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Product Description

If you hate squashing insects and cleaning up the mess left behind, then you'll love the Rechargeable Insect and Bug Vacuum! This indispensable tool is the cleanest and healthiest way to rid your home of spiders, roaches or other creepy crawlers. Best of all, you'll never have to physically touch them!

  • Bug vacuum, made for bug control a cordless vacuum that has been designed to remove insects cleanly and efficiently. The high-powered vacuum assembly is strong enough to pick up any type of insect. The Bug Vacuum is a rechargeable hand-held vacuum unit. T
  • Nozzle extends to reach insects in high corners & high ceiling homes.
  • Safety interlock disables grid voltage on the BV01 when wand is removed for insect disposal.
  • Charging stand with LED charge indicator
  • High voltage grid built into the base kills bugs safely

Customer Reviews:

  • So far so good!
    So far I like this item very much, and its doing the job, killing the bugs! Love the fact that it zaps them so you know they are really dead!...more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    I really wish I hadn't bought this! It's a good idea in theory, but did not have the strength to pick up any bug I tried it on. Eventually I was able to knock a spider and a stink bug in there at different times, and neither were killed by the electric shock. A complete waste of money!!!...more info
  • Useless
    This "vacuum" wouldn't suck up a waft of smoke!

    I purchased it to suck up and kill stink bugs. They are not very large bugs, but they emit a musky stink when they feel threatened or when they are crushed. I thought that this product would work quickly and effectively to capture and kill them, thereby eliminating the stink factor. It doesn't have enough suction to handle the task. So I'm back to using paper towels to grab the stink bugs (without killing them) and flushing them.

    It's a scam product and a complete waste of money!
    ...more info
  • Not for stink bugs!
    Here in the northeast we are inundated with stink bugs - you know, those beetle like bugs that look like they are armored? The vacuum works fine for wasps, bees, flies - basically lighter bugs. But it just isn't strong enough for the average stink bug. They just don't go willingly to their death ... Wish this product had a little more umph!...more info
  • The Spiders Won!
    I DO NOT like spiders. Our house has more small-sized spiders than I'm comfortable with. When I researched a way to control them, I thought the Bug Vacuum was the perfect solution. Wrong.

    I followed the directions exactly and this product did NOT perform as it suggests. It has an attachment that you place over the intruder, but the vacuum power is not strong enough to effectively and quickly suck it up. So, I took the attachment off... the vacuum was a bit stronger, but still not efficient enough.

    To be fair, I tried it on multiple sized spiders (it did manage to kill a few), but the last straw was when I tried to capture a spider smaller than a pea... it barely (slowly) sucked it up, but then couldn't electrocute it and the spider continually kept trying to crawl back out the tube. And this vacuum's lazy attempt was all while the battery was fully charged.

    Unfortunately, this bug vacuum doesn't do the job... it only makes a squeamish spider hater having to fight the spider to get the job done. I wanted this to work so badly, but a shoe is much more effective and faster, too!

    Don't waste your money. I'm returning mine....more info
  • Got fruitflies? Get this!!!
    We've had a terrible infestation of fruitflies for the past several months that I just couldn't get ahead of. We own birds, so sprays are out and traps and home remedies weren't cutting it. This works great - sucks them up and zaps them DEAD. It's pretty quiet and rechargeable so you don't need batteries. The other bug vacuums seem to be geared for kids collecting bugs to study them - this one kills them! I don't know how it will be on larger bugs, but it's perfect for fruitflies and the few flour moths I sucked up. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!...more info
  • Good product.
    Had a chance to use twice and works great! The bug has to be in a flat surface for it to work but once it's there it's gone and electrocuted! And do not have to touch it. Beautiful! ...more info
  • bug vacuum
    I hate chasing spiders, crickets and other creepy, crawlies that might get into the house. This bug vacuum works great..it has a long handle which gives you extra reach to scoop those nasty things off the wall. No mess. Its always ready because it recharges in its base....more info
  • All this sucked up & zapped was my money.
    I bought this to replace one I had bought years ago. The first one worked great, but after 4 years lost its suction. This new one worked great.... for a month. Then it lost its suction. I can't believe the difference in the two. I will not buy another one. But what I have found that works quite well is a swiffer mop without the swiffer cloth. It's hard enough to squash those nasty spiders, but soft enough not to damage the paint. It's long enough so I don't have to get close and risk a spider falling on me and the head can be angled any way I want. So if you need to kill spiders at a distance, save yourself some aggravation and a lot of cash and go for a swiffer....more info
  • Junk
    This product does not work, I tried this unit on small spiders (less than an 1/8" in size)and they just crouched down. The unit could not suck them up, and I'm really trying to get spiders double their size. ...more info
  • Great for arachnophobes!
    I am terrified of spiders, and this has been a lifesaver when I've been home alone and had to kill one! The tube is long enough that you can reach a bug on the ceiling usually without needing to get a chair or stool. And, it's long enough so you don't feel like you have to get too close to the bug -- which is good for me when I have to kill a spider. I have found that sometimes the suction is stronger when you don't use the cup attachment at the top. Some other bug vacuums suck the bugs into a cartridge that you have to replace, but this one is nice because there's no cartridge. The bug just get an electric shock and then you can shake it into the garbage or toilet. Sometimes I've had to pull the blue tube off and tap the device lightly on the toilet or the garbage can to get the bug to release. I had one of these before and it lasted about 5 years before its internal battery wouldn't hold a charge anymore. But, it was well worth the money, and I purchased a new one right away....more info
  • Piece of Junk
    What a waste of money. Utter failure (wouldn't suck up the bugs, didn't kill them on the "grid"). Threw it in the trash. Don't waste your money. Use a shoe. That's what we're back to doing. Would give is zero stars if that were an option....more info
  • Great Bug zapping product!
    This is a great tool. It zap the bugs, no matter what kind right up.
    It is not so great on silver fish. All other are great. I love the suction cup keep bugs from getting away. I wish it were easier to get the carcasses out once dead, but as long as they are dead I can live with the rest. I would recommend this product to anyone who hates bugs.
    I clean mine out after every kill. Because once they are zapped and you go to get the next one, you smell a little bit of burning going on....more info
  • Works great!
    This Bug Vacuum works great to trap bugs and kill them fast. The unit has flat cup at the end to trap the insect and trap door that keeps them inside the tube. The bug is sucked down the tube to the electric bug zapper where they are eliminated. I have only had mine for a short time but have caught all size spiders and bugs. I even sucked up a large brown spider on my family room ceiling with ease. You if are scared to death of spiders and I am you will surely love this device- it really does work!

    L.L....more info
  • Works fine; don't know what the fuss is about
    Okay, so I've seen lots of people who complain the suction isn't good enough. I have no idea what you're talking about. Only on a couple of occasions have I been unable to get a bug to get sucked up into the tube, and that's when they were on carpet and able to hang onto the fibers for dear life. Walls, blinds, whatever--I also suck them out of the air if they're flying about a light. Works fine. Worst case scenario, trap them in the dome, then move the tube directly above them. Absolute worst case, the little prongs that stick out from the front of the dome, if you dislodge the bug with that, then they get sucked in. Very pleased with the suction.

    The only thing is that the electrocution doesn't always work, more often than not because I've already got one dead bug in there and haven't taken the time to get him out yet....more info
  • Lentek Bug Vacuum--effective and fun, too!
    I purchased this product as a Xmas gift for my husband in 2007. He has gleefully utilized this product since. Although it lacks power in the suction department, it more than makes up for that with the electrocution panel that can be turned on when vacuuming live bugs. It is well worth having if only for the sheer entertainment value....more info
  • Barely Sucks after 9 months of use
    This has been a very, VERY disappointing, expensive product. Very poor suction, either from inadequate motor or power supply unit. Takes--REALLY--10 mins. to vac a 1/2 inch. skinny spider, even from a flat wall. Price would be fair if this were an effective product--in this case it is a rip-off....more info
  • Are you kiddin me?
    My wife is phobic about bugs. I thought this was the perfect gift. There are not alot of bugs around in the winter, but fortunately a spider showed up for his demise. I anxiously went for the "bug vaccum". I positioned it perfectly above the spider, I think it was comotose, because it did not move. I held the cover over the spider but the suction was too weak to actually suck it up the tube. I had to take off the cup and directly put the hose over the spider. Finally, the spider was sucked up the tube. Sorry, don't buy if you are a bug hunter.....Waste of $50.00...more info
  • Nearly Useless
    This product just doesn't work... It will suck a bug in, maybe, but it doesn't kill anything- and after a couple of minutes it won't have the power to suck any more bugs in. At best you can use it to go after the occasional fly or moth that's just out of hands reach, but don't expect you're going to do anything else with this....more info
  • Bug vacuum
    I have found this very useful not only for spiders and bugs...but I also use to vacuum each smoke alarm in our home about once a month. However, when doing that I make sure the tube is not pushed way down to connect to the "bug zapper"....more info
  • I am embarrassed that I bought it!
    I bought this bug vacuum with low expectations; it is even worse than I expected. We had hoped to use it for the occasional stink bug. It is bulky with a massive charger. Its vacuum power is best described as a gentle breeze. The best way to get the bug in the device is to kill the bug using another device, pick up the bug and drop it in the bug vacuum hole. I have not written an online product review on Amazon before; this product is so bad I felt compelled to warn others!...more info
  • Bug Vac
    perfect condition, traps bugs easy, I'm afraid of bugs but this gives me the power to get rid of them myself. I love this Vac....more info
  • This is Great !!!!
    I live in Florida. I think this item is great. Need I say more? My wife loves the Bug Vac. I had a scorpion in my den, and I got the bug vac out and sucked him up, fried him and dumpd him in the trash. It works great on many of the bugs we have here. Even some big spiders. It has saved my wife a lot of stress. She does not like the smell of the fried bugs, but you can disable the grid. If you have bugs, this is very nice to have. My bug guy was so impressed he bought one to show his customers. ...more info
  • Lantek Koolatron BV01G Bug Vac
    I'm very satisfied with the product. I bought it to use on flies and have found that your technique is very important. You must fully extend the tube, then when the fly lands approach the fly with the tip very slowly. Flies have trouble detecting slow movements. Approach from behind if possible and the fly will be sucked right in and let the zapping begin. I then go outside, pull off the tube and let the fly fall out. If the fly is cooked to the electrodes a bit, I gently rub it on grass and the fly comes right off. This product works for getting rid of pesky flies without the squished fly mess all over your walls or counters....more info
  • Works, but could be better
    The suction could be stronger. Some bugs don't get sucked into the tube, even dead ones. Overall, it does great with big bulky bugs like large crickets, large spiders etc. With dead crickets (shriveled up) they hardly ever get sucked into the tube. Not flawless, but better than having to handle them with your hands....more info
  • Not great for high corners
    I love the concept (bugs scare me). And sometimes it works.

    But I'm having problems with:
    a) large insects - may not be sucked up via the vacuum, as it's not very powerful, and

    b) even little tiny bugs that are in corners can be missed. The big cup-like thing in the pictures (at the end of the vacuum) is actually hard plastic (I thought it was soft and squishy) - so it doesn't conform to corners well - even just the spot where the ceiling meets one wall is difficult. Tonight a bug fell off the wall when I tried to suck it up (hit it was the cup apparently) and disappeared - ick.

    So love the concept, but wish for a little better design :( I don't think it was worth what I paid, honestly, but ymmv....more info
  • Bug Vacuum doesn't work!
    This bug vacumm has no suction, especially when it is extended to it's full length. If I could be just a few inches away from the spider I wouldn't need the vacuum. It's garbage and a huge waste of money....more info
  • Bug Vacuum problem
    This product works great, but one big problem is you cannot replace the batteries, so when they go out (eventually) you have to throw the entire device away.............that sucks....more info
  • No problems, very pleased
    I *hate* insects. I also have an exaggerated startle reflex so every time I see one, I can't help but screaming. Since we moved out to the country (in a high-insect area, no less), the nightly visitors by unwelcome pests have become more frequent this summer (even WITH regular, professional pest control) and my husband got sick of me jumping at every little thing. He got me the bug vacuum and I couldn't be more pleased. While some bugs are difficult to get because of the hood at the end, it does suck them up and it does kill them. Now, I've so far only used it on flies, gnats, mosquitos, pantry beetles, and moths. However, I have caught several flies mid-flight with it. =) I can't speak for larger insects but I imagine once it gets it to the high-voltage grate at the end, they will probably be toast. =)

    I do wish it had a bag or some container to keep the dead bugs, however, I'm just so happy that this even exists. =)...more info