Miele Sirius Canister Vacuum (Diamond Dealer Edition)

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Product Description

Miele Household Vacuum Cleaners: World Premiere...Of an Out of This World, New Vacuum Cleaner:The S4 Galaxy Series. Lightweight, Powerful and Stylish...One Giant Leap for Vacuuming. The well-appointed S4 Galaxy Series is light in weight and has everything an advanced vacuum cleaner should offer and more. With out of this world cleaning performance, an advanced HEPA filtration system to protect your indoor air and the enduring quality and durability that have become international staples of the Miele brand, you will certainly appreciate the ingenuity born from the many details endowed in S4. Why not explore the excitement and the difference a Miele S4 vacuum cleaner can make in your home? NOW INCLUDES: SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Tool

  • Dial power controls ranging from 200 Watts - 1200 Watts.
  • Suction control via rotary dial.
  • NOW INCLUDES: SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Tool.
  • Sealed SystemTM construction HEPA filter.
  • 3.7-quart capacity IntensiveClean PlusTM dustbag.
Customer Reviews:
  • I like the old design better
    Great suction power. Tools are well designed with swivelling angles to the heads. The manual turn dial is easy. Small and light. The clip-on holder for the telescoping wand makes this easy to hoist around the house. It is quiet. The retractable cord is pure genius. So is the HEPA filter.
    Design-wise, I prefer the old Miele design better. This S4 series has no bumpers around the edge, the accessory tools are not "on-board" (i.e. integrated into canister) but clips onto the telescoping wand which can get awkward. I guess curvy designs are in, but I'm not a fan of the zeitgeisty bubbly designs. The old boxy configuration is more my taste.
    NOTE: If you have high-pile, thick carpeting in the house consider purchasing a Miele with an electric hose. This particular model is for tile, parquet floors and light carpeting - the hose attachment has no electric wire so the floor tools are not powered electrically....more info
  • Happiness is a good vacuum.
    I had been through about three $100-$150 vacuums and finally had it. We broke down and bought this machine and, oh, I am in love. As a rule, vacuuming is not something for one to get excited about, but this changes everything! We have all hardwood floors and plenty of dogs-- a combination to make most tidy people shudder. We put a HEPA filter in and we are good to go. I don't keep the attachments on-board, as I agree with the previous reviewer that it is slightly awkward. But you will not be disappointed with the power. The varying degrees of suction are great, and the vacuum is very, very maneuverable. I can reach under and around almost everything in the house! I was also blown away by how quiet this machine is! This little blue bug is a great addition to our family. We've had it for just over a year now and it shows no signs of slowing down....more info
  • Best I've ever owned
    I am 66 yrs old and have been using a vacuum (Hoover, Electrolux & everything in between)for nearly 50 years. This is by far the easiet, best suction, certainly nice looking and I can actually pick this one right up and take upstairs! This was one of the best decisions I've made. The cost should not even be a factor, especially if you have tile and carpet which I do. I have NO complaints whatsoever. Hope I've helped in your decision....more info
  • Miele Sirius Vac
    This vacuum is everything I had heard about Miele products. It is quiet, compact, and lightweight. The hepa filter seems to make a big difference in my home. It is ergonomically designed to feel good and make it easy to use.
    I am very happy with both the vacuum and the incredible service from Witbek's. I ordered it on a Saturday evening and it was at my door the following Tuesday....more info
  • Great machine; note that no basic floor tool included
    The vacuum itself is lightweight, has great power and is amazingly quiet for its performance. Note that "NOW INCLUDES: SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Tool" is misleading since that's the *only* floor tool included. That tool works great on bare floors, but it doesn't work at all for carpets.

    At this writing, if you purchase this machine and have carpets, you'll also have to purchase a floor tool that works with carpets. I ended up buying the optional turbo brush (an extra $120+) which works amazingly well for a non-electronic brush, but it wasn't a cost I had planned on. You could also get the general purpose floor tool for less that works with carpets and bare floors. After the purchase I checked other dealers who sell this model, and they state it only comes with the parquet floor tool. It would be helpful if the Amazon product description made this clear as well....more info
  • The Very Best Vacuum I have ever used
    When i bought this vacuum I relied heavily on the reviews people wrote. I researched for days online, speaking to vacuum salespeople and service people. Everyone who is in the vacuum industry has said that this is the most reliable machine there is. I suggest calling a few repairmen in your area and see what they have to say. The guy I talked to said it is his favorite vacuum and rarely has to repair one. I purchased through witbecks who offered free shipping, and an extended 10 yr. motor warranty. I can say they have superior service.
    I would not even worry about the price tag. Keep in mind that this isn't a disposable vacuum you pick up at walmart!!! this is not a hoover or a dirt devil, this is a miele, one of the most trusted brands in Europe (do the research)
    You will not be let down with any model, I chose this for my hardwood and tile flooring. It has surpassed my expectations of what a $400 vacuum can do. It literally sucked the splinters off the exposed edges of my hardwood flooring, and when combined with the crevice tool sucked gravel from BENEATH my door frame. A place cleaned earlier with a DeWalt Shop Vac.
    I advise anyone to buy this vacuum, but if you are unconvinced, check out the specifications, it has 141 CFM. (suction)....my old sears vacuum has 40. And a central vacuum system that is expensive and tedious to install has only 112. Seriously, this thing is wonderful!!! I have never been in love with a vacuum until now. Everything you hear about these Miele's is true. They are the best machines out there and they are very quiet!! I can vacuum everything! I even used it on my computer keyboard with no problem ( and I didn't buy the special kit) the bags and filters cost a little bit, but are worth it. A Hepa lasts a year for $50. The bags are 5 for 15 and come with two filters as well. Money well spent. And the vacuum will last till the kids are off to college.

    A wonderful product at any price. Try to add up what it would cost to replace your hoover every 3 years and then decide if this vacuum really costs too much...I think it is worth every penny!

    FYI NOTE: the different "colors" of models, actually is only an indication of the things it comes with. All models have the same motor, from what I have been told, the prices vary with the accessories, the type of filter and the power wand, or non-powered wand and whether or not you have a dial to turn on the machine or a button, or if you have a button on the machine AND the wand, etc.
    I chose this one because I liked the color better than the carina and it came with hepa. The total would likely be the same if you spoke with a vacuum rep. and specifically defined which items you must have and which you can live without. Again, the quality of the $1,000 model and the $400 model are the same. Same motor, same suction, same quality. Different color, different switches, different tools. That is the difference! (hope it helps!)...more info
  • Absolutely worth it!
    I've had a Bosch, a Sharp and an Oreck . None of those machines are even in the same class as the Miele. All the good things you've heard are true. This machine is small, quiet and incredibly powerful. My floors have NEVER been this clean. I didn't want to spend more than $500 and the quality of this machine leaves nothing to be desired.
    The only strange thing is that the onboard cleaning tools clip into a holder on the vacuum stem - it makes them more accessible, but the set up is slightly awkward. A minor point. It's a great vacuum. Don't hesitate....more info
  • Good vacuum
    Miele has been a trusted name for years, but expensive. But, much better than the Electrolux vacuum. I was disappointed at how short the electrical cord is. But can pick up kitty litter and dust-bunnies very, very well. Buyer beware...where it states that it's being shipped from, is not the place where it comes from and also the parquet brush is NOT included. I bought the vacuum because of this and I have hardwood floors. It comes with the brush for tile, marble, garnite, etc. Not for use on a hardwood floor. I had to spend another $50.00 for the parquet brush that is mentioned in the description for wood floors. Even calling Best-vacuum (where the vacuum ended up coming from) they sent me the wrong brush....more info
  • suction plus quiet
    Living in Germany for half a year, our flat came with this vacuum. Its clearly the best vacuum I've ever had. Not only does it work flawlessly, it is small, light, and quiet. ...more info