Hagen Catit Drinking Fountain
Hagen Catit Drinking Fountain

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Product Description

The Catit Drinking Fountain responds to your pet's need for a continuous supply of water. Re-circulating water with greater exposure to oxygen provides fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water for pets with a multitude of health benefits.

  • 14''x10''x7''

Customer Reviews:

  • can be a pain, but my cats love it
    I've had the fountain for a few months now and my cats use it all the time. My cat used to attack the old water bowl and spill the water all over. He likes to dig in the water and after trying a few other types of bowls and dispensers, I said forget it. I bought this one because I live near a PetSmart and they supposedly carry the filters, unfortunately the one I live near stopped carrying the filters.

    Pros - My cat's love it, it's silent if you keep enough water in it, and my cats can't spill it. While they managed to knock the top off once, they were unable to break it (and my boys are very creative when it comes to destroying things)

    cons - you have to plug it in so it needs to be near an outlet (but the cord is an ok length), I have 2 cats so I have to replace the filters fairly regularly, and if you don't do regular cleanings it can become a big hassle to clean

    Things to keep in mind - clean regularly! Don't forget to rinse the filters (you don't want carbon dust in the water - the directions tell you to, this is just a reminder for those of us who hate directions). Buy a few packs of filters when you buy the thing so you don't have to worry about it. During shedding season my filter gets a lot of hair on it which hurts its effectiveness so rinsing the filter when you refill is a good idea.

    Troubleshooting - I thought my fountain was dead a month or so ago but what I realized was that hair had gotten past the filter (I needed to change the filter) and into the bottom of the pump. All you have to do is pull the pump off the bottom (it has little sucker feet) and clean the hair off of the bottom corner of it where the intake for the pump is. The hair had totally buried the intake and prevented it from pumping water through anymore. Cleared the hair and it works like new again. ...more info
  • Terrific product with totally reasonable maintenance requirements
    I bought this for my very finnicky cat and he has totally stopped drinking out of the tub and sink since then. I have had it for about 5 months and it operates perfectly. The motor is very quiet and the water flows beautifully over the dome. I actually forgot to change or even clean the filter until I just read the prior reviews, and I still have not had a problem. Refilling is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Also, I just rinse out the plastic parts and do nothing else. In the meantime, my cat is very happy and that makes me happy! Do not hesitate on this product, it is an innovative solution to making cats drink enough water to avoid urinary tract problems.

    Addendum: I have now had this for about 9 months and for the first time, realized I should clean the motor. Very easy and now the fountain is quiet and purrs like a kitten!...more info
  • Slurp... Meow!
    This thing is a great invention! Pretty good design. It'll take you about 5 minutes to clean once in a while, not nearly as nasty as a humidifier. No mold or anything, just a little slippery under the well. It requires little attention beyond that. A clean and fill lasts us about 4 or 5 days and we have 5 cats! We LOVE low maintenance and they love the fresh running water!...more info
  • Our cat only uses it occasionally
    Our cat is very old and has been having problems finding the surface of the water in his water dish. So if he's not careful, he ends up sticking his nose under water and sneezing. When he wants water, he pats at the water with his paw to find where the surface is. He gets very frustrated by this and meows in distress. He ends up drinking the water with his tongue going up against the surface on the inside of the bowl. That is why we bought this unit. Because he was using the inner surface of the water dish, the Catit seemed ideal.

    Right out of the box, our cat started to use the Catit as intended. We were pleased at first. Unfortunately, he's still trying to drink from his water dish and rarely uses the Catit. I don't know if that is because he's so old, or if the water flow on the Catit surface isn't enough for him....more info
  • Will be throwing it away today. =-(
    I'm sad to say that, after 3 months of ownership, this product will be going in the trash today. My cats LOVE this thing so it does break my heart that it has to go but it is just unsanitary. I've cleaned this thing thoroughly more than the instructions say are necessary. There's just no way to get in all of the little crevises it has. I've tried soaking it in vinegar and water but to no avail. It still smells like a fish tank! I may try puting it in the dishwasher today and see what happens. Like I said my cats love it and so I really do want to keep it but if it smells like fish tank then the water can't possibly be good for them to drink. If it could be cleaned more thoroughly and easily this product would have 5 stars. =-( ...more info
  • Broke after 2 months!!!
    I purchased this fountain for my cats about 2 years ago. Since then I have re-purchased it three times since it keeps breaking. Specifically, the pump keeps dying even though I clean it regularly (one a week). I kept purchasing because my oldest cat really likes to lick the water off the dome. She prefers that to a bowl of water, as I realized when she started licking water off the shower walls- yuck! However, I have now made the switch to drinkwell, prefering to have a quality fountain rather than one that keeps breaking! I don't recommend solely because it is a pain to keep clean with many crevices that collect gunk and because the pump dies even with regular cleaning. When I say the pump dies, I really mean that it dies. One minute the thing works properly, then I unplug to refill the water or plug in another appliance for a few minutes, and when I plug the fountain back in, it does nothing! This product is a piece of junk!...more info
  • first time fountain owner
    This is a nice product that runs quietly. My cats dont know what to think of it yet and as I can tell are not drinking from it.

    If they drink from it ill give it 5 stars....more info
  • Wonderful for my kitty who has bladder stones!
    catit; Drinking Fountain and Accessories for Cats

    This fountain is GREAT! I have two cats, one was diagnosed with bladder stones shortly after I got the second one. The vet said I needed to add salt to the cat food and make water available. Well, it's really hard to get a cat to drink more, but this fountain did it! Both cats can drink out of it, so there is no competition issues, it is really easy to clean, (I clean it once a month), when it makes noises you just add more water to the basin, not the dome. I've seen no mold, and the filter catches all the cat hair (which is minimal). I have two short haired cats, but I guess if you have long haired ones clogging may be more of a problem. The motor still works and I've had the fountain for almost a year now. Is is really easy to set up and even though I put the fountain on carpet you just have to tilt the dome to ensure good water coverage and then the water flow takes care of itself. Great product!...more info
  • Wonderful way to keep clean, cool water available
    I bought two of these because my vet recommended that my older cat in particular should have LOTS of water available ALL the time, everywhere. I can't quite manage everywhere, but the two cats and the dog now have clean, cool, running water available upstairs and down, all the time. With bowls, I was always filling them, and sometimes finding them completely empty even though I was checking them regularly. They also often had to be dumped and changed even when full, because with three animals, the water didn't stay clean. The CatIts hold much more water, AND it stays clean, AND all three of them like the fact that it's running water.

    The assemnbly instructions were a little confusing, but I figure them out, and I'm very happy....more info
  • Not that great, high maintenance & evaporates fast
    My first automatic water dish was a Petmate Fresh Flow. It worked well but died after a couple of years so I replaced it with the Catit. The Catit was more expensive but looked neat and I figured my cat would be able to have a larger service area to get the running water.

    This was a huge mistake. My cat could careless about the water running over the outside of the globe even though he loves to drink from the sink So much surface area causes my bowl to run out of water inside of 5 days.

    Next, there is a approx. a 2 inch height difference from the fountain bowl to the drinking bowl. I think it's here to help the filtering process. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I still get a ton of gunk clogging up the cheap pump. One little thing and the pump won't put the water over the fountain. I have to clean this weekly which is quite the process. Because the drinking bowel is at a higher level then the fountain bowel there is always water left standing in the fountain bowel several inches deep but nothing in the drinking bowl.

    And this in nothing about cleaning the water resevior at all. It looks cool but really that's all that is great about it. Great concept but terrible in actuality. Filter is higher quality then other water fountains but does not seem to work all that great. The plastic over the cord in the back makes putting a full cat fountain down near impossible without spilling it.

    My fountain pump died in less then a year. Trying to currently find another pump from a fish store but am not sure I desire to do so. I don't recommend this product....more info
  • Very Nice
    I bought this fountain for my 2 cats in September of last year. They both love it. occasionally the pump gets clogged (my one cat likes to dig in the fountain part) and I have to clean the hair out of it, but other then that I have no complaints. I cannot hear the pump even at night when there is no other noise. I would reccoment this fountain for anyone with cats. ...more info
  • Missus Picky Kitty doesn't like the fountain!
    I've had the Catit water fountain for a couple of weeks now, and while I'm pretty happy with it, my cat has shown little-to-no interest. I'm trying to woo her by surrounding it with kitty treats, but I'd like a few more ideas of how to get her as excited about it as I am . . ....more info
  • Very difficult to clean this one and there are much simpler ones out there!
    I read about the benefits of cat fountains and used this one for a full year of my life, struggling with it every week. The parts are complicated and do not disassemble easily. There are 2 large parts that need to be unscrewed from one another, and one in particular gets sort of jammed when the water creates a seal in it and then very difficult to unscrew. I kept thinking how someone with arthritis or who was elderly or just not very strong could never use this thing. I thought that there must be more user-friendly ones out there, and I am so grateful to find out that there are! I decided to try the Drinkwell Platinum fountain out to see if I could make this any easier. I wish I had done this a year ago. The cats seem like this one even more than the Cat-it, and it disassembles and reassembles so easily! What a huge relief! I'm just going to recycle this thing. Pay the few extra bucks for the Drinkwell and know that you have saved yourself a lot of frustration. ...more info
  • My Husband, Our Two Cats and I Love It!
    Around Christmas 2004. I purchased a Drinkwell Pet Fountain for my cats. As soon as I turned the Drinkwell Pet Fountain on, it was making an awful noise that my husband had requested that I turn it off. My cats didnt care for it either. Just last November 2005, we went over to a friends of our for party. I saw the Cat It Fountain. The cats seem to enjoyed it and so does the owner. I bought Cat It Fountain and I plugged it in. It took about a day for my cats to enjoy this fountain and my husband love it. I love it. It is quiet and does give a reminder to refill the water bowl. My cats are drinking more water from that fountain. Thanks Cat It Fountain!...more info
  • Our cats love it but it's a high-maintenance system
    Our cats were driving us crazy; they were ignoring their water bowls in favor of the bathroom faucets. So we bought this pet fountain and they took to it right away. It provides easy access to flowing water 24/7 and includes a separate, detachable food dish. The unit has a large footprint, however; that is, it takes up a lot of space. When the water level gets low it gets noisy, but at least that lets you know you need to refill it. The filters are easy to change but have this odd fuzzy covering on them. The water pump clogs easily and I found I was having to take the unit apart every few days to clean it. So I have to pick it up; which is awkward because of the odd shape and no hand holds, carry it to the sink, dump the water, disassemble the pump, clean it, put it all back together and refill the bowl.

    We also live in a hard-water area and even with a water softener, we get a lot of calcim deposits on the unit, especially on the dome, and it is hard to clean. We usually have to use a pot scrubber to remove the build-up. It generally takes about an hour to complete this and put it all back together. The manual recommends cleaning in a vinegar solution but doesn't say if that is pure vinegar, or mixed with water, and if so, in what amounts.

    In short, the cats really like it but it is a lot of work for the humans.

    We had ours for about a year before the pump finally died a slow, noisy death. So we have shelved the unit and are trying a different brand. ...more info
  • Really works
    This company uses the finest quality components. The end result here is a well thought out and executed product. The fountain has been enticing my two cats to drink for over a year now and it works as well as the day I bought it. If you have hard water and wish to not have to clean it as often, use bottled water. The filter inside does remove cat hair and and other debris but you will still have to disassemble and clean the parts every week or two. Remember to snap apart the motor shell and rinse the motor intake well. Also, keep the unit filled with water when in operation. You can easily fill it by pouring water into the dish portion. All this will be well worthwhile in keeping your pets hydrated and healthy....more info
  • My Cats Love This
    When my Petmate drinking fountain died, there were no replacement motors or new Petmate fountains available at my local PetsMart. They did have this Catit fountain (more reasonably priced than the Petmate), so intrigued by its unusual look, I bought it. My cats received this replacement enthusiastically - but now that I see it in action, I am not so crazy about its design. The water comes out of a central point in the top of the half-sphere and covers the entire outside of the dome. The cats seem to like the novelty of multiple places to lick the water, but the water is exposed to airborne contaminants (and cat saliva) and quickly becomes dirty. The half-sphere is also the water reservoir. To refill the water, you must take the entire dome off, turn it upside down under the faucet to fill it, then flip it back over and line up three pegs to settle the dome back into place. If you are not that coordinated - like me - you can quickly end up with a big puddle of water spreading across the floor before you line up the darn pegs.

    Pro - Cats Like it.
    Con - Big points off for not being user friendly.

    Conclusion - When this one dies, I'll go back to a Petmate or the more expensive Drinkwell.

    UPDATE-This broke after only 2 months of use!
    ...more info
  • hard to keep clean
    My cat prefers this drinking fountain over the noisy Drinkwell Platinum. I have seen her drink both from the dome and the bowl. In terms of noise, there is a low hum produced by the motor that neither me nor my cat minds. The only problem I have is keeping the fountain clean and free of slime. The water becomes foamy and turbid, and the bottom of the fountain becomes slimy and gross in less than a week, requiring a thorough cleaning of the entire thing more than once a week. The filter needed changing twice a month. I've gotten so tired of the trouble of keeping the fountain clean for my cat that I switched my cat back to the plain water bowl.

    I've given up on water fountains, unless a company comes out with one that has Microban and/or UV sterilizing technology to reduce microbe growth....more info
  • Great! Exceeded expectations!
    I researched the topic well before I bought the Cat It water fountain. And after reading multiple multiple reviews of many different products (including this one) I was prepared for a lot of different problems: clogging, algea, water splashed all over the place, thing not working properly, etc. I needed to buy something though to regain control over my bathtub, so I chose the Cat It water fountain. And after two months of owning and operationg the Cat It fountain, I have to admit none such thing has happened yet! It is very quiet, you can only hear the water flow if it is very quiet in the house. My cats have not figured out how to make a mess with it, and love it (to the point that they show little or no interest in the bathtub!). Each of my three cats has their own way of drinking out of the fountain and they definitely like it. It is not high maintenance: I clean it about once a week, but it could go longer without cleaning. It holds quite a lot of water: for three cats I only have to refill 2-3 times a week (and it is a middle of heating season). The filters do pretty good job of catching the debris and are easy to rinse out. So if you want to get your cats out of your sink or tub, I definitely recommend this product!...more info
  • Much better than the Petmate Fountain
    Me and the cats enjoy this fountain a lot better than the Petmate Drinking Fountain. I don't have the problems with the Catit Fountain like I did the Petmate - like the bowl becoming slimey after a day or two. The Catit is also easier to clean. The construction is more practical in that the water is filtered before the pump not after it is pumped. With Petmate, I was ending up with a pump full of kitty hair and slime when the water flowed through the pump BEFORE it was filtered.
    The water flows nicely and evenly over the dome if you just pour a little water on the entire dome. ...more info
  • Innovative Product!
    From the minute I filled the unique bubble shaped water container, put it in the tray and started it up, my cats were drinking out of it!
    They NEVER drank the water that I put into their little dishes. and now they actually BEG for water!
    This product is very unique and the designer must have really known what he/she was doing, because my cats totally use it.
    It's really easy to use, and clean. The little filters DO get dirty quickly and have to be re-ordered, so it might be a good idea to buy a few extra's when first buying the fountain. But other than that I've been completely satisfied with this product! And my cat's are drinking more water and i'm sure are healthier for it! ...more info
  • Catit...Dogit
    Hagen Catit Drinking Fountain (14''x10''x7'' - drinking fountain) I purchased this because I have 3 older cats and an old daschund. One of my cats has renal failure and the vet encouraged me to find a way to get him to drink more. I read all the reviews and scoured the pet stores before I made a purchase. The Catit seemed to fit my needs. It took about a week to get any of my animals to go near it. The dog would go over like he was going to drink but would not touch the mat. I removed the mat and he immediately started drinking. Hence the name we gave it "Catit...Dogit." The cats were still avoiding it. I was frustrated and ready to get rid of it when I looked over and 2 of the cats were drinking from the dome! The cats love drinking off of the dome and the dog prefers the bowl. The pros are: They LOVE it and therefore drink more water. I do not have to change the water every day. The water is aerated so it is cooler and healthier for them. The cons are: I have to change the filter frequently because the filter fills with hair (I have long haired cats) and food particles, I have to fill the dome with water every other day (wish it was bigger)and clean the unit every 4 days. (Remember, I have 3 animals using it.) My local pet stores said it is a slow mover so they are no longer going to sell it or the filters so I shall have to purchase the filters online. I have one old cat that still refuses to drink out of it so I also purchased the Drinkwell. He won't use either of them. He hated the water bowl too! He insisted I turn on the faucet before and insists I turn on the faucet for him now! The other cats look at the Drinkwell, one drinks from it occasionally. Between the two systems, the Catit is by far the favorite of the people and the animals. ...more info
  • Very nice
    I've been through two other brands of cat water fountains and had the pumps give out far too quickly. I've had this fountain for several months and it works beautifully and quietly,and has the added benefit of being more attractive than the other brands....more info
  • merry christmas
    I got this water fountain for my cat as a christmas gift and she loves it. It's so hard to find things a cat actually loves! She drinks much more water, now. It's very quiet and doesn't need to be filled very often. Even when the cat isn't drinking, it's just lovely to look at and humidifies my orchids. My mother doesn't even have cats and she bought one just for the ambience!...more info
  • my cats did not like it
    In an attempt to get my cats to stop drinking out of the toilet, I purchased one of these Catit fountains. My two cats and generally amenable to new things, but would not drink from the fountain -- they did put their paws in it a few times, but never drank from it. The noise from the motor was louder than just background noise, and the plug is one of the kind that has a large black box which plugs into the outlet; this makes it hard to hide the cord with stealth. I left it for two weeks before giving up. A separate tip: my cats actually like drinking water from a regular short glass that I leave for them either on a table or next to their normal water bowl....more info
  • Not worth the money
    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! We had this fountain for about 6 months when the motor completely broke. After the 2nd month the water only went out one side of the bubble and we had to prop it so that it would even out. It was a big pain to clean it and I realized the fibers that were being caught inside the motor were from the filter itself. Our cats at first liked it, but after it started to kink out on us they didn't even touch it and we went back to giving them water from a bowl....more info
  • A Horrible Piece of Crap
    Trust me, don't waste your money with this thing! I researched and shopped around for such an item and made the mistake of thinking this was good. Well, here's why it isn't:

    * The pump gets clogged repeatedly, every few days or so, and it's a pain to clean.

    * The filters don't last very long and the material of which they're made begins to "shed," so to speak, thereby falling apart enough to have their fibers in the water.

    * The pump doesn't last long, period. I'm on my second pump--the first one lasted only a couple months--which itself now crapped out after a month.

    * Mold will build up inside the unit very quickly.

    * If the water level gets too low, it becomes noisy.

    Believe me, you'll love this at first but get very frustrated with it soon enough. ...more info
  • Terrible Fountain
    I purchased this fountain a few months ago because I liked the look plus it had a feeding dish off the side. I loved it at first as did my cat. About a month later it started clogging up. I noticed the water getting dirty in the dish also after about a week. I have tried cleaning it, changing the filters every week and still it gets clogged. I finally threw it out and am looking for a new one. Congrats to those for whom it worked so well for, wish I would have had the same good luck....more info
  • Great Fountain!
    I have 3 cats and they love it. I've had the fountain for about 5 months. The filters last about 2-3 weeks. I rinse them out every week, just to keep the kitties water fresh. The top comes off easily (just pull it up). It's easy to clean and fill back up again. Sometimes, it hums a little louder than normal and I just add water to the dish and it's ready to go again. It's pretty quiet and I'll never purchase another type of fountain again (I've had 4 others that I didn't like). This is a very nice water fountain....more info
  • Didn't last.

    The pump broke within 2 weeks and I haven't been able to find a replacement. It would be under warranty but I threw away the paperwork (my bad) because usually I keep everything and then it just clutters up and I never have a problem. However, I still think the product should last a little longer than that! I purchased mine at petsmart and we live too far away to return it although I had tossed the box, etc....more info
  • Novel fountain my cat likes
    Latest Revision: October 2007
    I have had this Catit fountain for about a week. Like a previous user mentioned, the unit itself is a bit "high-maintenance" -- at least until you've used it awhile. While I don't find refilling the unit difficult, doing a weekly cleaning (recommended) takes about 5-7 minutes -- an eternity compared to rinsing out a water bowl. And periodically (every 4-6 weeks), it is suggested you do a detailed cleaning. This entails disassembling the unit, including the little water pump, and giving it a thorough, soaping-water cleaning. I suspect this is about a 10-20 minute process from start to finish. That said, my cat loves the fountain, so the time investment is worth it. And no more water everywhere!

    I like the the idea of flowing water to keep the water oxygenated. I also like that the fountain, and dome in particular, allows my cat a great option for playing with his water without splashing it all over the floor and wall. (My cat is a big time splasher.)

    I'm not concerned about the water being exposed to airborne contaminants (as another reviewer mentioned). In addition to the water being circulated, it is also filtered by an included, replaceable charcoal filter. The filters come in three-paks at about US$[...] per package. I suspect I'll go through about 8 filters in a year. (You can use the unit without the filter, but performance declines and it seems to make more noise.)

    Bottom line: I think this is a better, more natural, and more interesting "water source" for my cat than anything else I have seen on the market. And if I sense my cat is happy, I don't mind a little extra work keeping his water source fun, clean, and brimming.

    NOTE: Given the maintenance required, I do not think this is a good product for those with mobility problems, arthritis, low dexterity, or minimal patience.

    ADDENDUM (20060507) I have now had the fountain for over a year. I find that you can go without cleaning for about two weeks; that is: just refill the water and plug in again. And after awhile, you develop your own system for cleaning it.

    For example, I have disassembled and cleaned the pump now about 5 times. After the second time, you understand how everything goes together and it's really easy.

    CLEANING TIPS (pump): (1) Q-tip-type swabs. These are great for getting grime out of the hard to reach places. (2) Use an unaltered paperclip to lift up the "propeller" of the pump (It's held in by a magnet.) One other thing: be careful when unscrewing the "crown" of the dome. It has plastic threads (like threads in a screw) that could be damaged easily if you apply too much torque when turning. So just be very slow and gradual-- NEVER use force. It will last years and years I suspect.

    Changing the filter: I change the filter every six weeks or so. You can determine what frequency is best by looking at it. I suggest you find an online reseller who has a good price and reasonable shipping. Then, stock up: get three of four boxes (9-12 filters). This should last you for a couple years.

    ADDENDUM (20060802) I have now had this fountain for well over a year. Not a single part has failed or broken.


    - my filter usage is 5 per year (one cat)

    - Q-tips are very helpful when cleaning the pump -- whether you take it apart or just clean the exterior and the water exit.

    - a soapy sponge is best for cleaning the dome and water tray since it can get into some of the tighter angles.

    - a small bottle brush is helpful for cleaning the area where the crown of teh dome is. (Remove the crown, dip the bottle brush in warm, sudsy water, and clean.)

    - I refill the water dome (container) every 4 days for my 15 pound cat.

    - when properly maintained, the pump is whisper quiet

    As I said previously, this is a clever device that requires more cleaning than a regular water bowl. However, my cat loves it, and now that I have become a pro at using it, I don't give the periodic cleaning (and the thrice yearly pump cleaning) a second thought.

    ADDENDUM (20070304) A reviewer noted that it is difficult to get information on replacement parts (e.g., pump). I wrote the company (Hagen) and they replied as follows:

    Dear Steve,

    I apologize for the delay in the email response. We were experiencing technical difficulties that caused the delays, which can still unfortunately occur in 2006.

    The replacement pumps are available to the retailers, but it is their decision whether or not to stock them. We do not make it difficult for the stores to obtain replacement parts for our products. Many retailers are willing to
    special order parts if they do not stock them in their stores. When selling replacement parts direct, we charge suggested retail as we do not want to compete with our retailers. While you may be able to purchase a new fountain
    for only a few dollars more than the pump, that store may be able to get the pump for you at a lesser cost. Suggested retail cost of the complete fountain is $[...].

    Also, these pumps often stop working simply because they are in need of a thorough cleaning. The manual does include instructions on how to disassemble the pump to remove the impeller for and clean it out. Most often, this is all the pump needs to get going again. There is also a one year warranty on the pump, so if it fails within a year of purchase, the customer can return it to us for warranty repair or replacement.

    Thank you,
    Sharon Emond, Customer Service Dept.
    Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.

    More information on the pump (from an email) -->

    Dear Steve,

    The cost on the replacement pump (part # 50070) is $[...] plus $[...] for shipping and handling. To order, please feel free to contact us either by return email, fax or by calling our 1-800#. We accept all major credit cards. Remember to include your full shipping address and credit card information (Account name, # and expiration date). Note: If your billing address is different from your shipping address, please include that address also.

    We also accept check or money order, please mail to address below:

    Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.
    ###...more info
  • Disappointing
    I just purchased this product and have to say I am very disappointed with it. As stated in another review...the water doesn't seem to flow evenly over the dome without having to prop it. Also, the handle that fits on the top doesn't stay secure, so when I try lifting it, the handle falls out and the dome drops. I have a Petmate for my "porch" cat and thought I'd try something different for my inside cats. The concept is great, but I think it would work better if the dome was smaller and it had a larger reservoir around the dome. I will be returning the fountain tomorrow & will pay the 10-20 extra dollars for a Petmate or Drinkwell. ...more info
  • My cats and I like it
    My cats think it's great. I bought it because my girl cat insists on drinking from taps, and I thought a 'cat-tap' might make her happier.

    She loves it.

    NOTE: if the fountain doesn't flow all over the bowl, check whether the pump intake is clogged. Ours got fur in it somehow, and it just needed a light clean with a brush....more info
  • Great product if you just take a little care with it
    Assembly and cleaning is not that difficult if you just follow the manual. The manual even has directions for cleaning the pump. The product does get noisy if the water level is low, but to fix that all you have to do is get a glass full of water and pour it into the bowl part of the product, which I do about once a day. This takes maybe five seconds and is just as easy as filling a regular bowl, only the water gets filtered through and is always clean and debris free. The other thing to do about noise is to lift the dome and slide a finger along the pump to clear away any hairs and debris that may have gotten by the carbon filter. Again, about 5 seconds of work. As for getting the water to flow over the entire dome, I've found that adding extra water to the bowl after replacing the dome along with rubbing your hands over the dome helps a lot. If you do these things this product should work just fine. I have had mine for three months, clean it once a week, and have had no problem with spilling, parts breaking, or my cats not liking it. Just as with anything though, you need to take care of it, but that part is relatively simple....more info
  • great fountain
    This is a replacement for another fountain that got too scummy to ever come clean again. The catit is quieter, and my two cats seem to like it better....more info
  • Didn't last.
    The pump broke within 2 weeks and I haven't been able to find a replacement. The water level was not below the pump (aka it did not burn up). It would be under warranty but I threw away the paperwork (my bad) because usually I keep everything and then it just clutters up and I never have a problem. However, I still think the product should last a little longer than that! I purchased mine at petsmart and we live too far away to return it although I had tossed the box, etc.
    ...more info


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