Oral-B Triumph Professional Care 9400 Power Toothbrush

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Product Description

Get a smile you can feel triumphant about. Achieve cleaner, whiter teeth and healthier gums than you ever thought possible. Experience Oral-B Triumph- a triumph over ordinary brushing.

The Oral-B Triumph 9400 is a powerful, rechargeable toothbrush with multiple brushheads and functions. View larger.

MicroPulse bristles penetrates between teeth for a more floss-like clean.
Key Features:
1. Innovative Brush Head Technology
- Advanced Floss Actiona? Brush Head with MicroPulsea? Bristles

2. Customized Brushing
- Three Unique Brushing Modes: Clean, Sensitive, and Polish

3. Smart Technology
Dentist-inspired feedback helps you brush your best every day.
- Brushing time: Helps you achieve the dental-recommended 2 minutes
- Charge level: Tracks charge level so you can brush with optimal power
- Brush head change: Adivses when individual brush head should be changed
- Smart brush head: Recognizes FlossAction

In addition, a professional timer signals every 30 seconds to encourage throrough brushing for the four mouth quadrants, while a pressure sensor stops pulsations when you brush too hard.

4. Innovative/Attractive Design
- A unique, curved handle made of high-tech materials ensures a good grip and comfortable brushing
- An easy-to-read digital display communicates key information clearly
- A premium overall design ensures that you'll like the way Oral-B Triumph looks in your bathroom

5. Convenient Charging and Storage
- Innovative, dishwasher safe base station provides storage for up to 4 attachments
- A portable SmartPluga? Charger with a multi-voltage plug makes traveling with the Oral-B Triumph easy
- The SmartPlug charger can be attached to the base station to create a single storage and charging unit
- A travel case stores your brush when you're on the go

Get the clinically superior results that you and your dental professional will notice. Building on the 70 published studies that confirm the superiority of Oral-B oscillating-rotating technology, Triumph represents Oral-B's highest level of cleaning performance.

Superior Cleaning.
Oral-B Triumph is clinically proven to remove significantly more plaque than the best performing toothbrush, Oral-B ProfessionalCare 8000. Oral-B Triumph provides a superior overall cleaning, even in those hard to reach places: in-between teeth, the back teeth, and along your gumline.

Improved Gum Health.
Oral-B Triumph is clinically proven to improve gum health for firmer, healthier gums. It also improves overall gum health by healing and reversing the effects of gingivitis.

Exceptional In-Between Clean.
Oral-B Triumph cleans as effectively as brushing and flossing with a manual toothbrush, even in those hard-to-reach places between teeth. While flossing is an important part of a healthy oral care routine and can't be replaced, Oral-B Triumph provides exceptional cleaning in-between teeth for a floss-like clean.

Oral-B Triumph is gentle and safe on all oral tissues.

Oral-B Triumph features an advanced FlossAction brushhead with patented MicroPulse bristles to gently remove plaque between teeth and deliver a superior clean in hard-to-reach places. It cansignificantly reduce the incidence of gingivitis and erases 60 percent more stains with its PowerPolisher than the leading competitor. The FlossAction brushhead features innovative MicroPulse bristles that pivot independently to go deep between teeth, and its textured cleaning pads sweep away plaque leaving hard-to-reach places exceptionally clean. In addition to the breakthrough FlossAction brushhead, Oral-B Triumph's dentist-inspired PowerPolisher brushhead leverages Oral-B's superior rotating-oscillating head technology to provide superior polishing and whitening. Oral-B Triumph's Smart Technology recognizes each user's brushhead as unique, allowing it to track usage and alert the user when it's time to change specific brushheads to ensure optimal cleaning for the entire family. During use, the brushhead also notifies the user every 30 seconds to brush another mouth quadrant, as well as when the recommended two minutes of total brushing time have passed.

  • Electric toothbrush clinically proven to improve oral health, creating a brighter and healthier smile
  • Advanced FlossAction brush head penetrates between teeth
  • Different brush modes
  • Built-in timer provides feedback on when to change brushing locations
  • Includes charging base station and travel case

Customer Reviews:

    I purchased two of these,this month, one for myself and one for my "domestic partner" (she thinks she's my "girlfriend"), separately, one for $65.99 and the next for about $75.00, through Amazon. I see the price is skyrocketing.

    This was a great decision, as it turned out - it caused me to put my Rota-Dent electric toothbrush "in mothballs" along with manual toothbrushes.

    My not-too-bright DP put toothpaste on the brushhead and turned it on BEFORE touching the brush to her teeth and wondered why there was toothpaste all over the bathroom. DUH ! That's why I don't consider her to be my girlfriend - too much sawdust instead of brains. But she is pretty and has a great asset.

    Summary: Very powerful machine you'll love to use - may become addictive.
    Shop carefully for best price, including S+H, on replacement brusheads, including Pro-White polishing brusheads. Makes a great gift BTW.

    Buy it !Oral-B Triumph Professional Care 9400 Power Toothbrush...more info
  • Super Clean Teeth
    I was shocked by how well the 9400 cleaned my teeth. The battery life is longer than expected. I use it for the 2 minutes every morning and night and the battery lasts over two weeks before it dies. The battery indicator shows one bar but mine will last a week on that one bar and run at full power. The 9400 also comes with a great travel case....more info
  • Excellent Buy
    Very pleased with my purchase of the Triumph 9400. Tried other electric tooth brushes, and by far this one exceed all....more info
    We have always liked Braun products, so when our old Braun electric toothbrush no longer worked, we ordered this model. It is absolutely fabulous! The cleaning technology is far superior to the old one and our teeth just feel and look so much cleaner. Highly recommend this model....more info
  • Good product - bum vendor
    Oral-B Triumph System is nothing less than incredible. Having to deal with the vendor was a nightmare..... to the point that my wife is strongly against buying anything via Amazon. Surely this is not your fault but that won't change her feelings after dealing with this vendor. The product (Oral-B) is more than they advertise - it is simply GREAT!...more info
  • Love It
    This is my first power toothbrush and I love it! I have been shopping around for a while waiting for a good deal on Oral-B. With the sale this was a great deal and my teeth feel so much cleaner. I recommend this toothbrush....more info
  • Gives you that nice, KLEEN feeling.
    After many years of laziness, I've finally bought this power toothbrush. I should have done this long ago. Not only does it do all the work for me, but the built in timer has actually gotten me to brush longer than I used to with any other brush. Floss action head actually gets some of the stuff in-between the teeth too. Not a replacement for flossing, but still nice.

    Only downside as I see it is the hard plastic that the actual brush is made out of. Every time the back of the brush touches a tooth, I get a very interesting sensation that runs all the way down my spine.

    Overall, a solid product....more info
  • By Far The Best
    I believe this is the best electric toothbrush I have owned. As a three to four times a day brusher, I have owned a number of different electric brushes. This sturdy well engineered machine is dependable and thorough....more info
  • Great Brush!
    I have been using electronic toothbrushe's since their inception. This is by far the best overall brush for cleaning and massaging the gums. Great for us old guys!...more info
  • Very happy with product and price
    I purchased this to replace my older Braun (don't remember the model, it was $30 at Target). I was worried that the only thing I was getting for the extra money was the digital readout, but I could not have been more wrong. The Triumph is truly an advanced toothbrush, and closely mimics the motorized brush that the dentist uses for cleaning/polishing.

    As for the price ($66), Amazon was ~$40 less than local retail (Target, Walmart, etc).

    Great product, great price.

    ...more info
  • good stuff
    i got it for 65 and it work really good to me.since i usually bleed when i brush my teech, i bought i for that. whats more important is that really works!good!valuable!i wanna buy one more for my girl friend, but the price just goes to 110,it makes no sense.any way, good product!...more info
  • oral b Triumph 9400
    Great brush, but if you try to change the battery, it self-destructs. You only get one battery usage and then throw it away. Designed obsolescence. This should be against the law....more info
  • Much better than my old Oral-B
    The short version: Awesome, buy it.

    The long version: I had another Oral-B electric that was a few years old and finally bit the dust. I had seen the SonicCare brush at my dentist's office and originally intended to buy that. However after some browsing I noticed that the Oral-B has just as many vibrations/cycles per minute as the SonicCare. Based on the great job my old Oral-B did, and the new, faster speed it was a no brainer.

    I also recommend the "floss action" brush heads, they're nice....more info
  • Price changed!
    I went online added the item to my cart and when I went to check out I was advised that the price had gone up some $10. This is just rude. I canceled the order and bought it cheaper elsewhere. Wouldn't recommend them at all....more info
  • good product
    This is a great toothbrush. My new dental hygenist recommended it. The dental office was selling a fancier version for $100.00 but this one is sufficient. The only thing it doesn't need is the cover for the brushes as the surface under the toothbrushes began to smell musty from no air flow within the first week. I just removed it permanently....more info
  • Will Never Go Back To A Manual Brush
    I never knew what I was missing out on. The first time I used it, I immediately noticed a difference in how clean my teeth felt. The bottom line is, it just works better than doing it manually. The only turnoff was all the little extras that I figured would be in some way helpful. For instance, the LCD screen; you can't read it while you are brushing and the only worthwhile information presented is the time you've brushed for. Most electric toothbrushes will let you know when you reach 30 second intervals anyway, so I don't really see the point. The different brush modes are nice, but not necessary (and I wonder if they actually do anything more than the standard "clean" mode). All in all, the purchase was well worth it and highly recommended. For anyone on the fence, save some money and buy a cheaper model with less extras....more info
  • BraunTriumph Pro Care 9400 Oral-B - D25526
    This toothbrsh fell way below my expectations; primarily because it came with no added brushes; required what seemed to be a simple assembly but proved difficult. Instructions were very poor. I got a wonderful Oral-B, with three additinal brushes, from COSTCO for $[...] less than this cost. I returned the item to One Stop Shop which shipped the product. To date, this return has not bween reflected on my American WExpress account....more info
  • Triumph is better than my 5 yr old oral-b
    Got a new Oral-B Triumph toothbrush for our second home. It is a significant improvement over my older Oral-B. More power and stronger battery. My old oral-B collects crud on the post as moisture from my rinsed toothbrush drips down to the bottom. The triumph doesn't seem to have that problem. One thing my old one has that I miss in the Triumph is a blue light to indicate it is charging. The blue light serves as a small night light in the bathroom....more info
  • Love it!
    I've been using this for about a week and love it! I used Sonicare products for many, many years and because of constant breakage, poor customer support and sensitive teeth, I decided to change. My only regret is that I didn't make the change much sooner. Awesome product! Great on sensitive teeth....more info
  • Oral-B 9400
    We purchased this after I dropped and cracked my previous Oral-B powered toothbrush that I'd had for 5 years.
    A must-have for us was the covered toothbrush holder. It has vents in the back to allow the heads to dry and prevent them from growing mold.
    I really like having the 3 settings on the brush since my teeth and gums are more sensitive than my husband's.
    The rechargeable battery really does last over two weeks on a single charge, even with two people using it!...more info
  • Oral-B Triumph 9400 by a former Sonicare user
    I just purchased this toothbrush after using a Sonicare Elite for about the past 5 years.

    This is an excellent toothbrush and well worth the money. The $64,000 question for me was does it clean my teeth as well or better than the Sonicare and to that I say a resounding YES.

    Don't get me wrong, the Sonicare Elite is an excellent toothbrush and there are many things I loved about it from the balanced handle and thumb rest to the nicely tapered head and thin shaft that make it easy to maneuver around to get to all your teeth, particularly the back teeth.

    However, I now realize that in comparison, it was not cleaning my teeth as well as the Oral-B. That comes down to the different methods each brush uses to clean the teeth. The Sonicare uses as simple up-and-down action along with the sonic action to clean the surface of the teeth and force the toothpaste into the spaces between the teeth. The Oral-B uses a dual-motion head that consist of a rotating inner brush and an oscillating outer brush. The inner brush cleans the surface, while the outer flossing brush gets in between the teeth to give a more thorough cleaning.

    There are some quirks with the Oral-B that I am getting used to that could be improved or modified. For example, both the Sonicare and Oral-B have a 30 second timer over 2 minutes to remind you to switch quadrants that you are brushing. The Sonicare approach is to momentarily pause the brushing when 30 secs. are reached. The Oral-B uses a mechanical stuttering at the 30 sec. mark. The Sonicare will automatically shut off after 2 minutes of brushing are reached. The Oral-B will engage a longer stutter, but will continue to brush and reset the timer to another 2 minutes and will display a smiley face on the handle's LCD display that 2 minutes are reached. Unfortunately, the LCD info panel placement on the handle makes it virtually impossible to see during brushing.

    Another quirk is the "pressure sensitivity" feature of the Oral-B. If the brush detects you are pressing too hard on the teeth, it briefly stutters. However, the difference between this stutter and the 30 sec. timer stutter is very subtle making it difficult to know if the stutter was the timer or the pressure sensitivity being engaged. A far better method would be to either beep or pause momentarily until normal pressure is resumed rather than the stuttering, that can be easily confused as the timer.

    Also, the Oral-B has 3 cleaning modes - normal, sensitive teeth and polishing. For first time users or coming from a manual toothbrush, I would recommend starting on the sensitive mode. The scrubbing action of the normal mode is very intense and may provoke some gum bleeding so it's probably wise to use the sensitive mode to start and then after a week or 2 begin using the normal mode.

    Lastly, the Oral-B is a heavier toothbrush than the Sonicare. I does feel very solid in your hand, but it is several ounces heavier than a Sonicare. Most of the weight is in the handle, making the the Oral-B feel a little less balanced than the Sonicare, which has a very nice balance and fits a bit more comfortably in your hand.

    All said, the Oral-B Triumph is an excellent toothbrush that does an outstanding job of cleaning your teeth, especially the very difficult intra-tooth areas that other brushes just can't reach.
    ...more info
  • My newer Oral B
    I replaced a much older oral b with the triumph model and it brushes circles around the older model. I am very pleased....more info
  • works great as long as you don't need toothpaste
    Once you load up the toothbrush with toothpaste and turn on the unit, you can expect a thorough cleaning action. The timer is handy in telling you when you've brushed enough. However, there is one glaring design failure that makes it so that I can't rate this very highly: you can't put toothpaste on this thing without some serious balancing.

    It would seem that there is insufficient flatness on the back of the toothbrush such that the brush is a bit wobbly. Half the time the toothbrush is knocked over when putting toothpaste on, smearing toothpaste all over the counter. I'm really tired of the toothpaste in my counter grout; it should be on my teeth....more info
  • Power Toothbrush
    This product was delivered promptly. It works well and I like all the features. It is helpful to be able to change the brushing modes. In my case I set it to gentle mode.Oral-B Triumph Professional Care 9400 Power Toothbrush...more info
  • Works well
    I bought this primarily on price (secondarily based on reviews) to replace my Philips unit that died many months back. After going without and electric toothbrush my exams got progressively worse, so I began shopping around for a new unit. This one works well; no surpises. It feels different than the Sonicare - more aggressive to my senses. It's easier to clean and dry, and the LCD battery level indicator is nice (no surpises).

    No regrets buying it....more info
  • Extraordinary Oral Care Product
    The Oral-B Triumph is the best! Easy to use, easy to clean not to mention the extraordinary job of teeth cleaning!...more info
  • Who won, Sonicare Flexcare or Oral-B Triumph?
    Or a better question is, which toothbrush did I return to the store? Easy answer, I kept the Oral-B. In beginning this review, this is a toothbrush, not necessarily my own subjective opinion, therefore someone can say one product will generally perform better than that other, considering they are not too much alike.

    This toothbrush just works better than the Sonicare, Fact. From the start, I used the Sonicare more than the Oral-B, so it would seem logical to assume I would like the Sonicare better? Not so. I have faith, if you compared the two toothbrushes over a period of time, side by side, use after use, you would find the Oral-B cleans better.

    I used the Sonicare for over 2 months, brushing 3 times a day. Overall, a good toothbrush. I was impressed at the beginning coming from an old battery operated toothbrush. However, I started to notice something. The Sonicare toothbrush only cleans so much, especially over time. Yes, splashing water in your mouth seems like it would do better, but the key is it does not "scrub" like the Oral-B does. This is key, between the two toothbrushes, is how they "scrub". The Sonicare merely vibrates and it just does not scrub and remove plaque like the Oral-B does. It moves in such a small motion it doesn't do very much, funny huh? Remember that old commercial where they stick a Sonicare in a bowl of water and it moves more water than the other toothbrush? Well, the truth is, moving water does not "scrub" your teeth that well. Yes, moving water is good for flossing like the Waterpik, but you need to scrub your teeth not vibrate them. Therefore, I found over time, the Sonicare did not remove nearly as much plaque.

    The Oral-B scrubs like a champ, making circular, high speed motions. My teeth collect plaque easily. I'm not a hard brusher by any means. But the Sonicare does not scrub as good; you almost feel the Sonicare is just trying to vibrate the plaque away. And upon examination of my teeth, it only went so far.

    Now, bring in the Oral-B and you have what feels like the Sonicare pulsing motions, with one heck of a circular scrub brush. And with the FlossAction brush it really gets in-between your teeth, almost like flossing. The Sonicare brush cannot compete here. The Oral-B also comes with an outstanding polishing brush that gets your teeth sparkling. The Sonicare has nothing close to this, it's just designed differently. I also found the Oral-B to be better at covering my teeth, also reaching and massaging my gums better. Any dentist will tell you the importance of massaging your gums. The Sonicare has a small head and it's much harder to cover your teeth completely, not to mention it does not scrub in between your teeth as well. This is difficult to explain, but the designs are significantly different which effects overall performance dramatically.

    Yes, the Oral-B is a louder toothbrush by far. But who cares, when you see and feel how it cleans you will be impressed with it. The Sonicare does feel more durable, but the catch is, it does not clean as well. I'm buying a toothbrush that will get my teeth the cleanest, therefore I will not have to go back to the dentist and get a root canal, (been there done that) and the simple winner is Oral-B. Not only better, but now my teeth are whiter and cleaner, and I now brush less. Top that!
    ...more info
  • Excellent brush
    This is a great toothbrush. Replaced an older Oral B and this is superior. Great battery life. Comes with a nice travel case and allows you to go about a week without a charge.

    Only downside is that the replacement brush heads tend to be pricey. The good thing is they are available locally - saw some at a Walmart recently.

    Highly recommended.

    Only downside is that it came with only ONE brush head - so if multiple members of the household are going to use it then add the replacement heads to your order.

    Price I got on Amazon was best onthe web and also received free shipping....more info
  • Love it!
    i had my doubts but i love this toothbrush. my teeth feel as good as if i'd just come from the dentist. recommended....more info
  • A big smile
    I finally had to replace my old Oral-B electric brush, since it gave up the ghost. I would have given this toothbrush 4.5 stars if allowed, but my complaint is relatively minor, so I gave it 5. So - here's what I like:

    1. The way it cleans - hence the smile
    2. The variable speed feature
    3. The 'quadrant' timer - although the old brush told me when I was done, this one tells me when it is time to move from the front to back (or top to bottom, depending on your style).
    4. The battery gauge - much like a cell phone, it shows the level of charge. I can rev it up, then unplug until the gauge shows one bar (usually about 5 days, using it twice a day).
    5. The travel charge ring and case. This is one of my favorites. I used to travel without my electric because it was too bulky to take the whole stand. With the nifty removable charge ring (and the universal plug) and carrying case, I can easily take it anywhere.
    6. The heads from my old brush fit the new one. Couldn't believe someone actually designed an update that used parts from the older version! I'd just bought a new pack of heads when the old one died and was sure I'd just thrown away good money. A big 'atta boy' to Braun for this one!

    What I don't care about:
    1. The smiley face when you're done and have brushed long enough. Cute but extraneous.
    2. I think the display face also provides other information (besides battery level and smiley face), but when brushing, one can't see it, so who cares.

    What I don't like:
    The size of the handle. It doesn't fit my smallish, female hand as well as the old one. I've learned to manage, but it just isn't totally comfortable.

    In sum, it's a great brush and I'm 99% happy with it. So go ahead and get one - and brush happy!...more info
  • Clean teeth
    The toothbrush is great. The only thing I'd change is to move the mode selection button. I sometimes bump it while brushing. That and I'd leave off the gentle mode completely. It seems worthless to me. Once you've gotten used to this, a regular brush just doesn't feel like it's doing anything anymore. ...more info
  • Works for My Whole Family
    We now own 2 of these toothbrushes - one for my wife and me, the other for our children. Having just returned from my six month visit to the dental hygienist, I can confirm that this brush is very effective. I can also confirm that our children benefit from the simple smile timer. A very worthwhile purchase....more info
  • Great toothbrush
    At first the toothbrush feels a little odd but it works very well. My teeth feel and look much cleaner and whiter. I don't have any issues with the functioning of the toothbrush and I think the timer function is helping me brush for the recommended length of time. I am so pleased with this product I'm going to buy one for another family member. ...more info
  • Best By My Research
    After researching the best toothbrush through the internet and by asking my dentist and periodontist,I concluded that electric brushes were significantly superior to regular ones,and that the line of Oral B Triumph electric brushes did the best job.The best brush head is FlossAction although some feel more comfortable with Precision Clean,so try both brush heads and if they feel similar,go with FlossAction. ...more info
  • All around, a good worthwhile buy
    I had a previous Oral B and the recharging stand suddenly stopped working, and there didn't appear to be a replacement (not a good move by Oral B), so I got this one based on the reviews. It's good and I'm pleased. A few points. The every-30 second timer is actually a good thing, I figured it was kind of dumb. I hate brushing for 2 minutes. By letting you know when 30 seconds has passed, you then move from upper front teeth to say lower front teeth, then again move in 3 seconds to, say, lower back teeth. It makes it WAY easier to do the full 2 minutes because 30 seconds is no big deal, it actually helps break the time up (it sounds dumb, but it actually helps). The grip doesn't bother me, but yeah, my older one fit my hand better. My only real gripe is the button to control what kind of speed you want. It's right under your hand so you constantly hit the button while brushing, if you're not careful. That bugs me. But it doesn't make the brush worth any less. It's good. And the travel option is nice too - basically, the based of the unit is a breakaway (well, snapaway) part that contains the actual charger. So you can take this little bit with you when you travel, rather than the entire base, which is ridiculously and unnecessarily large. Oh, and I called the company, this works on european 220v power, you just need to get the adapter to change the plug from a european to an american plug (get those at radio shack or wherever). Overall, it's good. I highly recommend. Oh and I can't speak to battery life, I leave mine plugged in every night.

    One more thing. This Oral B is clearly quieter than my previous model. Just brushed my teeth and sat down in front of the TV - could actually hear the tv without cranking up the volume all the way. On the last model, no way, could never heard the tv. Helps if you get bored brushing your teeth. And in response to some of the other criticism, I don't notice this model making any bigger mess than my previous model, and it is painfully obvious when the model is letting you know that 30 seconds has passed - I can't understand how anyone could not tell. ...more info
  • The best so far!
    I used to have a Philippes sonicare something, then four years ago i bought an Oral-b Sonic complete. I liked it so much i bought a second one about 2 years ago. For me, these things seem to have a life of about 2 years or 2-3 times a day use. Of course, towards the end of its life, the unit is basically useless for travel unless you want to bring the charger. When my most recent sonic started to die, I was so tempted to buy a third one. However, my wife has been a fan of the circular motion cleaners and i figured that is the type of cleaner the dentists use, so i decided to get this model instead. I don't think you really need to the smart guide anyway. The first few times i used this, i sort of missed the "ultrasonic" feel of the Sonic complete. However, i did compare this to my sonic complete that requires a charge after each use. I'm assuming i had a full charge on both, and to be quite honest, the triumph totally blows away the sonic complete. It feels as different to me as the difference from using the sonic complete vs an ordinary toothbrush. PLUS, the recharge base is so much smaller and more portable for extended travel. ...more info
  • Awesome
    This product is great. We have a head for each person. You won't go back to a regular brush. ...more info
  • What's the input voltage for this toothbrush?
    Does anyone happen to know what's the input voltage for this toothbrush?

    Thanks!...more info
  • First electric toothbrush
    I have never used an electric toothbrush before this one. But it is clear to me this is an excellent product. My teeth felt noticeably cleaner after two uses. It's a great toothbrush for traveling...charge lasts for two weeks and the charger works in outlets other than the standard 120v ones we have in the US. ...more info
  • Oral B Toothbrush Review
    product appears to be running as it should, the only reason I say this is the last Oral B purchased, a Professional 7000 series has never worked as it should.. Thought we would try their product one more time......more info
  • Died after less than two years.
    I'm very disappointed in its longevity (or lack thereof). I'm going to try SonicCare next.

    Update: I'm doubly annoyed. I ended up getting this toothbrush again, despite it's weak battery life because it seemed to be the only one that gives the actual time of brushing, not just a signal every 30 seconds. Only guess what? They changed the brush (the exact same model!) and no longer give the time. In fact, you can see the two customer photos here still have the time, but THOSE PHOTOS ARE WRONG. That's a feature this model used to have, but no longer. There is plenty of room for it, and it obviously used to work. I guess they now moved the feature to the more expensive model with the separate monitor. Why would anyone want yet another piece to their toothbrush on the counter???...more info
  • Impressed
    I purchased this item with a rebate coupon I got from my dentist. I reasearched the features across this and other models. This one turned out to be in the same price range and works wonderfully.

    The brush vibrates every thrity seconds to let you know to switch to another quadrant and then gives a nice smilie face at the end of the two minutes.

    There a couple of things of note however, 1) the base can get gunky if the bottom is not dried before putting it into the charger. Not a major problem but if you are like me and like your toothbrush handle not to be sticky you'll need to rinse it and dry it off completely before placing it back in. 2) It didn't come with any additional brush heads even though it has a space in the back for storing them. Again, not a big deal but I did have to create a seperate order for more brushes so that hubby could use it....more info
  • great toothbrush
    My very nice dentist gave me a Christmas present - this toothbrush.
    I really liked my Sonicare and I am reluctant to say it, but this brush it better. My teeth are cleaner. And it really knocks down the tartar buildup.
    The Sonicare would turn off after two minutes. Sure, it was easy to turn back on. But this brush doesn't shut off so I have a tendency to brush longer. And the FlossAction brush head is really great.
    If you don't have a generous dentist like I do, spend your money on this toothbrush. It is excellent....more info
  • Electric toothbrush convert
    This was my first electric toothbrush purchase and I'm a happy convert now. It really does feel like a dental cleaning after every brushing.

    I did a little bit of research and decided to get this one because hey, I won't deny it--I like my stuff well designed. I thought the form factor of this brush was much simpler, cleaner, and less bulky than the other electric toothbrushes out there with similar features.

    I really like how the charger base is convertible from one that houses the brush heads (up to 4) to an extremely minimal base that is just the charger only, not much bigger than the base of the brush itself. I haven't traveled with it yet but I'm looking forward to having this brush with me when I do, especially with the nifty travel case.

    I'm sure not many people care about LCD screen all that much, but I for one appreciate the little smilie that shows up for a few seconds after you've completed the 2 minutes. It makes me smile! What other toothbrush makes you do that?

    Another major plus is how easy it is to attach and remove the brushhead, which makes cleaning after every use totally doable and moreso, easy.

    Some think that this brush is a little overpriced, with unnecessary features, but I think the form factor and design of this brush, added with its effectiveness in cleaning, makes it worth it....more info
  • If you want to brush like Dentist, use Oral-B 9400
    This is an amazing product that Braun has created. It is much much better than Sonicare. Oral-B brush comes with floss-action brush heads which are round and effective. After cleaning every day and night in few days I saw a difference.

    My teeth now shines like the way dentist clean. It has white polish and power-tip brushheads which are useful add-ons.

    The look and feel of Oral-B 9400 is much better than comparable Sonicare.
    I would highly reommend this product....more info


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