WindChaser MDH-P Compact Dehumidifier

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Our Price: $69.99

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  • Uses Thermo-Electric Peltier Module instead of a compressor
  • 2 Liter translucent water tank
  • Removes 600mi per day
  • AC/DC adaptor included
  • Water full automatic shut off with LED indicator
Customer Reviews:
  • works for me!
    I am glad I purchased this dehumidifier. I use it in a full size basement and I can really tell the difference in the humidity. I have a clock/thermometer that measures dampness in the basement and the humidifier does make a difference! I don't have the nagging cough I use to have before I bought the dehumidifier. Buy it. It is worth it!!...more info
  • early delivery
    Goods arrived earlier than promised. easy handling, and easy on disposed of water. did a good job so far. the only con is that no way I can clean the windows...more info
  • Just what I needed
    This dehumidifyer is the perfect size to move from room to room and area to area. The "white noise" is great to sleep to. It is easy to empty the water....more info
  • Great little Dehumidifier
    On my second summer with this unit in the bedroom. I run it 12 hours a day and the RH stays below a comfortable 60%, it removes about 1 pint in that 12hrs. Works for me!!...more info
    This is a small dehumidifier that does the job in a small area like a bathroom. The size is compact and has a low running sound that is not unpleasant, so it could work in a bedroom as well, much like "white noise". I have it in a massage/treatment room and it is working out well in that location. AND, it is made in America. For this reason alone it is worth it! Also, it is pleasant to look at, for a machine. I expected exactly what I got by the listed description. Overall, it is very good. ...more info
  • Strange smell
    The product seems to work fine. However there is a warning notice attached to the power cable stating that the State of California has found that wire to contain chemicals known to cause reproductive defects and cancer. The notice advises customers to wash their hands after handling the power cord. I was really concerned when I read that... but later my concerns were made worse when I noticed that anytime I turned the product on a weird smell would spread out. The smell was the same from the wire known to cause cancer in California. I stopped using the product....more info
  • It simply doesn't dry out air...
    I receveid this today, and it so happened that I had a small bedroom that was at just under 80F and just over 80%RH (the numbers this unit is supposed to be good to remove 600ml per 24h). My thermometer and hygroometer were accurate.

    After running for 12h, total moisture removed was ~40ml, less than expected by teh specs (which should have been in the neighborhood of 300ml, possibly a bit higher due to RH).

    The noise level didn't bother me much, but the efficiency of roughly 1/8th of which is is specified as performing certianly did....more info
  • noisy and ineffective
    I bought this product to use in a small bedroom where I store guitars and other musical instruments. Even with continuous use, it made virtually no improvement in the room's humidity as measured by an hygrometer in the room. It did remove small amounts of water, but not enough to make any difference in the room's overall humidity level. Its fan is also quite noisy and makes enough vibration to be heard in downstairs rooms.

    This might be suitable for a very small enclosure, such as a closet or small bedroom, but that's all....more info
    Excelente Deshumidificador es muy silencioso y es facil hacer su mantenimiento al momento de reemplazar la bandeja que recolecta el agua extraida del aire. Lo recomiendo, ademas ya podemos respirar mejor sentimos la mejoria desde el primer dia que lo instalamos. Saludos..........Rafael Quero de Cabimas, Venezuela....more info
  • Worked well
    I liked this unit .I have only used it for 6 or 7 weeks.I use it in a 14x16 storage room.I was having a mold problem because of the humidity .It was able to keep the air dry enough that after I killed the mold I have not had further problems.It real is a good value ....more info
  • Terrible customer "service"
    This dehumidifier happily chugged along for two or three days drawing an impressive amount of moisture from my small bedroom, until the power supply burned out for no apparent reason--it was uncovered and the room wasn't too hot. I thought, fine, Windchaser appears to offer replacement power supplies so I won't be out $60. So I emailed them about my problem, and I got nothing but a referral to the retailer who wants me to pay for return shipping, which is ridiculous. Why should I lose a dime on a defective product? Anyway, I had to ask why I couldn't just buy a replacement power supply, and they said they were out of stock on that kind for an unknown amount of time. Why offer these replacements if you're not going to make them available? It is so disappointing that I took this risk of buying a product that had only two reviews, but it was made to sound so wonderful, and now I regret it. I'm still waiting to see if the warranty on the product makes any difference. The way things have been going, I'm not holding my breath.

    Update: After finally calling instead of emailing Windchaser, who would not put me through to a supervisor, I was told to mail back the defective part for a replacement. I spent the money to ship this defective part PROTECTED BY A WARRANTY over a month ago and have yet to hear from Windchaser regarding the status of my claim. This is unacceptable! I have received better customer service from no-name Asian manufacturers....more info
  • Great Product
    I live in Florida and my closet was full of mildew, the WindChaser is the best thing I have found. My clothes are not wet and musty smelling. I wish I could afford a large one for the whole apartment. ...more info
  • Future Performance Unknown - Great So Far!
    When I made the decision to purchase this item in January '08, there was only one customer review from "collosse" . His five star, positive comments, sold me and I can now tell you that so far, the unit is working as described. It is pulling about 1/2 liter a day of water out of my RV and the fan has a nice, light white noise effect.
    I leave it on 24-7. Time will reveal long term performance but for now, it's a purchase I am glad I made. ...more info
  • wind chaser dehumidifier
    happy with amazon fast shipping, the dehumidifier works as advertised and is doing a great job for pennys a day,my old dehumidifier had a compressor and cost as much as running a refrigerator, the only noise the wind chaser makes is from a snall fan in the unit, I use it in a small wood shop to keep the humidity down on the wood and it keeps my cast iron equipment from surface rust, it removes 1-2 pints of water a day and is no problem to enpty, it keeps the shop at 40-50 % rel. humidity, great product!!!!!...more info