Synovi G3 Soft Chews, 120 Count
Synovi G3 Soft Chews, 120 Count

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Product Description

SynoviG3 Soft Chews are a nutritional supplement offering chondroprotective agents, natural anti-inflammatories and powerful antioxidants in a moist, tasty, easy-to-chew treat for enhanced client compliance. SynoviG3 is formulated with glucosamine and Perna Canaliculus for improved joint health, MSM to relieve inflammation and Creatine Monohydrate for enhanced energy. Also containing antioxidants like Vitamin E, Alphan Lipoic Acids and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, SynoviG3 is a comprehensive supplement for superior joint health in pets.

  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Comprehensive supplement for superior joint health in dogs and cats
  • Nutritional supplement offering chondroprotective agents natural anti-inflammatories and powerful antioxidants
  • Formulated with glucosamine and perna canaliculus for improved joint health msm to relieve inflammation and creatine monohydrate for enhanced energy

Customer Reviews:

  • Reliable and trustworthy brand
    We have used Synovi products, first suggested to us by our veterinarian, for close to 15 years for our various dogs who have needed a supplement due to aging and/or surgery on their joints. Synovi works. There is an incredible improvement in our pets comfort level and mobility, and it has lessened or eliminated the need for pain killers. We swear by the Synovi brand and particularly like the convenience of the Soft ChewsSynovi G3 Soft Chews 120 ct....more info
  • Noticeable difference
    My dog just turned 10 and my vet recommended this prodcut to help combat any signs and symptoms of arthritis. She said she preffered trying something like this before going to a drug. We noticed a significant difference just days after starting this product. He is spunky again, wants to play more and doesn't seem as stiff in the morning. Also, with the deal I got we payed literally one third of the price the vet wanted to charge me for the exact same product!!...more info
  • Best stuff ever!
    This product has helped our 13 yr old Akita/lab. He gets around much easier and is able to do stairs again! Has given him a new "leap" on life. ...more info
  • It upset my dog's stomach!
    I purchased this after doing some research and reading all the rave reviews. My 11 year old dog had a back injury and couldn't stand on her back legs and was taking pain relievers for a few days. I decided to purchase this as a supplement since her injury could be a sign of arthitis due to her old age. Well when I received this, I was overwhelmed by the awful smell and I was worried my dog wouldn't eat it. She did but it was hard for her to chew it. She's a 34 lb lab mix. She also had loose stools after the first day. After about a week, she stopped eating and was lethargic. I stopped the soft chews and she's back to normal. Please use with caution if your dog is elderly or has a sensitive stomach....more info
  • If your dog has Arthritis, these DO help.
    We have a 13 year old Keeshond with some ligament damage to a back leg. She has gone from a bad limp and not wanting to walk, to being like a frisky puppy at times and wanting to play daily. The limp is gone and she seems so much happier. The price here cannot be beat, less than 1/2 to cost at the local vet, even with the shipping. We recommend it to all our friends with older dogs....more info
  • my dog loves it!
    I recvd my order in a very timely matter. I switched from using dry, chalky vitamin tablets you get at the pet store. I basically had to 'beg' my dog to eat them, they smelled horrible. My mixed lab is over 10 years old now. I crumble and sprinkle the Synovi chews over his dry food, which he absolutely loves and it helps him finish the rest of his kibble. I definitely think it has made a difference. He has had some problems with one of his hind legs. He's extremely playful and happy for an old guy. I will be buying this product on a regular basis....more info
  • Corgi LOVES these
    We inherited a Corgi with hip dysplasia and these were recommended by a vet. He loves the flavor so much he thinks he's getting a treat, not taking "medicine"! Great product....more info
  • Synovi G3
    I've already written one review, but here it is again. The service was fast and got the product with no glitches. ...more info
  • SynoviG3 Soft Chews
    Our vet recommended SynoviG3 chews for our shepherd with joint problems. Our dog is back to her 'old' self, being able to jump up on the bed again (it's soft for her), and get up from the floor easily. In addition, her coat is very soft now....more info
  • No Difference
    I have given this product to my dog for about 1 month now with no visible difference. However, she is quite elderly and overweight, so I am afraid it is just too late to make much difference for her. She has difficulty rising and going up and down steps. She does like the taste and we didn't have any trouble getting her to eat her "treats"....more info
  • Synovi G3 chewables
    SynoviG3, 120 Soft ChewsWe have been using this product for about a year and see improvement in our dog's mobility....more info
  • Synovi G3 Soft Chews, 120 Count
    I had been buying this product through my vet for $55.00....found it on amazon for almost half price.
    Love amazon...more info
  • Fantastic product
    After just a few days, my 13 year old dog stopped limping and started running around like a pup. Her appetite improved and her overall happiness seems to have no limits. She is now on the maintenance dose with no decrease of the initial effects. This is a fantastic product....more info
  • Not Good My Dog died from this stuff
    Here I thought I was doing my older dog a favor with all the review I saw for this but I should of went to my vet who advised me that supplements like this are not really good for dogs becasue they are not regulated. They advised this stuff killed my dog so needless to say make sure you do talk with your vets before you even try to do any supplements. I wish there was better research posted on this stuff and not from what the company of the product says. The vet advised most comercials they give dogs drugs to make them lathargic and take videos and then when the dog comes out fo the drugged state that they are back to normal and they do video stating thsi is the dogs after we give them this stuff see how much better. Live and learn unfortunately it was at the cost of my best friend....more info
  • Needs better flavor
    While this product may indeed produce magnificent results as other reviewers state, I will never know because it is almost impossible to get my dog to eat them (even when coated with peanut butter or meat juice). My dog is NOT a picky eater usually, so I'm not sure why others are having so much success with this supplement when my dog won't even eat it when covered in food she normally loves. I gave it two stars for the nutritional value, but the flavor needs a huge improvement!...more info
  • Great
    I got this for my 9yr. old rotty, he had bad hips and limped all of the time, after reading all of the great reviews I decided this was worth trying. When you start your dog out it tells you to give them a stronger doasege, and in to cut it down in 2 weeks. I did it and he got sick to his stomach at first but the next day I mixed it in with his food and he was fine. I started to notice a real difference in about 3 weeks. He no longer limps and loves going for walks again and I have even seen him run a few times. I am so glad I found this!...more info
  • great product and price
    I order these supplements for our dog from because our veterinarian cannot even get this amount for this price. I pay less than half of what they would charge for the same product/amount....more info
  • My dog's medicine.
    Really works great wonders since my dog started taking his G3 and a great price....more info
  • New dog
    I started giving this to my older dog and within a week she had more energy and was acting like a puppy again. Running around and being very playful It seems to really have helped her feel like her younger self again!...more info
  • Meets all expectations
    The veterinary orthopedic surgeon who operated on my rescue puppy's (hmm) two knees thinks that this is the best glucosamine supplement on the market. He suggested we give it to both our dogs. He said there is no reason to wait until they are old and do have arthritis.

    Both my puppies love the taste. It is their favorite morning treat.

    janada...more info
  • SynovG3 Soft Chews
    Ordered and received this product within five days! Was really surprised and very happy! ...more info
  • Great Product!
    My boxers both love this product! It's like the cherry on top of the ice cream to them. I've also noticed a remarkable difference in their activity levels as well. My dogs are 9 and 10 years old, and play as if they are half their age. Great product, worth every penny!...more info
  • great item
    Have used these in the past as a treatment for my elderly dogs. Seem to help. Not sure. The price is better than anywhere else....more info
  • Great Price !!!
    Bought this same product at the vets office and paid almost twice the price !!!...more info
  • Synovi chews
    Our dog has never been spunkier! We have a 7 year old chow/shepard mix with little skinny legs. It took about 3 weeks for them to kick in, but now he is running around the yard like a puppy!...more info
  • Awesome product for Preventative Care!!! *Great for Cold Climates*
    This is an awesome supplement for preventative care for large and small dogs! My parents have a King Doberman/Shepard Mix (80lbs) who was born with Hip Dysplasia (spell check) and instead of putting him down their Veternarian prescribed this supplement. 13 yrs later he has lived a normal life with absolutely no pain. My own dog (Rotty / Retriever Mix) is now 14 1/2 yrs old and has been on Synova G3 since he was 7. We get compliments all the time for his agility and actually looks like he's only 4 yrs old! Love this supplement -- but purchase it through It's almost double in cost (120 ct) if you buy it through your vet!!...more info
  • This product helped my dog
    After reading some of the reviews for this product - I had almost hoped for a miracle. I didn't get a miracle, but I continue to buy this product because it has helped.

    My aunt passed away and I inherited one of her dogs - a ten and a half year old German Shepard mix named Shadow. I was aware that she was diagnosed with arthritis in her hips. We brought her home and immediately saw the stairs were a huge problem. The kitchen - where all the food and water is kept - is on a separate level, and about 10 stairs away from our living room. She would stand at the top (or bottom) of the stairs and whine when we would switch levels. At night she was in pain, and we would give her the dose of aspirin her vet recommended (there was an initial call to the vet immediately after my aunt passed to make sure there were no medications and such that had to be administered) so we could all sleep.

    Before I was sent Shadows records, I researched the price of Rimadyl. I previously had a dog with similar issues, and Rimadyl worked wonders for him. In my research I came across a mention for this product. Then I received Shadows records and the vet also recommended this product. I saw that a sign to give this product a try. I looked into this product and read the great reviews. Rimadyl would cost me $2.10 a day - this product just 40 cents. I figured I wouldn't be losing much if this product did not work.

    After a week or so on the initial dosage of this product, Shadow was more willing to walk up and down the stairs. She has been taking this for 4 weeks and she will now go up or down the stairs because she wants to. She even tries to play every now and again. It still takes her a while to get up from a laying position, and she has to take her time on the stairs, but she doesn't whine anymore. Only on the coldest of cold days do we see any real sign of pain, and we give her an aspirin. The best part is, she enjoys taking it. Do I have a dog thats like brand new? No, but I have a dog that seems much happier.

    ...more info
  • Great product... great price!!
    These chews are wonderful... our 6 year old lab loves them and gets them as a treat just before her breakfast and dinner. She has early-onset arthritis in one rear hip because of an injury at 5 years old, and couldn't get up from a "sit" position without help. After about 3 days she was moving around much better, and still seems to be much more comfortable and is mobile and running well after about six weeks of use... only the really cold and wet days slow her down. After knowing for sure they worked for her using the $60 bucket from our vet, we bought THREE BUCKETS through amazon for LESS than the cost of that first vet bucket, including the shipping. If you don't already have a bucket, the dosage is 4 per day for the first 4-6 weeks (we did 5 weeks), then 2 per day thereafter. Our three bucket purchase is 6 months worth.. less than $10 a month. Hard to beat... ...more info
  • Synovi G3
    Product recommended by our Vet. Have used for several years and really seems to make a difference. No side effects....more info
  • How does my dog love these? Let me count the ways . . .
    or let me count the pieces of the cardboard box they were shipped in that are now laying on the floor. My two year-old Scottie ripped the Amazon box to shreds, got out the tub of Synovi chews and punctured it about 50 times and probably would have eaten all 120 chews if she just would've been unsupervised a few minutes longer. So, in short, they are tasty. She goes crazy for them.

    She was limping on different legs (and also has a knee that pops out of joint) and "crying" a lot and after about two weeks on the chews, she was completely better. I ordered these directly from Amazon so I've seen no problems with the quality and they got here super fast....more info
  • great product
    i started my dog on the granules a while back. the tablets and soft chews are a little easier, less messy but all have helped my dog. i had also tried joint max triple strength tablets, another great supplement. hard to know which to go with. my dog started having more trouble getting up again recently right before i got these. she had some vomiting when i first started giving her these soft chews with her dinner, not sure if it was connected to them or not. just took her off of them for a couple days then gave them to her before bed, a few hours after her dinner. haven't had problems since and she's also back to limping less and having less trouble getting up. i give her fish oil which seems to help also. this is a great product at a great price....more info
  • 12 Y.O Boxer Pup
    My 12 year old boxer has had arthritis in the knees for 3 years now. I had even debated relieving him of his constant pain, however, instead I visited a new vet. He recommended this product and within 2 weeks I had a puppy all over again! When he has really bad days I still give him his SynoviG3 and a pain pill, that's only happened one time in 3 months. I'm so happy to have my boxer back again and so is his 12 year old chocolate lab companion! I can't recommend this product enough. Also I paid A LOT more for this product at the vets office....more info
  • Synovi soft chews
    These chews do wonders for my older dogs arthritis pain.
    And, they love them! Five stars...more info
  • Just like the ones you get at the vet.
    Our dogs seem to love this product better than any other, we have a picky dog that always eats his SynoviG3! The only issue we had prior to finding it here was the price. This product seems to take years off of our dogs they act like young dogs once again....more info
  • Thanks!
    I have been giving my 12 year old standard poodle Synovi G3 Soft Chews for a couple of years. These Soft Chews are the only glucosamine product I've tried that he eats like they're a treat. And these cost half what I was paying at my vet's office. So glad I found you. Thanks!...more info
  • good product
    My 10 year old puppy likes G3's and it has seemed to help with her arthritis. She does get picky at times and does not eat them. But when she is hurting she will eat the G3's. She feels better them she refuses to eat them. ...more info
  • Synovi G3
    Product arrived quickly. Great price for this product! I used to buy at my local pet store for $43 and this one was only $18 delivered to my door. ...more info
  • Not Worth the $$
    I had read so many wonderful reviews on this product that I decided to give it a try on my Lab who has had hip surgery and most recently knee surgery. After one week of being on this product, he was itching and scratching something terrible. He developed pustules on his ears.

    In my opinion, this product caused my Lab more issues than it helped him. As a result of all of the scratching, he developed a hematoma on his ear which lead to surgery and quite a large vet bill.

    We will be going back to the Glucosamine Chondroitin I purchase at my local Sam's....more info
  • Loved by Lady
    Lady, our golden retriever, loves these things. Much better than the solid pills. They smell like they'd make good catfish bait, too, but we haven't tried that! All we care about is that Lady is doing well and they seem to help her stiffness and limp....more info
  • Happy
    Great price. Shipped well ahead of what was stated. Couldn't be more pleased....more info
  • Vet prescribed
    This was less than 1/2 the price of what the Vet charges for the same product at his office....more info
  • G3 Chews did the trick
    The Synovi G3 Soft Chews were exactly what the vet recommended yet Amazon's price was less than 50%!...more info
  • Every Difference In The World
    My German Shepherd was experiencing hip problems already at 2 years old. I started her on the Synovi powder, and later switched to the SynoviG3 Soft Chews, and she stopped limping and having difficulty getting up. She is now 13 years old and still able to get around well. This product has made every difference in the world in her life!

    ...more info
  • Unbelievable!! Truly turned a young dog's life around!
    I've always wanted a hound. And, after buying my 1st home, I was able to finally get one! I did a lot of research and finally brought my new Black & Tan Coonhound home to join the family. All of my research prepared us to expect hip & joint problems when she got older, but she started showing alarming signs of discomfort shortly after her first birthday!! We started to notice that when it was cold she was very slow, and if something was too high (like the bed, or even, couch), she would put her front legs up and look back at us like she was asking for a lift up. She would almost never sit on command, instead doing a little dance from one back leg to the other. When she did sit she was noticeably uncomfortable, usually leaning to one side or the other.

    At first I thought this was all due to her just being spoiled rotten and training us. After all, I thought, she was hardly a year old!! But then I started really watching, and knew it wasn't just that. After her trainers mentioned noticing something also, we took her in to the vet to have some x-rays taken, and find out what was going on. The x-rays showed plenty of worries to come. On one side, her bone was only seated 1/4 of the way in her hip socket, and the other bone was squarely shaped so didn't fit at all!! The vet told us she would definitely need surgery in her lifetime.

    After her x-rays, we tried that Nature's Miracle, a powder supplement a friend had highly recommended that was available at the local pet store. It made her coat a bit shinier but I didn't notice much else. Then I found Synovi G3 here on Amazon and read some reviews. We were a bit concerned that all the reviews I had read were on much older dogs, but still decided to give it a try. We are SOOOO HAPPY we did!! Shortly after starting her on them, not only did her eyes and coat start to just completely change and shine brightly, but all of a sudden she was jumping up on things without hesitating, playing & wrestling with her brother like never before, and sitting on command before you could even get the "Sit!" out of your mouth!! Even offering them on her own! Her trainers have both commented repeatedly on how fantastic she looks, and were amazed at her willingness to follow commands now and her reaction time to them.

    I just cannot begin to say enough good things about this stuff!!! My hound is a changed dog. Seriously. She has been on them almost 3 months now. We have bought a couple of the Synovi G3 Soft Chews 240 ct to stock up, and don't imagine taking her off them anytime soon. As long as she continues like this, she'll be on them the rest of her life!! We've even started giving it to our other dog. He is a mixed breed, and healthy as an ox, but we thought that after everything we've seen Synovi G3 do for her it couldn't hurt!! If any of you are wondering, I do not work for them, nor do I know anyone who does. This review has been written because it's an amazing product and has truly changed my 1.8-year old, 70 lb, Coonhound's life!!...more info
  • Synovi G3
    Very happy with product. Works great & my dog loves them! Good price from ths seller & always prompt shipping. Repeat customer & will continue!...more info
  • synovi g3 soft chews
    Excellent product. Our Mastiff has been using G3 soft chews for a couple years now and he seems to be able to enjoy the day better when using this product. He has arthritis, and joint pain. I would highly recommend this product for dogs with joint pain or arthritis....more info
  • Help for Older Dogs
    This product has help my Great Dane of 12 years age to be able to run and continue a great quality of life. Thank you Synovi G3...more info
  • synovie g3 soft chews
    Very large Samoyed Husky loves this treat and her stiffness has decreased to where she doesnt need a prescription. I am glad my vet turned me on to this product....more info
  • a returning customer
    the synovi g3 soft chews for my dog was delivered promptly and in excellent condition. this was a repeat purchase and i will buy it again....more info
  • Our dog doesn't like them
    They are very potent in odor (like licorice). Our dog leaves them in her bowl and eats around them. Wish she would eat them so we could see if there's any effect. Won't buy again....more info


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