Philips Sonicare Essence 5300 Power Toothbrush

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Sonicare is based on innovative-patented sonic technology. Sonicare achieves its bristle velocity through a combination of high frequency and high amplitude bristle motion. Dynamic cleaning action has been demonstrated in vitro to be gentler on dentin than a manual or an oscillating toothbrush. The power of dynamic cleaning action, coupled with the specially designed bristle orientation, results in deep penetration of interproximal spaces. It generates high amplitude and high frequency bristle motion, creating dynamic cleaning action that drives fluid forces deep into interproximal spaces and along the gum line. The result is a superior clean that you can see and feel.

You understand that your oral care is as important as all your other health regimens. And the Essence 5300 only proves the point. It has everything you need to familiarize yourself with the impressive results of Sonicare - the same bristle and brush head design as Elite, as well as Easy-start and Smartimer. The patented sonic technology will show you why Sonicare is the leading recommended brand by U.S. dental professionals.
The only angled sonic brush that gives you better reach for a better clean. Sonicare's unique dynamic cleaning action reaches deep between teeth and into hard-to-reach areas, while massaging gums for a brushing experience unlike any other. Brush head holder conveniently stores an extra brush head Easy-start eases new users into the Sonicare experience Dynamic fluid action helps clean between teeth Speed Up to 31,000 movements per minute Charging time 24 hours Voltage - 110-120 V and 50-60 Hz V Power consumption - 0.9/1.1 W Rechargeable Battery - NiCad 2-Year Limited Warranty

  • Soft-grip handle holds charge for up to 2 weeks, ideal for travel"
  • Rechargeable toothbrush cleans with ultra-high speed bristles
  • 2-minute Smartimer
  • Removes 80% of coffee and tobacco stains in just 28 days
  • Includes 1 contoured brush head, charger base, and travel case

Customer Reviews:

  • defective yahtzee cd
    I received the cd and tried to upload it into my Dell computer. I had all the specs that it asked for but could not upload or use it right from the drive. It is in the mail right now to be returned. I have always had very good luck with Amazon and will still be using as a website....more info
  • Clean feeling like after a professional cleaning...
    I switched to this toothbrush from a manual about 7 weeks ago and I LOVE IT. I can see a difference in my teeth, and my mouth feels so much cleaner. It did take a little bit of getting used to at first (I found the inner side of the molars were the most sensitive), but it only took about two weeks to be fully adjusted.

    I do take the head off about twice a week and rinse out because it can get gunky under there. I've looked on Amazon for the silicone cover, and will get one when they come back in stock.

    I would recommend this toothbrush to anyone who wants a fresh, clean mouth. Even my dentist noticed a difference having less buildup between my teeth at my regular check up....more info
  • Great Product
    I received the Philips Sonicare Essence 5300 as a gift, then got one for my wife. Great product....more info
  • Great toothbrush
    Great toothbrush. Easy to use and it does in fact make your teeth brighter in a month. The two-minute timer is great for keeping your brush time in check. Holds the charge for a long time. However, it takes 24 hours to initially charge....more info
  • Review
    I received this Sonicare 5300 about one month ago & after using it & really prefer my old Sonicare 4000. This new one has a different type brushes, full size, which sort of bounce across my teeth. The old Sonicare really feels to do a far beter job on my teeth.
    I did a contact with Sonicare & spoke online with a rep & explained my concern & was told that these were the only brushes now available.
    So do I keep the 5300 or return it ? Time will tell.
    Bill in FL...more info
  • Sonicare
    Great product. Researched a few others and was thinking of upgrading, but this one is perfect. Does everything one needs!...more info
  • great price, ok shipping, great product
    this is the lowest price i could find (i needed two sonicare toothbrushes AND two chargers--i bought two). shipping was a little slower than the estimate (what do you want for free shipping?); it took an extra week. but the product was perfect, and the price was low, so we didn't mind using our old "manual" brushes for an extra week....more info
  • Worth every penny
    Absolutely the best toothbrush I've ever used, you can't even compare it to the cheap 5 dollar electric toothbrushes that just rotate, sonicare truly makes a difference...more info
  • My New Sonicare
    It took me a little while to get used to it, but now I love it....more info
  • Sonically Clean
    I had a previous model for some years, but batteries eventually failed to retain a charge. For probably 6 months, I used a manual brush, but did not feel it was doing the job. I purchased this model for half of what I paid for my previous and have been very happy to be "Sonically Clean" again!...more info
  • Sonicare toothbruch
    This is a great product. I love the timing device that lets you know how long you should brush your teeth. Also, it does a much better job than the manual brush. You can taste the difference....more info
  • Your teeth will love you
    Third Sonicare I have owned...I can't imagine brushing my teeth in the "traditional" manner. It's like a massage for your mouth...and zero dentist bills!...more info
  • Brush bristles too rough!
    I previously owned a sonicare 4200? model. The 4200 was about 4 years old and would no longer hold a charge even after taking it out of the charger.

    Loved my old sonicare! Brushes better than I ever could.

    My only complaint with the new 5300 I have is that the brush head bristles seem much stiffer than the older model.

    I searched for replacement heads with 'soft' or sensitive heads but could not find any!

    Sonicare - how about some different brush heads instead of all the variety of toothbrush models!...more info
  • Better than expected!
    I've heard really good things about the Sonic toothbrush, but the toothbrush met all expectations and more. It cleans better than a cleaning from the dentist. I never thought it would be possible to remove stains left from years and years of drinking lots of coffee and tea, but after using it for 1 month I can see a significant difference already. We're totally satisfied with this product....more info
  • Awesome toothbrush
    My hygienist recommended that I purchase a Sonicare brush &promised that my mouth would feel clean all day long. She was right! It feels like I just got my teeth cleaned at the dentist everyday!...more info
  • Sonicare Toothbrush
    I am very pleased with this product. Not only was it shipped immediately, it was received in terrific shape and works perfectly. Would definitely buy from this seller again....more info
  • only problem is...
    that now I have to count to myself while problem...this is the second Sonicare I've I knew I was getting a great product for really good price...1,2,3,4,5,6,7...if you have a problem counting to 30, well then I would get the next model up(the one with the timer)...8,9,10,11........more info
  • Sonicare Essence 5300
    Great toothbrush. Don't know the differece in brushing quality between this one and the higher priced version, but it's probably only missing some feature like quadpacer. This version shuts off after two minutes, but doesn't split that time between quadrants. This replaced a model my wife and I used probably probably for ten years. The battery wouldn't hold a charge any more so that's why we replaced it. Hope this one lasts as long....more info
  • Great Toothbrush
    This is a great toothbrush especially for a thorough cleaning for those with sensitive gums/teeth. The only thing it does not have that would be nice is the quadpacer....more info
  • Very Happy
    This is my second Sonicare toothbrush that I have purchased in 6 years. I have always been pleased with the performance and comfort of the product....more info
  • Very Good Toothbrush
    This toothbrush was purchased on the advice of my dentist as a replacement for another brand of electric toothbrush. I especially like the timer function (it shuts off after two minutes of use) so you don't brush for too long. One caution is to make sure that the brush head is tightly screwed on or brushing action is greatly diminished. ...more info
  • Amazing!
    Nothing compares to a sonicare toothbrush. My teeth are clean and white and my gums healthy I love it!...more info
  • good clean fun
    Amazon had great price and fast shipping, toothbrush works great. It's a step up from braun oral b except the brush head is more difficult for the inside front/bottom teeth - oral's round tip worked better there. The brush seems to clean better on Philips. Be advised the replacement heads are much more expensive. A nice plus is the easy ability to travel without the thing going off in your bag. ...more info
  • Sonic Toothbrush
    Excellent tool for keeping the teeth clean! It tickles a bit, but you get used to it.
    ...more info
  • Philips Sonicare Essence 5300 Power Toothbrush
    The Phillips Sonic toothbrush is performing well. It was suggested by family members who have had good results from using it....more info
  • Good basic Sonicare
    This is not the fanciest Sonicare, but is still current. Replacement brush heads are easily obtainable, and it has features like the easy-start program which gradually raises the pulse intensity for those new to the Sonicare. I miss the QuadPacer feature, which gives a small hesitation every 30 seconds to keep track of your brushing.

    I feel that the more high-end features are a waste of time, as well as money, and so I would recommend this for anyone getting started with Sonicare. I have used them for almost 20 years, and recommend them highly for great hygiene. I bought this one for a newcomer, and he is delighted with the results as well....more info
  • Smart Buy
    This is the first electric toothbrush I have purchased. It is reasoonably priced, and when I told my Dentist about my purchase, he said," I hope it's a Sonicare, they seem to do the best job of removing plaque and promoting gumn health". After nearly a month of use, I can see my gumns becoming healthier and my mouth is over all cleaner and my breath is fresher. Thank You Sonicare and Amazon....more info
  • DOA, but had good intentions
    I think my product was dead on arrival, the 30 second pulse feature and the "ease into it" feature that were big selling points of this product did not work. It also shut off on me intermittently during use. I have a pretty sensitive roof of my mouth, and this was just shy of torture to brush with- although I hear you can get used to that. One reason I was really disappointed when the "ease into it" feature was not working. Also, after talking to my dentist, he recommended one that had the spinning circular brush on it. I have returned it (still waiting for refund... but Amazon is normally pretty good about that stuff), and plan to buy a different model....more info
  • Works great
    Had oral B triumph-hated it, hubby had a fancier model of this one-and it works great. I can def see and feel the difference. I highly recommend it-I used to work at a dental office as an office manager so I know it's good!...more info
  • first time user, i like!
    Liking the toothbrush very much so far. it took a couple of times to get used to the vibrations but after that no problems. keeps your teeth feeling very very clean and makes sure you brush for 2 minutes!

    battery life seems very good. you should only be charging this when it absolutely needs it. That way you will get the most life out of the battery.

    i would recommend to anyone else looking for a sonicare type brush. I don't see the point of the more expensive models....more info
  • Great product for a great price!
    I love using my Sonicare and wanted to get one for my adult children away at college. To purchase 4 of them, I needed a great price! Well, on Amazon, the "price is right". I was able to purchase these as gifts and the recipients appreciated them very much!...more info
  • The Best Thing at my Sink
    The Sonicare is as good as everyone else says here and I'm frankly amazed that something with no electrical connection can be charged around flowing water in a way to turn your mouth into a den of delight.

    How well does it clean?

    Well - you know that glistening smooth feeling you have rolling your tongue across your enamel after a professional dental hygienist cleaning? Before the sonicare no amount of brushing and flossing would restore that feeling. NOW I get that "so clean they're absolutely SLICK" feeling with the sonicare and my dentist and hygienist notice the difference in my lack of plaque.

    So - I'm not an expert, but my teeth, tongue and mouth are happy....more info
  • Don't waste your money on Sonicare...
    After hearing many raves about Sonicare, about a year ago I buckled down and bought an Essence 5300. I'd been using a manual toothbrush and due to my aggressive brushing habits that caused me to get a gum graft on one of my upper molars, I decided to switch to a sonic toothbrush b/c of the supposed benefits. My dental history before this had been excellent and I exercise proper dental hygiene. I'm in the 2% of the population who have "virgin" teeth... no cavities, no braces, good coloration and no wisdom teeth.

    I went in for a routine cleaning 6 months ago and experienced the only excruciatingly painful cleaning I've had in my life. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain yet I found myself needing numbing cream and laughing gas to get me through it which is ridiculous. My dentist told me that I had heavy calculus build up and it required using a vibrating scrapping stick to get it off. My gums and teeth were sore for days after this cleaning. It was awful and I couldn't figure out why my teeth were so bad.

    After mentioning that I'd been using a Sonicare, he immediately told me to get rid of it and get an Oral B Vitality (only $20.00 versus the $80.00 I paid for this brush). In essence my dentist mentioned that Sonicare was a marketing ploy and was nothing more than an ineffective, expensive toothbrush. The way that the Sonicare is structured, it's very difficult to clean the back of your teeth, your back molars... basically all of the hard to reach areas. The vibrating horizontal motion of the toothbrush is not nearly as effective in cleaning as a brush that rotates in a circular motion. My dentist has only recommended one patient to use Sonicare and it was b/c their teeth/gums were super, ultra sensitive. After this visit I literally walked right into Walgreens 2 blocks away from the office and picked up an Oral B Vitality.

    Recently I went to get my routine cleaning and my teeth were excellent (now that I'm not using a Sonicare). My dentist hardly needed to do any scraping and the visit was very pleasant. I definitely would not recommend this toothbrush to anyone... save your money and get a Vitality.
    ...more info
  • Sonicare vs. Ultreo
    We have both the Sonicare and the Ultreo and both do the same basic job, they clean your teeth. The big difference is that we are on our second Ultreo handle - they replaced the first one for free, but now this one is making the same high-pitched wine and will need to be replaced. Our Sonicare has lasted for a number of years and is our standby since it is always reliable. I have come to like it and the job it does way more than the Ultreo and rather than replacing the ultrasound model, I am going to buy new heads for my old handle. Thank you Phillips!...more info
  • Sonicare Tooth Brush
    Very pleased with promptness with which product was shipped; also pleased with performance of product, and with the reasonable price of product....more info
  • Sonicare Toothbrush is great!
    I am really pleased with the Sonicare Essence 5300 toothbrush. It is my first time using Sonicare and in just two weeks I have seen a remarkable difference....more info
  • Sonicare 5300
    I purchased this unit to replace an older Sonicare I had for many years. While this newer unit works, it lacks the automatic timer of the former unit. In addition, the replacement heads are not interchangable, so I ended up with several unusable replacement heads. This newer unit appears to have a more fragile head stem that the other.
    While the unit functions adequately, I was disappointed that it did not have the attributes of the former one. ...more info
  • Philips Sonicare Essence 5300 Power Toothbrush
    This is a great product. The size and shape fit nicely in my hand and in my mouth. Difinitely worth the money. I can feel the difference between using this and a regular toothbrush or even one of the $10 grocery store battery operated models. The charge lasts for weeks so I dont have to worry about taking it with me when I travel and the travel case that was included is very handy....more info
  • Review of Essence 5300
    This is the best toothbrush I have used because the "arm" of the brush is thin, curved and the brush is oval (not square)...very easy reach of back teeth....more info
  • Dentist reccommended
    My dentist recommended this toothbrush during my regular visit. I love the automatic 2 minute timing. My teeth feel much cleaner since I have started using this product. I'm looking forward to a much happier future dentist visit!...more info
  • great toothbrush best price
    I am a researcher and I chose well on this one. This model doesn't have all the bells and whistles but if you're looking for healthier gums at a great price this is a great choice. As always Amazon is the best at shipping...more info
  • Sonicare vs. Ultreo
    We have both the Sonicare and the Ultreo and both do the same basic job, they clean your teeth. The big difference is that we are on our second Ultreo handle - they replaced the first one for free, but now this one is making the same high-pitched wine and will need to be replaced. Our Sonicare has lasted for a number of years and is our standby since it is always reliable. I have come to like it and the job it does way more than the Ultreo and rather than replacing the ultrasound model, I am going to buy new heads for my old handle. Thank you Phillips!...more info


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