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Product Description

Kitty Kaviar is a 100% all-natural fish treat made from dried Bonito filets, carved paper thin and has no additives, preservatives or by-products. Kitty Kaviar is 75% protein, 4% ash and 0.95% magnesium and is a good source of taurine (39%). Use Kitty Kaviar as a gourmet treat, as an irresistible topper for foods or as a reward for good behavior.

  • Kitty Kaviar is an all-natural fish treat for cats of all ages
  • A gourmet cat treat
  • A reward for good behavior
  • A food garnish to aid finicky eaters
  • And as a medicinal aid

Customer Reviews:

  • My daughter's cat goes nuts of these treats
    My daughter's cat Mattie loves Kitty Kaviar. Mattie is a big lovable Maine Coon cat. Mattie sure loves to eat, but finding food/treats that Mattie is willing to eat is a Herculean task. Mattie is one finicky eater, but one whiff of Kitty Kaviar and Mattie's tail shoots straight up. He immediately runs over when he sees the Kitty Kaviar can. On top of that, Kitty Kaviar is healthy and nutritious. Kitty Kaviar is the best cat treat that I've ever purchased. In the end, I bought six cans, to keep Mattie and my daugther happy....more info
    As I stated above, this is a great product for cats. My four cats, some old some young, love it. Especially my 5 years old male tabby.

    And, the store shipping the product is really fast. Thank cats George and Gracie thank you.
    Carol Sheats...more info
  • A waste of money for us
    I was really happy to find another cat treat that was natural and free of fillers/preservatives/chemicals. That said, none of my four cats will touch this stuff, even though two of them eat almost anything. Much better to give them treats like Three Dog Bakery "We Pity the Kitties" freeze-dried salmon, Feline Greenies, or just plain tuna....more info
  • Best cat treat!!
    My cats LOVE this stuff!! It's smelly, but they are in complete bliss when I give them Kitty Kaviar as a treat. My one cat used to be very anxious and a little high strung, but ever since I started giving him this treat he is calm and extremely loving! I highly recommend it to anyone with a kitty!...more info
  • Sounds great, but cat doesn't agree
    I bought this product because of all the great reviews. I like that it's all natural and full of protein. But when I try to give it to my cat, he doesn't go crazy for it. He does like other treats like chewy or crunchy ones. I'm not sure if it's the fishy smell/taste or the form, which is light and thin flakes, that he doesn't like. I give it three stars for effort because he does eat it reluctantly....more info
  • My cat is addicted!
    My cat acts like a junkie with this stuff to the point I call it Kitty Crack. I have a plate down for him that I put the Kitty Kaviar on. He'll sit by it and cry. He won't stop crying till he gets some! He must have his morning and when I get home from work fix. He can hear the lid coming off the can from the other room. He loves this stuff THAT much!...more info
  • depending on your cat i guess
    i know of one cat who craved this product.. meowed everytime he saw the box. Bought it for two other cats, and they could go either way with it. so but one box and see how yours reacts and then buy a lot! ...more info
  • Yummy treat for the kitties!
    This used to be my cats' favorite treat, but then they both suddenly went off it. I decided to give it another try, and they're gobbling it up again. I also use it as a 'garnish' for some foods that are very healthy for them, but that they don't particularly go crazy for. It's a great product to have on hand....more info
  • I have a Birman Cat
    My cat is three years old and does not like any other cat treats except Kitty Kaviar, he absolutely loves it,would recommend to anyone who enjoys making their cat happy....more info


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