Wein Mini-Mate Air Supply Air Purifier

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Product Description

Personal Air Purifier Worn Around Neck Breathe fresher air no matter where you are. The AS150MM Mini-Mate Millennium Air Supply by Wein is the smallest, most powerful personal air purifier sold. A lithium battery powers this featherweight (1.5 ounces) unit. Air Supply's negative corona discharge sets up a powerful, electro-dynamically driven airflow, that draws in pollutants and ejects purified air at a velocity of about 100 ft/min. Advanced plasma air purifier uses the latest microchip technology to help its wearer breathe cleaner air despite allergen, germ and chemical pollutants. Many testimonials relate that in minutes perfume or cologne smell is eliminated. The MiniMate propels cleaner fresher air into your breathing zone. This ultra light miniature wearable air purifier is a in.must have in. for air travel, movie theatres, waiting rooms, or any confined areas where people congregate. AS150MM Operation: Virus and Bacterial Germs: Incinerated by the corona discharge Odors: Oxidized into deodorized compounds Chemical contaminants: Oxidized into benign chemicals Dust and dust mites: Carbonized and vaporized by incineration Mold: Carbonized and vaporized by incineration Second hand smoke: Solids are carbonized and gasses are oxidized (Validation tested at leading universities and research institutes) Battery life: up to 60 continuous hours using an on-chip battery regulator. Inside light should be on or blink at all times. Case construction: sturdy black case aviation type polycarbonate plastic Silent, fanless, filterless maintenance free technology Solid platinum permanent emitter and gold plated stainless steel collectors Attachments: Breakaway neck cord. Lightest, smallest, highest ion wind output Air flow: 100 feet per minute Internal ion flow: 120 trillion ions/sec Ozone output: less then .028 ppm Note: Does NOT use adapters Power: CR123A lithium battery (1 battery included) Dimensions: 2.5 in.H x 1.5 in.W x .85 in.D Weight operational: 1.5 oz. Four