T3 Tourmaline 83922 Wet-or-Dry Professional Ionic 1 3/4" Ceramic Styling Iron

List Price: $200.00

Our Price: $94.95

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  • Tourmaline-infused ceramic plates and ceramic heaters.
  • Styles quickly with less risk of hair damage.
  • Creates deep, long-lasting hair styles that stay day and night.l
  • Smoothes the cuticles foe exceptional shine, sheen and silkiness.
  • Aids in locking in moisture and hair color.
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Iron
    I bought this exact iron over 3 years ago and I have loved it. I have thick, curly hair and this gets it really straight and it doesn't get frizzy at all. It does take much longer to do your hair wet to dry, but it does work. It's still a great iron for dry hair. Just recently the cord covering started to separate and it the wires have been shorting out. I think it's time for a new one, an upgrade. I will say that days after I bought it, I had a problem similar to what other reviewers have mentioned. It wouldn't turn on at all and I was pissed, but I went and tried it again the next day and it worked fine ever since. ...more info
  • Thank youuuuu
    This product is amaaaazinggg. They shipped it on time & they even upgraded the product at no extra cost =) Thanks guys!...more info
  • Wonderful Flat Iron
    I have been reading the reviews on here and I think this product is the best!!! My whole life (I am 24 now) I have wanted silky shiny staright hair but have never been able to get it. I have thick curly hair and I have even gone to the point of using a regular iron on my7 hair:( (not safe, will burn hair!) Then I discovered the T3 wet-dry the trick is not to use it on damp hair, I thought that was common sense... let your hair dry a little and of course use something to protect it!! I use Bumble and Bumble straight and a thermal protector spray then when the hair is almost dry I seperate it into small sections and run my T3 through every strand ONCE and slowly!!! (These high end irons are made so that you don't have to ruin hair by swiping too many times) AND TA DA.........Straight beautiful hair!then after add a little shine spray if desired. I am sorry for you girls that had such a problem with it, u gotta find what works for you, I know I did...more info
  • Greatest Flat Iron Ever!
    I don't ever write reviews, but I had to here! I have used many flat irons over the years, this one is the absolute best. A friend loaned me hers and I had to have one. A good thing after reading the many reviews here, they would have probably scared me off. I have very thin hair, but soooo much of it that it looks really thick. It is VERY wavy, without being curly at all, so I have to either flat iron it or curl it or it won't look done. Curling is a bad idea, for not only is it very drying but it doesn't hold very well in my hair, falling to waves again in less than an hour (even in the winter). Flat Ironing works much better.

    Okay, so I know the routine of patience, pull the flat iron slowly, use a heat protecting pretreatment, and all that, but with other irons (including a Chi), they just didn't make it look like my stylist makes it look. Which I knew meant that it had to be the iron, for I was using the same products that she was. Her flat iron runs about $600, great for her in her line of work, much too costly for my budget, there just simply has to be a better solution than that.

    By the way, my stylist said, "NEVER EVER put any hot styling tool to your hair unless it is absolutely positively dry, or you will ruin your hair over time, causing it to break and split, so I always either use a blow dryer or let my hair air dry (often overnight) before using a hot iron on it.

    Finally an iron that gets warm enough that if done slowly like you're supposed to, only takes one swipe over the hair, to straighten it. Even my stylist has to make two or three swipes! Better yet, it holds real well in the high humid temperatures found in the St Louis Metro area and this is the warmest summer on record.

    All that said, I love the iron, its cord is long enough that I don't have to stand on top of the outlet, the outside doesn't get so hot that I can't touch it, it doesn't catch my hair and break it off at the plate edges. It makes my hair feel silky smooth and everyone comments on how healthy my hair looks. All of that with using a tool that heats to 410 degrees, wow! I am thrilled! Enough Said! My T3 Tourmaline Model 83922, will be my last flat iron ever!

    I have been using a T3 for about 6 months now with no problems to the unit or my hair. It heats up VERY quickly, so I don't need to leave it on for any length of time at all before actually using it, plugging it in just a minute or two before use. I would think with any unit that gets this hot, you might experience trouble over time with it burning itself out if left on for extended periods of time. Not to mention the damage it might do to your bathroom counter. No need here, it really does heat up quickly.

    Welcome to the world of wonderful comments on your hair, and enjoy your new T3 Tourmaline,

    ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    I have nothing positive to say about this iron. 1. My hair got caught a few times between the plates. 2. My hair isn't that wavy, should be easy to straighten, however it took me about half an hour with dry hair to get it a bit straight @ 250 degrees. I tried my friend's CHI and it did a much better job. ...more info
  • Awesome
    I bought this iron after reading some of the negative reviews on here. I love it. I have had non of the problems that others say they have had. My hair is perfectly smooth after using it, which is hard with my thick, curly hair. I have even had friends try it and they agree that it is awesome. It is pricey, but worth it if you have hard to straghten hair....more info
  • Couldn't compare to the CHI
    I have very thick, very coarse, wavy hair. When my two year old CHI straightening iron broke, I needed to replace it quickly! Locally the only iron I could find was the T3 Tourmaline iron, so I thought I'd give it a try. It cost more than the CHI, was sold at a fancy salon, and could even be used on damp hair. Surely it would be a good replacement.

    Unfortunately, it failed to impress.

    -It did not leave my hair silky smooth. While my hair was certainly straighter, it still looked coarse. (This was on the hottest setting and with several passes over the hair)

    -Because my hair is so thick, an iron needs to reduce the volume. The T3 failed in this respect, too.

    -I thought I would like the larger (almost 2") iron surface. The T3 has a perfectly flat surface, which made it impossible to get a flip or curl on the ends.

    Needless to say, I returned it quickly to the pricey salon and will be getting another CHI! Perhaps this brand would work better for someone with fine hair, since the temperature can be adjusted....more info
  • So Far So Good!
    My daughter uses it every morning. After drying hair slightly, she uses the iron to straighten her hair. The iron does work good on damp hair and straightens very well. The iron also heats up fast. Although the iron was expensive, it was worth it!!!...more info
  • Not a time saver
    This product eliminated one step. However, the one step took as long to do as two steps....more info
  • Excellent!
    I love this straightener! What a treat to have your hair straightened and dried in one step. I've been using a straightener for over 20 years and this one is so far superior to every other one I've ever had. It works on wet hair, tranforming it from wet to dry and curly to straight. It gets my hair straighter than any other iron and it leaves my course dry hair feeling softer than ever.I bought one for myself then bought one for my daughter. I have very thick, course, curly hair; my daughter has thin, fine, curly hair. It is exceptional on both. We both love it and couldn't live without it now. No problems at all with it. My daughter and I both have had one for almost a year and we've never had a problem....more info
  • Works great!
    I recently bought this flatiron, despite some of the negative reviews here. I've been using it for two weeks (probably 7 or 8 times total). And I love it! It works great, and has cut my styling time in half. In the interests of full disclosure, I have thick, wavy, shoulder length hair. I dry my hair 80% of the way before I use the iron, but don't even try to straighten it while blow drying my hair. And it is so much better than using my hair dryer every day. I haven't experienced any of the problems the other reviewers have mentioned....more info
  • My hair is wavy yet again.
    Do not buy this iron. It's fabulous while it works, for which it does merit the one star. But it broke in less than a week. It overheated, or something, and then wouldn't turn on again. But here's the kicker: if you buy it from Amazon, the company won't honor the warranty.

    I don't have particularly heavy-duty hair. This is just totally unacceptable. ...more info
  • Great results!
    I was on the fence about spending the money on this iron and I am glad I did. I still dry my hair almost all the way but I don't have to worry about styling with a brush. The iron might add a minimal amount of time to getting ready but my hair has never looked better. My hair is wavy and I have driven my friends and family crazy over the years complaining about how hard it is to style. I have used curling irons and flat irons to straighten my hair -spent more time for ok results. With this product I love my hair. It looks straight but still has body -like I paid a professional to do my hair. Your hair can get caught between the plates if you are too quick/careless but I think any iron will do that....more info
  • Not as good as other T3s
    I was disappointed with this model. I used my friend's wet TO dry and it was fantastic. I ordered the wet OR dry because of the decrease in price from $200 to $129. But I should have known better (there's a reason for the decrease in price) It does not work as well as the wet to dry - at all. It snagged my hair and didn't eliminate frizz - Any $20 flat iron would work just the same. However, I did exchange it for the medium Duality model and the difference is amazing. Much better!!...more info
  • Could've been great
    However, after using for 10 minutes it automatically shuts off and would not come back on. Straightened and dried my hair beautiful but spend the extra money at Sephora because everyone is getting bad irons from Amazon. It is really sad that no one can get one that is worth what you pay. So if you have had good luck with one so far, be glad because I paid for the 2 day shipping couldn't wait, and have GREAT disappointment because now I have to return it! ...more info
  • I LOVE IT!!!!
    I love this flat iron! This is my 6th flat iron (ever) and by far the best - I have been straightening my hair for 15 years now (I have very curly thick hair) and was extremely doubtful about the claims it made to starighten wet hair - but it does a fantastic job! I almost can't believe it! The best thing is that you can get it right up to your scalp along your hairline and it dosn't burn (which is new for me) so that I can straighten my hair from top to bottom. I used it 10 minutes out of the shower and while it took 2 more go overs than when it is dry the results are amazing! My hair has never looked so shiny and straight and it did not rip my hair like all my others have. I can't imagine the problems others who have reviewed this have had are true - but I just love mine!...more info
  • Best Hair Iron Ever!
    This is the third flat hair iron I have owned and it is by far the BEST! I started with a cheap one that did nothing for my wavy hair. Then I moved on to a Solano Sapphire (more of an investment). This worked well, except for my hair getting snagged on the edges of the plates every time. I also found myself never using it because it was too time consuming to straighten wavy hair. I was skeptical when I first heard about his iron, at Sephora, for $200, so I purchased it from Amazon (this is a FABULOUS price). This is really the best iron. It's light and easy to maneuver, it heats up in about a minute, you can control the temperature, it's quick, my hair stays straight forever (even after sleeping), and it has caused much less hair damage than my sapphire. ...more info
  • Awesome Flat Iron...Heats in seconds and finishes hair in minutes!
    The T3 Wet or Dry Flat Iron is worth every penny. It is professional quality and gives your hair the finish of a Salon in minutes! I towel dry my hair then use the Iron and my shoulder-length hair is dry and styled in less than 10 minutes. Great for busy schedules...what a time saver. LOVE IT !!!...more info
  • not worth it
    i sent it back after trying it out once. i found it to be of poor quality (especially since it is so expensive). hair gets caught under the plates (edges) and rips/snags the hair. it makes noise as the plates touch. plus, damp hair sizzles, so not any different than a regular flat iron. i just purchased a solia flat iron which i found to be much better, and cheaper. ...more info
  • T3 Wet/Dry Iron
    I love the iron. It works wonderful and my hair is very coarse and thick. I have tried it on wet and dry. It goes a little smoother on dry but it still works good for wet in my case. I don't have any complaints. Been using it about 4 weeks now. ...more info
  • I love it
    I have been using this iron for few months and it works great...I use it on towel dried hair and my hair is very straight now...I thinks whoever wrote the negative reviews got a damaged product...more info
  • Useless product
    I am about to return my third wet/dry iron! First one didn't work to start with. Second worked for a couple of months and got less hot as time went on - also kept turning itself off until it spent more time off than on. I got a third one a couple of days ago and during the first use last night - surprise - it stopped after 5 minutes and does not work at all now!

    It's going back for good to Sephora (thanks to them for being so helpful) I'm changing brands. I only used it on dry hair too - the one time I used it on wet hair, it steamed a lot and promptly turned itself off! $200 does not buy reliability even if it was good on the infrequent times it did work.

    I do have the T3 hairdrier - that at least seems to be problem free....more info
  • great product
    obviously the first reviewer had a defective T3. mine works wonderfully. it saves mucho time with hair drying and leaves my hair soft and smooth, not dried out and board-like.
    this iron is worth every penny.
    ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I purchased this product after alot of research, I found that this was the best deal on a T3.
    When I got this product I couldn't wait to use it!!
    I plugged it up, waited for it to heat up then I began the long awaited process of straightening my natural curly hair.
    After about 5 minutes of straightening I noticed it wasn't working quite as well as before.
    The unit had shut off!!
    I unplugged it, let it cool off and tried again.
    The straightener wouldn't even come on!!
    Needless to say, I sent it back, and my hair is still curly!!...more info