EnviroSept Furnace Filter Panel Replacement Pads (12)

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Product Description

Package of 12 EnviroSept air filter collector pads. Envirosept Replacement Filter Pads are made in many sizes so as to fit all standard Envirosept Furnace Filter Panels. Custom sizes are available for custom sized units. at additional cost. Measure your panel to get accurate dimensions if you do not know the size. Replacement furnace filter pads are cut to cover the inside mesh part of the furnace air cleaner panel. Note: Please type the panel measurements in the comments line of the shopping cart form. Replacement furnace filters are made from a custom polywool blend of proprietary fibers that does not contain latex or adhesives. When purchasing an Envirosept furnace panel, remember to save money by purchasing a complete standard sized unit that uses standard sized filter pads. For example, if your filter panel is a size like a 21 inch by 21 inch., you can purchase a 21 inch by 22 inch if you have room to allow the extra inch to protrude from the slot. The larger unit will work as well as a custom unit at less cost initially and less cost later for filters. Inspect your ENVIROSEPT whole house air filter each month to determine if the media air filter pads need replaced. The collector pads normally are replaced every one to two months, depending on the amount of activity in your home. At Safe Home Products, we replace both filters every 2 to 3 weeks due to the amount of printer toner, paper in.dust in. and regular dust generated. To Replace Your Filters: Unplug the unit. Slide the furnace filter panel from the slot. Fold open the two retaining clips. Remove both filters. If desired, move the less dirty filter to where the dirtier filter was. Add second filter. Push the clips closed, slide panel into slot and plug in.