Miele S4210 Antares with Turbo Nozzle

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Product Description

Miele S4210 Antares with turbo Power. Lightweight, Powerful and Stylish...One Giant Leap for Vacuuming. The well-appointed S4 Galaxy Series is light in weight and has everything an advanced vacuum cleaner should offer and more. Why not explore the excitement and the difference a Miele S4 vacuum cleaner can make in your home? Features and Benefits: Lightweight and compact - only 14 lbs.! Controls Dial power controls ranging from 200 Watts - 1200 Watts Suction control via rotary dial Power 1200-watt, high-output Miele-made Vortex Motor SystemTM Filter System Sealed SystemTM construction Super Air Clean Filter (1 supplied) 3.5L / 3.7-quart capacity IntensiveClean PlusTM dustbag with flap for dust-free removal (2 supplied) SAB 205-3 Turbo Brush is included and is ideal for all low to mediume pile carpeting. SBB 300-3 Smooth Floor brush Wand: Stainless steel, telescopic Non-electric hose Three integrated accessories: natural bristle dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool The S4210 Antares comes with the Accessory Clip. Standard Color & Dimensions Height: 8" Width: 9" Length: 19" Color: Red. Standard Features Impressive 29.5-foot operating radius Thermal cut-out indicator Safety shut-off on overheating Dustbag change indicator alerts you to replace the hygienic bag Quiet operation through better engineering Filter Grill Space-saving storage bracket on side of vacuum S4 aces the Floor Test S4 aces the Cable-Pull Test S4 aces the Hose Test S4 aces the Threshold Test S4 aces the The Longevity Test Well-designed wheel castors The S4210 Antares is easily transported.

  • Dial power controls ranging from 200 Watts - 1200 Watts
  • Suction control via rotary dial
  • Includes SAB 205-3 Turbo Brush
  • Sealed SystemTM construction, Super Air Clean Filter
  • 3.7-quart capacity IntensiveClean PlusTM dustbag
Customer Reviews:
  • Fab compact powerhouse!
    Great vacuum, much lighter than my last Miele (which finally died after 13 years of hard labor). Nice looking easy to maneuver and powerful. And quick delivery from Central Vacuum!...more info
  • Glad I went with this vacuum!
    I knew I wanted a cannister vacuum. My mom had one growing up(an electrolux silverado)and I wanted a straight suction nozzle for my downstairs hard wood/tile and a carpet nozzle for staircase and upstairs of my home. I thought I would spend some money and get a good vacuum so off to Sears, to compare models. Their Kenmore models were large and not attractive to me even though one was rated a consumers best buy. But I did like the Electrolux Oxy 3 model @ $499.00. I decided to do an internet search to see if I could get the electrolux cheaper over the web, and I was happy to see the price was a $130.00 less online but I read many conflicting stories of quality and repair issues that I thought this one may not be good to buy online. I decided to go to a "real" vacuum specialty shop and try to compare the electrolux to others in this $500.00 price point.

    When I called the shop and asked what models they carried they gave me a list of Miele, Riccar, and some others I had not heard of. I specifically asked about electrolux and he basically made me feel like an idiot for wanting that. I decided to be open minded and go to the shop to see the $499.00 entry price point Miele canister he suggested. At first I thought no way...This does not have all the bells and whistles I am looking for. The electrolux had all kinds of fancy indicator lights and a on off switch and power adjuster on the handle, etc. Then when he proceeded to talk about the Miele's superior construction and motor being under warranty for 7 years, I finally test drove it in the store. Long story short this cute compact vacuum is very functional. I LOVE the bare floor brush it comes with, it does a great job swiveling and getting under the edges of my low sectional sofa. And the unit itself is lightweight, but definitely feels well made. The salesman called the Miele's the BMW of vacuums, this being the 3 series, entry model if you will. I suppose the $850.00 Miele is the 5 series and for $1000.00 plus you get the 750 BMW? Anyways, I didnt want to spend mega money on this vacuum, but I did like the German engineering aspect and the fact that I felt like I was buying a quality item that would stand the test of time.

    I think the power brush may be a little lightweight for me upstairs, but it does spin well and has great suction. I also like how you can connect it to the handle for the staircase! So this Antares is going to do the job for me and my family of a baby, preschooler, teenager, cat and hubby. I hope you like your purchase as much as I like mine! As a special note I did buy the Hepa filter for 60.00 extra, as I thought this level of vacuum deserved it.

    I would buy this online to save tax ($40) with free shipping, otherwise go support your local vacuum shop. With this economy help out the guy in your backyard! ...more info
  • I love my new miele antares - love it
    Used to live with wall to wall carpet, and used an Oreck. Having finally gotten wood floors, did a lot of research and settled on the Miele Antares. Confused by the review where the person said they didn't get a turbo nozzle or parquet tool - these are standard with the antares, and much appreciated. only thing i bought extra was a HEPA filter, as I have cats and allergies.

    from the moment I opened the box, i was in love with the miele. so well made, so solid yet so light, much smaller than I expected, and a joy to use. very strong suction at top level, and pretty quiet. if you think the cord is too short, that may be because you are whizzing so quickly and easily from room to room that you forget that you need to switch to another socket. most vacuums have similar length cords.

    and finally, my boyfriend--who had completely failed to understand why my upright was no longer useful to me and had declared his intention of inheriting it--tried my miele for 10 minutes and immediately ordered one for himself.

    in short, this vacuum is wonderful for hard floors and low to medium area rugs, not to mention cleaning dust out of light fixtures, getting right under the appliances with the crevice tool, etc etc. I can't speak to th issue of wall to wall or shag rugs, but miele is such high quality i'm sure they have a model for you....more info
  • worth the $$
    I hate vacuuming, so even though we're on a tight budget, I was determined to get something that I wouldn't curse every time I had to drag it out (and that would last a long time). This machine is the ticket. It's beautifully designed, with nice features like the catch that holds the wand upright when you park the vac. It's incredibly small and lightweight, it's quiet, it's simple, and all the parts click together and apart effortlessly, unlike the $350 Eureka we had that was a pain in the patooti from the day we got it 'til the day its circuit board died and couldn't be replaced.

    A couple of caveats to consider: I gave it 5 stars because overall, it's head and shoulders above any other vac I've owned and I love using it, but the turbo brush is definitely not a power head - it takes some practice to get the same results. It's probably not suitable for a house with a lot of carpeting - we have bare floors and scatter rugs (that said, it's doing fine with the fur from 2 dogs and a long-haired cat). Also, the tools ride in a holder on the wand, not in the vac housing, and that can occasionally be inconvenient. The salesman we bought from recommended the Pisces as being somewhat more convenient - the tools store on board and it's got a larger bag capacity. But in our little house on our little budget, this machine is really all I could ask for. I'd buy it again....more info
  • Wow!
    I love to vacuum with this product! I find excuses to use it. It is lightweight, very quiet, and has incredible power. I just ordered the turbo nozzle for it for my heavier carpets, and it's amazing what this little dynamo can do. I also bought a very expensive upright that does great work on carpet but is so heavy and cumbersome as to make it not worth the effort. The Antares does it all for me! ...more info
  • Best Vacuum I ever owned and great for pets
    We recently purchased this vacuum and have owned Orecks, Hoovers and many others before. Nothing compares. We have the Turbo Nozzle and it picks up the tons of hair from our carpets like nothing I have ever seen. This vacuum with its attachments has our home cleaner than it has been since we got the yellow lab (those with these sweet dogs knows there is hair EVERYWHERE. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone, it is working great on our low pile wall to wall carpets, area rugs (we have a bunch) and on the hardwood floors. Going to order the miniturbo brush soon to get more hair out of the furniture....more info
  • Not enough suction for carpet.
    I was disappointed in this machine as soon as I plugged it in. It does not pick up dog hair out of area rugs or carpets. It worked well on hardwoods, but don't waste your money on this machine. The "turbo" nozzle is anything but "turbo". It needs electricity going to it to be effective, the suction just isn't enough as is.

    Beware of who you buy from and what their return policies are. Vacuums of America charged me a restocking fee of 15% even though it doesn't state that anywhere on their Amazon pages. They were even aware that it doesn't state that and were willing to not charge me 15% restocking fee if I purchased a different vacuum from them. Shady operation. Now I am going through the Amazon A-Z return guarantee to get the rest of my money back....more info
  • Unbeatable on hard surfaces
    First and foremost, the cleaning power of this vacuum on hard surfaces compares to none. I cannot speak to the turbo nozzle, as I do not have carpets. I have now owned this vacuum for over six months, and have had the opportunity to use it for many different things.

    The pros:

    Absolutely unbeatable on hard surfaces.

    I am extremely impressed with the swivel head, which really gets close into corners as well as around things. It can also be maneuvered to reach all the way under the bed or couch - no more dust bunnies! (And I have a king-sized bed.)

    The expelled air, which is filtered, blows straight up, and therefore does not blow dust around.

    Its size. Small and lightweight. The canister follows with an easy flick of the wrist.

    Powerful suction, with special settings such as draperies and upholstery, as well as variable suction settings.

    The attachments: Hard floor brush is exceptional. Dusting brush makes baseboards easier than ever, and is also great for leather furniture. Crevice attachment gets into those hard to reach places. Upholstery attachment does wonders on my microfiber couch.

    Cord retraction mechanism is flawless.

    The telescoping wand adjusts easily.

    Rubber wheels and base mean no scratched floors and no marks on baseboards.

    Changing the bag could not be simpler, and its flawless design allows absolutely no dust to escape from the old bag.

    Ease of use makes for a quick vacuuming of the entire house.

    The cons:

    While the attachments are close at hand, their positioning can make it hard to access the button for the telescoping wand.

    At first, I would have said the on/off switch has a feather-light touch. However, over time it has become apparent that you actually have to step on the foremost part of the large button to activate/deactivate easily (made more difficult if you are in socks). Its positioning on the canister makes it inconvenient to reach, and it sometimes requires a balancing act.

    The Antares has a "park" feature which allows for wand storage with the canister either upright or on its belly. While convenient, this park feature is not flawless. Several times, I thought the wand was securely parked, only to walk away and have it fall over. Upon closer inspection, the plastic threads that hold the wand in place are showing significant wear. The plastic looks a bit chewed up. I can only hope that at some time in the future, it doesn't fail altogether. Obviously, a different sort of plastic, or maybe even a metal housing, should be used on future models.

    As you can see, the vacuum is heavy on the pros and light on the cons. It is too bad these few problems are present in an otherwise flawless product. I would still highly recommend this vacuum due to its superior cleaning ability. Just treat your park feature gently, in the hope you do not see the wear that I have.
    ...more info
  • These machines are made for specific things - pick the right one
    Though no site, including Miele, does a good job of presenting this, different Miele vacs are made for different floor types. For example, mainly wall to wall, wood floors and through rugs... etc. This machine is specifically for those with wood floors and area rugs. If that is what you have and you buy this machine it is FANTASTIC. I never had a cleaner house and have wasted way more than this costs on almost yearly purchases of junky cheap vacuums for the past 8 years. Suction is amazing and you can talk on the phone while using it, it is that quiet. It is also unbelievably light and easy to carry around. Beyond making my floors super clean, using attachments is great as well. The unbelievable suction has resulted in my having clean heating radiators, perhaps for the first time in this house in 98 of its 99 years, as well as stairs, corners, hard to reach places and, well, the whole house!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    It's cute (I find myself leaving it out--it's a nice piece of industrial design), it's light, and it's easy to use. Oh yeah, it's got great suction. The floor tool is very maneuverable and the turbo brush carpet tool is more than adequate for the fairly thick living room carpet in my home (this tool runs on the air sucked through vents in the tool--it really is a "turbo"--just as an exhaust driven fan runs the turbocharger in my VW Passat) and this tool is also very light an maneuverable. If you have a lot of carpet and need the attachment to have driven wheels, you might want to by a Miele with a powered carpet attachment.

    The exhaust air coming from this vacuum smells like fresh air even though this model does not have HEPA filtration. As far as I can tell the filtration that it does have (and a new filter comes with a package of bags) is more than sufficient.

    It's quiet enough that you might not think it's working until you run the floor tool over the road sand that seems to always get tracked in my house in the winter--the racket that makes is satisfying confirmation that it's working quite well. I can talk on the phone and use this vacuum.

    The vacuum itself weighs all of 11 lbs. and it is fairly small. Quite easy to walk around with and carry while vacuuming places like stairs. An attachment to strap this small vacuum to your back might be convenient.

    The only two downsides to the vacuum are. 1.) the curved plastic piece that connects the hose to the stainless steel telescopic tube (no need for two pieces--nice feature!) will become disconnected if you hold the plastic piece close to the end where it joins the hose--it's supposed to come apart, but it should probably be a bit more difficult; 2.) the dusting brush is tiny--perfect for small areas, but i'd like one a bit larger. I might spring for the mini turbo brush at some point. I'd be happier with one larger dusting brush that seems to be unavailable.

    It's almost $500, and that's a lot to pay for a vacuum without a powered attachment. But it doesn't need that attachment and I suspect I'll have this machine running for at least 10 years if not more. I'd buy it again....more info
  • Disappointed
    I have owned the Antares with the power nozzle for two year, and I am looking for a new canister vacuum. So I went to Amazon to read some reviews and boy was I surprised of the praise for the Antares. I was not sure they were talking about the same machine. I have been back to the dealer twice. The first time because the power nozzle would no longer attach to the wand. After 15 minutes of frustration I resorted to my 20 year old Electrox so I could finish cleaning. The Antares does not work on carpet. Our house is bare floors, orientals and berber area carpets. It takes at least four to five swipes to get lint and/or pieces of leave or anything light tracked in from outside, forget cat hair. My old Electrolux that now tends to overheat does a better job in one pass. Since I hate to clean the faster I can get it over with the better so I am still looking.
    Electrox is now way too much money and and from the research I have read, they are not like they use to be. ...more info
  • Great vac
    I've never had a high end vacuum before, so I don't have alot to compare it to. That being said, I am very happy with this unit. It's much smaller than I expected, relatively quiet and works just as advertised. The carpet attachment works fine for me. Between the attachments, it's light weight and long tube, I'm cleaning much more often and better than I ever have before. It's a very well designed, very well made vacuum. ...more info
  • The best!!!

    I love it. I never thought I would enjoy the vacuuming task. It is light weight but so powerful. I have a lot of hardwood floors and the hardwood floor brush works so perfect - it goes everywhere and turns and swivels - and never misses anything. My husband almost had a heart attack when he found out I paid that much - but I am the one who does the cleaning and I insisted on keeping it. You will love it. Wish I bought it long time ago - because if you add up all the worthless vacuums for 150 dollars that I bought and hated after short while, I could have bought 2 Miele vacuums!
    ...more info
  • Mercedes of Cannister Vacs
    My friend bought this vacuum last year, and when he told me what he paid for it I scoffed! I couldn't imagine spending this kind of money for a vacuum, and I muddled around with my cheap lightweight bagless upright with the expensive paper filters that constantly clogged with dust and needed frequent cleaning or replacement.

    Well, I sprung for this Miele Antares, and love it! Who thought I could get excited by a vacuum? This machine is compact, stylish, easy to maneuver around the apartment, and does a great job with fantastic suction. One very nice feature is that each time you buy a new box of (5) bags, it comes with the two replacement filters that this vacuum requires. I used to have to pay $15.00 for a replacement filter on my cheap vacuum ... now that pays for 5 bags and the filter!

    The unit *feels* quality, sturdily constructed, quiet, and picks up nicely. The reviews on this make it sound like the turbo brush is extra, but it's not -- it's included with the Antares. The Antares comes with 3 attachments (crevice, upholstery, and brush) as well as two heads (parquet /bare floor, and turbo brush that uses the machine's suction to spin the brush). it also comes with two bags (one bag and all filters are pre-installed, which is a nice touch) and the bags are pretty ingenious... when you remove them, the bag opening is automatically covered to prevent dirt/dust from escaping.

    I could go on and on, but I encourage you to just pick one up. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for!...more info
  • Pricey but excellent performance
    I replaced an older upright vacuum with the Miele. The first thing I noticed is the power brush picking up almost all the loose hairs on the ground during the first pass-through on the carpet. This vacuum is very quiet compared to others, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's not sucking dirt vigorously. Only negatives are a relatively short cord and need to manually clean the turbo brush by cutting the trapped hairs and pulling out the dustballs....more info
  • A housewife's dream come true!
    I've never vacuumed my house in such a short time. I've never vacuumed my house without cursing God, man and the universe before. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me! Straight out of the box it leapt and started sucking up everything in sight! It has a nozzle that makes twists and turns around the legs of every piece of furniture. It has a non-electric hose (more flexibility) with a turbohead carpet attachment. It rocks harder than Elvis Costello, dare I say it?
    I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!
    (imagine tears of joy raining down and shorting out the appliance)
    The guy at Witbeck's was very helpful in sorting out which model to get. By no means did he suggest the most expensive, and even suggested one cheaper. But I had to have that turbo nozzle!...more info
  • Pricey but not impressed
    Just having new wood floors installed,Ineed a vacuum that would do both wood floors and carpet. It was an expensive vacuum but I thought it would be worth the price if it could both floors well and last a long time. I bought the antares model. It was $479. It had good suction,was quiet and light-weight;however, I would have had to purchase the power nozzle for another$249. to do the carpets and the parquet brush to adequately do the wood floors for another $50 dollars. Much too expensive for my taste!!...more info
  • NOT the vacuum for carpet!
    Please do NOT buy this vacuum if you need it to vacuum carpet AT ALL! It works well on hard floors only. Even with the turbo carpet attachment, it picks up only the little surface pieces on the very top of the carpet but will NOT pull anything up out of the carpet like an upright. If you have hard floors, tile, hardwood, etc., this vacuum works as well as anything else, but for the cost, not worth it if it won't give you any suction on any carpet of any depth....more info
  • a little friend
    The miele vacuum cleaner acts as your little friend for wood floors. It picks up sand and everything else from wood floors, very efficient! It is light and easy to use. The cord could be longer, you need a room with more plugs... It works 100 times better than a broom on all hard floors. It's good on carpet but best on hard floors....more info
  • Just terrific
    It's not cheap, but for a Miele it's a good value, and I predict it will last as long as several cheaper vacuum cleaners combined. The air in my apartment feels noticably cleaner after a few weeks (I have wall to wall carpet).

    PROS: Very quiet (for a vacuum cleaner). This makes it MUCH more pleasant to use. Very solid build quality. Smaller and lighter, yet far more powerful, than any I've owned. Easier to use than an upgright because you only have to move the hose. Adjustable speed is nice for rugs.

    CONS: None really....more info
  • True: This vacuum SUCKS and it's worth the price
    My mom forced me to buy this vacuum cleaner two weeks ago. Well, I just LOVE it (I named it Rubino because it's red). Rubino is not noisy, is easy to carry around (it has 4 weels), and it sucks all the dirt that you have around the house. I bought the version for wood floor, and it comes with another hose for pillow and matresses, and one with a brush for smaller surfaces. With a simple touch of your foot, the electric wire goes back to place. It's almost a pleasure to use......more info
  • Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaner
    There are times in your life when you discover that there was something better out there than what you have been used to. The Miele is one of those products that makes you realize that whatever you were using before was an inferior machine. Its lightness and maneuverablity are enough to recommend it but it also has superior suction and a very quiet motor. This is one fine german import. ...more info
  • Excellent Performance & Value, cord a little short
    We decided to get this vacuum instead of a central vac system for our 3200 sq ft home. The logic was that you would still need to lug around a hose and wand with the central vac, plus we already owned an upright Dyson. Our plan was to use the Miele for the main level (100% hardwoods with oriental rugs) and the Dyson for the upstairs (50% hardwoods, 50% wall-to-wall carpet). Now, a year later, we're glad we bought this Miele. It works extremely well on the hardwoods and with a simple flip of the switch on the attachment, very good on the rugs. The variable motor speed was something I never thought we needed but is extremely useful. On high, it's on par with the Dyson but the sound level is so much less. The Dyson now reminds me of the shop vac in the garage. Another huge plus is the size and weight. It's so easy to take out and do a quick touch ups that using it daily, if needed, doesn't become a chore.

    A few negatives. #1 The self winding cord is surprisingly short. I need to plug it into 4 outlets to do the entire 1st level (1400 sq ft). With the Dyson, I just need to plug it in twice. I guess the engineers could figure out how to make the cord longer and still self-retract reliably [shrug].

    #2 The accessory wands attach to the wand which gets in the way when you vacuum under furniture, plus become added weight. I'd rather it attach to the canister somehow. So, we just leave the attachments in the closet.

    #3 The canister has 2 wand holders. One on the side of the canister for when you store it upright in a closet and another one for when you need to rest it temporarily so you don't have to place the wand on the floor. This is a nice touch, but because this holder is in the back of the unit, it obstructs the power cord path when winding or unwinding. So in the course of vacuuming, I still need to place the wand on the floor twice. That's just a silly (oversight) design.

    #4 The 2 buttons (power & cord rewind) on the canister are hard to shut off with your foot consistently because they are contoured with the canister's body lines. Sometimes you get it on the first try, other times nothing happens, or if you really catch it on the edge, the canister ends up moving away from you. Again, a little silly given how flawless other things were designed.

    All in all, a very very good design. I just wish I had 5 minutes with the design team.
    ...more info
  • Beautiful, strong machine!
    My wife and I diligently searched canister vacuums both in town and on the internet. We finally decided on this one and we couldn't be any happier. Our carpet hadn't been vacuumed in several months, but this machine sucked up all the dirt and grime without a problem. Our carpet looked several shades lighter! And the Miele cleans very quietly and effectively. My wife loves it's light-weight and the design. She can carry it around without a problem. ...more info
  • Antares Galaxy Series Vacuum
    After hauling around my very heavy Kirby for 14 years I am so happy with this compact, light-weight vacuum cleaner. It does such a thorough job and is so quiet it doesn't scare my poor weenie of a dog. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. ...more info
  • excellent
    We've had this vacuum cleaner for half a year now and are very happy with it. I recommend it to everybody. Very light , follows you everywhere , good accessories. It does a very good job and it's easy to get in the corners. So far has been running perfect and we used it a lot.
    I wish it had a special bag or something to store all the accessories as I am using trash bags to do that, Would still buy again.
    ...more info
  • Worth every penny...
    I was sick and tired of vacuuming and dusting, only to find a film of dust on the furniture in a couple of days. So, I threw out the (relatively new) upright and went for the Miele. It is absolutely worth every penny. There is nothing better for hard-wood floors (goodbye broom and Swifter), short pile and deep pile rugs, and wall-to-wall carpet. The quality of the vacuum is very evident, and it is a joy to use. My home is noticeably less dusty, even when I fall a few days behind on my cleaning chores. Go ahead and go for it, you will not regret it....more info
  • Miele Canister Vacuums - Simply the best
    I have been researching the Miele Antares Galaxy Canister vacuum. From my research, it appears that this unit and the miele brand is extremely well made (made in Germany) and should last much longer than other canister vacs. Despite the high price, you may go through several other vacuums for the life of this one and get better service as well.

    The one negative review on this vacuum had nothing to do with the vacuum and had to do with them NOT including and attachment for rugs. Well that complaint has now been met by Miele. As of July 2006, this unit now comes with BOTH the TB 205-3 Turbo Nozzle & SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush. These will do both rugs and floors.

    If you are looking for the best, then this is it. And it is a very attractive vacuum if that sort of thing is important to you.

    If you are looking for an upright vacuum, then from the reviews I have seen, Dyson has gotten some pretty awsome ratings. Especially for Pet Hair removal. The Dyson Animal is the best for that....more info
  • Designed to be a vacuum you don't have to fight with
    The light weight, compact design makes the Miele vacuum cleaner highly maneuverable. It can be easily picked up and moved up and down stairs. When you move about the room, you don't have to drag it around like a dead weight, a gentle tug and the main motor unit follows along effortlessly.

    It doesn't have a motor-driven carpet brush. At first, I thought it would be a disadvantage, after all, that's a standard feature on most of the American vacuum cleaners. But now I see the logic behind it. The standard floor tool is lighter and easier to move around. Its joint swivels in two directions making it easier to get into corners and under furnitures. The hose also doesn't have embedded electrical cable making it more flexible. For our carpet, the standard floor tool works well enough. The manual does recommend getting the battery powered electro-brush if really deep pile carpet or rug neccesitates it.

    The motor is powerful yet very quiet.

    Overall, this is a excellent cleaning tool that makes vacuuming less of a chore....more info
  • Just great
    It may not have all the special accessories, but for my home it has everything it needs. It is light, easy to maneuver and has great suction. My friend borrowed it and now she has ordered one as well. Just a great vacuum & absolutely worth the money....more info
  • Let a Miele Be Your Umbrella!
    It's not like me to write a rave about a vacuum cleaner, let alone actually use one (except when prompted to by partners or pangs of conscience). However, the minute I Miele'd the rugs, I knew I could never go back to the lackluster performance of cheaper machines. That's just how superior the Miele is, even this, one of the most affordable in their line. It's worth the extra $150 or so compared to top models from Eureka, Hoover, and other popular brands. There's so much going for this model that brevity demands I simply enumerate it's many advantages.

    Power: There are six easily adjustable power levels. The highest is an incredible 1,200 watts--plenty to pick up old debris stubbornly clinging to home base. By attaching the long crevice tool you can wedge the wand between rug and wall and pick up generations of dirt--this is no time to get sentimental. The lower power setting are also useful, witht the duster attachment you can go over framed pictures, curtains, etc. without fear that the pictures will fall down or that the curtains or etc. will wind up sucked inside the hose. There's high power, but there's also non-gimmicky variable power.

    Mobility: I'm a novice at using a canister vacuum, so I was surprised at how easily the unit followed me the room around like a low-tech robot. You may need to lift it when moving from one room to another, and the Miele is relatively light (compare it to the Dyson, for example) and well-balanced. The standard rectangular head also shows great angular mobility to vacuum hard-to-reach areas. It adds up to a greater effective cleaning area; you'll get closer to walls and curved objects. It's the large appliance equivalent of a close shave.

    The Other Stuff: I won't repeat all the information in the product description above except to confirm that the components work (e.g., the filtering system) and the features aren't mere gimmicks. The bag changes more easily than in other vacuums, the useful tools attach to the telescoping steel wand, the electric cord retracts completely and semi-automatically, and is is much quieter than any other v.c. I've used. Yes, the cleaning head doubles as a combo rug/floor cleaner, but unlike the other reviewer, I found that the Miele performed superbly (even with dog fur) on both surfaces without needing rotating brushes. (The head adjusts to floors by retracting some stiff but fairly short non-rotating brushes.) If you need prefer however, you can buy a rotating brush head for about $100 (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000AMEKHW/ ref=pd_sim_k_2/103-7519344-0327817?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance&n=284507). That costs approximately as much as a model that comes with the "power brush," so you could experiment without it first. If money is no object, then go ahead and get the other model, and send me one too...

    Problems: Not many, although I've had it a very short time, and will update this review if it develops any. However, I wish the on/off button were located on the wand rather than on the trailing canister. Furthermore, you're supposed to control power by stepping on the canister's large metallic plate, but this proved somewhat clumsy and slippery when not wearing your shoes.

    I'm so pleased with the Miele that I'm taking a break from my usual reviews of books and music to recommend it. A Miele can cost over $1,000, but I suspect that most people won't need these more expensive versions. However, one may want to compare models on the web to find right one for you. I'm actually looking forward to using it tomorrow...the fresher air, cleaner house, and wow factor are worth it.
    ...more info
  • It's oh so quiet compared to other vacs!
    I'm hooked, this vacuum really does suck! Cat hair, stray litter, people hair, dust bunnies and with no noise to leave your ears ringing and your pets terrified for their lives. I must get this turbo brush I've heard mentioned by other reviews on the web. That and lots more dust bags!

    Who knew house cleaning could be fun again?!...more info
  • This vacuum sucks!!
    After almost 24 years, my husband and I decided to rid ourselves of the vacuum cleaners we brought to the marrriage. Last year, I bought a huge upright vacuum for heavy cleaning and went through a string of cordless sweepers for day to day operations. None of the latter suited me for heavy cleaning, and they barely functioned on a daily basis after few days of work. Having had a stroke last year I am not as capable as I once was of man-handling a 25-lb or heavier gizmo, and my 76-year old husband, owns a back that "goes out" every time the house needs vacuuming. So, finding the various sweepers insufficient and the upright too heavy, I began to search in earnest for something light-weight that would also perform.

    I love the Miele vacuum cleaner S 4000: 1/it weighs 11 lbs and I can manipulate it easily; it meets the standards set for vacuum cleaners by Canada and the EU.....environmentally friendly with a fine filtration system, so I don't spend the whole time sneezing; 3/ it is a low energy-usage instrument; 4/ the machine is so quiet, I caught my husband going out the front door while I was vacuuming, and I could hear my cell phone ring and answer it and speak with and hear the caller; 5/ the head is so flexible, it goes this way and that under bird cages and across floors and rugs (I have floor cloths and a few Persian scatter rugs). 6/ the wand snaps upright onto the canister for storage and resting while you stop.

    Best of all this vacuum sucks like a big upright (it may be better!). I have 14 parrots, a flock of canaries and three poms..talk about feathers, food, and fur..and this little light-weight machine does the trick, however, and leaves the floor clean. It's so light-weight I will use it for "everyday".

    ...more info
  • Worth every penny!
    After coveting my sister's, my mother's and my sister-in-law's Meile, I received one for a gift. It has changed the way I approach cleaning! Not only is it extremely lightweight but it is very powerful and will clean anything! It comes with 3 extra attachments that are very useful and the bags/filters are very easy to replace. They redesigned my vacuum and took out the "unnecessary extras" as my mom would say. This makes it much more compact and even lighter than the previous models. They honestly did not forget anything on this model! The handle extends based on your height and can also be attached/placed in one of two positions when not in use. There is a little switch that makes the suction less intense if you are vacuuming throw rugs, etc. The brush has a bare floor and a carpet setting. It alerts you when the bag is full. What more can I say! It's worth every penny!...more info
  • A great investment and worth the price
    First, let me just say that prior to buying the Miele Antares, I owned a different ("low-end") Miele vacuum for 16 years. I ran it all the time, it was totally ahead of its time in terms of performance and style, and I never once serviced it.

    However, after 16 years, it needed minor servicing, and though they told me at the shop that it still had some life left in it (the vacuum store told me that Miele motors are built to last for 20 years), I decided to trade in my old Miele and upgrade to the Antares. WOW! This unit is amazing. It's quiet, it's lighter, it has variable settings for suction power, and it's really powerful. I highly recommend investing in the add-on turbo brush ($100), especially if you have pets. (I hate to vacuum, but I do have pets, and the turbo brush literally scrubs the fur out of your carpet.)

    But even if you own an old Miele, like my previous one, you could just buy the turbo brush and add it on--the Miele design is consistent enough that often the same components can be used for multiple models, covering a wide span of years (for example, the Antares uses exactly the same vacuum cleaner bags that my 16-year-old Miele used).

    I recommend that you don't waste your time with vacuum cleaners that will only last 3-5 years. Read the user reviews online of other competing products that don't last nearly as long, and then buy a Miele....more info