T3 Tourmaline 83808 Professional Featherweight Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

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Product Description

Ceramic Ionic Hairdryer made with geniune tourmaline crystals T3 Tourmaline Ionic Blow Dryers are the most advanced professional dryers available today. Use of 100% crushed Tourmaline components makes them the most ionic and infrared. They deliver unbelievable results that you truly have to see to believe. Weighs 13 ounces Powerful, long-life professional motor Generates the most negative ions and infrared heat of any professional hair dryer 2 speed settings and cool shot button Removable filter Narrow ionized concentrator nozzle Benefits: Tourmaline negative ions + maximum infrared heat = 60% faster drying Leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny Doesnt damage hair like other blow dryers Eliminates the frizzy, "blow dried" look Negative ions add moisture and sheen Closes the cuticle layer to protect hair. Item has a 12 month warranty through us Glamour Beauty Center (Not the manufacturer T3).

  • Leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny. Doesn't damage hair like other blow dryers.
  • Closes the cuticle layer to protect hair
  • Eliminates frizzy, "blow dried" look
  • Negative ions add moisture and sheen.
  • Comes complete with removable filter and screen, 2 speed settings + cool shot and ionized concentrator.
Customer Reviews:
    am in the market for a fabulous dryer for my natural african-american hair. I have heard rave reviews about the T3, which my stylist uses. However, the concerns regarding whether the manufacturer will honor the warranty if you buy from Amazon turned me off. I noticed that there were mixed postings however on whether the manufacturer will or will not honor the warranty. So, after hunting around on Amazon, I realized that there are two manufacturers selling the T3 on Amazon, with a significant price difference: Beauty Collection and Discount Jungle. Beauty Collection specifically states in its warranty description that it will honor the 48 month manufacturer. I plan to buy the dryer, but read the product description before you buy and decide whether the difference in price is worth buying with the warranty. ...more info
  • great dryer
    I have owned this dryer for 2 years and it is the best dryer I have ever had. It dries your hair quickly and makes it straight and smooth, without any frizz. The only problem is that this week it just stopped working with no warning, for no apparent reason. I am now buying the new Featherweight SE, and hoping it will be as good....more info
  • Good results but POOR QUALITY PRODUCT
    This dryer will do a great job on your hair. It dries it quickly, while decreasing frizz and increasing shine. However, I have now had two of these dryers and each one died after a little over a year due to poor design. The way the cord enters into the dryer it is not stable and will constantly move around until the wires break and your dryer quits working. Needless to say, I will not buy a third one... $400 down the drain in two years was quite enough!...more info
  • wrong item
    The picture on the web page didn't match the model number. I returned the item and they reimbursed me....more info
  • Loved it at first but then it started shooting out sparks!
    I bought this hair dryer after doing a ton of research and thought it would be a good investment. When I first started using it, it worked great. I was amazed at how quickly it dried my hair and how shiny it looked afterwards. I have naturally curly hair and prefer it straight so I used this to dry it straight (along with a round brush) and it did the job amazingly well.

    Well I had this for a little over a year when all of a sudden one day it started shooting out some sparks. I couldn't believe it. I turned it on another day just to see if it even turned on and it did but you could see the coils in it started to get red and then shoot out some sparks. This wasn't even overused or anything. In fact since I was pregnant at the time I bought it, I had a hard time standing up for too long so I only used it once or twice a week. After that little use it was already not working properly in just over a year. In fact, for about 4 months out of that first year, I didn't even use it right after I had my son. That was way too short of a time and too much money spent on an item that wasn't working properly.

    I am very diasspointed with this and will NEVER buy anything by this company ever again.

    If you need a good hairdryer, look elsewhere. I'm just glad and lucky that the sparks didn't land on my hair and cause a fire or anything. ...more info
  • Love this dryer
    My daughter and I both have below shoulder length hair. This dryer definitely makes a difference in drying time. I even got one in the travel size....more info
  • T3 Tourmaline 83808 Hair Dryer
    Was very skeptical about buying a hair dyer that is expensive but it does do the job more quickly than the lower priced hair dryers. It is also lightweight and does not dry your hair out. ...more info
  • Dries thick hair faster
    This does help dry my thick hair so it was a good purchase. My hair is shiny and soft so I did not see an improvement. ...more info
    This blowdryer is not worth the money! I bought it less than a year ago and not only is the claim "cut your blowdrying time in half" a lie, (it takes me 1 hr and 15 minutes to blowdry my hair), lately it has been blowing out cold air all of a sudden in the middle of my blowdrying session. Also, if you don't purchase from an "authorized dealer" your warranty will not be honored. The t3 bespoke labs people don't even have an official website! This is a farce! Don't waste your time and money....more info
  • Be careful!
    I bought this dryer for my wife birthday gift. she loved color,and shape, but most reason is my birthday gift. She was so happy, I remember it.
    You know, now after year, this is the most scared thing. When she uses it everyday, it comes out sparkles from inside. It is so dangerous.
    Such a exprensive item who can easily throw away.
    When I bought it, I read the description, it looked like amazon is authorized dealer or seller. I have no idea.....? fix it or throw away.
    Now she complain "how you spened that much money for this?"
    I am not good husband now.
    Think about my situation amazon associates and future buyer.
    Good luck!...more info
  • Light, Quiet, Fantastic and Fast!
    After having read the majority of the reviews here, I'm happy to report that this dryer is fast and very lightweight. My hairdresser who uses this dryer daily had recommended it to me awhile back. Unfortunately, I bought back then what I thought was a better more economical option: an Andis Ionic hairdryer with a retractable cord and folding handle. While very light weight and space-saving, I soon learned after several months of frequent use that either the cord was going to fray from from the retracting into the handle or worse, the handle could break from folding. Well, it did. After the handle broke, I decided to purchase this hair dryer and I regret not having done so sooner. What a great hairdryer - very lightweight, dries hair quickly to a smooth satiny shine. I have straight, medium length, medium thickness hair that usually would take at least 45 minutes to dry. Well, the T3 cut the drying time to 14 minutes and that's taking my time. The T3 dryer is also very quiet and despite having only 2 speeds and a cold shot button, does the job quite nicely and I don't miss having all of the other speeds. This was well worth the price and I wouldn't ordinarily spend this much on a hair dryer. But the results are well worth it. Highly recommend! ...more info
  • Mel- from Seattle
    I normally don't like to invest in hair products/items that are this expensive, so I thought I would ask for it from my boyfriend on Valentine's Day. He bought me both the Featherweight hair dryer and the wet and dry narrow flat iron from t3. I love both of them! The hair dryer dries my hair in about 6 minutes (when it is wet from the shower)- I have asian hair so I can say that drying my hair isn't always a positive experience. However, if you dry your hair with the hot option first (doing the layers), then on the low option for the roots of your hair, and finishing with a blast of cool air all over, you will have shiny hair that is not poofy and is manageable.
    After using my t3 hair dryer, I don't know how I could not have it. Now, I want to get the overnight dryer. However, here is a warning. DO NOT EXPECT MIRACLES! If you have super frizzy hair or completely unmanageable hair, a hair dryer will not fix that. Perhaps you should invest in some better shampoo (I recommend Bumble and Bumble or Paul Mitchell) and perhaps a hair treatment at the salon. This dryer is great for getting the job done quickly and to make your hair look better (without that frizzy, burned look that other hair dryers give you). ...more info
  • Product well presented in ads
    Product is easy to handle and placement of controls for on/off, cooling, etc. are comfortable to use. Hair does seem to feel smoother. My hair is extremely thick and takes a very long time to dry. It does seem to shorten drying time a bit. Because the dryer is lightweight it is not as tiresome to hold it as an older dryer. ...more info
  • T3 Tourmaline Professional Featherweight Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer
    BUYER BEWARE !!!Be sure to purchase this dryer from the AUTHORIZED DEALER ONLY. This product might be a bit more expensive however it will save you hours of headaches and many dollars if you need to return the dryer within what you THINK is the warrentee period. Only the authorized dealer will stand by the 48 month warrentee. The dryer I purchased from Amazon broke before one year of use , it was NOT from an AUTHORIZED DEALER. I had a extremely hard time getting it replacemented. I was shuffeled back and forth between Amazon and the seller that provided Amazon the dryer; Glamor Beauty . After many heated hours on the phone with both parties, Amazon did send me what I think is a new dryer. It is not from an authorized dealer so I'm not sure how long this one will last. ...more info
  • light but only ok
    The dryer is light and easy to hold, but the speed and heat are not very adjustable (just 2 settings) and it takes a long time to dry my thick hair.
    For the price, I would not recommend it....more info
  • Love my hair dryer!!!
    Lightweight dryer, fast drying , but not too hot. Makes my hair softer, not frizzy. Sometimes the dryer will make my hair have static. Overall, I really like the dryer. ...more info
  • Hair Dryer
    This is the second T3 I have purchased, the second was for a gift. It dries your hair fast. Saves a lot of time. Well worth the price...more info
  • Nice dryer!
    This dryer is very light, very quiet, and does not burn my hair or dry it out. I can dry my semi-long hair in about 6 minutes, using the cool shot button, and it is very smooth and shiny. I think it has helped calm the fly-away static electricity this winter, but not completely. Until now, I've bought inexpensive dryers that last about 3 months. I'm hoping that this investment will last a bit longer! My only complaint is that the manufacturer will not warranty the dryer because I bought it through Amazon, which is not a certified dealer. So, any problems will be heading right for Amazon's customer service department!...more info
  • wow
    Okay, long hair girls - DONT CUT YOUR HAIR!!!!
    I was seriously considering it, I had enough of the 30 min. drying time and then I figured why not try this blow dryer. WOW, first time I bought something that was true to its claim, took me 10 min. to dry my hair instead of the usual 30 min., not kidding. Best investment you can make and really is lightweight.
    ...more info
  • Worst hairdryer I've ever used. Really.
    After being swayed by the reveiws here and getting wise to the warranty situation, I made a point of purchasing this product in a nearby beauty supply store who is an authorized seller and thought I was getting a bargain at $125. I bought it in the hopes of taming the huge, round, coarse frizzball sitting on my head.

    Let me note for the skeptical that the product was brand new, unopened in the box and in obvious mint condition. It is an authentic T3 hairdryer. Yes, it dried faster, but left a noticeably dull, dry finish and seemed to strip my hair of it lustre. Not only that but I couldn't get the ends of my hair to lie straight after they had already shriveled up in the fast drying process, and the more I struggled with the ends the more flyaway my hair became. And it appears to be MORE voluminous than ever - bigger and puffier and with the same amount of frizz, only duller looking.

    I immediately plugged it out and plugged in my old, falling apart Babyliss Carerra (non-ionic) dryer and afer a few minutes managed to get the ends straight and see some lustre return. I agree completely with the reviewer who made the comment about losing the healthy shine.

    I only hope I can get my money back. I will certainly try.

    UPDATE - Comparison of T3 Tourmaline to less expensive Babyliss ProTT

    though I couldn't get my money back, I exchanged the T3 for a Babyliss ProTT 3000 Tourmaline dryer (I'd have stayed away from Tourmaline ionic infrared labels but apparently it's all the rage and very difficult to find a nice lowtech one that doesn't incorporate this technology).

    Like the T3, the Babyliss is also really lightweight, dries as fast or faster than the T3, and has the added benefit of more heat settings - including medium, low, and high, as well as a cool shot, whereas the T3 only offers a high heat and low heat. The Babyliss has 1900 watts and the T3 has 1800. There are various models of the Bablyiss tourmaline, but this model was at the lower end of the price range at $89, and you can get it on Amazon for about $20 less.

    It is for the above reasons and others I'm about to detail that it is a superior product to the T3. Not only does it cost much less but the Babyliss gave my hair a soft, lustrous, shiny smooth sheen and healthy texture, and did not leave it looking dried out and fried as the T3 did.

    That said, I still experienced the same problem w/the Babyliss as with the T3- it gives too much volume to my short, thick choppy layered hair and doesn't allow me to straighten it at any heat setting. What I saved in drying time (easily fifteen minutes without sweating and straining my arm) I paid for dearly in styling time to try to get the full balloon-y volume to calm down and get the ends to lay flat.

    In sum, I would strongly recommend saving your money on the T3 and buying the Babyliss if you want to see not merely identical but significantly improved functionality and performance over the more expensive T3 dryer. Yet I would still be less likely to recommend this or any other tourmaline-infused infrared dryer for people with very thick, voluminous hair that they want to take the poof out of and make straight, as that will likely not happen with this or similar units. As a final but very significant note on performance - the Babyliss toned down my frizz (and it's a very rainy day today) by nearly 100 percent! Also I noticed very few dry flyaways as compared to the T3.

    In sum, the Babyliss ProTT is an excellent product, a much better choice than the T3. It is more economical, offers greater functionality and superior performance....more info
  • Not for my hair type
    I had been lusting after a T3 forever because of all the rave reviews and finally got one for Christmas. I'm really sad to say that I'm disappointed and am going back to my ionic hairdryer from Sharper Image.

    To be fair, the glowing remarks about the T3 are written by people with wavy hair that tends to frizz. My hair is long, straight, and shiny, and I blow dry every day for volume. After using it, my hair was shiny, but very limp. I've given up after several tries.

    The T3 is light, quiet, and looks nice, but I agree with another reviewer regarding the design. When I use it, I tend to knock the switch into the "off" position because it's right where I grip the handle. Also, the air flow feels very weak to me, which is not really what I need when I'm trying to volumize.

    I'm sure this is great product for some people, but if you have straight hair, you should save the $150 (or save someone else the money)....more info
  • Best hair dryer I've ever owned!
    Every year I buy a dryer. I spend at least 20 min. everyday drying my med. length frizzy brown hair. One year ago I purchased this one for $200.(site unseen) based on the raves. I wasn't disappointed.
    I usually look for a high wattage for extreme heat to tame my mane. I turned this one on and it makes very little noise and seems to not put out alot of air. To my pleasant surprise, it cut my drying time to 12 minutes and definitely reduced my frizzies! I should note that I also use the T3 Ceramic Tourmaline Barrel Brushes also. My hair looks shiny and healthy (no longer has the "burned", over processed look). It's been 12 months and it's still going strong - looks like I won't need to buy another hair dryer for quite some time.
    Oh, one more thing. My college-age daughter "borrowed" mine to try (she has straight black Asian hair), now she won't go back to using her brand. I'm thinking of getting her her-own T3 for her birthday. ...more info
  • The Best
    I just got my T3 Featherweight and I love it. This is the best hairdryer I've ever owned. It's fairly quiet and dryed my hair, to the roots, in under 5 minutes. I will recommend to my family and friends....more info
  • I was a skeptic, but tried it and was won over
    If you have straight, shiny hair then don't bother reading this review and stick with a cheaper hair dryer. I have wavy hair that frizzes at the MENTION of humidity. I was visiting a friend in Orlando recently (I hate going to Florida because the humidity makes my hair ugly) and used her T3 dryer. When she told me months ago that she spent $200 on one of these hairdryers I thought she was nuts but kept my thoughts to myself.

    I used this dryer and yes, it dried my hair faster and yes, my hair was straighter and shinier. I have purchased one and will ask for the travel size for a holiday gift. Sigh, I guess my days of using hotel hair dryers are over..........more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    I don't see a difference between blowdryer and my $15 conair dryer. My hair did not dry any faster, and it is just as frizzy....more info
  • t3 tourmaliane 2 featherweight
    Great dryer! Drys hair quickly and leaves hair soft with out the frizzies!
    Great price shipped quickly with no shipping charges...more info
  • Quick drying time
    This lightweight dryer did dry my hair quickly. I usually don't heat process my hair because it is time consuming. I had nice dry hair in under 10 minutes.

    I am not sure if my hair was any glossier, but it didn't feel dried out....more info
  • hair dryer
    I was very disappointed that the company would not honor the 4 year guarantee because I got this on Amazon. They said it was not a qualified seller. Amazon should also tell buyers that if you purchase this item on Amazon, the company will not honor the 4 year warranty....more info
  • I'm a believer!!!!
    I'll be the first one to confess that whenever something new comes out in the beauty market, i am eager to try it. But even I was skeptical about the claims this hair dryer made. Plus, the price kept me in a pre-contemplative state for a long time. Finally after talking to someone who actually owned and used the dryer, i decided to spring for it. I have really curly, frizzy hair and it's about 13 inches long. If there is a drop of moisture in the air, I have to consider it a bad hair day. Forget about blowing my hair straight. When I first used this hair dryer, it was in the middle of July, sticky, and rainy outside. Within 15 minutes (usually takes me 35 mintues for a blow out), i had blown my hair STRAIGHT!!!! and, it's shiny too. Each section took about 2 minutes to complete. It looks great. I don't care about the technology, all I know is it works. If you have had a lifetime of frizzy, unruly, dry or dull hair. Try this dryer. You won't be disappointed. I didn't give it 5 stars b/c it is prohibitively expensive and amazon is not considered an authorized dealer so I was not able to get the warranty either. I have a Solano that I also love but it is really heavy and it does take much longer to make my hair presentable....more info
  • It's called snake oil...
    A colleague bought one of these and raved about it. I borrowed it so my wife could try: yes, it is lightweight... but so are most $20 hairdryers. Wife said it didn't dry any faster, didn't impress her as being anything special. Someone is laughing hard all the way to the bank with this....more info
  • Better than my old $10 hair dryer...
    Well, my last hair dryer cost about 10 dollars and for the most part this one is much nicer, and quieter, and I guess it dries my hair faster. It certainly looks nicer.

    What I don't like about it is the handle. When my hands are slightly damp it can be hard to hold on to properly and my biggest problem is I keep turning it off when I'm really just trying to hold it. The on/off switch easily toggles back and forth right there in the middle of the handle and while I am drying my hair I will accidentally hit it with the palm of my hand or my fingers and turn it off. It drives me nuts.

    I have also set it on the counter and then it has either slipped or gotten knocked onto the floor - it has a very sleek design which looks cool but seems to make it harder to set on a small bathroom countertop. I may be a bit clumsier than most, but I must say with my clunky, ugly $10 hairdryer I never accidentally turned it off OR dropped it on the floor.

    It certainly looks nice, though, and the cool air button is quite handy. I just need a hook to hang it on my wall and an on/off button that slides instead of flipping. Oh, and maybe a refund of 2/3 my purchase price because I really think it's overpriced....more info
  • Order a Bio Ionic instead
    I was going to order a T3 from Amazon but after reading the reviews that the manufacturer would not honor the warranty I ordered a Bio Ionic Whisper Light from Amazon for $173. Works great and because my wife and daughter fight over it I bought another one. It has a 5 year warranty that WILL be honored. If T3 wants to loose out on Amazon sales by being jerks about the warranty, let them....more info
  • Overpriced Dryer, No Differance In Hair
    I recently purchased the T3 Tourmaline II dryer and had great expectations. My hair came out exactly the same as with my cheapo hair dryer I bought for $19.99. I would think after paying out $149 plus shipping for a blow dryer I would have noticed a difference. Nothing different. I expected my hair to come out with a salon look and I got the same flat hair no matter how much time I spent on styling my hair. I have short, layered hair and thought this dryer would add some volume but nothing changed. Luckily I have a 30 day return policy so I'm sending it back for a refund. Save yourself the shipping cost and buy something else....more info
  • Fast and Lightweight
    I was pleasantly surprised at how fast this dryer drys my hair which is very thick. It also doesn't leave my hair looking frizzy which my regular dryer did. I only have one complaint and that's with the on/off switch - it's a toggle switch right in middle of handle so when I'm blow drying my hair straight w/a brush, which requires hand to adjust dryer, I keep hitting the switch off w/ my hand....more info
  • Get the Warrenty
    I purchased one of these hair dryers and I love what it does for my hair. The difference between the T3 and my Remington is a salon quality blow out and my worst hair day. Only problem, a year after I bought it, it quit working. I may have gotten a knockoff. Since I couldn't register it, I'm screwed on the warranty and have to buy a new one. I believe I probably got a defective one but for $50 more, buy one from Sephora where you can register it. It's worth it!!!!...more info
  • Hair Dryer
    First of all, this is the second hair dryer that I received from you and this one is not any better. I believe you are selling inferior or refurbished products. If that is the case, you have no right to sell a product that is coming off as brand new. Tourmaline refused to warranty this product because the tag that is attached to the cord indicating the bar code is missing. It was missing on the other hair dryer also. I now spent $129 on a dryer that hopefully won't break and if it does, it needs to be thrown out. I purchased as a gift for my daughter the "original" and spent the $180 for it. I know that is authentic and it dries the hair without any frizz. I can't say the same for this. I find this a tremendous disappointment and will never purchase from amazon.com again. I am appalled that you are passing old equipment as new....more info
    I had a problem with the warranty (see below for original review). I contacted Amazon and they said they will honor the warranty even if the manufacturer wouldn't. Way to go Amazon!

    This is from the email I received from Amazon:

    "Thank you for writing to Amazon.com with your concern.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you have experienced with this order.

    Rest assured that we will honor the terms of the warranty for this product, even if the manufacturer does not.

    Thanks for shopping at Amazon.com."

    This is my orginal review:

    I love the dryer, however there is a problem with the warranty. When I tried to register it online with Tourmaline, this is the response I got:

    "Thank you for contacting T3 Micro, Inc. the Originator of the professional Tourmaline Hair Dryers and other professional grade equipment for hair styling professionals. T3 Micro strives to maintain the highest standard of build quality, consistency and ease of use. To ensure the quality and authenticity of T3 Micro's products, our products are only available through authorized professional and retail dealers. As such, T3 Micro will only guaranty the authenticity of T3 Micro's products when purchased through an authorized dealer.

    Unfortunately we are unable to process your registration and warranty because we are unable to verify that your product was purchased through an authorized dealer.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you however, as stated above, T3 Micro believes that maintaining the highest level of quality and consistency of its products is of paramount importance. We invite you to visit one of our authorized dealers for a demonstration of our line of authentic professional T3 Micro products.

    If you still have additional questions or comments please contact our Customer Service Department via email at info@t3tourmaline.com or by telephone at (888) 340-8880.

    T3 Micro, Inc."...more info
  • Could not register for warranty
    When I tried to register the item for warranty, I received a responce from manufacturer that they could not give me warranty because I purchased the item from uncertified seller (i.e. amazon.com). Also, there was no tag with a serial number on the cord, as it was indicated in a note about warranty....more info
  • Fast and Quiet
    I have enjoyed my T3 dryer, and so far has lived up to being very quiet and fast drying. Was disappointed to find out that T3 would not accept the serial number for registration, as it was not legitimate. So I don't know if my dryer is a fake or not........more info
  • T3 Hairdryer Review
    The hairdryer works great and has really cut down on drying time. It is lightweight and easy to use. I have definitely notices less fly away hairs as well.

    One caution - If you want to register this product for the warranty, you cannot. Amazon.com apparently is not an authorized seller....more info
  • Bar Code Problem
    Strangely, the company does not recognize the bar code. Hence they refuse to warranty the product. I think that we paid a high price for a knock-off. I am not pleased with amazon.com. ...more info
  • No Warranty
    I can't say that I have any complaints about the way this product works. My expectations have been met. However, I was very disappointed that they would not honor the warranty because they said that Amazon is not an authorized seller. When I paid $160.00 for a hair dryer, I hoped I could get a warranty. ...more info
  • Love this dryer!
    This thing is wonderful. My drying time went from 45 min. to 20 and with no static or frizz. It's very quiet, I can actually hear my kids ask me questions and so light I don't have to keep stopping to rest my arm from the weight. The anxiety I had about paying so much money went out the window the first time I used it. ...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    The product is great............but the company wouldn't let me register for the warranty because Amazon is not an authorized dealer. Didn't know that when I made the purchase. Now I'm on my own, and screwed if the product breaks down!!!!...more info
  • There really is a difference
    I received this item as a gift. I was very skeptical of the claims, and would never have paid this much for a hair dryer myself.

    However, there is really is a difference between this and your typical hair dryer ("ionic" or not). It leaves my hair considerably softer and somewhate shinier than my old dryer. I've noticed a slightly shorter drying time.

    The big plus for me is that it doesn't get as hot as other dryers. I live in a hot, humid city and drying my hair in the summer is a miserable, sweaty experience. It's hard to explain, but whereas with my old dryer my hair went from WET to HOT to DRY, with this dryer it gots from WET to DAMP to DRY - a more natural progression to be sure.

    Anyway, I would recommend the dryer. Reading the other reviews here, however, makes me question the company as a whole, and particularly their customer service. Their policy on the warranty seems very short-sighted. I'm sure that the four-year warranty is a factor for a lot of people when considering whether to spend ten times the price of a regular hair dryer. If they make a good product and it's packaged well, they shouldn't be afraid to stand behind it. Is the box REALLY less likely to be dropped when the truck driver unloads it at Sephora than at the Amazon warehouse or some other retailer? I don't know where mine was purchased, but I would have been VERY upset if they had told me they wouldn't honor the warranty. ...more info
  • What a rip off
    Seemed to work OK at first although I didn't notice much improvment in speed of drying. It is lightweight and easy to handle -- but it is hotter than I'm used to. After 6 months, my hair started to feel dry and had zero shine. My hair had always been very healthy and shiny before. My hair stylist noticed it and couldn't figure out what was wrong. After about 9 months, I switched back to my old hairdryer and my hair was instantly healthy and shiny again. Maybe this hairdryer is good for some people but it was bad for me, and costly!...more info
  • Oh, T3 how I love thee!
    This is without a doubt the best hair dryer I've ever used and believe me I've been around. The T3 is ultra lightweight and super easy to maneuver because we all know some hairdryers are NOT. I am a mixed girl with a white mom whom has beautiful yet fine hair and a black dad with the classic black mans curl anyway I'm happy to say I lucked out with a great mixture of both and wile I love my curls I like to straighten them out too, and now with the T3 its not a painful process. The power switch is very sensitive so you can turn it on or off or change the setting easily while in use and I know it may not seem like much but the cord is long very long and to me that's a plus. This T3 made my curls straight and so shinny in 20 minutes tops and I have hair to shoulder blades. Please don't waist any more time or money on useless dryers and go get this hairdryer. I saw a couple of complaints about warranty so I bought mine at sephora witch if for some reason the warranty dose not apply the girl at sephora said if I keep my receipt I could exchange it at anytime if something went wrong..
    Bottom line BUY IT!
    ...more info
    I recently purchased this item with great hopes. It is a good hairdryer BUT...imagine my surprise when T3 Micro Inc. refused to honor the warranty because I purchased this item from amazon.com. Their response to me and I quote..."We cannont guarantee the authenticity of this item and our generous warranty would not be viable if if we couldn't verify the shipping and handing of our products. Damage can be incurred as these items pass through many hands. To protect ourselves and our customers, we want a direct line from our factory to our distributor (amazon is not approved evidently)." Stephen Gwin, T3Micro Inc. steve@t3tourmaline.com" This thing goes on to suggest that Amazon should guarantee their product!! I think that paying $150 for a hairdryer and then being told that amazon.com is not an acceptable vendor of their product is absurd. Why are their products being sold on a reputable website such as Amazon if they will not guarantee them. This is completely unacceptable. I am angry at this company and will NEVER PURCHASE FROM THEM AGAIN. I also have been letting all my girlfriends and collegues know about this situation so they don't make the same mistake. LET THE BUYER BEWARE!!!...more info
  • Wow, what else can I say?
    I was very skeptical of spending so much on a hair dryer. After reading the great reviews, I figured I would give it a try and hope for the best. I was so eager to try it this morning that I didn't even let my hair partially air dry like I normally do!! I have never "timed" how long it takes to dry my hair as I take my time, do part, get tired and come back to it, etc. My hair is super thick and longish (past my shoulders by a few inches.) SO, I start to dry my hair and not only did it seem that it dried much faster, but I was able to get it SO much straighter than with my cheapo "ionic" dryer that I had been using previously. I usually dry as well as I can and then have to spend another 10 minutes with the iron to smooth out the mess. I only used the iron for a small section in the back that I hadn't hit well enough with the dryer. My husband even commented that my hair looked pretty today (I didn't tell him I bought a new dryer!!!!) ...more info
  • Amazon.com is not an authorized dealer? T3 won't give warranty coverage
    I like the product. However, having purchased it from Amazon.com, T3 will not allow me to register my product for future warranty because they claim Amazon.com is not an authorized dealer. For such an expensive every day product, a warranty would be nice to have in case anything were to go wrong. I received an email from T3 and a call back both confirming that they do not consider Amazon.com an authorized dealer. When I called Amazon, they had never heard of such a thing. Amazon.com offered to exchange my featherweight tourmaline dryer with another but that did not resolve my issue. I cannot get my T3 Tourmaline Featherweight 83808 hair dryer covered by T3's warranty because it was purchased through Amazon.com. ...more info
  • spanish curls gone straight! it really works!
    I bought this dryer to replace another professional dryer I had. I was so surprised at how light and quiet it is! When I first opened the box, I didnt think it was going to work as well as it claimed because it felt like a toy. But, I am very pleased with the results. It dries my hair faster, my arm doesnt get tired because its SO light, I can still hear my house phone ring because its so quiet, and it stays cool to the touch so you wont burn yourself. It will even straighten dry hair (for those mornings when you need a touch-up.) My whole curly-haired family has tryed the Tourmaline and loved it! ...more info
  • Great Hair Dryer
    I was a little hesitant to spend so much money on a blow dryer and then have it not live up to its claims, but I have to say I am delighted! My long, curly hair was dry in 7 minutes, and was soft and not frizzy!! ...more info
  • It didn't change my life, but I still really like it
    I thought this product would dry my hair faster than it does (my dry time went from like 35 to 25 minutes), but the product does a great job at preventing drying, breakage and frizziness. Despite the dry time, I would probably buy another in the future if my current one lasts at least a year (it would make sense for my pocket and for my vanity). On a different note, the diffuser (bought separately for $25) is awful; I wouldn't ever consider buying another....more info
  • good, but there is better
    I must say the price is quite reasonable for a hair dryer using crushed tourmalines to produce tourmaline ions. But I have rather fincky hair. They only like saphire ions. I much prefer the S3 Saphire II 83707 Pro hair dryer. My hair comes out shiny and lustrous. However, I find the T3 is OK for my cats after a bath....more info
  • Never going back
    I used this hair dryer at my friends place and fell in love. I showed up at Sephora expecting to pay $50 and saw that it was well over $200. I bit the bullet and purchased it anyway and it's worth every penny. My hair has never been softer or shinier. In fact, it's improved over just towel drying. Yes, it dries faster and is lighter, but as a male this was a less critical issue. I really love how it leaves my hair soft, easily manageable (no static), and healthy. Last week I bought one for my mom and more people are getting them for Christmas. ...more info
    I have curly hair that I always blow-dry straight. I have paid $300 for hairdryers bought in beauty supply stores...they were so heavy and loud. I was very skeptical to spend more money on yet another dryer, I am so glad I finally did!
    This dryer is magic. My drying time went from 45min to 15-NO JOKE. My arm never hurts anymore and I am never getting too hot.
    I have 0 frizz and it really does make hair shinny. It looks a lot better after 15min now than it ever did with my old 45min drying time. I get compliments on my hair all the time...
    I rarely write reviews, but I had to get the word out on this exceptional dryer. BUY IT!! :)...more info
  • Run, don't walk to buy this dryer!
    At first I broke into a sweat at the thought of paying so much for a hair dryer. Boy am I glad I did! I have thick wavy hair and this thing works miracles for me. In the past when trying to blow out my hair I would give up because my hands would be killing me from the weight and I would end up with something between frizz and more frizz! Not only does this baby cut my drying time in half but it's so light, featherweight just like the description. Another great thing about this dryer is that if you don't wash your hair every day a quick shot in the morning will refresh it as if you have a fresh blow out! Smooth, shiny hair is what you end up with, how can you lose?
    ...more info
  • This thing is fantastic!!!!!!
    A product that really lives up to all the hype for once?????? Could it be true??? YES!!!! I was SO skeptical about this product, especially since it retails for $200!!! I saw all of the magazine reviews (In Style's Best Buy list, 2005, Allure, etc.), and being the product whore that I am, I was REALLY tempted when I saw that AMAZON.com had it for $159 (plus free shipping and no tax!) So, I gave it a try. I really didn't expect it to live up to all of the hype. Well, I have used it three times now and I am AMAZED!!!

    1.) I really does dry your hair in half the time.
    2.) My hair really did look and feel healthier!!
    3.) I can't believe how light this thing is! It feels like a toy!!!
    4.) It's SO QUIET, and
    5.) It does all this without getting hot and making me hot!!! Sometimes after a shower and then blow-drying my hair, I swear I need another shower my bathroom gets so hot. Not with this baby!!!

    I highly recommend it!!! It's definitely worth the money. ...more info
  • T3 Tourmaline II 83808 Professional Featherweight Ionic Hairdryer
    The weight of this hairdryer is a delightful. The drying time is quick and the cord length helps to keep me from strangling my clients. I am also impressed with the low noise feature. Even the concentrator slips on to a groove so it is held in place securely. In my book, this dryer has it all and answers all of my needs. Worth every penny!!!...more info
  • Super Fast!!
    LOVE this hair dryer. My hair used to take forever to dry and this does the job in half the time if not less. My hair always feels nice and soft after I am finished drying it and is not frizzy. A huge improvement over my $20 hairdryer from Target....more info
  • Great Hair Dryer
    I bought this hair dryer for my wife who told me that she read it was a really great hair dryer and she wanted one. Well, I have used it twice myself and, yes, it really is a great hair dryer. She uses it to straighten her curly hair and it does a terrific job, making it soft and frizz-free. In that I have curly hair also, I decided to try it and was surprised when it also straightened my hair. We have purchased other expensive hair dryers and this one is far and away the best. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Very light & dries fast but other claims exaggerated
    I first saw this hair dryer on a TV show talking about beauty products used by the stars. Then I noticed my hairdresser had switched to this brand. His observations were the same as mine. If you take a lot of time drying hair and the weight of the dryer is an issue, this is a very good purchase. But your hair will be no shinier or softer than with other dryers....more info
  • It Works Okay
    I purchased this product 3 months ago for my wife and according to her it really is not any better than the ionic hairdryer that you can buy at the drug store. Yes it is lighter and dries hair a bit faster but besides that it does not work any miracles. If I could, I would return it...it does not warrant the $200.00 that I paid for it..perhaps that's why the price was lowered??...more info
  • T3 not worth the $
    I recently purchced 2 new hair dryers the T3 and Vidal Sasson Ionic hair dryer. The 2 work about the same except the T3 gets hotter. I would recomend not buy the T3 and go with the cheaper VS brand and it is MUCH cheaper. ...more info