Thorlo Unisex Thick Cushion Running Mini-Crew Sock

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Product Description

The founder of Thorlos grew up watching his father knit socks. His father's philosophy was "A worthwhile life is to be the best at something." The founder shares his father's philosophy and incorporates this viewpoint in constructing the socks for Thorlos. Using their patented technologies, the "sports specifics" concept is Thorlos. Thorlon enhances loft and resilience and will not allow perspiration to stay behind. Socks are available for golfing, running, playing tennis and basketball. Due to their technology, they have received numerous letters from consumers and doctors informing Thorlos that their products were helping their feet to feel better. When your feet are pain free, your quality of life is more pleasurable. When the correct socks are combined with the correct shoe your quality of life will be enchanced. Thorlo has business relationships with other companies such as Jagger Brothers, Inc. and the Nathional Spinning Co., Inc. Socks made specifically for western boots provide an extra thick heel pocket that allows the foot to make the turn in the boot and allows the foot to feel secure and comfortable. Women's Roll Top Sock is the only under-the ankle women's golf sock that stays up all day. This sock also provides extra cushioning and comfort. Look for these popular items: the Thorlo women's lite running micro-mini sock with cool max; Thorlo At-Work and uniform sock; Thorlo At-work Safety Toe Sock; Thorlo At-Work Uniform Support Sock; Basketball; backpacking wool socks, casual dress socks - over the calf or crew length. And for the cold weather - snowboard and skiing socks.

Thorlo, the originator of the activity-specific sock, is a family-owned company that designs and manufactures sock products for everything from hiking to tennis to hunting. Every pair of Thorlo's socks--from original concept to finished product--is made in North Carolina. Thorlo goes to great lengths to ensure that its manufacturing

processes are environmentally friendly, while also using only recycled or recyclable paper in its packaging.

The company provides foot health support through innovative product design. Thorlo recently introduced their "Levels of Protection" system for some of their products to make it easier for the active individual to choose the product that best suits their needs. With an easy 3-2-1 system, consumers can choose the appropriate protection based on the intensity of their activity and their chosen footwear.

  • 85% THOR°§LON Acrylic, 12% stretch nylon, 2% spandex
  • Extra THORLON provides a maximum fitness density padding for better durability, protection against shock, impact, and shear forces
  • Size 11 fits shoe 5.5-8.5; size 13 fits 9-12.5; size 15 fits 13-15
  • Lightweight padding in arch provides arch support and a better fit
  • Machine wash warm or cold with like colors, use non-chlorine bleach only, tumble dry low

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth Every Penny
    These socks are very expensive, but my husband has arthritis in his feet and these socks have cut down a lot on his discomfort when exercising or golfing. Even better than insoles or wearing multiple pairs of socks. Note that there are specific washing/drying instructions that should be followed to keep the cushioning cushion-y!...more info
  • Great socks!
    I am training to run a marathon and the pounding of the pavement under my feet was really making them hurt, UNTIL NOW! These socks are amazing! Only wish they weren't so expensive! They are worth it though!...more info
  • Best Socks Ever
    Bought my first pair in 1996 while in basic training at the United States Air Force Academy. Been wearing them since. The cushioning and the length of time it takes to wear a whole in these is unbeatable. Worth every penny....more info
  • I wear these socks almost exclusively
    I have been wearing these socks almost exclusively for the past 15 years. They are expensive, but they do last a long time. I probably get five years out of them. Putting on a new pair feels like pulling something out of the dryer. (A new pair for me is anything less than about a year old.) I'm a bigger guy. I love the extra padding in the heel and ball. I'm not very good with trimming my toe nails. These socks don't seem to mind as much as others. If you want to buy cheap socks from a warehouse store, go ahead. You will end up spending more....more info
  • I Love These Socks!
    At first I thought these were too expensive, but they are defintly worth it, especially since I can not find warm thick socks that are loose at the ankles in the store anymore. I love these socks! They are very good for winter. They are warm, thick, loose at the ankles, excellent cushioning, comfortable, and durable. ...more info
  • Only socks I wear
    I've been thinking that it might be time to get some more Thorlos. The old ones are starting to get thin in places.

    No, not the ones I bought three years ago. Those are fine. The ten year old ones are starting to give up the ghost, and I've had to toss a number of them.

    But I'm not going to complain about 10 year old socks (worn and washed an average of once every couple of weeks) that get worn out....more info
  • Blister Suffers - Relief at Last
    I have a mild case of an hereditary skin problem called epidermolysis bulosa simplex. In plain english that means I get blisters really easily when I run. I bought three pairs of the these socks and have never looked back.

    I just wished I had bought them from Amazon ! In Sydney Australia they retail for $35 a pair! Seriously though they are the best thing that ever happened to my sore and blistering feet....more info
  • Great sock for reducing blisters
    I have been playing basketball for years and no matter what i did or what shoe i wore i would get blisters on the balls of my feet and toes. Basically these socks allow for your feet to breathe properly and allow distribution of moisture and reduce frictions so blisters don't occur. I can agree that it has helped reducing the painful blisters that I once had.

    My only gripe is the price, but they do the trick and are heavily padded on the base of the foot....more info
  • Great running sock
    The review from 12/13/07 should be removed. How can you review a sock you never even tried on based on you paying what you believe is too much for it?!! Go to Target or Costco and buy your cheap socks!
    These are great socks for runners especially if you run long-distance and tend to get blisters....more info
  • The Best Workout Socks
    I walk a few miles every day and since I got these socks I have not had a single blister or hotspot on my feet. What surprised me most is that my knees even felt better. After the first workout with these socks, I was a loyal customer for life. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED PRODUCT ...more info
  • Best Socks
    These were purchased as a birthday gift for my son-in-law, who is military and runs every day. My daughter told me she had bought him 1 pair, and everytime they are clean, he puts them on. She said if I bought him 10 pair, it would be the best gift ever. They are made with extra padding inside all the pressure points for when you run. If you want to make a runner very happy, buy these. ...more info
  • Great Sock
    I run 10K about 4-5 times a week and I have had four pair of these socks for a couple years. They are in great shape still. I tried quite a few different smart wool running socks but after trying these I haven't wanted to look for a new running sock....more info
  • Love These Socks!
    I have been wearing Thorlo socks for years and love them. I wear them for walking and hiking mostly and using them provides hours of more comfortable activity. We can all relate to sore feet and with these socks that happens after much longer participation in the activity than with other socks. They are a bit pricey but well worth the extra money. Check them out, you'll love them too....more info