a note that customers also bought a Conair Interplak Replacement Heads Bonus Pack that doesn't fit the brush....more info
  • Interplak, the best brushes I have ever used.
    I have been using Interplak brushes for many years and have been very happy with how well they clean my teeth. When I go on vacation and have to use a regular brush I can never get my teeth to feel as clean as when I use the interplak system. This is the most recent Interplak brush I have purchased and the least expensive. Using this brush I rarely have to floss but my dentist always tells me to keep up the good work, so I must be doing something right.

    I would recommend this product....more info
  • Best You'll Ever Buy !!
    I've been using the Interplak toothbrush for many many years, even back when Bausch & Lomb was the manufacturer. I always had bleeding gums every time I brushed my teeth before using the Interplak. Since using it my gums have not bled once. I would never consider buying any other brand....more info


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