Royal RY5300 Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner w/On-Board Tools

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Product Description

Construction: High Impact Plastic, Metal Handle Motor: 12 Amps Nozzle Width: 13" Cleaning Path w/ Edge Cleaning Filtration: RoyalAire Micro Paper Bag, Filters 99.97% of Dust & Allergens Brush Roll: Double Row Ball Bearing Brush Height Adjustment: Automatic Self Adjusting Headlight 30', 3 Wire Cord Tools On Board Special Feature: Scuff Guard Bumper Warranty: 1 Year Commercial Warranty

 Customer Reviews:

  • It's Terrible and Cheaply Made - It Should Get Zero Stars
    I think I got taken by a vacuum salesperson about 2 years ago when I ended up with this overpriced vacuum. My very inexpensive but terrific Hoover or Eureka broke after about 8 years, and I bought this. The onboard tools were a good idea, and it did seem to work well for a while. It was very quiet, too. Then the plastic started cracking in the back where the hose attaches. I had to superglue the hose back in several times. After a while it simply wouldn't stay in place, so I had to hold it in to vacuum. The suction was bad as well by then. The plastic started breaking off in pieces in other places too. I bought it because I have 2 kids with allergies and asthma and was told that it was FANTASTIC for them with an extra filter, etc. That's probably why I spent at least twice what I had planned to on a new vacuum. Just this week after thinking we had problems with our A/C, I found out the vacuum was putting out more dust and no telling what else than it was sucking up when they were checking the air quality and turned on the vacuum! It went out with the garbage this morning! Also, you can't adjust anything on it - supposedly it knows when it's on plush carpet vs. hardwood floors. I honestly didn't notice if it did....more info