Combi Kobuk Booster Seat Black Opal

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Product Description

Designed to accommodate children between 33-100 pounds, this highback belt-positioning booster is just right for your growing toddler.


  • Can be used with or without the backrest
  • Energy-absorbing EPS and egg-shock foam in head area
  • Deep side wings are lined with EPS and provide enhanced side impact protection
  • Air vents in the seat base and front of seat base for good ventilation
  • Adjustable seat belt guides for optimum comfort
  • Vented comfort foam and soft arm rests
  • Removable cup holder that can be used on either side
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Only booster on the market with belt guides that adjust both horizontally and vertically

  • Designed for children weighing 33-100 lbs.
  • Adjustable seatbelt guides and backrest for optimum comfort
  • Energy absorbing EPS and egg shock foam
  • Air vents in the seat base and front for healthy ventilation
  • 27Hx18Wx20L"

Customer Reviews:

  • Simple: it's the best car seat!
    Bought this one, 3 years ago for my daughter who's now over 5 years old. She loves. Just bought the same one for my almost 3 years old other daughter. The reason is simple : I compared it to my friends car seats (most of them got the Graco...)
    1- When I see my kid sleeping in there, rarely her head falls forward (ALL of my friends kids have their head falling... ok maybe it's a kid thing more than a car seat thing... :)!...
    2- it's light, compact ...but to me, it looks more durable than the other booster seats and the seat itself is pretty large (larger than the other booster seat, so very comfortable as the child grows)
    3- the cup holder does not fold inside the car seat (there's only 1 -> down side compared to the other booster seats who have 2 sometimes) It can be removed and placed on the other side of the car seat.
    4- the head rest - the sides are not too big so she can see on the side without wanting to go out! but big enough for holding her head...
    5- the Egg Shock foam in the head area is also what helped me to make a decision - it's an amazing feature that only the Kokuk has (to my knowledge!...maybe now it's available on other car seats - not sure about that, but 3 years ago, it was the only one!) and after all, the reason why I got this car seat it's mainly to protect my child in case of a car accident
    ...After 3 years using it, I believe for all those reasons, this car seat would do a much better job in case something happens!...more info
  • An option to consider for bigger kids
    This was our 5th and 6th carseat to purchase - starting with 2 infant carriers, then 2 creeper age seats and now 2 of these. Nothing really spectacular, except it seems to fit our [...]well. (52lbs) Since he is a little larger, we wanted to make sure it would allow some room to grow. We love the cup holder; however, it doesn't accomodate the Gerber Sippy Cups that we use (with a wider base). Additionally, this is NOT a very comfortable seat to take a nap. The sides of the neck rest provide zero comfort and my son looks SO uncomfortable when he is sleeping in this seat. Proabably wouldn't buy another one, but we are not TOO disappointed to buy # 7 & 8 car seats....more info
  • Ok booster for an older child
    After trying this booster for a couple of days with my almost 4 year old, I transfered him back to his Britax Marathon. Britax is higher, a lot more secure and much more comfortable for the kid. Safety-wise, I found that on longer trips my son would pull his arm from under the seat belt because he was not comfortable, which was not safe, of course. And sleeping is not nearly as comfortable for him as in his Britax. Overall, I am just putting this booster aside for a year or so. I think it is designed for an older child. ...more info
  • Best value overall
    We took a look at all of the car seats and this was the best value. Padding for the seat is good and it is well made. Good value over brands such as Britax....more info
  • Outstanding protection and ease of use
    We bought two of these boosters to go in my Silverado right around Thanksgivingz. We have a 2.5 year old son and a 3.5 year old daughter. We have been using two Costco Alpha Omega boosters in out Yukon since they were about a year old.

    The Kobuk is much lighter, much sturdier, and has far superior belt placement for the kids. The height adjusts quite high (my daughter is already 3 1/2 feet tall!!) without sacrificing safety, and the wraparound head protection is comforting. It sort of reminds me of the well designed Porsche racing seats you find in a C4 turbo!! These seats have lots of lateral support and a firm belt system that securely fastens over the legs and adjusts to height and widths of a variety of kids.

    We like these so much - we are going to replace the two alpha omegas this month! No more sloppy belting and sliching kids - these are great!!...more info
  • Looks good, but need some props!
    Love the look and feel of the seat! My son loves it too, and feel like a real big boy that he gets to use the grownup seat belt. Only challenge is when he falls asleep in the seat he slumps all over the place like a sack of potatoes. So sad (and, yes, sometimes quite amusing) to watch. COmbi might think of a specially shaped complementary cushion to sell/give with this for just such a thing, instead of sending owners to research and try the cushion options available which don't quite fit....more info
  • Great!
    + + + + + +
    - Black colour of the seat is really practical. You almost can't see the dirt on it.
    - Great look
    - Superb cushioning
    - Easy to mount
    - Adjustable height; easy to adjust
    - Great quality
    - Really good price
    - - - - - -
    - the cupholder is a bit too wide and should be higher, it is also too angled towards the seat but the drink won't fall out; takes a lot of place, too...more info
  • pretty good
    I read the reviews prior to purchasing this seat. It is true that the seat does not offer much cushion, but I am not worried about that. Overall it is a good seat which will grow well with my child....more info
  • Great Booster Seat
    I waited as long as I could to switch to a booster seat from a Britax 5 harness car seat. The Combi Kobuk appears to be very sturdy. The wrap around head support is a plus not only for naps, but for added protection...and the adjustable cup holder is great! The seat is also easy to transfer to other vehicles if needed. We have only used it for a month - but so far, I support a high recommendation for this product....more info
  • Good booster, but doesn't lock securely into place
    This booster is a good booster, narrower for my twins who are smaller than many four-year olds so they don't slide around in the seat too much. The boosters also fit in both my vehicles perfectly (vw jetta and bmw sedan) with a carseat in the middle for my two year old.

    My complaints for this booster are: in its description the width of the booster is only for the seat part, not the high back part which is wider than the seat by 3/4 of an inch(for those of us with 3 seats in the back that can mean the difference between safety and overlapping carseats), and when put together the high back section does not lock into place more securely. I have looked at other boosters that offer the seat and high back to be separated but only after pressing a button to release the locking mechanism. While carrying the booster from the car the seat part will flip down out of place if I don't support the seat and the back. This is annoying.

    My twins do like the seats; being able to buckle and unbuckle themselves. I have not used the cupholders for the boosters, so no comment there. The head rests help to keep their heads up while asleep in the seats.

    I would not allow my experience with the locking system of this booster to dissuade anyone from purchasing it. It is still a very good booster for people with smaller kids, and/or a need for more space in the backseat for other carseats. ...more info