Omica Plus 2-Pak

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Product Description

Omica Plus is a remarkable first time ever proprietary Cell Food formulation synergistically created where all the ingredients support and compliment each other. When the elements are allowed to bio-react electrically with one another causing electron transfer, catalytic reactions, a super mineral complex is created that trans-mutates into a completely new supercharged product. Our proprietary formulation gives you the highest possible concentration of Fulvic acids, trace minerals & Amino Acids. Compared to Active Ionic, Omica Plus contains more fulvic acids and less Ionic minerals. The higher content of fulvic acids in the Omica Plus will further assist in all of the benefits of fulvic acids including chelation of toxins and heavy metals out of the body. Additional Ingredients: Grape seeds and grape skin, Lemon Balm Extract, Citrus Essential Oils (Certified Organic) & Stevia Extract

  • Replenish your bodys mineral needs
  • Detox from Heavy metals, Help Boost your energy
  • Renewed interest in sexual feelings, Growth of hair, nails and skin,
  • Noticed reduction in the effects of aging
  • Increased circulation, Immune System Superbooster
Customer Reviews:
  • Omica Plus has Zing
    Have been using Omica Plus for aout three years. It is a great product, adds a lot of zing to my stamina. If is miss a day of taking it, I can tell the difference in my energy level....more info