5/2 Programmablethermostat

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Product Description

Compatible with most furnaces & cooling systems (24 volt & millivolt), Energy Star Compliant, Filter Monitor, Up Opening Door for easy reference to instructions, Pre-programmed, Temp. & Vacation Overrides, Soft touch key pad, 2 Stage Low Battery warning, Front battery access, Battery Powered- 2 AA

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Customer Reviews:
  • It works, and began saving us energy right away
    This is a good value for a digital thermostat. I couldn't bring myself to spend near a Benjamin for some of the higher 7-day/self-lit thermostats. If you or your family work a basic 5-day week and are home most weekends, this thermostat is all you need.

    I found the 4 programs per day more than enough. You can have a separate programming for both heat and cold settings, so you don't have to re-program the unit when the seasons change. In the summer, we essentially program the A/C to be off by the time we leave the house by setting the program to 95 degrees F, and then back to 79 degrees right around the time we come home. In the winter, we'll have a reverse setting, probably 58 when we leave the house, and 66-68 when we get home. It's not just good for your energy bill, but it helps reduce your load on the planet as well. Those with pets or family members that stay home will obviously need not be as drastic!

    This unit does require 2 AA batteries, as I think is the case with most digital thermostats.

    The only complaint I have is the buttons are made of a very soft silicone style material, and you have to press moderately hard to get the desired action. I worry that the keypads will end up like some of the cordless phone keypads nowadays -- after a few years, they stop responding. I think this will be fine, as they won't see the same action that a cordless phone does. I would have preferred a harder, more clicky button style. I did not have the wandering temperature problems the other reviewer had, and one month has passed after we installed it.
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  • Hunter 44110 fails to maintain correct and constant temperature settings
    Hunter 44110 failing to maintain correct and constant temperature settings.

    May 24, 2007, Austin, Texas.

    I purchased (but not from Amazon) this thermostat on May 1, 2007 and installed it in my residence to replace a HoneyWell programmable thermostat which simply stopped working. My furnace and air condition is in proper working condition and is hooked to the thermostat with four colored wires.

    The work week and weekend programming were all set only to 6:00am and a temperature of 79-degrees. The problem with this setting is that at a period in the evening between 4:00 and 8:00p.m., the display setting and operating temperature would change arbitrarily to 77-degrees.

    The work week programming was changed to 6:00a.m., 12:00p.m., 6:00p.m., and 12:00a.m. with a temp setting of 79-degrees. The problem with this setting is that at a period in the morning between 6:00 and 8:00a.m., the display setting and operating temperature would change arbitrarily to 75-degrees.

    Perhaps this is a fluke but I wouldn't recommend this thermostat....more info