Amaircare VOC Canister Filter Zeolite/Carbon, 8 In.

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Product Description

Optional Volatile Organic Compound Filter (VOC Filter). 40 % Zeolite/60 % Carbon. An 8 Inch Filter for Amaircare 2500 Air Purifier and Amaircare 2550 HEPA Air Filter Add this optional air filter to your Amaircare 2500 or 2550 air purifier to filter out volatile organic compounds such as paint thinner fumes, dry cleaning solvent fumes, ammonia fumes and other solvents such as gasoline. V.O.C. cartridges capture contaminants the same way as a carbon blanket. The solid carbon and zeolite pellets have a larger surface area. V.O.C. cartridges are the best filter choice where V.O.C. removal is a prime objective. This 8 inch filter fits Amaircare 2500 and Amaircare 2550 portable air purification units. Replace this filter every 12 months or sooner depending upon air quality.