Rock Salt Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone

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YES IT WORKS...This deodorant Stone is the finest body deodorant on the market today. Your entire family will find this crystal stone the be the most effective deodorant they will ever use. Men, women and teens all love it! The deodorant stone is over 300% more effective than commercial deodorants, and yet it is also 100% pure and natural. The deodorant sore doesnt contain any harsh chemicals, perfumes, oils, emulsifiers, alcohol, or propellants. It is made from potassium sulfate and other mineral slats which are crystallized over a period of months, then hand shaped and smoother. (It contains no aluminum chlorohydates.) Our stone is not sticky or greasy, will not stain clothing, irritate your skin, or leak in your suitcase. It is the finest product on the market today and best of all...IT WORKS! HOW IT WORKS...The deodorant stone is not a cover-up nor does it clog pores. The deodorant stone actually inhibits bacterial growth on your body. This bacterial growth is what causes body odor. So by eliminating this odor-causing bacteria, we have eliminated body odor. The stone attacks the problem, not the results of the problem. The stone does not have perfume that only covers one odor with another artificial odor like some sprays or powders. The deodorant stone leaves an invisible layer of protection that prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming and leaves you feeling fresh and clean all through the day. Economical...As if the mere fact that this is the finest deodorant available on the market today wasn't enough of a reason for you to buy, how about this. One of these deodorant stones lasts months, up to a year. For only pennies a day you receive maximum protection at a fraction of the cost of commercial deodorants.

  • Over 300% more effective than commercial deodorants
  • 100% pure and natural
  • Does not contain any harsh chemicals, aluminum, perfumes, oils, emulsifiers, alcohol, or propellants
  • Inhibits bacterial growth on your body
  • Lasts up to one year or more

Customer Reviews:

  • sweet better than my rightguard deo
    i ordered 2 of this item seen in the picture except it didnt say thai but pure and natural which is the manufacterer of the deodorant stone. You can buy these stones with any labeling you want i think. anyway to the product!

    what you basically do with this is you wet the tip with water and then just rub on your arms. you can even rub on your feet! how this works you say....? well the ingredient is pure natural mineral salts which kills the bacteria causing the odor. when you kill those bacteria you won't smell the underarm smell.
    I used it after i shower and i rub under my armpits one day later. Why....well it's fun hahah i haven't tested how long it takes for me to have the need to reapply it cause i guess it varies with people.

    what's so good about this and why you all should buy this is because its natural, there's no aluminum like what the deodorants on the store shelves at walmart have, and theres no anti-perspirant which is just a bad idea!!! i mean sweat is the body's natural way of getting rid of toxin and cooling the body temperature but i guess we are all vain and fall for the anti-perspirant idea of how it's good. well when i used the anti-perspirant, at work i would sweat more than i used to and i found out that if you block the sweating in one area, then expect to find sweating in more embarassing places like forehead and stomach and chest!!!
    i highly recommend everyone get this this is like a revolution or something i feel great using this product knowing that it doesn't have ingredients that i can't even pronounce.

    bottom line : get it cause it will last more than 1 year!!!...more info
  • Results after a year
    Here's what I have found with this after one year of almost continuous use....

    It is very effective. I sweat a LOT compared to many men. There have been times when I have found that it does not work (seemingly), but I have found a few tricks in the process. The first is that if you do not SCRUB under your arms in the shower it may not work. If you come out of the shower and your arms have any stink to them, then you didn't do your job in the shower correctly, and the stone will not work all day. Second, my shirts often have smell in them, which causes me to smell when my underarms get wet. The way I have found to combat this is to soak my shirts in epsom salt water for 24 hours before putting it in the wash.

    Following these rules has made this stone work perfectly even on the hottest days. After one year, I think my stick has gone down about half an inch. I expect to get at least one more year out of it. After wetting, I rub it about 20-30 times under my arm (I don't know if it actually helps to repeat so many times, but it helps my peace of mind).

    I hope this helps some in their decision!...more info
  • Worked for a while...
    The Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone was my second attempt at using a natural deodorant. The first that I tried was made by Tom's Of Maine and didn't work for squat. After reading the positive reviews for this product, I decided to try it out. It worked GREAT for three or four months. I still sweat of course, but there was no hint of body odor and I was thoroughly impressed.

    About three weeks ago, it more or less stopped working! Nothing's changed in my routine, but it just doesn't do the job anymore.. I can smell body odor by lunchtime, it's that bad.

    Sorry Thai Crystal, but I'm looking elsewhere - and unfortunately considering going back to the standard grocery store-type deodorants that contain aluminum. I never had problems with body odor until switching to natural deodorants, so I'm thinking this just might not be for me....more info
  • healthful and effective
    I always worried about aluminum absorption but never heard good things about "hippie" deodorant products (and people I knew who used things like Tom's always had the worst BO). I tried several brands of salt deodorant products in the last year and have settled on this - it's the best!

    It is different than regular deodorants. You need to apply it more liberally and more often, especially if you are sweating a lot. It isn't antiperspirant, so it will let you sweat as much as is normal for you. It isn't thick and gooey, so it doesn't form as much of a film on your skin. And if you do start to smell, you won't smell like some rancid mix of and deodorizing chemicals and foreign scents. You'll just smell like yourself.

    Since it isn't scented, applying it when you're already smelly won't do anything. However, it does inhibit the bacterial growth that causes smelliness as long as you get plenty applied.

    Thai crystal is better than other salt stones. Something about the way they make theirs prevents a major problem with other types of stones. Other stones get eaten away by the water you use when you apply the product. They get sharp swiss-cheese-like holes in them which are unpleasant to rub against your sensitive armpits. My Thai crystal has stayed smooth and solid over several months of use, and prevents odor better than the other salt products I've tried. It takes a few weeks to sort of ramp down from regular deodorants and get used to, so I would recommend that you not give up after the first day of using an unfamiliar product.

    I would recommend that you give this product a shot for a couple of months. Get used to the way it works and I think you'll find you have less BO, your BO is less unpleasant, and you'll have less anxiety about aluminums absorbing through your skin....more info
  • I am a devotee after 4 years of use!
    I have used this product in some form for 4 years now. I went to my local natural grocery store in desperation one day 4 years ago after regular deodorants, which always failed me by the end of the day anyway, resulted in welts under my arms. I react to perfumes over time, and even though I was using natural deodorants with no perfume, I was beginning to break out even when I changed products. The natural grocery store employee saw me looking at all their deodorants in desperation, and when I explained what my problem was, she handed me the Thai Crystals in spray form. Within 2 days, I was experiencing no rash and no odor, and it's been that way ever since. And I live in a town, Austin, Texas, where you sweat a lot throughout the year. I finally decided to switch to the stone 1.5 years ago because the spray is expensive and I was going through it fast. I am still on the same stone with what looks like another year to go! I apply it in the morning, and I never experience any odor. I notice that some people have said that it fails them over time, but I assure you that is not the case for everyone. Thai crystals were a lifesaver for me!...more info
  • It works
    This was recommended to me by two of my coworkers. I have never had a problem with my armpits sweating with regular antiperspirant, but I have recently started noticing a lot of odor. I gave this a try and after about two weeks of use the odor was gone. I am amazed because there are very few products that actually stand out from the crowd. I think it took a few weeks for my pores to open up and get rid of the aluminum from the regular sticks. I have noticed on a few occassions that I get a minor rash. I think it is from storing my stone upside down and it gets minor abrasive qualities. All I have to do is rub the top of the stone after it is wet and it is smooth as silk. It really works!...more info
  • Great!!
    Very good product. I've been using it for a long time and it works great. No white marks. Safe for sensitive skin. I will suggest to improve the package. It may works better with a twist to push up and down. ...more info
  • Awesome item!
    This product is wonderful and I would reccomend it to anyone. Not only does it fight odor it also keeps me comfortably dry! It works better then any deodarant I have bought at the store, and it also lasts in quantity for quite a long time! Therefore not only does it work better then the average deodarant it is also cheaper then the average deodarant in the long run. I honestly believe if you try this product your old deodarant will never be the same....more info
  • Effectiveness of Product
    Rock Salt Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone is fantastic! It works better than either cancer-causing or aluminum-free deodorant. It also lasts all day, and even after a sweaty workout there's no stink!...more info
  • unbelievable
    This natural deodorant is more effective than any chemical laiden product on the drug store shelves. It costs slightly more to buy, but it will last you over a YEAR! And, those yellow stains on your white shirts that you attribute to perspiration...? Guess what, they aren't from perspiration... they are from the aluminum and other harmful metals and chemicals in traditional deodorants. This product makes the entire deodorant/antipirspirant industry obsolete and a health harming scam.

    The skin if very porous and absorbable, especially in the sensitive underarm areas and a daily dose of aluminum and chemicals will cause ill health eventually. Stop using that crap and use this natural salt stone... it contains all of the trace minerals that your body needs and the salt helps to keep you dry. If your body needs minerals it will abosorb them, if it doesn't, they will add protection from odor and staining. Need I go on???...more info
  • Does Not Work
    I was excited to try this product; its reviews were terrific. I perspire very minimally without any antiperspirant, and not at all with typical drugstore antiperspirant. I tried thsi salt deoderant product for six days. Each day the product failed, I perspired, and so each day I applied more and more layers of the product. The additional layering made no difference. I wish I could recommend the product, but I cannot....more info
  • Only works for light sweaters
    Haha, I can tell already I'm going to get low "usefulness" because this is a negative review. Lol.

    Anyway, if you are like me and you have BO to high heaven and you sweat substantially (I actually don't sweat too much I just have insanely pungent smelling BO--I'm female btw which makes it more embarrassing) and you try this it def. won't work.

    Rocks and crystal sprays last a maximum of 2 hours for me... with no physical labor... working out, less than an hour. Even during that active time, I still have slight lingering scent of BO. You'd probably be better of slathering anti-bacterial hand sanitizer on your pits (which actually works, believe it or not... good for those super bad days).

    Yet to find an organic/natural deodorant--and now as my BO has gotten worse--a regular deodorant/antiperspirant that works well (that lasts at least 10 hours... my current d/a wears off at 2 pm--6 hours later--very VERY annoying... and I'm a student and I have a desk job; I do no physical labor).

    If you sweat and stink only a tad, this is all you need. No need for any of the hardcore stuff....more info


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