Miele S4780 Orion Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

We proudly introduce - Orion, Miele's hunter of the west and the champion of our S4 Galaxy Series. Controls Radio Frequency Controls; suction control via +/- controls on handle Power 1200-watt, high-output Miele-made Vortex Motor SystemTM Filter System Sealed SystemTM construction Active H.E.P.A. Filter 3.5L / 3.7-quart capacity IntensiveClean PlusTM dustbag with flap for dust-free removal (2 supplied) Included Accessories & Floor Tools Combination carpet/smooth floor tool (SBD450-3) Deluxe handle assembly Wand: Stainless steel, telescopic Non-electric hose Three integrated accessories: natural bristle dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool The S4780 Orion comes with the Accessory Clip, standard Color & Dimensions Height: 8" Width: 9" Length: 19" Color: Soft TouchTM Black Standard Features Impressive 29.5-foot operating radius Thermal cut-out indicator Safety shut-off on overheating Dustbag change indicator alerts you to replace the hygienic bag Quiet operation through better engineering Filter Grill Electric power display Electric exhaust filter display Space-saving storage bracket on side of vacuum S4 aces the Floor Test S4 aces the Cable-Pull Test S4 aces the Hose Test S4 aces the Threshold Test S4 aces the The Longevity Test Well-designed wheel castors The S4780 Orion is easily transported Click System Optional Accessories & Floor Tools Accu Nova Electro Brush SAB 100-3 Turbobrush STB 205-3 Parquet Floor Brush SBB-3 Smooth Floor Brush SBB 235-3

  • Radio Frequency Controls; suction control via +/- controls on handle
  • 1200-watt, high-output Miele-made Vortex Motor SystemTM
  • Sealed SystemTM construction
  • Active HEPA Filter Installed
  • Deluxe handle assembly
Customer Reviews:
  • Recommended...with reservations
    I'm torn. I have a Miele Orion and I like it very well so far, but I have had problems with the radio frequency controls on the handle. In my case, the battery would drain every two weeks or so. I took it back to the shop and they were able to swap out the part for a new one under warranty.
    The new handle part has a modified design. Formerly, the buttons for power and suction stood just a little bit proud of the handle, and now, on the new part, there is a molded ridge around the buttons. I suspect that the original design allowed the buttons to get pressed inadvertently while the vac stood in a crowded closet, which caused the battery to drain.
    I don't know if Miele made other, internal changes to the design, but the new part is working well so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because I like the vacuum otherwise. It might be safer to choose a different Miele S4 model because of the RF control problems, but, on the other hand, I really appreciate the convenience of the handle-mounted controls.
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  • Repair Issues on Handle of Hose
    This is the only Miele S4 Galaxy I have ever repaired. I have repaired several Miele Orions. They all have the same problem. The radio controlled hose controls. This technology is new, and has had problems since day one. They all have been warranty repairs so far, but expensive parts after warranty period. Great cleaning, but some major technology problems in the hose. The antenna for the radio controlled hose also has some issues. The antenna will bend over and point down, which causes difficulty when trying to change the speeds up and down, and turning the vacuum on/off from the hose can be challenging as well. Best idea is to avoid this canister....more info