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Hit the Spot - Pilates

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In Hit The Spot - Pilates Denise Austin America's favorite fitness expert has designed a series of workouts that let you target specific areas of your body all with a Pilates to trim shape and tone the areas of your body that need it most. Denise's program allows you to customize your routine by selecting the exercises you want in the order you want them to play. Choose from seen different workouts: core abs and waistline power abs hips thighs and buns plus a bonus segment.The Abs and Waist Line gives you a choice of three 10-minute workouts each more intense than the other. All three segments concentrate on the technique that will help you define your abs and trim your waist while improving your posture.The Lower Body: Hips Thighs and Buttocks includes one 10-minute hips workout one 10-minute thigh workout and one 10-minute buttocks workout. These workouts will allow you to continue to strengthen your core muscles while slimming and firming the bottom half.System Requirements: Running Time 81 MinFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS Rating: NR UPC: 012236181422 Manufacturer No: 18142

Customer Reviews:

  • Denise and Pilates
    Denise is a "pilates queen". I teach pilates and always recommend students/clients to use her videos. This is added to the list. I like the new moves and standing segment. Being able to create your own workout on this video is very inovated and a cool tool! If you need a quick ab workout just select it...wow! This and Pilates for every body are probably 2 of the best videos out there....more info
  • Great Pilates DVD!!!
    This is another programmable dvd which is really useful for those who are short for time. You can also pre-program the workouts depending on your needs as well as your level. This is the first pilates dvd I have and I find Denise's instruction very useful. In one section, she doesn't do the workouts but only instructs one lady who's doing it, while in another section, she's all by herself doing the work. She also gives pointers on things to do and to avoid. Personally, I do all the 3 ab workouts since this is my problem area, while doing away the lower body workouts if I don't have time. During weekends and I wake up early, I do the whole workout, including the 15-minute pilates challenge. The challenge is a standing all-body workout which is really great! The background is a plus, it's nice and relaxing! Indeed, an excellent addition to your workout dvds!...more info
  • Excellent Pilates workout
    I've always loved Denise's workouts. This one is tops!! I love that I can customize my workout. What a feature!! And if I'm crunched for time I can just do one or two segments. I have recommended this video to others especially those interested in Pilates. Why take an overpriced class when you can do it at home with Denise? I'm showing great results in just a few times of using this video along with my cardio and strength training. Excellent workout!!!! Highly recommended!!!!...more info
  • perfect for me!
    I love that I can choose the workout right for me. They are quick and make you feel great. I have many workout DVD's, but this one is the best by far....more info
  • Too fast
    I have always like Denise Austin, however; this was tape was way too fast for a beginner. I thought it was for beginner and on up. Denise went way to fast and she did not explain the poses at all. I will not be using this tape. I was disappointed because normally I love her videotapes and her. ...more info
  • Love this DVD
    I like Denise Austin's workouts and this Pilates DVD is great. I didn't think I would like Pilates from other DVD's I have seen but I enjoy working out to this one. It works the areas that need it. The best part is that I can set up the workouts in the order that I want....more info
  • Excellent Workout
    My favorite sectoins is the buns. It is very challenging but you stay interested. Like others I like the idea of being able to mix and mix the different 10-minute segments based off of what I want to do for the day. Beginners do not get discouraged, she may move a little fast if this is your first itme doing it but just start off by moving at your own pace and guaranteed after doing it a few times you will pick up on the moves....more info
  • Beautiful set, pleasant workout, practical segments
    This is one of the most-well produced and visually stunning exercise videos I have ever seen. A lot of money and effort obviously went into the making of this video. The production is stellar. I love the caribbean theme and music, the various colorful and beautifully detailed, decorative tropical sets. A couple of routines show Denise exercising by a pool with an ocean backdrop that looks very realistic - you even see a ship far off in the distance in one of them. So with just all of those elements alone, you certainly won't get bored!

    As for the workout itself, this video is very practical as it is divided into seven targeted segments - three for the abs and waistline that get progressively harder, one each for the hips, thighs and buttocks, and a final standing pilates challenge that is very ballet-inspired. I usually combine one of the ab and lower-body part segments, as a 20-minute stretch and tone routine after my aerobic workouts on cardio days.

    I only have one major qualm with this video. I bought it because I wanted a workout that only targeted my abs, buttocks and thighs, but would differ from my usual total-body weight-training workouts, and that I could alternate it with. The problem is that I have naturally weak arms and I have to rest them as much as possible every other day, so that they completely heal and regain all of their strength again to exercise them with my weighted workouts. However, several of the exercises in this video actively engage the arms (like the Pilates side stands) to support the body when peforming exercises that are suppose to target the abs and lower body parts - and quite frankly, I feel much more challenged in my arms during these workouts than anywhere else - obviously not my goal. So I'm forced to omit these particular exercises altogether as they cause outright pain in my arms if I've used weights the day before, which is quite frustrating. The core and lower body exercise are moderately effective, but as usual with Pilates, there are a low number of repetitions as the exercises flow from one transition to another (and as these are 10-minute segments, Denise does seem to cram a lot of exercises into a short period of time.) So I'm unable to substitute my strength training days with something like this, as it would not be enduring or challenging enough on its own.

    Other than that, this is a wonderful video and I highly enjoy many of the exercises. I find that Pilates is best for overall stretching, some toning, and gaining more active flexibility. Overall, I definitely recommend this, especially to anyone who already enjoys doing Pilates.

    Here's another added bonus. After the video takes you through the introduction and to the main menu, there is the repeated sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore and distant seagulls. It's a fairly long loop. The sound is so relaxing and transportive that I've often turned off the TV screen at night and left it playing at low volume through the stereo speakers and drifted off to sleep to it. So you not only get a nice workout with gorgeous scenery, but a great little soundtrack with it too!

    Rating: Good...more info
  • Denise Austin "Hit the Spot" - Pilates
    I usually like her stuff, but I don't think for a beginner her pilates is the best choice. She does the moves too fast and doesn't really talk about your breathing or form. This is NOT for beginners....more info
  • Denise Austin's Pilates Hits the Spot
    As usual, Denise Austin has produced a great exercise routine.
    You can choose from 7 targeted workouts,
    using the Pilates method of core strength.
    Short enough to squeeze in to a tight schedule,
    but difficult enough to raise a sweat.
    I recommend any of her workouts.
    ...more info
  • Great to have
    After constantly borrowing this DVD from the local library, I finally found it at the low price at Amazon, and bought it right away. Great to have this one in my collection of exercise DVDs for its diversity and anti-tedium....more info
  • Great Way To Mix Up A Routine!
    As an avid runner and weight lifter, I always scoffed at friends who praised Pilates so endlessly. 'Stretching' didn't seem like true exercise! I was wrong! While, I still believe STRONGLY that cardio is totally necessary for ones body, I found that this dvd offered a relaxing, yet challenging workout, that I look forward to doing 3 times a week. I have been running 6 days a week and lifting weights 3 days a week for years. Wanting and needing some kind of change, I took the advice of my personal trainer and began Pilates. --specifically "Hit the Spot Pilates". Now, I run and weight lift 3 days a week and do Pilates 3 days a week. My body looks great and more importantly, I feel fantastic! It's a work out that I look forward to doing!

    Having never done them before, I was fairly sloppy the first couple of times, trying to figure out the positions as she was demonstrating them. --she does move fairly quickly without much instruction. A few times of participating and I could transition easily though....more info
  • Denise does good again!
    This DVD is great in that it has lots of exercises tailored to
    different body areas. I have found it cumbersome to work
    through because each set of exercises has a different segment to
    choose on the DVD, so you must stop periodically to click on a
    new segment.
    However, in fairness I have to say that they DO provide
    an option for creating your own program, which is probably
    the best way to do it.
    Denise does her usual excellent job of giving precise,
    simple-to-follow directions, and provides lots of variety
    here too. A beginner could probably negotiate through this but
    I would rate it as being better for an advanced beginner or
    intermediate. ...more info
  • Very easy exercises, great workout...
    I enjoy this dvd very much, easy exercises but they seem to be working very well =)...more info
  • Hit the Spot Pilates is fun!
    I don't like to exercise very much, but this video is nice because the workouts are fun movements and Denise doesn't count, which, for me, makes the workout go faster....more info
  • Hit the Spot Pilates
    I loved this DVD. The workouts went fast. I really felt the results....more info
  • pilates dvd
    too much ads and not enough to the point needed to spend 10 minutes to reach a working level...more info
  • Denise Austin's Pilates
    This is a great work out. It definitely hits the spots that need work and the best part is there is no extra equipment required. ...more info
  • Great use of DVD technology!
    Many workout DVDs have short segments that you can do as an "add on" to another workout, or string together for a longer workout. But few are programmable like "Hit the Spot Pilates", allowing you to program which workouts you want to do before you start. This DVD is so versatile, I pack it on holidays!

    The exercises are fun but challenging - I started seeing results very quickly. I also appreciate that Denise has added her own twist to many of the exercises; doing conventional Pilates routines can quickly get boring.

    Some people find Denise irritating and overly perky but (in this DVD at least) I found her to be cheerful and encouraging. I like the way she says "Come on - you can do it!" during the more difficult moves....more info
  • you can feel this one work!
    Good exercises in this dvd, they are easy to follow and very effective. You will feel this workout the next day. I usually do a cardio workout and then follow it with one of the 7 segments. Good way to fit in toning....more info
  • Denise IS the Queen of Pilates
    While, I have had my doubts about Denise's cardio DVD's, her Pilates DVDs are undoubtedly the best around and this is no exception. I love the format of this DVD - 3 ten minute ab and core segments, 1 ten minute buns segment, 1 ten minute hips segment, 1 ten minute thighs segment, and one 15 minute full-body standing pilates segment. This format makes it easy to mix and match the segments depending on what is your toning focus for the day or you can do the whole DVD for a 75 minute head-to-toe pilates workout what will work muscles you never even knew you had!...more info
  • Needs work
    I like Denise Austin and have many of her videos and DVD's with regards to strength training, fat busting and cardio work but she needs to stay away from Yoga/Pilates. She goes too fast and misses the idea that this type of exercise program is a slow, easy, relaxing method that allows one to work out and yes break a sweat but isn't done in a rah,rah style that Denise Austin is known for. As I said I am a great fan of hers for that but she needs to leave the Pilates and Yoga items to someone else....more info
  • Hit the Spot - Pilates
    Denise Austin is a great teacher and explains all the moves thoroughly. She makes it easy to follow along, and has the DVD broken into highlighting different parts of the body. The DVD also has different levels, so if you're a beginner, you can start at an easy level and work your way up to the more difficult levels....more info
  • Went from my Favorite Workout DVD to My Only Workout DVD
    Joseph Pilates, a German-born nurse, developed the workout known simply as "Pilates" in the early 1900s. The principles of Pilates emphasize total body conditioning exercises that improve strength, endurance, flexibility, mental concentration, and posture. The traditional method combines both matwork and equipment exercises. This DVD focuses on matwork and adheres to proper Pilates principles. You should use a yoga mat and do the exercises in bare feet.

    This DVD offers a completely customizable workout; each section is ten minutes long. Sessions include "the core," abs and waistline, power abs, hips, thighs, and buns, plus a bonus segment called "power Pilates." Each session includes stretches for warming up and cooling down. All sections will strengthen your "core." These core muscles provide a central foundation for all other muscle groups and lie deep within the torso. Training the muscles of the core corrects postural imbalances that can lead to injuries such as lower back pain. The biggest benefit of core training is to develop fitness that is essential to both daily living and regular activities.

    Instead of performing many repetitions of each exercise, Denise Austin adheres to Pilates guidelines, using fewer, more precise movements, that require control and form. In addition, each session also adds isometric components, a form of resistance exercise in which one's muscles are used in opposition with other muscle groups to increase strength without using free weights. The exercises also emphasize proper posture, stability, and breathing. This dvd does not provide high-powered cardiovascular exercise, but you will sweat and you will feel yourself becoming more limber and strong.

    Denise Austin has a great, encouraging tone and an engaging manner. She helps keep you motivated but is not overly perky. She is in such amazing shape that it is hard to believe she is nearly fifty years old. She performs all the exercises in lovely, tranquil outdoor settings. The music is pleasant and enhances the workouts.

    I have seen very rapid results using this dvd. It is especially effective for toning women's common trouble spots. It has become my only workout tape because it doesn't bore me, it is highly effective, and--dare I say it--it's actually enjoyable! If you use this regularly along with a good diet you will soon develop long, lithe, and lean muscles.

    ...more info
  • Fast-Paced Pilates
    I am new to Denise Austin. This is the first video of hers I own, so I was initially put-off by her voice, but I got used to it quickly. (Plus, you can mute her voice, and keep the music if you choose.)

    I am also new to pilates except for another, much slower-paced Kathy Smith video (which has great pointers). So this is exactly what I wanted--a long workout (up to 60 minutes) that I can customize with a new set of exercises.

    Now I know that I have yet another video in my arsenal that will actually work my core continuously, while also targeting my legs. It's something I'll come back to again and again since I am definitely already seeing the results, not just in muscle, but in posture, too....more info
  • Motivating instructor 4* not 1
    I've been doing Denise Austin workouts since I was a teenager and had a video of her from the 80s which I played to death. Her exercises are fantastic & are helping me get into shape after having a baby (I'm now 30 so she still looks pretty good for her age!). Only problem with this DVD is it assumes you wont want to do all the segments. I wanted to work 30 mins on my stomach to flatten it post pregnancy + hips, thighs, bum & cardio challenge. Every time I do the workout I have to select all 7 segments as there's no option to PLAY ALL. I still like her style as she's very encouraging & challenges you to go further each time so you can watch it over again and not get irritated like with some other instructors. 'Loose an inch!' However, I would like a more advanced workout from her as after 3 months I'm finding it easy....more info
  • Great for Beginners
    This was my first pilates dvd. Easy to follow. Nice feature - you can watch with either Denise talking and music or just music. 4-5 small workouts for target areas and then one for all. Only wish workouts were a little longer especially the one for all. Great for beginners....more info
  • Sweat Baby Sweat
    This product works every part of your body and you will sweat, in a good way. You will also hurt a little but as they say, "no pain, no gain." I'm curious to see the results in about 2 months. I would recommend this video and the price is also right....more info
  • This is a good Pilates dvd
    I enjoy this dvd. Denise, who I own many workout tapes, is very good in this tape. The background is pretty and relaxing while you preform the workout. You can mix and match to makeup your workout. I would recommend this to all....more info
  • pretty good
    THe workout is divided into 10 minute body segments - core, abs, thighs etc and you can customize your workout with which 10 min sections you want to do. I think thats great depending on what part of my body i want to work on and how much time i have..
    Denise is really positive and is a great way to start the day.. or end it for that matter. Its a good workout and youre definately sweating after 20 MINS..
    Give it a go. I really enjoy it....more info
  • I'm sore!
    This was a great video. I've been sore for 2 days after 20 minutes of workout in the exact spots that the video claimed to be working on! Hurray! ...more info
  • This is my all time favorite!!!
    This is Denise Austins best video ever! It seems hard at first but now I can do it with no problem! ...more info
  • Love It!
    I have other Denise Austin DVDs and this is the best! I felt like I was in the gym on my living room floor! Great Workout!...more info
  • Typical Denise- chatty, but effective!
    I bought this not having any Pilates experience- while she does explain some of the basic Pilates moves, she adds her own twist to a lot of them. Some are really really hard, but that's the point, right? I recommend this disk for anybody with a knowledge of Pilates, a training in ballet, or an interest in smoothing and toning muscles....more info
  • awesome workout
    i love this workout. I can customize it and mix it with high paced workout. ...more info
  • innovative, great results!!!!
    i have been doing pilates for 2 years and this has been my motivation to continue. great hips thights and abs workout i have lost inches all around.excellent workout ...more info
  • Awesome ab workout! Actually works.
    I am 22 and tend to poke fun at exericse videos, but I would HIGHLY suggest this product to anyone who wants to flatten their stomach and get good abs. I saw results in a week, which I did not expect from a random exercise video. The "Power Abs" is pretty difficult and had me sweating, while the Abs & Waistline Segment was also challenging. They are 10 minute segments, and doing these 2 segments together several times a week whipped me back into bikini shape quickly. MUCH more effective than crunches. There are other segments for the lower body, but the abs section seemed the best to me. BUY THIS FOR THE AB WORKOUT! Seriously....more info
  • Enjoy, but it's hard!
    I enjoy this video work out. Sometimes wish there were more instructions to some of the more complex exercises. It does really make you work hard....more info
  • Not very challenging
    I was a bit disappointed with Hit the Spot Pilates. The ability to mix & match 3 levels is nice, although the first one doesn't present a challenge at all. I skip it now; levels 2 and 3 get progressively more difficult but are still not to the level that I was expecting (and I'm by no means an expert at pilates).
    The add-on features are a nice supplement but again, do not make me feel like I've gotten a good workout. ...more info
  • Hit the Spot - Pilates
    I've been doing Denise Austin's exercise tapes for years and I think this is one of her best. It's challenging, effective, and the setting is gorgeous! Looking at the beautiful scenery makes the work-out even more wonderful! Way to go, Denise!...more info
  • Not Challenging enough
    I have always been a big fan of Denise's and generally enjoy her workouts. This one however, felt like a waste of time for me. I am in pretty good shape, and it just didnt challenge me....more info
  • Great Pilates Workout
    I bought the Denise Austin, Hit the Spot Pilates without an opinion either way of what it would be like. I have several Pilates videos and was looking for something new. I was very impressed! Not only is the workout very good, but Denise is so encouraging that you want to continue the workout even when you don't "feel like it". We love it!...more info
  • Another Great Hit The Spot from Denise
    I have been a Denise fan for over 10 years now. I personally like her motivational, upbeat attitude, but most of all she does a great job of putting together short, incredibly effective routines which are great since most of us, myself included, want good results in the shortest amount of time possibe. This workouts on this DVD can be done one at a time or in any combination you program which is a great feature. There are 3 different 10 minute abdominal/core sequences that go from easiest to most difficult and allow you to progress as you become stronger. There are also 10 minute workouts for buns, hips and thighs. I bought this DVD to replace my old, worn out Hit The Spot Abs tape that I loved so much and helped me sculp six pack abs years ago. I've been out of shape for a while and getting back into fitness and this DVD is great. The workouts are short but incredibly effective. ...more info
  • 10 - 30 lbs
    For those of 'us' who want to loose a cool 10 - 30 lbs and have found the few pilates DVD's they already own beginning to be a little boring and stagnant, this is definitely a great workout to add to the repetoire! I speak whole heartedly when I ask you to disregard the critics who call this video out in a negative manner. For one, I have never had a workout that actually calls out to my 'hips' as its own segment...amazing! This workout will make you sore in every muscle fiber of your upper and lower body on a consistent basis even if you are strong and can handle yoga in a hot room! Spend the money, it is worth it!...more info
  • Great workout
    I have had this video for about a year. It is a great workout. It is pretty easy to mimic the moves, so I was suprised at how I can get a total body workout from something that seems so simple. I know I'm not nearly as flexible as Denise, but even with that I'm still able to complete the workout with no problems. I know that a lot of people don't care for Denise's upbeat attitude, but it works for me, keeping me motivated. I think this is a great intro to pilates....more info
    I never received this product and has not received any restitution for my
    ...more info
  • Talk about
    a great work out! This one targets the areas that I certainly have problems with. I recommend it to everyone....more info
  • Great at Home Pilates Workout
    I have always loved Denise Austin's energy. I discovered my passion for Pilates a year ago. My present gym in Arizona doesn't offer any classes so I ordered this DVD. It was truly the best decision I have made in a long time. Coupled with Denise's energy I am still as passionate about doing Pilates at home as I was at my previous gym in Oklahoma. Recommend for beginners and seasoned Pilates students....more info
  • Good workout
    Good intro to pilates plus a very good workout. Enjoy it very much....more info
  • Pretty Good
    The description of the DVD lead me to think there were more work out segments than there really are. For your core there are three segments, each harder than the next. The beginning level is nice because Denise really explains how to do the moves correctly which is helpful when the moves get harder. The thighs and buns segments are great, I felt it the next day. The first time I worked out to the DVD I thought some of her moves weren't that challenging but then my husband pointed out I was doing them incorrectly. When I did them the right way they were much harder. I really like that you can choose to listen to her explanation or just the music. After listening to her once or twice you'll probably get tired of her voice. She is encouraging though. All in all I like this DVD because it's not too easy that I get bored and it's not too hard that I get discouraged. I really like the 10 minute segments I can choose from and make my own workout program. ...more info
  • awesome DVD
    I love these workouts. There are a variety to choose from to build a complete workout on your own. The isometric holds are challenging, and even though there is not a particular segment for your arms, you will use your arms in every workout, I promise! This is definitely one of Denise's best DVDs. ...more info
  • Great workouts!
    I love Denise Austin's workout videos. Her instructions are precise and she is constantly encouraging us to do better. I am a stay at home mom and it wasn't easy for me to join a gym because of my baby. After my second baby I was gaining weight and would be tired all the time from thelslightest exertion. I could never imagine working out at home while watching an instructional video!But my husband had been working out using one of Denise's videos and he was thrilled with the results. That encouraged me to try out as well. And I can already feel the results myself!! And I also have my energy levels up. I do not agree that she talks too much. Her constant instructions are only to ensure we are doing our moves correctly. For instance asking us to keep our abdomens tight,or keeping our backs straight. In a nutshell, Denise Austin is the best personal trainer I could have ever asked for! Thanks Denise!...more info
  • Whoa, slow down!!
    I am a beginner at pilates, but even so, the first thing I learned was that getting the moves right is far more important than going fast through them. Either I can take my time and do it correctly, or I can be sloppy to keep up with Denise and possibly hurt myself. Also, many of the poses appear to be intermediate or advanced level, and I haven't gotten that far yet in my beginners Pilates. I don't feel comfortable taking instruction from Denise in how to do those, because I don't want to learn to do them wrong. Also, she does the hundred, the basic beginner move, differently than I learned, and I'm wondering how much she modifies the other poses.

    This may be a good video for intermediate/advanced people who are looking for something a little different. I will probably appreciate it more when I get to that level. Or maybe not. I'm wondering how much of the instruction is truly Pilates, and how much is just toning with a Pilates flavor.

    I really like Denise's instruction for my cardio exercises, and I think that her talents are better suited for faster paced workouts than for something that requires patience and precision. ...more info
  • Love the Custom Workout Option!
    I'm really enjoying the Hit the Spot Pilates-I love Denise Austin's style-she's so positive and encouraging. The customized workout option is awesome, really allowing you to mix up things so as not to get bored with the same order and selection of the 10 minute workouts. The only thing I was disappointed in is that there is little for the arms on this video. But that was my fault-I didn't notice that it was focusing on the lower body. All in all it's a great DVD and I look forward to doing it!...more info
  • great workout
    Love this workout, it offers many different options to mix up your workout! I don't get bored with it. I have been doing it 4 times a week for 3 weeks....more info
  • Good DVD
    Have to say - this is a good DVD. It is my second DVD that I have purchased on Pilates and this is by far a better work out thean the other one I have. The exercises are clear and quick moving. You can really feel the 'burn'! There is a good selection of different exercises and I have to say that, most importantly of all, I feel it is working. Denise Austin herself can be a touch painful to listen to over and over again but there are options where you can mute her! So, presumably she realises that she sounds painful herself! Overall, I would really recommend this DVD to anyone wishing to pursue Pilates at home on their own schedule. I wouldn't say that this is a DVD for absolute beginners since some of the exercises are quite tough and since it is fast moving it may be hard to really get the benefit if you are the whole time trying to work out which leg goes where. ...more info
  • A creative twist on the Pilates method if you can tolerate the instructor
    These are seven 10-minute workouts that target "trouble areas"- waist, abs, thighs, hips, etc. You can do them all or you can select as many as you'd like. Each workout includes many movements taken directly from the traditional Pilates exercises, as well as some yoga movements and others that are a combination of both, or where you target different muscles at the same time. While the workouts are short and varied, and provide a welcome twist to the routine that can set in on regular Pilates mat exercisers, I got annoyed by Denise's overly protective, motherly style which distracted me from fully focusing on each exercise.

    The workout includes 3 different sets which target the abdominal area, waist and laterals. Surprisingly no hundreds. (Hello, isn't that the most important Pilates exercise?). She includes the 'stomach series', boat pose, lots of T stands and variations of it, one legged downward dog pushing to one legged plank, side stretches, lots of side twists as well.

    There are then 3 segments of 10 minutes each, targeting the hips, buns and thighs respectively. She covers practically every exercise included in the side leg mat series (if you are familiar with Pilates), T stands again, lots of inner and outer thigh work, as well as a standing Pilates series and lunges. A nice burner overall.

    My complaints about this video:

    1. While Denise sure knows her stuff and displays good form, she did make me wonder, is this a Pilates video or did I just pay to hear Denise's nonstop blabbing while she does Pilates at breakneck speed? I don't need to be reminded that "this exercise works the waist". I think I can get an idea of which area these exercises target once I do them, or at least she doesn't need to mention it 10 times. Or she often tells you how this exercise is her favorite (they all are!), or "how challenging this exercise is!". Is she trying to motivate you? I don't know. It takes away your attention from the exercise.

    2. The workout is too fast with very few repetitions of each exercise. Yes, intermediate Pilates is faster, however, she could have added few exercises with more precision. She repeats some exercises in a couple of segments, which she could have avoided by adding more repetitions to each exercise.

    To summarize:
    If you are a beginner in Pilates:
    There are other quality videos you could try before venturing to this one. I would recommend getting a Stott Pilates video before progressing to this one, which offer superb instruction. Denise makes occasional remarks about form but she moves too quickly from one exercise to the next so you may be better off with a Stott Pilates beginner's video or one of the Gaiam beginner's ones, that way you can learn proper form and breathing and then progress to this one.

    If you have some Pilates experience:
    Again, this will be a fun twist to your mat routine. You could add one lb ankle weights to the hip and thigh sections to add challenge. I do need to mention that there is music only option. You can listen to Denise the first time to get familiar with the routine and then try it with music only.
    There are other great DVDs that present short sequences (10 to 15 min each) and with much more pleasant instructors. Check out 10 minute solution Rapid Results Pilates with Lara Hudson or The Method Target Specifics Plus. Both are greatly recommended. Karen Voight "Total Body Pilates" is an excellent routine as well....more info
  • Harder than I thought
    Maybe I'm just really out of shape, but the exercises aren't as easy as I thought they'd be. I'd tried her dance workout and found it too fast pace, I kept blowing past my target heartrate after a matter of minutes. So I thought pilates would be easier on me, but it's really not.

    Maybe that's just me. I haven't tried it since the first time, cause muscles I didn't know I had were sore for 3 days, but I plan on trying it again sometime. Eventually....more info
  • Great Pilates DVD
    I have done a few different pilates DVDs and wanted to try something new. I read the reviews on this before I bought it and decided to try it. I like Denise Austin and she doesn't bother me as much as she bothers other people. I enjoy that you can customize your workout. You can choose from 3 different ab workouts (each more intense), a hip, thigh, butt workout and then there is a pilates challenge which is neat. In the challenge, all the moves are the classic pilates moves but are done standing up a different way. I like that is so different than most pilates dvds. I highly recommend it but would warn that you should have some prior knowledge of the moves because she does go fast so if are just learning you may be overwhelmed....more info
  • Hit The Spot
    Denise Autin is my favorite exercise instuctor and her videos are easy to follow and very helpful. "Hit The Spot" covered everything that most of us women have problems with. I recommend this highly....more info
  • Good Pilates Video
    This is a good pilates video. She is very thorough in her instructions and I definitely felt some "good" muscle pain the next day....more info
  • Doesn't compare to Lara
    This is NOT my favorite pilates DVD, for sure. She doesn't focus on breathing, reps and holding, and goes WAY WAY too fast. Those are the main focus in pilates!!! I recommend and prefer Lara Hudson 10 minute videos, they blow this outta the water. ...more info
  • Keep coming back to it
    I bought this DVD several months ago. Sometimes I go through phases where I am not using it and I can tell because the spare tire likes to come back.
    I am not overly coordinated but I do have a lot of strength. I like this DVD because I can break it down into segments as I am doing housework, and then I can actually help my body. For me the routines are tough- I can still only do the beginner type stuff- but as you get used to it you start to see how you can do easier versions of things to help you get strong enough to get to the next level.
    At first her personality can be a little offputting, but when after 20 minutes of this DVD and I have sore muscles the next day, it's worth it to me.
    Another nice thing about this is I think that it offers a lot to a beginner.
    I'd recommend this and her hit the spot core dvd. That one has a different attitude of similar exercises....more info


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