Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000

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Product Description

A 14 degree gable separates the two groups of keys, which is complemented by the curved key bed and 7-degree wrist rest for what looks to be a truly comfortable typing experience. Other notable features include a zoom slider, five programmable favorites keys for launching documents and applications, forward & backward keys located in the center of the keyboard, hotkeys, and the standard enhanced function keys.

  • Cutting-edge design and improved performance for maximium productivity
  • E-mail and Internet hot keys

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome keyboard
    The keyboard is very nice and the keys have just enough resistance to them when you press them down. All the extra features like favorites butttons are a nice addition. altogether its a nice keyboard, well built....more info
  • Love it
    I do not know what other people are complaining about as far as the space bar goes. But then again I am a heavy typist. I love this keyboard over any normal keyboard. As far as slowing down typing I have not noticed that but I do not type that fast as others. Then again after only a few hours typing on it I have noticed that the spacebar is a little stiff. But I'll live with it. ...more info
  • Best of the ergo keyboards
    This keyboard takes a little getting used to (and I mean VERY little) but after that, you can't believe how much better your wrists and shoulders will feel.

    I paired this with a Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 and I couldn't be happier....more info
    I 've had this keyboard since 2003 and to much disappointment, I dropped some coffee on it and some keys are not working on it so I have to buy another now. This keyboard is awesome. I've had it since 2003 and it still looks brand new. They keys still have the original numbers and letters and nothing has faded away. The only thing is that the zoom keys don't work for me but this is minor. I really love it and I am glad that they have it on here because I am going to get it again. ...more info
  • Excellent Keyboard
    I have had this keyboard for a little over a year and it is an excellent keyboard. I like the black with white lettering. I have had no problems with it over all.

    The only drawback is that within the last 3 or 4 months the silkscreen on the keys has been coming off so that 4 of my most widely used keys are completely blank now. I will probably have buy some stick on letters and numbers for the keyboard. If not for that problem, I would have given this keyboard 5 stars. ...more info
  • Good but much unneccessary and keys lose lettering
    I have used natural keyboards for a decade now and they have truly saved my wrists which were getting carpal tunnel syndrome. This black 4000 board is okay but it has a lot of unneeded keys - no big deal. What I hate is that I am wearing off the lettering from the A,S,D,C keys and others are starting to show wear. I never had that with the old white keyboards....more info
  • Excellent but...
    Having been a fan and long user of previous model Microsoft Natural Ergo keyboards, I was glad to see this upgrade and enhancement. It had been a couple of years since using them, so it took a short time to find my way back to experiencing the true advantage of the key placements. Functionally, I am very pleased with this new model. I don't really like the size, but one must put up with such things to get the features that I do like.
    On the down side, Microsoft is to be chided for their quality and cost-cutting on this very expensive keyboard. In my many years of professional and continuous keyboard usage, with very cheap to this top-end corded model, I have never experience the wiping out of the key lettering. This began to be noticed after only a couple of months usage. Now, not yet a year old, the "D" and "C" keys are almost complelely blank, and the "S" key is not far behind. Although a touch-typist, I am lost when I must hunt-and-peck for keys. This makes the missing labels most frustrating. ...more info
  • Not What I Expected
    I just learned that I have carpal tunnel and the doctor advised me to get a new keyboard. I bought the Ergo 400 simply because it was Ergo. and made by microsoft. I thought that the keyboard would be split in half and that would be that. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the board at its highest point is raised over two inches and that the keys are dramtically sloped downwards. It has taken me a day to get used to the new position that that the keyboard forces me to use. I have grown to enjoy the new way of typing and my wrists feel better. The keys are stiff at first but after some use they start to lose the stiffness. ...more info
  • Ergo keyboard
    Didn't care for the ergo design. I'm a two fingered typist na the ergo design is too big and the hump in the middle spreads the keys out too much and slows my type of typing down, pluss the hump in the middle causes you to need light on two sides of the keyboard light on only one side causes shadows on the opposite side, if your a visual typist like me you lose sight of half the keys in a dimly lit room. If your a touch typist and use all your fingers and don't look at the keys it's fine once you get used to the hump in the middle of the key board, but I can type faster with two or three fingers than I can with nine....more info
  • Great Keyboard for the price
    Works as said. I have no problems with it at all. After some careful research, I decided to purchase this keyboard. This keyboard is extremely comfortable, the keys are very 'soft' the wrist wrest comfortable and the position of all the keys quite natural. It shipped from Amazon quite quickly. It is easy to install with a drivers CD, and I thoroughly recommend it. One of the few keyboards on the market with Negative tilt. ...more info
  • Do NOT buy this keyboard!!!
    I've used earlier Microsoft ergonomic keyboards previously, and liked them very much. I wanted to update to a USB model, and so I bought the 4000 model without hesitation. Unfortunately, as other reviewers discovered, the space bar is difficult to press much so that it makes typing rather difficult, which is exactly what an ergonomic keyboard is supposed to help alleviate!! As such, this keyboard is all but unusable, unless you type with only your index fingers. If I could give it zero stars, I would.

    Did MS even *test* this product? It's a disgrace that they would release something that has such a glaring deficiency.....but then, it's Microsoft, so why be surprised. Too bad because the rest of the keyboard is really pretty good....more info
  • Best in the Class(Hightly Recommended)
    When I got this keyboard I was so disappointed because the raised stand below the keyboard was uncomfortable and space bar key was hard to press. When you press it from left or right, it made a loud crack sound and was very hard to press. You need to press it in the center of it to make the space bar act likes a normal key instead of cheap one. I was going to return it and exchange it with another one because I though it was defected product.
    But I read a online review that this was normal and couldn't not be fix. But since I don't want to go though with mailing back the huge keyboard box with boxed in 2' by 3' box(amazon shipped with a huge brown box). I decided to keep it for a few day.
    I decided to reattach the raise keyboard stand below just to try it out. And it turned out that if you place your hand properly on the raised stand, this is the most comfortable typing style I have ever try it before. you need to put both of your two elbows on the table and type as if you would play with crystal ball like a gypsies.
    That the first improvement I noticed it and I decided to try it for a few more day. I am computer science student and because of my condition I need to use ergonomic wrist glove to type. Every since I found out that how to type properly on the raised stand, I don't need to wear that glove. Now that loud sound from space bar disappeared and space bar act likes rest of the keys. And I don't need to press hard when I press from left or right, it must have grease it self and it sort out itself.
    That is so cool! Before I buy this keyboard I was having hard time choosing between this one and Logitech wave keyboard. I took this for the raise stand I am glad I made that decision.
    Only con thing I could thing of is this, Zoom button in the middle of the keyboard, only zoom in internet explorer. Since I use firefox it only scroll down the webpage instead of zooming. I realized I run out of customized short cut keys,too. I wish there are more of them.
    All in all, this is a solid keyboard , I got this for 30 dollars with free shipping. If anybody need a good keyboard, this is the one you should be looking for....more info
  • Type Fast? This is your answer!
    I have used this product for the past 4 years. Never had any problems with it. It has always come with a stand that inverts your hands to force you to sit up straight and have correct posture. I have always just taken that stand off and used as a normal keyboard. Since this 2nd purchase of this keyboard(first one lasted 4 years) I have left the stand on. It is awsome! A little different to get used to but once you do you will see a big difference in your wrists.

    ...more info
    I have tried at least 15 keyboards in the last four years. I still have five or six. This is the most comfortable keyboard I have ever used. It actually increases both the speed at which I can type and the time I can spend typing.

    I was already a fan of the "Natural Pro" type keyboard because of its comfortable position. This keyboard is even better because of the down slope of the keyboard. If you get your chair and the board at the right height relationship you will find that there is no fatigue even if you are typing long documents for hours. This is as good as I have ever used.

    My only criticism is that the space bar makes too loud a noise when you are typing. It is not loud enough to make me do anything but mention it. The feel of the keys is just right.

    Anyone want some keyboards only slightly used? ...more info
  • Awesome Keyboard
    This keyboard is awesome! I got used to using a split key keyboard and then mine broke so I looked all over trying to find an inexpensive replacement. This one definately fit the bill and I am very pleased with it. I like the soft handrest and all the extra helpful buttons on it. I definately recommend if you need a new split key....more info
  • Keyboard
    I like it except for the space bar sticks. It is a long bar and if you press it in the center it's okay, if you press to either side it sticks. I think it is a design flaw. Would not recommend....more info
  • Very good
    I like it fine although it took some getting used to. My right hand is very arthritic and it seems to make typing and hitting one key at a time much easier....more info
  • MS Natural KB 4K 5 Star Rating
    I have always liked these keyboards. They are comfortable to type on help to prevent hand and forearm fatigue. Now, if only they would make them in other colors! ;)...more info
  • Inconsistent Microsoft technology/workmanship
    I've owned three of these, and all have at least 2 keys that don't work without having to bang hard on them. I suppose this is just par for the course for a product with the Microsoft name on it; who knows what flaws lie beneath the slick packaging? (Yes, I realize these are probably made by some sub-contracted manufacturer).

    Needless to say, I'm done with this model. Im in the market for another split keyboard, so I'm either going back to the Elite or will try the Logitech....more info
  • Keys fail, cannot be pressed
    I really liked this keyboard for the first few months I used it. Then a while ago, F5 went out. A problem, because that is "go" in SciTe and "Execute" in JCreator, so now I have to navigate windows. Today, I hit print screen, and nothing happened. I tested the keys, and F1 through print screen do not work anymore. I don't know why, I have never spilled anything on the keyboard. But quite frankly, I need print screen, and really really really would like to have F5. F4 would be nice too.

    Other than that, I don't have problems w/ the space bar, like some people do. It was weird at first, but I'm used to it now. My typing speed is slower, but I type thoughtfully, so I only notice if I'm transcribing. It has helped my wrists, which used to hurt all the time, even when not at a computer. All the extra keys just sit there, I haven't trained myself to use them. I ultimately chose it for ergonomics, and it's insert/home/delete/end configuration, which was very important to me, because I use those keys constantly too.

    If it weren't for keys failing, I'd give this 4 to 4.5 stars, but I dropped $60 for this keyboard, and now it doesn't work. ...more info
    Recently I changed my PC and although my old keyboard (a MICROSOFT Multimedia) was still in perfect working condition, I decided to change the whole set up. I still had fond memories of my old MS NATURAL ELITE PRO keyboard I had used writing my Thesis, so I decided on the 4000 model which seemed to be its improved replacement. I have had the keyboard for about two months - here are my impressions:

    - The 4000 is not just another beautiful keyboard but a REALLY comfortable one too. Not only are the curves natural and well molded but the minimally padded leather-imitation wrist-rest offers a silky sense of luxury. The keyboard comes out of the box with a negative angle attachment, which can easily be removed - it is comfortable but personally I need to see what I am typing.

    - Compared to other Ergonomic keyboards, one has to note that unless the keys are physically separated into two groups any ergonomic effects will be minimal. So, if you are thinking of Logitech's Wave, it is a good idea to actually give both of them a try at a local store before making a choice. As I said, I am no professional typist (yes, more of a 2-fingers) yet I found that my typing is much faster and my typos more rare when using Natural keyboards.

    - I liked the idea of the BACK/FORWARD buttons at the wrist-rest. Although most mice now have this functions on their side buttons, it is still a big help when browsing (my mouse has a Magnifying Function where the FORWARD usually is).

    - Also, this is a really quiet keyboard. You get a satisfactory feeling when pushing a button but instead of an annoying "clack" sound only a muted "tap" is heard. Ideal if your wife is in the habit of taking naps in your home-office couch.

    - As an avid gamer favoring the right side of the keyboard (arrow keys instead of the WASD configuration) I enjoyed the ample room around the former.

    - Finally, I liked the placement of an extra set of EQUAL, PARENTHESIS and BACKSPACE at the top right corner (especially the parenthesis, I always hated finding the opening and closing one among the numbers)

    Now, THE BAD:
    - For some reason the ENTER and RIGHT SHIFT keys are too small! I could do with regular sized "H" and "N" keys if it would mean not hunting the ENTER. And this is a large keyboard, I doubt it would make any difference if it was yet a bit longer for that.

    - The SPACE bar is, well, fickle. Sometimes it works even if hit at the side. Others it refuses to respond unless hit at the middle.

    - The key letters and symbols have a tendency to rub off(!). This is totally unacceptable for a premium priced product - especially one sporting MICROSOFT's brand name. I decided to wait for the problem to become more pronounced and have this one replaced.

    - The Media keys on top do not sit well in their homings and are not perfectly aligned. Especially the VOLUME UP in my keyboard seems to rest at an angle. Again, poor quality control for such an expensive and brand name product.

    All in all: a mixed bag of good features but with compromises and inferior quality control. I REALLY miss my old NATURAL ELITE PRO keyboard - if it came in black I would buy one again.
    ...more info
  • Quiet Keys
    The two major things I was looking for was ergonomics and quiet keys, which this product is successful with. I don't have any wrist problems yet, but why wait until you have it? The plush wrist wrest is definitely a plus feeling somewhat like soft leather.

    I finally have a keyboard with quiet keys! I was rather annoyed by the clakkity-clak sounds from my old Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard. I know logitech has a few models that are much less noisy; the keyboard that comes with the MX3200 set actually being a bit more silent.

    (why I gave 4/5 instead of 5/5):
    - Subtle variances in clakkity sounds (spacebar and backspace are, on a scale of 1-10 in noisiness, a 3.5; the rest are a 2; MX3200 is 1.5).
    - Useless Media keys above the F-keys imho. I prefer to use the mouse because it takes less movement. This wouldn't be a problem for those who like big obvious keys rather than clicking icons. For me, it's just adds more unnecessary bulk to the keyboard.
    - Zoom nob is useless, although I've read there's a way to change it to act as a scroller instead (after installing the driver). Since I don't need the media keys, it's not worth installing more drivers on my system.
    - Unnecessary Back/Forward keys. I think more mice now generally include the back/forward feature already (normally near the thumb) and it's much easier to use that instead of the one on the keyboard.

    I've had no problems pressing down on it like a few reviewers seem to have. The only way I'd have a problem is if I tried to press down on the very edges of the button (tip of my thumb being 1/8" or less from the sides; 1/4" away is still fine), which would be an odd way to type. It might need slightly more pressure to press down on overall, but it's not at all sticky.

    (solidifying 4/5, 3.5/5 if it were possible)
    For FPS games I don't see there being a problem (former Counter-Strike player, not CSS). For those who use shortcut keys often like in MMO's (massively multiplayer online) gamers my only real issue is the F-keys split up the way they are. I prefer if they were split into sections of four like traditional keyboard (eg. F1-4, F5-8, F9-12. It's easier to distinguish them without having to look down, particularly F6-F12. Also, due to the ergo curve, using your left hand on the right side of the curve can be a little awkward. If they're going to only split it into two, I think they need a better way to distinguish them through touch (like positioning or texture; definitely not by color).

    There are multiple 1mm gaps lining the keyboard that may be problematic to clean/vacuum when dust/gunk builds up over time. The buttons seem easy enough to pop out with a paperclip or nailclipper (except for the media keys and back/forward button)...more info
  • Excellent Keyboard
    I use this keyboard as a computer programmer everyday and it is excellent for anyone who loves split keyboards. The wrist rest is padding, but doesn't get too oily over time. My biggest gripe is the positioning of the left/right navigation keys in the bottom center. It's far too easy to accidentally hit one. This can be very annoying if you really didn't want to navigate back/forward in your web browser. Overall though, the keyboard is good enough that I bought one for home usage with my laptop....more info
  • spacebar issue
    love everything but the spacebar is kind of hard to press and takes decided effort .. kind of hard to press.. am i going to get arthritis or carpel tunnel from this?? i returned it once and this second one's the same.. not sure what to do.....more info
  • nice keyboard, however....
    this is a nice keyboard however the space bar is somewhat hard to press. i mean, sometimes i have to press it twice just to space. i'm not sure if it's just the keyboard that i have. also it makes quite a loud noise compare to all the other key. over i like it....more info
  • just a pleasure
    I love this keyboard. I have had quite a few keyboards over the years I have been computing, but this one is the best. Let me first say that in Jan + Feb 2006 I had carpal tunnel release surgery on both of my wrists. I had previously worked @ a job that required me to literally type 8 hrs a day. Every day. So my hands are pretty beat up and sensitive and tire easily. This keyboard is just a delight. It is very comfortable for me to use. The positioning of my hands is very good. And it is very light to the touch which helps also. My hands get fatigued very easily and this keyboard really allows me to once again get back on the computer without further tearing up my hands. I no longer work all day using a computer keyboard like I once did. Thankfully. But like most of us, I like to spend some time each day on my computer and this keyboard allows me to do that without pain or fatigue.

    I also like the nifty ways that you can set this keyboard up to customize it for the individual. Like the favorites button and the zoom button. All in all, a very nice keyboard that is very comfortable to use. And at what I consider to be an excellent price. ...more info
  • NOT Wireless
    I bought this keyboard for my girlfriend. The main reason was that I thought it was wireless. (She hates all those cables.)
    In the product features section for this keyboard, it mentions a "wireless design".

    Otherwise, it's an ok keyboard....more info
  • MS Ergonomic Keyboard
    This is an excellent product for people like me who suffer from arthritic hands. The keyboard is comfortable and very easy to get used to. Warning - it is has a bigger footprint than the average keyboard....more info
  • Enter button stopped working after 3 months
    I would not recommend this product to anyone. I type very softly but the "enter" button stopped working after only three months. Several other customers have had problems with other buttons stop working after as little as a week or two (see the Amazon discussion forum on this product). Also the space button is really hard to press. The return policy is very unclear and Microsoft charges you 35 $ only to ask one of their agents a question (keybord costing 39$!). Better buy a different keyboard. ...more info
  • Great Price, Excellent Keyboard
    I purchased this product for my wife who only likes ergo keyboards. She says she loves it. You really can't get a better deal. Microsoft has some great hardware. ...more info
  • Nice Keyboard
    I like the keyboard. It takes some getting used to, but I can tell a difference after I have typed for a long period. One thing about it is the reverse angle piece makes the keyboard to tall to fit in the drawer of my desk. I had to take it off to be able to close the drawer. I loke the Zoom control in the middle tof the keyboard. It is very handy and I use it more than I thought I would....more info
  • Natural Ergo Review
    This is an excellent keyboard for those individuals who require extra comfort for carpal tunnel syndrome. The capacity to "fly across" the keys with utmost ease is great! I love the style and have purchased 2 extra keyboards, one for my 2nd computer and one for backup. I am totally sold on this keyboard, and I would never consider purchasing any other keyboard. Being a medical transcriptionist, speed and flexibility is top in attaining my goal, which this keyboard has done for me....more info
  • An RSI Winner
    As an RSI sufferer, I have been trying different mice and keyboards to find the right one. This is the best I have found yet. The "secret sauce" compared to other split/ergonomic designs I have tried is the palm riser. This is a removable plastic piece that fits under the front edge of the keyboard and raises it so that the keyboard actually tilts away from you. It is very comfortable. This along with my new MS Natural Wireless Laser 6000 mouse has caused my RSI to disappear just after a few days of use. Highly recommended....more info
  • Very comfortable but very cheaply constructed
    This keyboard is great. A nice feel, comfortable layout, I suppose I must admit I'd prefer better keys as I like a quality laptop type keyset than traditional desktop keys. The buttons are a little "gummy" but I can look that all aside as it's not too much an issue than a minor annoyance and this is the only half way descent ergonomic keyboard that is reasonably priced.

    The main flaw is in its construction. Herein lies its downfall. I've never used something more poorly constructed. It will die if you spill ANYTHING on it. For 50-80$ I'd expect a keyboard to have some sort of resistance to spills. Now, I wouldn't expect to submerge it or poor a keg onto it, but I've had cheap 10$ keyboards survive far worse catastrophes than this one and continued working as though nothing happened.

    From someone that "suffers" from carpal tunnel syndrome I cannot use any other keyboard without my wrists screaming in agony. So, I am stuck with this keyboard or buying something that costs hundreds of dollars. Granted I do like this keyboard, but I am counting the days until the next time an accident occurs and have to replace it... again....more info
  • Perfect
    I first started using the Microsoft Natural keyboards in the 90's when they first came out. After over ten years I finally had to replace those and ended up replacing them with the 4000's. I thought it was impossible to improve on the original but Microsoft has. I can sustain over 100 wpm on these keyboards and they are easy to type on for hours at a time. There is not a better keyboard in existence in my opinion. ...more info
  • Comfortable
    It took a little time getting accompanied with the split keyboard. But after that was over, I know type faster without having to stop every 15 min to rest my hands.

    The only problem that I can think of, is that the keyboard is rather loud when you type....more info
  • I love it
    I always like the natural Ergo design. My last keyboard had coffee spilled on it and several keys sadly died. We paid approx $70 for our previous. I was extremely excited when I saw this keyboard for only about $26 on Amazon. Shipping was also very fast and FREE. They keyboard has many features and I love it. The rests are pretty nice for your wrists too. I was a little baffled when I first put down the keyboard because of its height. There are obviously other settings for it but I left it as is and eventually I came to love this one. Its probably a good way to keep it since 1) I have a bad habit of taking my coffee to my desk 2)I have 4 children running around.

    ...more info
  • Excellent keyboard
    Although it took a little getting used to (about a day), the layout is very comfortable and natural. The relief provided to the wrists is noticeable right away. Highly recommended product!...more info
  • Comfortable and easy to use
    I bought this keyboard a few months ago to use at work, primarily to help reduce issues with carpal tunnel, and it has certainly helped. It took me a day or so to get used to the new layout, but after 3 days I was fully up to speed.

    I have not had the problems with the spacebar that other reviewers mentioned, however I do sometimes have to go back and insert an "n" - I guess I don't hit that key quite hard enough for it to take all of the time.

    My main issue is that some of the letters are wearing off already. It doesn't bother me specifically, because I do touchtype, but I know it could be problematic for other people, and I'm surprised that they're wearing off so quickly - it took *years* for the same wear to show on previous keyboards. (Keys affected are E, S, D and C.) I do a lot of copy-paste via keyboard comands, so that might be partly to blame, but it's still not ideal for a keyboard.

    That said, after 4 months of use it is still comfortable, curves naturally, and does not require too much pressure to get accurate typing (with the occasional exception of the "n", as mentioned before). Overall I am happy with this keyboard and, if I had a desktop at home, would buy another one of these to use at home....more info
  • Nice design, horrible spacebar
    The space bar is terrible. Sticks horribly and shows shoddy design in that respect. The other keys feel muddy if you will, no real good feedback, and sticks a lot due to the angle your hands rest. I'll get used to it, but definitely not of the quality I had expected....more info
  • MS Natural Keyboard 4000
    This product is almost great. It's quiet and comfortable with the notable exception of the space bar. The spacebar hasn't been designed correctly and when pressed from the side deforms and restricts the spacebar from being being selected.

    I have added a weak spring to the right side under the spacebar and that has helped quite a bit, but come on Microsoft, can't you engineer a solution to this known issue?...more info
  • Comfortable Keyboard
    This is my third keyboard of this type. I use one at work and this is the second one I bought for use at home (I spilled coffee on the first and it died).

    If you like a split, ergonomic keyboard, this one is great. The only reason I don't give it five stars is that it does appear to be too susceptible to liquid damage and it is black. I touch-type but prefer to work in a dimly lit room. When I _do_ have to look at the keys, it is sometimes hard to see them....more info
  • Great device.
    Very comfortable, I'm still used to the traditional layout, so I'm still getting used to typing. I have to relearn where the keys are, but otherwise, I love it!...more info
  • Good keyboard with bad design elements
    I like Microsoft keyboards. I use them whenever I can. However, the Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 has some really annoying design defects. First, it comes with a useless Function Lock key that's right next to the F12 key. If you press it, all your function keys turn off until you look at the status light all the way at the bottom of the keyboard.

    Next, it has two flimsy feet on the bottom rear of the keyboard. After a few months of heavy use, they will break and you can either prop up your keyboard with a book or buy a new one.

    Finally, the keyboard isn't sealed, so if you accidentally spill something, you can kiss your keyboard goodbye.

    That being said, this is a very comfortable keyboard once you get used to it. I've used these keyboards for years and I really like the configuration of the keys. The feel of the keyboard is good (in my opinion). If Microsoft sealed the keyboard, removed the F Lock and made it more sturdier, they would have a near perfect keyboard. Though some integrated USB ports wouldn't be amiss....more info
  • great keyboard very minor flaws
    I used a wireless multimedia keyboard before I got this one and I got this one because wireless keyboard technology still isn't very reliable and because I wanted to see what a ergonomic keyboard felt like so this is my first one.


    ergonomic keyboard- very comfortable which is paramount to all the bells and whistles of keyboards.

    1. The space bar requires a bit more effort to press unless you press closer to its center but I doubt anything can be done about that as space bars in general encounter that problem however curved keyboards such as this one exacerbates the problem.

    2. lack of multimedia key's- the volume control is nice, and the most important feature to me, and it even has a play/pause button but it would be nicer if it also had a fast forward, rewind, and stop button as well- those two were on the multimedia keyboard. They're extremely useful if you use itunes and come across a song you dislike and wish to skip over it without leaving your current window

    3. zoom button- doesn't work, probably vista x64 fault

    I would personally give this a 4.75 because its pros (ergonomics) definitely outweigh its cons but the cons are still there......more info
  • Very good, but not perfect
    At my previous job, I asked for a natural keyboard since I was starting to have wrist pain (a decade of gaming and computer-based jobs will do that). I ended up going with this one since it had the padded wrist rest and had the option of raising the front end, which I thought would be novel.

    After using it for a few days, I wouldn't have traded it for any keyboard in the world (not even the IBM clackers in the supply closet). The keys were responsive, the calculator key worked without installing additional drivers, and (most importantly) my wrist pain had faded away. I was totally hooked and have not purchased a non-ergonomic keyboard since.

    I switched jobs last year and had to leave the 4000 behind since it was bought with company funds. I was supplied with the basic Microsoft ergonomic keyboard that has sold for $10 for years now. I just went with it since I'm a pragmatist at heart; it got the characters on the screen and my wrists didn't hurt. But after seeing the 4000 on a deal site for ~$30, I decided to regain the joy I had previously experienced.

    When it arrived, I decided to give it a little trial at home. After half an hour or so, it seemed that the H, Y, and M keys did not register under normal pressure. I decided to take it to work anyway since I assumed my changed typing form was to blame. After using it for an entire work day, I was on the phone with the vendor (Amazon seller) telling them they needed to send me a replacement. We cross-shipped, and I got one with 100%-working keys. Finally, back to bliss, I thought.

    After a week of using it at work, my wrist pain came back. I couldn't figure it out since I had used the same model keyboard in the same position (roughly) for a few years without problems at my last job. I initially looked at my mouse, but changing its position didn't help. Changed the height on my chair, how I sat, and other variables. As a last resort, I took the elevating attachment off the front. Within three days, the wrist pain was gone again.

    Based on using an older unit for a few years and using one bought just months ago, I think the quality level has suffered. A friend also ordered one from the Amazon seller when I did, and he also had to return his first due to defective behavior. The key action seems a lot muddier than I remembered and is definitely slower/softer than the $10 beige wonder I'm typing on now. The space button squeaked rather loudly after using it for a few days, but a can of silicone took care of that.

    This has found a place in my secondary office location. Nostalgia might cloud my judgment a little when comparing to my old unit, but for purely typing purposes right now, I prefer the basic ergonomic Microsoft offering to the 4000. If the additional function buttons and scroller appeal to you, you would probably be better off with the 4000.

    You might look at other dates of other reviews; I would have given that older unit five stars plus, but the newer one gets three stars for the initial product and four after I removed the elevating attachment and took care of the squeaking.

    Pros: ergonomic, several customizable function buttons, scroller in the middle, better home key layout, looks cool.

    Cons: keys aren't as responsive as others, raised front might cause wrist problems for some....more info
  • phlllaaattt!
    The rodent died rather quickly. Too bad, it was the better part of the set. The keyboard is only ok, and the USB antenna does not fit the USB ports in my new computer.

    Oh, yes, you need to like typing with the top of the keyboard much lower than the edge nearest you... not to my liking. Oh, well, now I'm off in search of another....more info
  • Best wired keyboard yet
    I've had one at home and one at work for about two years. I tried wireless ergonomic keyboards but they were not as comfortable for some reason. I wish it had a USB port for my wireless mouse adapter, though. ...more info
  • Unusable
    My wrists hurt (I'm a programmer and spend at least 8 hours a day at the computer) so after reading a lot of positive reviews, I gave this keyboard a try. I returned it after 1 week for the following reasons:

    1. The spacebar is huge and clunky - it makes typing loud, slow and difficult and completely offsets any ergonomic benefits.
    2. The keys are mushy and feel cheap.
    3. The keyboard is very ugly and it takes up way too much desk space.

    The spacebar was the deal breaker for me. If Microsoft had split the spacebar or found a way to make it less clunky and horrible, I probably would have kept the keyboard....more info
  • excellent keyboard
    This keyboard is my first split keyboard and I and very happy with the elevation and the action of the keys. I highly recommend this for folks that spend lots of time with fingers on keyboard....more info
  • Just as expected...
    I'm not one for replacing my keyboard until absolutely necessary, so the keyboard this replaced was at least 8 years old ... while the appearance of the keyboard is different, the overall shape and size are just as I expected in ordering a Microsoft Ergo Keyboard, which is what I wanted. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I ordered this keyboard to use at work and loved it. I've had it for about 6 months and no longer have any wrist or shoulder pain. Because I thought it was so great, I bought one for home. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Love it!
    I love this keyboard. The price is awesome & I am so happy NOT to have shoulder tension anymore. I highly recommend this product
    ...more info
  • Amazon, why you send me an open box , but you said it's a new one?
    Amazon, why you send me an open box , but you said it's a new one?...more info
  • Relief at last!
    I am thrilled with this keyboard. The zoom feature is amazing, especially for those who wear trifocals as I do. The 5 favorites assigned keys keep my hands on the keyboard for 5 common functions I use constantly, instead of having to go to the mouse all day. I am a medical transcriptionist and our programs are designed by people who believe the mouse is your best friend; probably 25% of my time is spent with my fingers off QWERTY, which is highly inefficient. The favorites function helps me keep my right hand (mouse hand) on the keyboard and relieves my tendinitis. And the angled pitch of the keyboard is very comfortable.
    Set-up was easy, and I'm looking forward to exploring the other options on this keyboard. Only problem I have found yet is that I need to press harder on the space bar, but I can adapt if it means less pain. Highly recommend this keyboard for anyone who has to type for a living. Next stop, ergonomic mouse....more info
  • I use it all day long
    I had an older version of the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard that I really liked. I type reports all day long, so when I needed another keyboard, I decided to go with Microsoft again. After a week, though, I had to take off the detachable lift on the front. That just didn't work out for me and my body. Now it is very similar to my old keyboard, and I really like it. ...more info
  • ergonomic keyboard
    I have used an ergonomic keyboard since they first came out. I am a medical secretary/transcriptionist and good posture is essential to comfort at work. The keyboard takes stress off of your neck and the area between your shoulder blades. By changing the angle of the keys on the keyboard it allows your shoulders to relax as well as your neck. You have to use it a few days to get used to the angle, which is a little frustrating at first, but once adjusted, you will never go back. I highly recommend this keyboard....more info
  • Ergonomic Keyboard
    First time user of this style of keyboard, easy to adapt to, works well and hopefully will be healthier to use....more info
  • Issues with keyboard
    Unless the quality of the contact points for the m and i keys is just abysmal, I have to stab both hard to get them to work, even with the keyboard new. :(

    Add to that the keyboard wasn't in a MICROSOFT box, but in an aftermarket one full of bubblewrap, and I think it might be refurbished. :p...more info
  • Good keyboard
    Good keyboard. Has some interesting keys that I have not had on previous keyboards like a "zoom" and "calculator" which is really handy.
    I do not use the front raiser attachment right now because it was ackward but I can see where it would really help your wrist just have to take time to get use to it.
    Not bad for the price. Nice and soft pad for your wrist to sit on....more info