Personal Air Supply As500B

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Product Description

Black outershell. Can be worn around the neck(cord included)or clipped to clothing.

  • Output of 90 trillion ions per/sec
  • Weighs 3.5 oz
  • Runs on 9 volt battery
Customer Reviews:
  • Very effective device!
    The personal air purifier helps me breathe much better, even when in the vicinity of a lot of people. I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for the low grade noise that it produces. At any rate, I'm very pleased with this product. I used to wear a trache tube, and I'm still prone to catching a lot of colds, including pneumonia. So I can truly appreciate this device, especially when entertaining out-of-towners or visitors. ...more info
  • 10 STARS!!!
    I purchased one of these for my boss who started to have issues while traveling; always coming back with an allergic reaction almost like a cold (we were never really sure) so I ordered a personal air supply having already known about them a couple of years ago when I considered buying one for here in the office sitting under an HVAC system that seemed too dirty for my lungs. I've since moved offices, but remembered it. So I ordered it up and WHOA he's happier than ever! He's told everyone about it and when people asked him at the airport what it was he'd joke and say it was an iPOD! Now he swears by it and wouldn't travel anywhere without it - even uses it in the office when people are sick in the area. Thanks so much - made me look good! :) ...more info
  • Keep the bugs away
    My husband and I have been using this device for over 5 years. He used to get sick after every plane ride and we travel 2-3 times a month for business. I saw this in a travel mag and thought it was a joke but Consumers rated it functional and effective so I got one for him. He has not picked up a cold on flight since. So I got one for me and then for my father-in-law who had the same trouble as my husband, and he has not picked up a cold except for one flight, when his batteries died at the start of the flight (so carry an extra battery). I just purchased two more for my parents after hearing my dad had picked up a cold on his last fight. This device seem like a silly thing but they seem to work. Also if you get stuck sitting next to someone who has some noxious "odor" it helps reduce the irritation and in some cases you no longer smell the person....more info