Carpet Pro CPU-1 Heavy Duty Household Upright Vacuum Cleaner

List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $186.95

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Product Description

The Carpet Pro Heavy Duty Uprights are designed to offer impressive cleaning performance day after day. Durability is built right in with the metal handle, metal bottom plate and metal brushroll.

  • Metal Construction: ?Metal Handle, Metal Bottom Plate and Metal Brushroll
  • Filtration: Electrostatic Foam Filtration
  • Cleaning Width: 12 inches
  • Bag: Panasonic U-3/U-6 Genuine Bags
  • FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING, Warranty : 1 Year
Customer Reviews:
  • Everyone's right!
    I have to agree with everyone else -- it really is a great vacuum cleaner! We've had ours for about five years now. Keep in mind, my kids use it as much as I do, and they are NOT gentle with it at ALL. My two-year-old was just dragging it around, which reminded me I need to get some more bags for it. I've never had a problem finding bags -- not only do the Riccar and Panasonic bags work for it, so do the Simplicity 6000/5000 bags.
    I'm glad to hear the attachments have improved -- the hose falling out IS a problem. I may have to get a new hose just to make this vacuum cleaner perfect....more info
  • Smart choice in a vacuum - one of the best buys you will ever make!
    You will not get a better vacuum without paying around three times as much. I have used many high and low priced vacuums, and comparable models to this sell for as much as $600 or more. If you want the best bang for the buck and a vacuum cleaner that you will not be throwing away or replacing within months or years, this is the machine for you. This vacuum cleaner is far superior to anything you will find in any department, discount, or home improvement store. Stock up on vacuum cleaner bags, you will be needing them for a long time to come as this machine is built to last (and this cleaner sucks up a lot of dirt - enough to fill those bags up fast!!!). Bags that fit this cleaner can easily be found at vacuum and sewing repair shops, or online and are not expensive either (about the same as eureka, hoover). This is a rare case where you are getting pro quality without the premium price tag. Even if you are only THINKING about replacing your current vacuum, I would recommend this one. What a value! A final note, my opinion is that this machine is better suited to carpet and rugs than hard floors....more info
    I had almost forgoten about this vacuum cleaner until someone asked me what I thought was the best vacuum cleaner under $200. This machine is made by Tacony USA, who also makes Riccar and Simplicity vacuum cleaners. This model is made under the Carpet Pro name brand. The CP1 has metal in all the right places including the motor, the handle, the bottom plate, and importantly the roller brush.

    The thing that makes this vacuum so durable is the patended clean air bypass motor system. This means that everything that is vacuumed up goes directly into the vacuum bag first, instead of many other vacuums that the dirt goes through the fan and motor first, then goes to the vacuum bags. This makes the motor on this machine much more durable, as the all of the dirt is captured in the bag first, then clean air is passed through the motor. As long as you keep the filter underneath of the bag clean (it's washable) your motor will last you 15+ years with no problems.

    Most other vacuum cleaners now use a plastic roller brush. The plastic roller brush will actually melt if anything is vacuumed up that gets stuck in the brush like a sock under a bed, or tassles on an oriental rug. The plastic brushes use plastic bearings on both sides of the brush that will eventually melt to the brush.

    The Carpet Pro machine has a completely metal roller brush, and metal bearings. The brushes themselves are made of Teflon, and slide out of the brush roll, allowing you to replace just the brushes, instead of replacing the entire roller brush assembly complete. Since the brushes are made of Teflon, they really do a nice job of deep cleaning carpets, as well as eating pet hair for lunch!

    The really only downfalls to this machine is the fact there are no attachments on board the vacuum, and the color of the vacuum might even hurt your eyes! The earlier reviews mentioned that the attachment hose would fall out while using it, however they have improved the hose to fit more securely in the vacuum and not fall out. The deluxe set of attachments is nice because it comes with a 15 foot hose, which allows you to leave the vacuum at the bottom of your stairs and work all the way up without moving the vacuum cleaner.

    Most people have never heard of Carpet Pro, and become worried about being able to find bags for this machine. This is not a problem as the machine will either take Riccar 4000 bags (slightly harder to find) or you can use Panasonic upright bags which are widely available in your local grocery store, or home improvement stores.

    This machine is by far the best vacuum available for under $200. You can't find this type of quality at this price. The sister companies Riccar and Simplicity sell for $400-$700. ...more info
  • Professional Grade Vacuum
    I bought this vacuum from another web store. The man who sold it to me talked to me about it over the telephone. He said the outside was plastic but the motor is all metal construction. I purchased this about two years ago and paid $199 for it. I bought it to take to the beach for cleaning cottages during the summer. I have dragged this vac from house to house, up and down the stairs and all over different heights of carpet. The outside looks roughed up but the motor in this vac is a winner! I have sucked up everything from peanuts to paperclips and it just kept on going. As a matter of fact, no matter what was sucked into it, the belt never broke though after numerous uses, and I use that description lightly, I replaced the belt because it had stretched and slipped off, but never broke. I have never smelled a burning smell from it like the infamous Hoover brand, which I shall never buy another product they make. I do believe the stretching of the belt came from the fact that the bags can be filled so full they become very heavy (there's lots of sand at the beach), but the suction continues until you change the bag. The vac I have has also been banged into and around all kinds of furniture, and it never scratched any of it. The rubber bumper did dislodge but like I said, it cleaned many cottages in addition to being dragged in and out of my vehicle.

    The only drawback was that I purchased the attachment set for $99 and that was a total waste of money. The long hose and attachments were used for hard floors and in tight spaces. The long hose would not stay attached and lost suction in a short period of time. I ended up throwing away those attachments.

    All in all, I would purchase another one of these to tackle any type of carpet. And yes it is a heavy vac, hard to do the stairs with but is worth every dollar I invested in it....more info