Toyotomi TAD-T32G Portable Air Conditioner (Dual Hose, 12000 BTU, 400 Sq. Ft. Max)

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Product Description

12000 BTU dual hose portable ac unit with built-in air purificiation and a remote control. 12 hour on/off timer. 3 fan speeds. Tankless / self-evaporation feature.

  • Energy efficient and powerful portable air conditioner, 12000 BTU, max room size 400 sq ft.
  • Dual hose for improved efficiency (one air hose for intake, one air hose for exhaust).
  • Includes window kit for easy venting.
  • Tankless - self-evaporation feature to remove collected condensate water.
Customer Reviews:
  • A great product that really works
    I had heard so many people mention the protable air units do not work, but this one lives up to what it says it does.
    The key is having the dual hoses to blow out the hot air.
    I love the hourly schedule mode you can put in as well as the fan feature.
    We have this in an upstairs bonus room that used to stay hot. It works great! I would highly recommend in bonus, garage and sunrooms! Great work on this unit.

    The only drawback is the noise factor, but for a portable unit, it's not that bad....more info
  • Almost but not quite
    I bought this model after exhaustive research. This dual hose system does indeed cool quite well but there are some caveats. You must wrap the exhaust hose in a thermal insulator or else the radiant heat from that hose will partially negate the cooling effect. You must also spend the extra money for a hose extension since 4 ft. is not long enough to locate the unit more than a couple of feet from the window. The biggest complaint I have about this unit is the noise and vibration. This thing is loud! I had to buy expensive sound and vibration absorbing padding to put on the floor underneath the unit or else the floors and walls vibrated so much that my wife could not sleep downstairs! I would suggest that you check out the Sharp models that have special quiet technology if this noise and vibration would be a problem for you. The manufacturer of this air conditioner touts the efficiency of the rotary compressor but fails to warn you against the fillings vibrating out of your mouth. And I ride a Harley! I know vibrations! I have to really crank up the iTunes in my office to drown out the sound of this thing. While I would never put this unit in a bedroom, my office is quite comfortable and I don't feel it was a total loss. If I ever buy another one though, you can be sure I will look for the "quiet" alternative, even at the expense of the cooling capability....more info