Swiffer Carpet Flick Carpet Sweeper Starter Kit , 1 kit

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Product Description

Swiffer Carpet Flick, Use Along With Your Vacuum, Dry Cloth To Pick Up Fine Debris Like Dirt, Dust & Pet Hair, Paired With Vacuum To Pick Up Larger Objects.

  • One carpet cleaning kit containing one carpet sweeper, and four disposable cleaning cartridges
  • Lightweight and maneuverable, cleans up everything from glitter and beads, to cookie crumbs and grass clippings
  • Innovative design flicks dirt, crumbs and other small bits off your carpet and traps them onto a disposable adhesive cartridge
  • Convenient transparent window, so when you see that the cartridge is full, simply throw it away and insert a new one
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Customer Reviews:
  • Carpet Flicker
    I love the Carpet Flick. I need refills and can no longer find them in stores. They are expensive on line. Help!...more info
  • swiffer problem-no refills
    I actually liked this product a lot-however be aware that they no longer make the refills. If you like it, buy up a lot of the refills because it's your last chance.
    Doesn't seem right to continue to sell a product when it won't be usable when the initial run of refills is no longer available....more info
  • inexpensive alternative to a carpet sweeper, great if you have pets
    this is a cheap alternative to a carpet sweeper, the swifter carpet "flick." it is extremely lightweight and fairly durable. you slide in little disposable sticky cards and this is what picks the debris up off your floor.

    all i can say is, your kids will easily be able to handle this device and have fun with it helping you "clean" and it's nice not to have to drag out anything heavy at the end of an exhausting day.

    as an extra bonus, it is IDEAL for sweeping off the top layer of pet hair that gathers on your floors, if you have furry cats or dogs. the hair gets stuck on the card, not in the rollers of a sweeper device or vacuum cleaner, and thus your carpets look better and stay fresher.

    they'll probably discontinue this soon due to lack of interest so i'm gonna try and buy up as many of these sticky cards cards as possible, at least the ones that are offered at a reasonable price. this invention is worth the 11 or 12 bux....more info
  • Avoid this waste of money!!
    We bought it from Wal-mart and tried it as soon as we got home. Then, we promptly boxed it right up and took it back for a refund!! We tried it on carpet AND tile--it did not work at all!! No, it did not pick up the cat hair or dog hair as promised! My son wanted to drop some cereal on the floor (which I let him do--we had Cocoa Pebbles) and it picked up just a few pieces (the dog did the rest)!

    While some of the Swiffer products are great, this is the worst!! Buy a regular, old-fashioned carpet sweeper. Better yet, use a broom for tile floors (or a Swiffer) and a regular vacuum on the carpet!...more info
  • Great for small rooms and dog hair!
    I love my swiffer carpet flick. I have a not too thick carpet in my 10x10 room, as well as a full size bed smack in the middle. well when i don't feel like lugging out my enormous vaccum and manuvering about for a few crumbs, i grab this bad boy and it definetly does the trick! I also run it in my son's room, because he has an area rug and the vaccum pulls at the fibers. my boyfriend just got a dog and she leaves hair on her spot on the floor in my room, and this acts like a lint roller. it's not really a replacement for vacumming, but it is great for touch ups and crumb spills. A MUST HAVE for people with small homes, rooms, and toddlers! I need a refill pack (which has 12 and cost about$ 4.50) soon! and by the way, the sticky pad is easy to put in and holds alot more than you think! i'm about to flick it around now! enjoy! :D...more info
  • GREAT for the DORMS
    I'm a college student, and I just love it! It's smaller, lighter, quieter, and it doesnt have the nasty dust release like the nasty bulky vacuums they rent out at school. I'll certainly be using it next year, even out of the dorms....more info
  • Really not worth it
    So I bought the swiffer carpet flick cause I have a small kid and there are continuous crumbs and rice and you name it on the carpet near my dining table.
    Each time I have tried to use this product, the refill gets full in a second and it really doesn't pick up everything so I have to do the hand collection anyway. I mean the idea sounds great but it needed to be way more effective as a product and really why is the refill so small????...more info
  • It gets what vacuums dont! ALso, great for older folks...
    This is one of those products I'd put on my "must have" list if I had an elderly parent who couldn't handle a vaccumm and had some area rugs or runners near the front door or entrance to any room. For daily touch-ups, these things can't be beat. They are extremely light and get all the stuff that gets dragged into the house between deep vacuuming.
    Of course, I really believe that a doormat at the front door will go a LONG way in keeping out a lot of the dust and debris. For the stuff that gets by that, use the Carpet Flick. I tend to shake out my runners and deep vaccum them regularly but I've noticed that some people who are elderly don't have the strength for that.
    Because I help out taking care of two people over 90, this has been a great help to them in maintaining their independence and ability to keep things clean when I'm not around...and I'm all for helping people to help themselves stay functional! Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle

    e-pill® 12 Alarm Watch. CADEX® Medication Reminder & Medical Alarm (Identification) ID Watch. SILVER with Black Rubber Strap....more info
  • Great for cat litter pickup
    My cats have a small rug outside their litter box to keep them from tracking the litter around the house. The flick is great for quick daily clean up so the litter doesn't have a chance to spread. The flick flicks the litter into its internal catch area very effectively. The sticky pad at the bottom is pretty much useless, as it gets covered in the first minute of use. Even so, I highly recommend it for cat litter on rugs....more info
  • A Great Alternative
    My dog is always munching on chewies (rawhide, etc.)and this Swiffer works great on picking up the pieces that are always left. Instead of having to drag out my big vacuum (which is kept downstairs)I use this and it sweeps up the bits just fine. Worth the price....more info
  • swiffer carpet sweeper
    you go through so many of them bacause it's just sticky paper. like the type you would get on a roller to clean pet hair. I give it 3 stars at best....more info
  • Great for in between vaccuumings
    Easy on the back and shoulders, as this is very light. It does a good enough surface job until the weekend vaccuuming. My 2 year old daughter loves to use it to help mommy! I bought this in a drug and discount store for $13.95. It's worth that....more info
  • My Siffer Carpet Flick Did a Great Job Until...
    My son dropped it into the furnace and it melted to the plate!...more info
  • Good for very small jobs.
    I bought this so that it would be easier to clean up after my cats instead of taking out the vaccume every time. It works on small stuff like Cat litter and sometimes on cat food but not on anything bigger than that. Doesn't trap much hair at all. The thing I was dissapointed in was that the catch tray was much too small for the jobs I need to do. My cats spill a fair amount of litter around their boxes and are messy with their food. I have to change the pick up pad once or twice just to clean up all the stuff that ends up on the floor. It's pretty much better just to get out the vaccume and do the job that way. I think they could improve this product by allowing larger items to be caught up in the catch tray and making the catch tray a bit larger....more info
  • Good for what it is designed to do
    When you buy this product, you have to be certain that your expectations are properly set. It is not a vacuum cleaner and won't pull dirt out of a carpet. It isn't even a traditional carpet sweeper with rotating brushes that lift hair and surface dirt into a chamber for emptying.

    What the Carpet Flick is good at is picking up surface dirt and litter. It has no moving parts, so it depends on (1) rolling over litter that sticks up above the surface of the carpet, or (2) having litter that is light enough so that the small internal "breeze" that moving the unit back and forth causes is enough to flick the dirt into the upper container.

    I have used this unit extensively since I purchased it. I can truthfully say that it does a wonderful job in cleaning up a tremendous amount of environmental "stuff." Compared to a small Casabella brand carpet sweeper which I had used before I bought this product, the Carpet Flick does a much better job.

    I am very happy with the product, even though I recognize that it will not ever replace a good vacuum clearner (or even a well-built, full-sized carpet sweeper). So keep your eyes open and your expectations calibrated when you hit the "Buy" button with this product....more info
  • This thing is horrible!
    This thing is horrible. Cumbersome to use and does nothing. I have to swiffer over and over again and crud is still on the floor. It removes a little bit of dirt but doesn't actually clean a rug/carpet. I'm giving it one star because Amazon won't let me rate it -0....more info
  • Perfect for what it is!
    I purchased this product to use in my (seldom vacuumed) office. It is great at picking up the dirt, crumbs, staples, paper clips, and general fuzzies that accumulate. I don't ask the world of it, but have been VERY pleased with the results. It was easy to put together, is easy to load and change the sticky cartridges, and does a great job!...more info
  • great for the cat mess!
    1. I bought this CarpetFlick in the mind of cleaning the area rug in the living room of my hardwood floored apartment, between major vacuum tasks...
    2. There's a coffee table on the area rug which the vacuum just CANNOT get under...
    3. I have a litterbox in the living room and my cat is a big fan of digging... so i have litter everywhere 24/7
    4. I'm a HATER of the vacuum noise and have trouble using a regular vacuum cuz i'm too petite.

    1. Picks up ALL the litter, BETTER than the vacuum, just in one go.
    2. No need to bend down using this thing
    3. No stupid electric cables
    4. Totally Silent
    5. Extremely light and manuverable
    6. Can finally clean under the coffee table without lifting it and moving it to another place (it's a 6'x3' solid wood coffee table and i'm petite)
    7. I actually had fun and felt wonderful gliding this thing on the rug and see the litter disappear!
    8. As a bonus (out of my main buying purpose) it lifted so other junk (hair/food crumbs)on the carpet too!

    1. Cartiridges might be expensive (but totally worth it for the effort i save with the regular vacuum)
    2. Seeing how good it is on the area rug on the first run, I went into the room and try to use it after my bf spray-dusted the insides of computers where black dust bunnies are lying around. nothing happened. (but i wasn't expecting it to anyways)...more info
  • Nothing but a Giant Lint Roller
    Absolute junk! Cheaply made! If you're a pet owner, forget about this product; it comes nowhere near being able to handle picking up pet hair. The piece of "fly paper" inside quickly fills up, and all you end up with, as many reviewers have noted, is a pile of hair that will get pushed around the room. Save your money! Isn't it convenient for Swiffer that with all of their products, you have to continuously purchase some sort of a refill?...more info
    Having been a user of several Swiffer products since they came out, I looked forward to the Carpet Flick as a way of cleaning the dog hair and fuzz off my rugs. BIG MISTAKE! As others have noted on reviews on this site, this just sweeps the fuzz and dog hair into piles on the floor and does NOT pick it up. Calling P&G did little, since they kept telling me how this would pick up crumbs, dirt and grass. If it does not pick up dog hair and fuzz, don't sell it for that purpose. ...more info
  • I Love It!
    This weird little contraption is perfect for individuals like me that already use masking tape to pick up crumbs and such that the portable vacuums they have a whole closet full of just don't seem to be able to suck up, no matter how many times they run them over the carpet. The only issue I have with this item is that refill cartridges for it are very hard to find. ...more info
  • Sweeping Up?
    When I heard all about the great products that Swiffer had came up, I was definitely sure tthat it would be a great use for people who don't need the vacuum. Nevertheless, I was not really correct. The Swiffer Carpet Flick, the latest invention from the Swiffer line, is supposed to clean up your carpets without all the hastles of havy messes. Although it does a good job at removing pet hair and small pieces of glass, it doesn't really pick up as well as the advertisement claims to be, which I was dissapointed. Still, it is good if you use it when you don't feel you need the vacuum, but you're just better off letting that do the work than this would.

    Price: C 1/2+

    Convience: C

    Overall: C...more info
  • Not so great for carpet, but nice on hard floors
    I am a big fan of Swiffer products. I use the Wet Jet and Dusters almost daily. When I saw this item at the store, I was skeptical. It didn't really look like it would work that good. But it was on sale, so I bought it. I put it together (pushing the pole together was kind of hard) fairly easily. I inserted the cartridge. (My house mainly has laminate hard wood floors and just a little carpet. I bought the Flick for in between vacuumings.) I rolled it along the carpet and it really didn't pick up that much. I tried it on the laminate though and it picked up all the dust and crumbs that my toddler had made during his recent snack. (Note: the box says not to use on hard wood or laminate floors.) It worked really well on the laminate, similar to a broom. The bottom has two small 'brushes' that would stop it from scratching the floor, so I am not sure why the box advises against using it on that type of flooring. Overall, this is not that great of a product for carpet. I like it for my other flooring though. If you have a broom and a vacuum though, I wouldn't waste any more money just to have the Flick. ...more info
  • stink, stank, stunk
    Save your money and buy a small electric broom or a regular dust mop. This picks up only very very light dust and dirt, not at all what you see on TV. A total waste of my money....more info
  • Swiffer Carpet Cleaner
    The Swiffer Carpet Sweeper is good for the most part. If you live alone, and are not messy it's pretty useful. It does not pick up in corners at all though. If you do not put the sheet on correctly, or shake it the least bit, things you have picked up can fall off of it really easy. I wouldn't suggest this if you have a big (5 or more) family. If you have a small (3-4) family and they aren't messy I might suggest it. If you live alone or in a dorm, it would be a quick and easy way to clean up, so I would def. suggest it for that. If you have an animal, for the most part it will work ok, but sometimes it leaves behind a lot of pet hairs. If you live in an apartment it's nice to have, because you can use it at midnight if you must without disturbing neighbors. All in all I would rate this

    D+ for family of more than 5 (with an animal F)

    C+ for family of 3-4 (With an animal C-)

    B+ for family of 2 (With an animal B)

    A+ for family of 1 (If you live alone) (With an animal A)

    ...more info
  • not impressed - not for dog owners
    After i opened the flick and easily assembled it I put it right to use. After a couple of "sweeps" I knew I had been suckered. I have 2 dogs and the Flick just pushed the hair into a nice little pile - which was easier for me to pick up than before, but that's not the point. After sweeping my Living room I had pile lines of dog hair everywhere and the cartridge was partially covered in other stuff. It's good to let my son use while I lug out the good ol' vacuum cleaner. It did pick up stuff I didn't think it would, but still not impressed....more info
  • Overall, Pleased
    I'm in the college and live in the dorms. It's a huge Inconvenience to check out a vacuum from the front desk and carry it up multiple flights of stairs. I'm so glad that I bought the Swiffer Carpet Flick. It's a perfect alternative. It works great to pick up hair, etc that accumulates. The sticky sheets do fill up completely, but since I live in a small room and am not a complete slob, they're more than adequete. It doesn't do well with picking up scraps of paper, but other than that, I'm very pleased. I'd say this is a must for any college student living in the dorms!...more info
  • useless
    I am a huge fan of the original Swiffer. So, I was really excited to try this out. We have just one area rug. The rest of our place is all hardwood floors, so I figured this would be good for cleaning the rug.
    The Flik is basically a pretty orange plastic case on the outside and a tiny replaceable sticky pad on the inside. Angled bristles on the bottom are meant to 'flick' dirt up onto the sticky pad where it's supposed to stay. Sadly, it only picks up about half the dirt the first time over. On the next go it picks up some more and at the same time drops some of the stuff from the first round back on the floor. Yeah, it's only meant for 'in between' cleanings, but who is willing to pay money for a product that only picks up half the dirt? I ended up buying a big sticky roller. I have to use a ton of sheets of adhesive, but at least it works. Don't waste your money on the Flik!...more info
  • The Everyday Carpet Sweeper
    The Swiffer CarpetFlick is a nifty orange contraption for using around the house; designed to be used only on carpeting for quick pickups of dirt, grass, glitter, fuzz, leaves and crumbs.

    The parts are neatly organized inside a box with the pole pieces individually wrapped in plastic. While it was easy to gather the pieces, the directions on placing the pole together were hidden inside the base of the sweeper. After pulling it out I still could not follow without step-by-step directions, which are lacking with the Swiffer CarpetFlick.

    The top and bottom pieces were easy to spot through the five small images in the instruction sheet, yet there was nothing showing how this gets assembled. The middle two pole sections were the ones I had problems with. It appears that the two small buttons on the silver pieces get pressed into the holes, but it did not snap into place securely.

    There is no clicking sound when this is assembled and the pieces are not easy to pull apart and try the assembly over again. Therefore I have a crooked pole that has fallen apart once already in the middle of sweeping.

    As someone with severe eczema on my hands that makes grasping items difficult I would imagine someone in the same predicament might have a hard time as would those who suffer from Arthritis.

    My ten-year old can put things together without the assistance of directions so I utilized his aide in getting this pole to stand in an upright position without it popping out. Between the two of us this was not accomplished. The pole is placed together perfectly until the final piece gets pushed into the bottom section.

    I would like to see arrows indicating how these pieces fit together and some coding on them to decipher the pieces. My other complaint would be the cardboard sheet that goes inside the base of the sweeper that picks up the dirt. I do not agree with calling this a cartridge and finding it quite confusing to follow directions.

    This so called cartridge is a thin piece of cardboard that gets peeled off on both sides and then pushed into the base of the sweeper. The photo in the directions shows that the tab folds over to snap into place on an orange dot. You can see from the photo that the tab folded over is orange - so this helps in knowing which side goes into the mechanism. There is indication on the white side after pulling off the sheet that this is the side that goes up.

    Trying to decide which side goes in and snaps correctly gets the adhesive from both sides all over your hands and also makes it feel flimsy when trying to get it secured inside the base.

    It is also noted on the sheet that pulls off that you need to do this slowly to prevent tearing. They forgot to mention that the paper will be curled up by the time this is peeled off.

    I like the design and ease of use of sweeping with the Swiffer CarpetFlick but find that after only a few minutes of sweeping the sheet (AKA cartridge) needs to be changed. The unit comes with four of these sheets, which could be used in less than one week's time.

    The easiest aspect of using the Swiffer CarpetFlick is removing the dirty sheet. I did hear and see items being picked up near the front door and it worked well on cleaning up the baby powder in the bedroom. I also utilized the sweeper on the rugs in the bathroom where I sprinkle foot powder on my feet. The residue was easy to pick up but seemed wasteful and much easier to just wipe over with my feet.

    This is a neat product that has promise with some fine tuning otherwise just another sweeper that needs refills to make it work. ...more info
  • Is this for you? Here's what to know:
    I have one of these and absolutely LOVE it. It is not battery operated and it is very, very light. If you hate hauling out a vacuum cleaner, you'll find this is great for touch-ups in between deep vacuuming. It is an ingenious little invention as it truly does "flick" dirt and debris onto sticky pads which are easily removed and tossed away when they get full. No messy bags to change or empty.

    So here's the PROS of this, in a nutshell:
    1. Lightweight.
    2. The pads pick up the everyday dirt and dust that accumulates
    3. Perfect for someone who can't manage a heavy vac or has difficulty hauling around anything heavy.
    4. Great at getting cat hair off the carpet, dust, crumbs, etc.

    But this isn't perfect. Here are the pitfalls:
    1. It works only on light messes and won't handle heavy clumps of dirt or debris (but isn't that what a vacuum cleaner is for, anyway?)
    2. This is NOT a replacement for a vacuum cleaner but think of it as a timesaver, keeping carpets looking neat in between your usual deep cleaning.
    3. The sticky pads get filled up pretty quickly, especially if you live in a home with lots of pets and/or small children.
    4. It ONLY works on carpet and isn't made for hard surfaces such as tile and wood or laminate floors.

    Even with its minor flaws, this is a MUST for our house because it is easy to keep our carpets and entry rugs in perfect condition. The carpet Flick is so lightweight that it is easy to grab and use during a tv commercial or while doing a quick once over of each room before company arrives. ...more info
  • Terrible Product!
    You're better off buying a roll of masking tape, putting it over your hand, and patting down the floor - That's all THIS Product does. Honestly, all it does it run a sticky pad over your carpet. I use it on a TINY dorm carpet, and the cartridges fill up in less than 15 seconds. Seriously, they do.

    After buying this product, I think the CEO of Swiffer owes me an apology. Not only should he apologize to me, he should personally come to my dorm room and throw it away for me. It isn't even worth my time to walk to a trashcan....more info
  • I like it
    Works very well. I have two birds and this thing picks up seed, pellets, and feathers. It does pick up lint and hair as well. The hair and lint either stick to the brush like things on the bottom or the pad. It's very nice to use this instead of a vaccuum for quick cleanups, especially since I have a bad back I use each pad as much as I can before replacing it. They do pick up a lot, but I would like them to pick up a little bit more. The price here is too high though, you can get them for about half the price at Targer or Wal-mart....more info
  • Great Prouduct!!
    I have a play center in the basement. The carpet is berber and it is very shaggy. It works Great all through the house. This is a great prouduct. If I were you I'd buy it....more info
  • Worked Amazingly Well!
    I just got this last night and was extremely surprised at how well it worked! It picked up a lot - even stuff we didn't know was on the floor!! It also got up my hair, which is excellent. I could see the disadvantage of it versus a vacuum for large areas, but its perfect for my apartment. I wish I had one when I was a college student living in the dorms! :)...more info
    This is one terrible product. Very expensive because the little sticky pick up fillers fill up FAST even if you have a clean house. The refills are hard to find. Cute if you want a kid to help you behind your vaccum. Boo I have gave it a 2 because of the exercise you get from having to go over a spot over and over and over. D-...more info
    Why hauling out the vacuum is such a chore I will never quite understand but the Carpet Flick has saved me. First of all, it is not for carpets/rugs that are very deep - I have berber and it's fabulous. It completely picks up the hair and the "stuff" that gathers with 3 small children. It's pretty amazing what this can pick up - especially because the stuff that may be "flicked" up (for lack of a better term) doesn't just go
    back on the rug - but sticks to the back of the insert since it's sticky on BOTH sides. I even bought one for my sister-in-law because it's so great!!! Sorry the other person had a bad experience but I seriously love this thing!!!...more info
  • I wouldnt buy it....
    The Swiffer Carpet Flick is only good if you have small kids running around the house every day. Dont buy this if you are a cat person,the reason i bought this item was to clean up cat litter and other kitty doodads, but to tell you the truth it doesnt really work unless your mess is EXACTLY the rite size. Unlike the desription on the box, it doesnt pick up hair or lint either.The Swiffer CArpet flick is conveinent but unless they have specialy made swiffer carpet flick messes to clean up. i would stick to the old fasioned vacuum....more info
  • Surprisingly cool product for pet owners.
    I thought the Swiffer Carpet Flick looked neat but upon inspection I lost hope. I didn't see how my dog's hair would make it inside and onto the sticky pad. Then I used it and was pleasantly surprised! I don't understand how it does it, but it really does flip or flick the hair up inside and onto the sticky pad. I ran it over the carpet where my dog had been chewing on a bone. The Carpet Flick took care of all the little leftover crumbs and dog hair. This is a REALLY NEAT little product. I also like that it is very skinny and fits into tight places in my broom closet. And I like the colors...more info
  • Better than a sweeper...
    I also have a Bissell sweeper, the kind you see in restaurants sometimes, with turning brushes that propel the dirt into a dust cup. This is what I have been using inbetween vacuuming days. Now, this Carpet Flick seems to be doing about *twice* the job as the sweeper. I agree, it's terrific on pet hair and best on surface dirt. Not a substitute for vacuuming (there isn't one of those yet, darn it) but truly gives the carpet a good surface cleaning and just-vacuumed appearance....more info
  • Litter Pickup
    This thing is great for quick cleanup job rather than pulling out the vacuum. The guinea pigs kick litter out of their cages all the time and it is real nice to be able to grag the CarpetFlick to pick it up numerous times in a day. I would give it five stars if it picked up cat hair as well....more info
  • GREAT sweeper!!
    I LOVE this sweeper!! I have a seven month old that picks up every little speck of dirt and puts it in her mouth, and vacuuming every day is just not feasible. The Carpet Flick lets me get all the little dirt off of the floor in a few seconds... it's so handy! I would recommend it to all....more info
  • Good for small areas
    The Swiffer CarpetFlick is useful if you have a small area of carpet that is always getting dirty. Im my house the carpet in the hallway to the garage always gathers a few leaves and lint that blows in when the door is open. The CarpetFlick is small enough to leave in the corner, sticky pad loaded, and use in the hallway whenever needed....more info
  • Good for small areas
    The Swiffer CarpetFlick is useful if you have a small area of carpet that is always getting dirty. Im my house the carpet in the hallway to the garage always gathers a few leaves and lint that blows in when the door is open. The CarpetFlick is small enough to leave in the corner, sticky pad loaded, and use in the hallway whenever needed....more info
  • Great for homes with Toddlers!
    I recently received the Swiffer Carpet Flick, and have to say it's quickly become my new favorite cleaning tool! I have an 18 month-old son, and this has allowed me to clean up his cheerios and other assorted snack crumbs quickly, without dragging out the heavy vacuum. It does not, obviously, do as good a job as a true vacuuming would, however it does remove almost everything, including small crumbs. It's super-light, and a cinch to use. In less than a minute I can have his entire mess cleaned up, and the rug looking presentable again. Now if only they could come up with one of these for hardwood and tile floors......more info
    I recently bought this from the local supermarket, and I am overly impressed. I never realized how much lint, hair, and other little items are left behind by your vaccum. Easy to use, out of the box and useable in minutes!

    ...more info