Eureka C5712A Commercial Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

UL listed for commercial use, the Eureka C5712 is one tough customer. Powerful enough to suction up the biggest messes and rugged enough for daily use, it's equally suited to commercial or heavy-duty residential use. The C5712 also features true HEPA filtration--that is, sealed HEPA filtration, which not only captures 99.97% of dust and allergens bigger than .3 microns in size, but also filters the vacuum's exhaust so those allergens aren't spewed back into the air. Instead, dust and dirt are trapped in a bag inside a hard plastic bin, making this model much more suitable than bagless-type machines for allergy and asthma sufferers, multi-pet environments, or anyone who cares about clean indoor air. In addition to its strong suction, pleasantly quiet operation, and durable construction, the C5712 features a bright headlight for low-light situations or cleaning under furniture as well as an extra-wide, clog-resistant air path. Its 40-foot power cord can clean several large rooms at a time before needing to be un- and re-plugged, and the included stretch hose extends up to three times its original length to further extend your cleaning reach. (Both hose and included onboard tools store conveniently on the machine.) The unit's compact measurements (12 by 13 inches at the base, 44 inches tall) mean a narrow nozzle, but what the C5712 loses in cleaning path width it makes up for in maneuverability--and at 17 pounds, it's lighter and easier to push than most machines in this class. The Eureka C5712 comes backed by a one-year limited warranty. --Mary Park

  • Rugged, durable vacuum with powerful suction for UL-listed commercial or heavy-duty residential use
  • Sealed HEPA filtration captures 99.7% of allergens down to .3 microns, then filters the vacuum's exhaust for cleaner indoor air
  • 10-amp motor; 40-foot power cord for extended cleaning reach
  • Includes brilliant headlight, 3:1 stretch hose, and onboard tools
  • Measures 12 by 13 by 44 inches; weighs 17 pounds; limited 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
    I live with four long haired dogs, and have found most vacuums to be less than adequate. I bought the Eureka C5712 a few months ago and have been VERY happy with it. It is powerful, light for its size, and has great suction. I have gone through many vacuums, and I like this one the best. It has no headlight on it, which I found distracting more than anything else. ...more info