Saddle Up With Pippa Funnell

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In Saddle Up with Pippa Funnell you'll have to turn a small horse farm into a successful equestrian competition camp! Your new horse farm requires extensive renovations and your horses need care and training as you embark on your quest to become a world champion. Champion equestrian Pippa Funnell gives helpful advice along the way. Create your personalized horse poster - Choose a horse, select a background, and add your own text

  • Renovate and manage a horse farm in this fun simulation game
  • Keep 14 different types of horses happy, healthy, and well groomed
  • Solve the mystery of who is plotting against you; train for competitions
  • Champion equestrian Pippa Funnell gives helpful advice along the way
  • Up to 4 players can participate in the competitions

Customer Reviews:

  • This game is awesome... but, I have a question.
    This game is awesome, the graphics are great! I love making new renovations to the farm and getting new horses! It is DEFINETLY worth your time and money, then again, everybody has a different oppinion. I think it's great though. The only thing is I'm stuck on one part. I can't find Mr.Blacklock's house. I've searched for at least 2 hours! If anybody can tell me I would be soooo happy! !PLEASE HELP!...more info
  • HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
    i got this game and i'm on the part where i found out who owns the land wat do i do next? plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Worth your Money for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This a great game. The controls are easy to get the hang of. The Mystery is fun and the compitions are fun to. Ok so the ending is kind of weak but the rest of the game is right on. I didn't have any bugs with this game. So some of the things are hard like catching the quad bike. But after you try a few times you will do it. Over all this is a great game good for all ages.
    You should sooooo buy this game
    Heather...more info
  • Well..
    This game has stinky riding but good music and background. Well, I'll start. Okay so you're this young heiress of this old rundown mansion place and there is this little family-a boy and a girl living in your house. The boy and you began this pathetic and unreal relatitionship. So stupid and I wish they could cut it. Pippa and subtitles get totally lost. YOu become your heroine and they still call you Estelle. You don't have one cowboy, baggy, untight clothes. The riding stinks so bad. Choppy and bouncy. The Saddle Up Time to Ride is better riding but stinky plot. This is okay plot but the stupid "lovey" stuff. For example:
    "It's alright now that your here," sighs Estelle.
    "Don't call me Estelle, we're about the same age." (These aren't from the same scene) So besides that, it's okay....more info
  • How to Punch in the Code at Blacklock's
    If you've gotten to this part, you have to sneak into Blacklock's house. There is a little slip of paper on the piano with letters on it. Put it into your inventory. When you get to the book room, write down the letters on the slip of paper. At the code, there are 4 buttons. One is red, green, blue, and yellow. The letters on the paper are the first letters of the colors of the buttons. Push the buttons as you see the letters. Remember, the letters represent the first letters of the colors.

    Good Luck!!...more info
  • This game is fun
    This game is fun! To catch Blacklock, you have to cut him off across the trail and use shortcuts to not let him get away! It's very entertaining. There's even a part where you have to herd sheep and horses!!!!!! Very cool!
    I was just wondering if this was the same game as "Stud Farm Inheritance" with Pippa Funnell. Please let me know!
    ...more info
  • Awsome
    Its a really good game and you should buy it! The only bad things are the game is really short and the compitions are way to easy after you do your first one and get the hang of it. Over all I think this game is awsome!...more info
  • Strangely obsessive ...
    I played one of the earlier Saddle Up games and found it frustrating to the point of unplayability. In this one, Ubisoft fixed the problems and left in the thing that made it so much fun: lots and LOTS of horses and reasons to ride them.

    Graphics are lovely, with much loving attention paid to the horses and the delightful scenery of a fictional English countryside. Controls are workable and easy enough for anyone to pick up on. The puzzles in the adventure part of the game are mostly very easy with lots of hints, with only two bits that frustrate: herding sheep, something horses don't normally do, and chasing a quad bike. (The way to solve that last one: canter till you reach a short cut, then gallop through the short cut to get ahead of the bike and block its path. Do that twice and you've got your guy.)

    This game is so enjoyable it almost makes me want to dig out the old one and see if I can make it work this time....more info
  • Possibly the greatest riding game out there
    I haven't played Dream Champion or Time to Ride 2, but of all the other horse games I've played (at least 12) this one is the best. The only complaints I have are that it takes a long time to train your horse to the top level and even then, sometimes you don't earn enough points for your horse to "learn" the advanced movements. Also, you don't get to pick your new horses. What I love about this game is the storyline is so much better than any other horse game I've played. The graphics are really great. Unlike most other horse games, you can change the hair and the outfit of your character. You can name your horses. There are lots of fun places to ride. Interacting with people in the town is so much fun! This is a great game. If you are going to buy only one horse game in your life, buy this one!...more info
  • I love this game!
    Okay, this game has pretty good graphics, not the best, but not too bad either. I had a lot of fun playing it and I've finished it twice. The problem about your horse having such a tiny amount of stamina is a problem. Anyway when you're chasing the guy on the dirtbike, you take the shortcuts that you can find on the side of the trail. You use these to cut the guy on the motorbike off. Once you're in front of him, you stop your horse on the trail do it so that the horse is perpendicular to the trail, if you do it the other way the guy on the motorbike will go past you. It's a lot of fun and it's the first Saddle Up game to have eventing (dressage, cross-country and showjumping) I think, it's tons of fun....more info
  • Best Game I've Ever BEAT!
    WOW! This is the best game that Ive ever owned/played. I own many other games like this but I have to say that this one is the best. Great plot... Great Graphics! Love love love it! To find rose go back past the rock building into a scary forest(LOL). Then turn at the pond you will hear her scream follow that! To find Vincent B. look at the page in the book. SEE the blue and white tree?? follow those signs! If you need ANY hints at all email me at! BEST GAME EVER! ...more info
  • This game is awsome
    1) even if you don't like your first horse train it hard and increase its stanima (you'll need it later) i find using the dressage course is the best way.
    2) in the saddler's shop use the ring that rose gave you and you can get a saddle (after you get your saddle you can click the store part again and buy saddle pads and wraps for your horse)
    3) when you need to get the keys find the rope in the stable and the magnit on the bird house then press "i" and use them one at a time when there is a blue arrow above rose.
    4) when you need to find Blacklock's house follow the blue signs with white trees they are also the only non-square signs (1st be sure to tear page out of the phone book in the village otherwise you'll have to go back to get the pass word)
    5) next go the the sheep person (if you go down that path one fork goes to the river otter the other to the sheep feild.) you will have help round up the sheep, it quite easy once you get the hang of it (stay at a walk when you are going to push the sheep with your horse's head facing in the direction you want go then wait for the sheep to come to a full stop before pushing it again)
    6) to catch Davy on the bike you need your 1st horse's stanima to be the best posssible this is where traing comes in if you have a full bar of stanima full gallop on the grass untill you are ahead of him the stop you must do this twice (its not that hard if your horse has good stanima)
    7) to find your horse's go to the river otter the first one is to your right (i always seem to miss it) the rest are to your left
    8) rose is in the middle of the forset not on the trails (her voice will lead you to the section she is in then i find it throws you off so just keep looking you'll find her)
    9) to go the back way to Blacklock's house go left out of leaving his fork in the road and click at the gate turn so the green arrow is there again and click, his house is the fist to the right
    10) this is where i'm having problems I got what i think are wire cutters (on the bench in the stable)and went the back and right way to blacklock's house (supposed to go back way) and i tried to use them by pressing "use" by Davy and the gate and nothing worked
    Did I not get a tool needed? or is it something else please help me!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • A Wonderful Horse Game
    I've been playing horse games since I was very young and have played a large number of the ones that have come out, and this one is very near the top. The graphics are really just great, and the plot is pretty good. I have to say that the best thing about this game would have to be the competition. In every horse game, timing and competition varies greatly, and I have to say the timing in this game is easy and the dressage isn't as challenging (read: impossible) as it is in some games.
    I haven't gotten very far in this game, but I will say that certain bits are very challenging. I think the game is overall very nicely done. The only real con is how long it takes to go anywhere. When you have limited time to play the game, it'll be very hard to get far. Once the horses have high enough stamina, you can just speed everywhere, but early in the game, it's very, very, very slow getting anywhere.
    The competition is terrific (at least as far as I've gotten). The dressage is nice, the cross-country is okay (there are far better courses out there) and the show jumping is very nicely done, though there is very little variety in the jumps. The horses look very good and I like many of the little perks in the game. Overall, a very good choice for a horse game - if you can only buy one, I'd probably say get this one....more info
  • Worth Buying - Tough but loads of addictive fun!
    I bought this game for my 7-yr-old after she quickly mastered and "Lets Ride: Champion's Collection" and wanted something new. Saddle Up w/Pippa Funnell was a great second game & worth every penny. The graphics are better, once controls are mastered the competitions and challenges are superior (and fun), and there is a story line that will keep you hooked! However, the difficulties involved in solving the "mystery" virtually ensure that even much older kids will probably need cheats. We found those on [...]ie among the most useful (no guilt...this game is HARD and took weeks to complete, even with the cheats!!! ) Overall, a great game that is absorbing, challenging, with good graphics (runds well on Windows XP) and loads of fun....more info
  • 2nd Worst Game in The world...
    I have firstly gotten to where I've herded the sheep and gotten Peter's deed. Then I quit and and went back to play later and was where I had gone to Blacklock's from. I couldn't save before I quit but I thought it had saved. Boy, was I STUPID! In all other horse games I have it saves when I leave. NOT THIS ONE! So I made 1 last horse poster, printed it, and uninstalled. I had just uninstalled it when I realized I had uninstalled my one-and-only pally. (Palomino.) I cried for two whole days! I am selling my copy and never want to lay my hands on it again. EVER. EVER, EVER, EVER! DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! IT IS NOT WORTH 1 CENT OF THE PRICE! Here are pros and cons:
    *You groom your horse
    *Voices never get annoying
    *Pallys are pretty(Anyone have one? You know what I mean if you do!)
    *Competion is SO not hard as far as I've gotten
    *Trail riding takes forever
    *Except for the pally, paints are the only forth horse I've had
    *Mucking takes FOREVER
    *Everything else is a con

    Thanks for reading my review!
    P.S. The worst game in the world is Saddle Up: Time to Ride!
    P.P.S. Aren't horses the greatest?...more info
  • Best Game!!! (Jenna)
    Hey every horse lover out there!!! I got threw this game in like 2 days. its not THAT hard once u know what to do. here are some tips

    1) if u are stuck on finding mr. blacklocks house, follow the trail signs with the white trees.
    2) To heard the sheep is REALLY easy. All you have to do is STAY IN THE TROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they run of, heres a tip. Go to the sheep, and push thier 'back side' twords the fence. they'll go in automatically.

    3)To find rose, AFTER u catch the dude, shes in the villiage by the post and grocery shop. (i have NO IDEA WHY!!)

    4)To get that old guy in the shop to give u the saddle, give him the ring that Rose gave U.

    hope this helps u!!!!

    Dont worry if u get stuck! just keep on going! GOOD LUCK and keep on riding!!!

    ...more info
  • Loads of Fun!
    My 6 year old daughter loves playing this game! She plays it mostly on her own, but sometimes needs my help. There are two basic sections to the game: the adventure - where you try to renovate the horse farm and solve a mystery; and the training - where you can practice the courses for the competitions.
    You don't have to groom the horses too much (a complaint in other games). The movement of the horses is realistic, you actually can count the strides between jumps at the canter. The graphics are good, except when you are at a full gallop and then they get a bit jumpy, but it's still enjoyable.
    You get to choose which rewards (add a pasture, veterinary office, etc.) you receive when you win the competitions. My daughter's favorite part is receiving a new horse when she wins a competieion, she gets so excited!
    The more succcessful the horse is in training and competition, the more experience points it earns. When you get enough points, you get to choose how to improve your horse (increase the height or length of its jumping, teach it new dressage moves or increase its stamina).
    This definitely is a great game for horse lovers....more info
  • alright
    this game is okay. im still halfway through it and was stuck with the collected and extended canter, but i read some other reviews and learned that you need to gallop, thanks for posting that! the horses were really ugly in this game, and the graphics weren't all that great. (champion dreams: first to ride has MUCH better graphics, and prettier horses.) the horse's gaits are also kind of messed up, like the trot is really awkward looking. i don't really like how you end up with all these horses, though, because you need to spend so much time caring for them. (i dont like paying davy credits:-) ). i mean, grooming one horse is fun, but when you have 6, it gets a bit tiring! if you're looking for a good horsie game, i would definitely reccomend champion dreams: first to ride. its got just as good of a plot as this game, but the horses are prettier and its just more fun overall....more info
  • Stuck
    Im stuck on the part where you have to sneak in to Blacklock's house. What does the code rrgry mean? What is the code for the secret safe?...more info
  • I'm stuck!
    I think thar it's probably one of the best horse games I've ever played execpt for the fact I got stuck when you have the chase Blacklock down on the dirt bike. How do you catch him?...more info
  • The best horse game ever!
    This is one of the best games I have ever played! In the game you are a girl named Estelle who inherits her great aunt's horse farm. You ride in competitions to win new horses and renovate the farm. You don't have to groom as much as in Saddle Up: Time to Ride, and the adventure is more exciting and a bit more difficult.
    Tips: To get into Mr. Blacklock's house, type 21155 (the number on the phone book page). When you have to catch the quad, you need to prepare first. In the beginning parts of the game, train your first horse a lot and use all the points for its endurance. When the level is up to the top, you're all set. Hint: it's not Blacklock on the bike!...more info
  • The best horse game I own!
    This game is the best horse game you'll probably ever find (if you're like me) so go ahead and buy it.
    In the game, you play as this girl who just inherited a horse farm from her great aunt. You can get new stuff (trailors, buildings, ect.) when you win competitions. You also get a lot of horses. Sometimes I like that and sometimes I don't because you end up riding the horse with the most abilities and the other just sit in the stable/pasture and rot. Also there's this story going on during the whole thing, this Blacklock guy is trying to take a bit of the farm and you won't let him and your groom (you're suppose to have a crush on him but I never did) has something to do with it...I don't wanna spoil it for you.
    Anyway you should get this game because it's cool....more info
  • An excellent horse game.
    As someone who has been playing horseback riding games since Barbie Riding Club (and everything from Time to Ride to Stablemasters to Let's Ride to Mary King's Riding Star to Equestriad 2001 to Willowbrook Stables and so forth), I was starting to feel like I had played them all and nothing new could be offered. Then I purchased this game, and I was thoroughly satisfied. It was an extremely fun, addictive play, with a good solid plotline, good graphics (who needs perfection? Go to the barn for that.), and realistic play. Choosing the correct gait for jumping, endurance gauges, and caring for the horses are all more accurate than I see in many games. I played it and never tired of it, always interested in the next step. While it was not explicitly difficult, I enjoyed that. If you want a game that frustrates you endlessly as you attempt to win it, this will not suffice because the gameplay is easy enough that you will only fail a few times before you succeed. The plot is so fun and engaging, though, that you are too eager to learn more to desire harder play.
    I believe this is an excellent addition to any collection. Take it from someone who has QUITE a collection....more info
  • Need Help?
    To do your "collected canter" you have to be at a gallop and then press "C" on your space bar. If you have anymore questions just ask!...more info
  • A Small Walkthrough
    Well, I so far I have found this game to be addictive and worthwhile. Though I have only completed so much of the game. Here are several tips and hints as to the gameplay:

    1.) Immediantly start working on your first horse's stamina. You won't regret it, trust me!
    2.) When you're entering your first show, use the CD-Rom at the computer Rose is sitting at. Don't ask why, but it took a little bit before I figured that out...XD
    3.) When you are in Henry's Saddlry, use the ring that was given to you by Rose.
    4.) In search of the keys? On the bird house near the well is a magnet, pick that up. Then, inside the stable is some rope. Together, Rose will use them to retreive a key for you.
    5.) Time to find Mr. Blacklock? This was very tricky and after about an hour or so, I finally got it. Go to the phone book that can be found in the village. There, you will rip out a page. The add in the center of the page gives you all the clues you need. Go back out on the trails and follow the blue signs with trees on them, trees that are identical to the tree on the add. Once you reach a gate, approach the key pad to the right of the gate. The code is, 21 51 56, the same numbers on the add. The gate will open and you move on in.
    6.) I'm not sure why, but a lot of people seem to have problems herding the sheep. I thought it was actually very amusing. Direct your horse towards the pen's gate and then walk into the sheep. They will run out of your way, but will soon head in the direction you indicated. That's where I first had problems.
    7.) Another thing that I figured out easily, but others seemed to have a problem: The Collected Canter. You must go to a gallop and then press 'C.' I guess the gallop threw a few people off?
    8.) I can't help you here...I'm still trying to figure out how you catch the man on the quad. Any tips anyone?

    PLEASE...any one know how to catch this man on the quad? I've tried to cut across and cut him off, I've tried galloping to catch up, I've tried calmly cantering behind him until we reach his house. BUT I cannot stop him to save my soul. X_X Someone...please help me. I think my problem is my horse. Unfortuatly, the one horse that didn't get loose is the one horse that sucks. My other horses have better stamina.......more info
  • Cutting Through the Wire Fencing
    I think that this game is awesome. I've finished the whole thing at least 3 times. The first time, there were a few parts where I had trouble with but I got through them. Now, it is extremely easy.
    I have read other reviews and found out that some people have trouble cutting through the wire fencing. Well, it's simple. You are at Blacklock's house with Davy. He tells you go through the back way; which is through the "Lake Woods" plot of land. Go back to the stables and opposite your first and second horse, there is a wood stool with pliers on them. Grab those and put them in your inventory. Go through the "Lake Woods" plot of land. When you get to the end, you'll see wire. Make the Red arrow go on and stop your horse. Go to your inventory, click on the pliers and click use. Voila!! You'll manage to cut through the wire fence. If you need any more help, just place a comment. Someone will help you.
    Hopefully this review was of help to some people!!!...more info
  • Hints
    For the chase with the atv you have to start training at the begining and make your first horse's stamina really good.Like up to the top of the bar.P.S. Davy is the one driving the atv....more info
  • Hard For Children
    I thought this game would be fun. Because i LOVE horses. But its not. Its really hard and the horses suck. if anyone knows how to catch mr. blacklock on the motor cycle, PLEASE HELP!!!!! I've tried so many times!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • I love this game!
    Okay, this game has pretty good graphics, not the best, but not too bad either. I had a lot of fun playing it and I've finished it twice. The problem about your horse having such a tiny amount of stamina is a problem. Anyway when you're chasing the guy on the dirtbike, you take the shortcuts that you can find on the side of the trail. You use these to cut the guy on the motorbike off. Once you're in front of him, you stop your horse on the trail do it so that the horse is perpendicular to the trail, if you do it the other way the guy on the motorbike will go past you. It's a lot of fun and it's the first Saddle Up game to have eventing (dressage, cross-country and showjumping) I think, it's tons of fun....more info
  • It's a bit tough..
    This game is hard at some parts. When you get to an important part, SAVE IT! When I was trying to herd the sheep, one sheep would not go in so I failed. I had to go back to the last time I saved it and that was before I did a competition. Right now I am stuck. I can't catch Blacklock on the fourwheeler. HELP!!...more info
  • Great Game
    I like this game. The only problem i am having is catching Mr. Blacklock on the motorcycle. Help!!...more info
  • It's great but need help!!!!!!1
    i reacon that this game is the best ever, until i reach the hard part, chasing the guy on the motorbike! Can u help me coz i dont know how to beat him. thanks but definitely buy this game is da best. the graphics are not bad at all. but the gallop is still slow....more info
  • I'm soooo stuck!!
    Dear "Im stuck!" I cannot get past the part where you need to vist Blacklock. I took a page out of the phone book but I still cant find him!! Some guy said to check the river but I cant get in to the river!! The horse moves choppy and have a tiny amount of stamina. Dont buy it!!!...more info
  • Fun but confusing
    This game is very confusing and I dont get it. I am stuck on the part where you have to heard the sheep. How do you do it. Please post a review.Thanks....more info
  • The best horsegame EVER!!!
    Want to have a horsegame with lot's of riding, a good story and not so much grooming every second? Welcome to Saddle up with Pippa Funnel! You play as Estelle and have inherited a farm with one horse. Your task is to make it succesful by winning competitions and earning new horses and new things. To your help there is Davy, the rather cute stable boy, and Rose, his little sister. Or wait... Are they really helping you? Play and find out. The game has levels with a task relating to the story on each of them. To get to the next level you have to complete the task and win the competition of the current level. It's not one of those short games that lasts a day or two. This thing takes much longer. It's all in all the best horsegame ever created! Just remember to save and save and save all the time, because certain tasks have time limits and if you fail the task, you fail the game and have to load from where you last saved. Hope it helped!...more info
    I have only gotten to the part where you have to enter Blacklock's phone number as the door code. I have the paper, but I can't read a thing! Can someone tell me the door code? Or at least his phone number? Or is there something I need to find to help me read the paper? No body in the game will help me! PLEASE HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!...more info
  • This game is a lot of fun
    This game is a lot of fun, and is one of the best games i have ever played. if you would like to buy this game, then it would be a good idea to buy the Saddle Up Time to Ride game first, that one is very fun also, but this one is like it just set with a different story and it is a lot better. the sheep part is very very annoying, but all the rest was great. ...more info
  • This game ROCKS!!!
    I absolutely loved playing this game. It is awesome that there is actually a storyline that is interesting and suspenseful (well sort of :)). The graphics are pretty good and you can turn the annoying music off (unlike other games.) The only thing I would change is to make it a little bit longer. I beat the game in a weekend, of course I was playing it all day for 2 days, but it still could have been longer. Also, my game would not let me do a collected canter (glitch?) but it didn't effect the game that much. Overall, this game was very entertaining and is highly recommended!...more info
  • Pippa Funnel
    This game is awsome! I got it a while back for my birthday. I have beaten it a few times. It is not to hard and not to easy. The competitions are fun too! You get to have quite a few horses, and you get to renovate the stud farm! The only part that was really frustraiting was catching Davy. But after the first time I got it, I can get it every time!...more info
  • Not as realistic as the other
    Well, I got this game after getting the "Saddle Up: Time to Ride" adventure and it's okay. The riding is harder in this one and not quiet as fun. The adventure is very puny and I don't see why Pippa Funnel has to even be involved. Maybe for flavor. The girl, Estelle who you play is supposed to be called by your name but when she anounces to the other characters that her name is Estelle, you catch on. Her clothes are gross and I wish she could wear like riding clothes, not the latest fashions. The village is hard to get around at first but the music is beautiful, classic music instead of popular, like in the other one. The chores are not nearly has hard but I wish you didn't have to "improve" your horse with credits. The whole dumb romance between you and another character in the game is just stupid and the ending is well, kind of week. The unlimited game play seems to be the only thing that matters, throughout the game; but it is kind of nice. You can also delete names!!! Unlike the other game!!! ...more info
  • i love this game!!!
    i think this is the greatest horse game of the many horse games i have played. i just finished my first saved game. hint, when you chase the person on the quad bike, canter in the grass and when the road turns cut thorugh the grass and stop in the road to cut him off-you have to do this 2 times. it took me almost 15 tries before i stopped the bike. when you have to find rose, look in the woods when you hear her voice, don't just look on the path. and when you go to mr.blacklocks house find a phonebook paper and follow the blue sign with the tree on it. The code at his house is 21155. and in his house later in the game-not the frist time you go in- get a code on the piano then go to the room with all the books. when you have to do that code look at the paper- hint the buttens you have to push are different colors.

    i have a question. i started two new games after the first one- one easy level one normal level- but i keep getting the same horses i had in the first game, but the box said that there are 14 types of horses. how to i get different horses then i had in the first game?
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Clincher!
    This Game Rocks! It has great graphics, an excellent plot, and LOTS OF HORSES! Here are some tips.

    1) To get to Mr. Blacklock's House, follow the blue signs with the white tree on it.
    2) To get the lock open on Mr. Blacklock's house, Look at your paper. Look in the middle where the advertisment is. The numbers below are the key.
    3) How to catch the Quad Bike...It's not too difficult, as long as your witty, smart, and sly. You know the grassy patches along the trail? Run along those and cut the trail. When your infront of the Quad Bike, stop. Do that twice and you'll find out who it is. (P.S. You may have an idea of who it is, but it can be surprising because it's not Blacklock. It's Davy!)
    4) How to find Rose...Follow what the sheep herder says, then go straite. You'll find yourself in the forest. Yeah, it's the place that's all foggy. Go to one of the turns and then trust your instincs. Also, Don't just look on the trail Look in the tree clusters....more info
  • How To Find Blacklock
    I'm 11 years old and it took me a while to find Blacklock also. You take a page out of the phone book. You have to go to the trail of the show jumping course. Keep going down the trail. When you find the arrow that is blue and has a white tree on it, go that direction. When you find the gate, go to the right side and a green arrow will appear. On the phone book page, it has 6 numbers in the middle of the page. Type in the first 5 digits of that number and voila!! You'll find him. ...more info
  • Horseback riding adventure...
    I like this game a lot but I don't play it that much anymore. The graphics are great and so are the horses. However, I don't like how challenging all the competitions are!! The stud farm is kind of depressing because all you can do is fix up these old buildings and add fences and of course get horses! The characters are all ok and over all this is a good game. Go ahead and get it :)...more info
  • Please Help!!!!
    I'm stuck at how to get into Blacklocks house by the back way. I've tried the different ways posted on here with no luck. If someone could give me a more detailed version of how to get there I would greatly appreciate it!...more info
  • Awsome!!!
    I bought this game with my birthday money and it is definitly not a waste. I played this game non stop for a month. Its challenging, but that just makes it funner! I would recommend this game to anyone who loves horses....more info
  • Really fun game, STUPID romance
    This was an absolutely AWESOME game. OK, so you arrive at your very own brand new stud farm. You have one horse, and the place is a wreck. So you renovate the estate until everything is in lovely peace and order, and you earn more horses as you compete. Davy is the "cute" stableboy who lives there with his kid sister, Rose, and some sort of "romance" unravels between Estelle (your character) and the Davy fellow. It's all mushy and gross and awful. Overall, it's a good game if you can bear the grossest, mushiest romance ever....more info
  • sucks, technically, couldn't play it
    The kudosoft website is closed. Ubi doesn't support this game. The game can't be completed because the grooming task will not complete. The meter rises to the top but the green light never comes on. This is very saddening for a seven year old and very frustrating for her father. This is not the first time we've had problems with Ubi. I would sooner throw my money away before I would buy another UbiSoft game....more info
  • This game is ok
    At first you are addicted to it, then when you finish it you either start over or leave it on the shelf. The mysteries get frustrating but you feel good solving it. I dont like how davy bosses you around. if you are about 9 or 10 you will find this fun. over all this game is fun, but I've played better games....more info
  • I'm Stuck!
    I have never finished a horse game before and this is no esception, its a great game but I can't get past chasing Blacklock. I REALLY need some help, Please? and whats the whole thing about some kinda romance?...more info
  • This game is Awesome!
    This game is so cool!Once you get started you get hooked onto it. I need some help with the collected and extended canter though. I've been doing everything it says to but my horse won't do it. Help!...more info
  • Much better than the other Saddel Up title
    I bought this game after playing Saddle Up: Time To Ride. Both games are made by the same company and both have similar interfaces. Many things have been improved - it is now more obvious when a task is done. The controls for jumping the horses are a little finicky at first, but as your horse gets better, it's not much of a problem. The graphics are pretty good, but the "run" feature doesn't work in all places. It would be nice if they used more of a FPS viewpoint as navigating around the village can be a little frustrating. If your computer doesn't have the recommended graphics card, you will be out of luck and the game will be rather unplayable....more info
    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?! I've just finished the "Last" compotition( the one where you compete with Pippa) and now, I don't know what to do! Mr. Scrievner is telling me "... This calls for a CELEBRATION..." and Davy says " Get back into the saddle and ride..." and Rose says to keep doing compotitions; What do I do!!! I don't think this is the end of the game, 'cuz Someone told me that Davy and Estelle kiss and all this stuff... Plus, I have about 3 or 4 blank spots left in my inventory. So if anyone know's what to do, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!
    THANKS A MILLION!...more info
  • Good (if you can endure a few imperfections)
    This is a good game if you enjoy following a fast-moving storyline where you complete chores and tasks and solve a mystery while you're at it. The graphics are better than most of the other horse games, and the surroundings have an easy, relaxed feel that make gameplay fun and free of tension. It's a very addictive game and I had trouble getting off the computer until it was over. The storyline is well-done except for a sappy romance thing going on between your character and Davy, a stable hand. Also, in the beginning of the game, you get to type in a name of your choice for the main character, but then the people call you "Estelle." Perhaps it was overlooked but it kind of makes you think that it's of poor quality. Overall, it's a fast-moving, non-frustrating game that is enjoyable if you can endure a few imperfections. Hope this helps....more info
  • I love this game!
    Okay, this game has pretty good graphics, not the best, but not too bad either. I had a lot of fun playing it and I've finished it twice. The problem about your horse having such a tiny amount of stamina is a problem. Anyway when you're chasing the guy on the dirtbike, you take the shortcuts that you can find on the side of the trail. You use these to cut the guy on the motorbike off. Once you're in front of him, you stop your horse on the trail do it so that the horse is perpendicular to the trail, if you do it the other way the guy on the motorbike will go past you. It's a lot of fun and it's the first Saddle Up game to have eventing (dressage, cross-country and showjumping) I think, it's tons of fun....more info
  • Quite good!
    I really enjoyed this game. Unlike other games, the focus is not so much on competing as it is on solving the mystery. It seems to be close to impossible to do that at times, but it will happen eventually. My eight-year-old sister has just started to play it as well, and she loves it. The horses are interesting, although the terms are not always accurate, especially if you're American. The competition courses are wildly inaccurate - you would never be performing at a gallop in real life dressage, the cross country courses don't have a lot of variety, and show jumping has you taking three or four fences in a row - but the story line and puzzles are quite intriguing. If you want to buy a game with more accurate competitions, buy "Equestriad 2001." If you want a game that has a good plot and fun (if somewhat frustrating!) puzzles, buy this one....more info
  • Our kids can't stop playing it!
    The kids can't stop playing this game, easy to install and easy to play. If your kids love horses, then this the game for them....more info


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