VOC Canister Filter All Carbon for 3000 & 4000

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Product Description

100% Carbon Volatile Organic Compound Canister Filter for Amaircare 3000 and Amaircare 400 Portable HEPA Air Purifiers. This 14 inch VOC canister is more effective than the standard carbon inner blanket that comes with Amaircare 3000 and 4000 air purifiers.The V.O.C. canister has a much larger surface area of carbon with greater collection capacity for paint fumes, household solvents and household odors. The V.O.C. canister filter is the filter of choice for situations where increased V.O.C. removal is important. When various impurities contact the activated carbon, the constituent molecules become trapped in tiny capillary passages on the carbon surface in a process called adsorption. Carbon acts as a sponge to adsorb V.O.C.'s. The standard carbon blanket that comes with every Amaircare product is a very effective 'sponge', but with carbon, the more surface area there is, the more V.O.C.'s it can adsorb. So, the more carbon the better. 100% Carbon Canister Filter: All Carbon to remove most common chemicals and odors. For sensitive persons, this is a better choice than the combination canister listed below. 40% Zeolite & 60% Carbon Canister Filter : A zeolite and carbon mix to broaden the range of chemicals and odors adsorbed by the V.O.C. Canister. VOC Carbon Canister Filter is a 14 inch filter that fits Amaircare 3000 and 4000 portable air filters. Filter life is about 12 months.