Honeywell HFD-120-Q Tower HEPAQuiet Air Purifier with Permanent IFD Filter, Black

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Product Description

The Honeywell HFD-120 HEPA Germicidal Air Purifier with Permanent IFD Filter is your key to cleaner, more breathable air. Electronic filter check indicator Washable pre-filter Estimated CADR - 130 For small and medium-sized rooms - 14' x 14', up to 200 sq.ft. Color - Black Dimensions(LxWxH) - 28.7 x 11.22 x 10.04 Weight - 13 lbs.

  • HEPAQuiet air purifier with permanent pre-filter for medium rooms up to 200 square feet
  • Electronic filter check indicator for easy maintenance
  • Captures dust, pollen, cat dander and tobacco smoke
  • Built-in ionizer grounds airborne particles for easy vacuum cleanup
  • Dimensions: 28.7 by 11.22 by 10.04 inches; weighs 13 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • good choice ~
    If you are looking for a decent air purifier with permanent filter(s), I would highly recommand this product. I've purchase 3 units and had to return one due to weird fan noise, but all units are working fine now. I would be bit concerned for the winter time use, since it does create bit of draft even at the lower fan-speed setting. I had the units running for 1 month now and air quality in each room got better. I do have seasonal allergies so it did help a bit not a big help. ...more info
  • Unreliable quality
    I own two of these units and the quality is hit or miss. The first one I bought runs fairly quietly and assembles/disassebles easily for cleaning. The second unit has a very noisy fan that sounds like it is out of balance and rubbing, the filters won't stay in position and the back panel has to be taped on to keep it from falling off. While the pre-filter seems to pick up a lot of dust I can't vouch for the two interior filters. If they filter out anything it certainly isn't much. Not worth the cost in my opinion....more info
  • Great air Purifier
    I started looking for an air purifier after I got tired of waking up every morning with sinus congestion and the typical allergy symptoms. After spending a fair amount of time researching purifiers, I finally decided on this unit and I'm very happy that I did.

    After the first day, I started to notice a difference in the air quality in my bedroom. It had a much cleaner smell (taste?) and my allergies started to clear up the next morning. Like a few other people, I had a little bit of funk in the air when I first turned it on, but that went away after a couple of hours.

    With regards to how loud this unit is, I know that volume is a very subjective thing and that what's quiet to one might sound like a jet to another, but I was really shocked at how quiet this unit was considering how much air it was kicking out. On it's lowest setting, it's very easy to sleep through, and I'm not the heaviest of sleepers. On it's highest setting, it's noticeable, I won't lie, but it's not loud enough to force me out of the room or have to yell to have a conversation.

    ...more info
  • Buyers should know . . .
    Honeywell HFD-120-Q Tower HEPAQuiet Air Purifier with Permanent IFD Filter, Black

    I received this unit yesterday, but didn't get to try it out. Hence, the one star rating. When I read the set-up instructions, they said the unit has to be placed 3 feet from the wall and any furniture. Placing it 3 feet from the furniture made it set almost in the middle of the room, where we would probably fall over it. I think that would be a hazard in any average size room. The instructions also said to place a small rug under the unit to keep it from staining the carpet. None of this information is included in the product description. I returned it today, but I have to pay the shipping and handling costs because Amazon doesn't consider it their fault. Maybe it's not, but if I'd known the above information, I wouldn't have ordered the product in the first place....more info
  • Awesome for the price!
    Well i my opion i believe is really good for the price and some tests have reviewed this item as VERY good. i got this thru amazon cause they have it the cheapest and free shipping so thast good! it makes some noise but is good enough to sleep with. concerning the really micro dust that may go thru because they have no positive or negative charge well get a uv light in your ac and that will do it!this item is not for big areas!works great in room around 14*20....more info
  • Very good air cleaner
    I got this because my place tends to get extremely dusty (all wood floors) and to control pet dander. I have no complaints so far. The product is quiet and has worked well so far. I run it 24/7 on medium and have had it about a month and the pre filter on the back is covered in dust so it must be doing something....more info
  • Wow, better than I hoped
    This machine removed the odors like magic. My bedroom is only 130 feet. I leave the door open and it cleans well beyond the room. It could clean my large areas no problem. I am surprised at what a good job it does....more info
  • Great air purifier
    I have used air purifiers for years, but not with a permanent filter, tower design or occilating feature. The permanent filter really saves money not having to replace costly HEPA filters. The unit itself is very attractive and the occilating feature really improves performance....more info
  • Only been about a few weeks but boy it collects a lot of dust!
    It's been only a few weeks now since I've purchased this air purifier. It's the first air purifier I have ever bought, and boy I tell ya I am not disappointed one bit! I only use this thing on low and non oscillate and I turn it off when I am sleeping because I can't fall asleep with any noise but this thing still captures plenty of dust. It moves quite a lot of air even on low setting. This purifier cuts down on my dusting from 2 - 3 times a week to about once a week. I would recommend vacuuming the pre-filter every one to two weeks though because there is a lot of dust that collects there. My room is a little bigger than the specs recommend but this still works wonders. For this price I would totally recommend to people seeking a air purifier....more info
  • Good Machine
    I've had this machine almost eight months, I do find that I have to clean the filter a couple of times a month rather than once a month but that may be because I live in the city. Even so, this is a lot cheaper than replacing filters every two weeks and it is extraordinarily easy to clean the filter for this Honeywell purifier. It does seem to have helped with my daughter's severe allergies, though not entirely alleviated her discomfort. However, given that my daughter's allergies can incapacitate her or send her to the doctor, this is still an amazing change. A person with regular allergies might have an even better result. ...more info
  • This product is great
    I have noticed a difference even though I just plugged it in I think it is worth the money I spent. I now can not smell my smoke about 3 minutes after I finish and other smells are gone to. ...more info
  • air purifier
    It arrived on time ready to use. It works great, and does all it is advertized to do. I may buy a sexond one....more info
  • Does it's job
    The machine operates quietly, and does just what it is advertised to do. I have not needed to use allergy products since about three days into it's operation, so it seems to be performing what I wanted it to do.
    ...more info
  • Honeywell HFD-120
    The tower is well built, and the amount of air that it moves is very good, even for large rooms. It's also very quiet. But to be honest, I haven't noticed any difference in air quality, and neither has my roommate....more info
  • Works great as of right now
    Haven't had any problems yet, but will update if I do. Cleaning looks simple but haven't tried it so far....more info
  • Honeywell HFD-120
    It is difficult to rate a product when you have nothing to compare it to. It seems to be an efficient room air purifier. I am satisfied with the purchase....more info
  • well made...BUT
    the unit is well made, relatively quiet...BUT...we live near Yosemite where the air is fresh and clean. The issue for us is pollen and allergies. When I came in the house from the fresh air outside, there was a horrible smell from the machine. It was like ozone or some chemical smell. I guess from the ionizer. That night my wife had burning eyes and nausea. I have never been bothered by allergies but by morning, after running the unit all night in the bedroom, i had a bad, deep and raspy chest cough.

    we feel we gave it a long enough run and test. And feel concerned about these issues.

    My wife yet has her allergies, but they are vastly reduced after a rain, not so with the seems to do nothing in her allergy reduction.

    So we will look to return the unit, and hope no damage to our heath has been done. My question is what exactly is the ionizer, is it something as in sharper image machines, with their negative reviews?...more info
  • Great Air Purifier
    This is a great air purifier. It is very quiet, and it doubles as an oscillating fan which is nice. Since we set up the purifier in our bedroom, my husband has had fewer problems with his asthma during the night....more info
  • Works perfectly, just as described
    Exactly as described, great price too. My boyfriend really loves this air purifier as he has allergies and USED to wake up stuffed up in the mornings....more info
  • For peace of mind in your home
    Bestest parts of this Purifier:
    Provides peace of mind
    Does a good job of purifying smoke (tested with lit matches)
    Good purifying coverage with left to right sweeping
    Blows cool air

    Worstest parts of this Purifier:
    Cleaning the filters
    Purifier does not sweep from left to right when turned on (requiring two button pushes)
    ...more info
  • good product
    I purchased this product a month ago and as of now it works very well. Since we cook lots of Asian spicy food, the smell of the food used to remain in the house. After the use of the product I have seen a considerable difference in the air I breathe and I do smell fresh air in the room whenever I walk in to the room. The coverage area is less. Other than that a good value for your buck....more info
  • We don't have a single complaint!
    We bought this in Feb 2009 - we still love it! We got this because I suffer from really bad allergies. We don't have a single complaint, so far. It works! The air smells great. there's less sneezing, even less itchy nose. It's easy to clean. Quiet. Perfect speeds. Good air circulation. Good size. We keep ours in our bedroom - we only move it to other rooms when allergy season hits because I need the relieve everywhere I go. I wish it came in a different color? Silver, maybe even an off-white, grey? Something other than black would be nice. We'll be buying another for sure....more info
  • Just What I Wanted
    I wanted an air purifier with a permanent, washable filter and went on Amazon to see what was available. After reading the reviews for a number of models I ordered this Honeywell model and I have not been disappointed. It works as advertised; is quiet, has three speeds, oscillates, and the dual filters are easy to clean. A good buy for the money. ...more info
  • Started making ticking sound after 4 days
    At first I thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then 4 days go by and it starts to make a ticking sound. I found online the HFD-110 model has the same issue. Apparently if you take it apart and clean a few parts the clicking will stop for a short period of time :-). I took the filter out and it doesn't seem to have collected much dust.

    After 4 days I'm not taking this thing apart like someone suggested here:

    Instead I'll be sending it back. It's a shame because it really was quiet and I had high hopes for it. Maybe I just got a bad model....more info
  • Perfect
    Had this unit for over 6 months now. I live in Saudi Arabia, that's in the middle east if you don't know. And it's pretty much desert all year around, with sandstorms kicking in whenever they can.

    I picked it up at a local store because it has a washable filter and I adore this machine.

    I clean it possibly, ever two weeks because of how much this things picks up, and I haven't had a "paint thinner" smell and I actually use it in my bedroom, with the door closed. I haven't had "black walls" like some people say. I find that ridiculous, or something is wrong with their paint in their homes.

    The pre-filter catches most things, and the electrostatic filter is just amazing. Having the ability to wash it with water really shows you how much black/brown debris this thing catches.

    The only DOWNSIDE is that I think the actual built in fan which pushes the air out is cheaply made. It's ball-bearing and on the low setting, you can hear the bearings (only after 6 months, but I've had this thing on 24/7). But personally, I don't care and will be buying another one for the other rooms in the house. I also love the fact how the top rear has a slight indentation, allowing me to carry it easily around the house. It's also for small rooms, but most of them are.

    And as for the IONIZATION part. It's not an Ion Generator. The Ionization is a BY-PRODUCT of the filtration process. There is a BIG difference between a Sharper Image Ionic Breeze (Generator) and this thing. There have been reports, and they clearly say that you could literally have 20 of these in one room, and you'll still be below the FCC/FDA allowance levels.

    "In fact, you could operate up to 24 Honeywell QuietClean(R) Air Purifiers* in a single room and emit less ozone than the FDA suggested limit!"
    * based on model HFD-120-Q


    ENJOY! And buy one!...more info
  • Nice unit
    I would recond this unit, I am going to purchase a second one. It keeps the air fresh, so I assume it is also clean....more info
  • Great air purifier!
    I primarily bought this to minimize dust and allergens (as a matter of fact, I bought two). I also have a cat and wanted to reduce pet dander and any pet smells. This air purifier works great! I don't have to dust as often, there are no bad smells ever. It's works wonderful and the price is great. If you are looking for an air purifier this is it!...more info
  • Excellent quiet performance
    I noticed the improvement in air quality immediately and noticed allergy relief. We have dogs and I am surprised how fresh and crisp the air is. Works well for a bedroom 14 x 16. Only thing I don't like about this machine are the controls. The top buttons have to be turned up before you can turn off. Other than that it is very quiet and a good buy. The permanent filters were an attraction since filters run about $40 for other purifiers. ...more info
  • HFD-120-Q does not appear to be ozone generating (despite other posts)
    One post states that this unit "emits ozone from the ionizer", and others mention or question ozone or ozone-like smells.

    I just thought I'd share what I've found thus far on that point, and a useful independent air cleaner product testing organization and website. One may be wise to question and do their own research regarding manufacturer claims, and similarly question any unsubstantiated comments by reviewers (my statements below included).

    It appears the Honeywell HFD-120-Q does in fact meet current standards for ozone emission, at least as shown on page 8 of the "2009 Directory of Certified Portable Electric Room Air Cleaners", Edition No. 1, January 2009, published by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) ( AHAM is "an organization that verifies the testing results of home appliances such as room air conditioners, dehumidifiers - and, of course, room air cleaners" (see introductory page of Directory).

    The AHAM directory provides useful comparison information regarding rates of smoke, dust, and pollen removal, and a room size for each unit. The HFD-120-Q compares favorably, so I've given it 5 stars on that basis (and in fairness given the preponderance of other 5 star ratings, and my other experience with Honeywell products). I'm personally also concerned about comparisons regarding electricity use (Greenhouse gases), generation and disposal of waste (e.g., used filters), maintenance time and effort required, and total cost of ownership. Ozone generation, though, doesn't appear to be an issue relative to the HFD-120-Q (or units of other major manufacturers, as listed in AHAM's directory).

    The EPA webpage cited in another post ( discusses ozone generating devices in general, but after 20 minutes of searching that article and a number of its links I could find no mention or citation of a specific air cleaner being cited as generating ozone at a rate above standards. In one linked article I found only the statement that "Some portable air cleaners using electronic air cleaners might produce ozone", with a link then provided to the AHAM directory (see "Portable Air Cleaners" section:

    AHAM does note that its testing does not include a repeat of ozone tests performed by Underwriters Laboratories: "Underwriters Laboratories Safety Standard 867 recognizes 50 ppb as a maximum ozone emission limit. Participants may voluntarily provide certified ozone emissions data to UL Standard 867, Section 37, which is not subject to separate verification testing by AHAM. Additional information on ozone emission is available from individual manufacturers."

    Those concerned about ozone emission from air cleaners should do further research themselves (e.g., Underwriters Laboratories information). This is as far as I've gotten myself. I too am wary of biased information, and "facts" are often hard to come by....more info
  • made walls black
    Not sure if this thing is any more than just a fan..when 1st bought it made the room smell like paint thinner, but only a day. After about a month I noticed the walls turning black,along with putting a black film on everything such as my tv, bed etc. Actually lost me $ because my landlord took my sec deposit from the damage to the walls. Oh and the red light that tells you when to clean it, that doesn't work. Never saw it come on in 6 months I've had it. 2 bad can't return it now..DONT WASTE UR $$$...more info
  • Experience = Good
    I received my product in February 09. It came in a large brown amazon box with paper-type packing material. Inside this was the Honeywell box. I opened the box and was able to lift the air filter out by grabbing the back top. I removed the styrophome around the top, mid-portion, and base. Then I removed the transparent plastic covering around the unit including the covering around the cord.

    Plugged it into the wall and it started out on medium, then switched to low ( as it is supposed to). I hit the power button again and it increased to medium. Hit the power button again and it increased to high.

    Sound review: On low the unit is quiet enough so that I can study even right next to it.

    Medium and high generate more sound, similar to the common tower

    The unit also has the option of rotating side to side similar to
    many tower fans. This swiveling is silent (nearly silent), and I
    cannot hear it (I have normal hearing).

    Dust reduction: I have only had this for a day, but the air in my apartment seems less dusty.

    I would definitally recommend this over the small $40 units which are generally noiser and filter much less air. ...more info
  • Great Airpurifier

    This is the first air purifier my husband and I have purchased and we love it. Great Product....more info
  • Info on amount of electricity used
    I've seen some comments in various places about the amount of electricity used by this product - so I hooked this product up using one of those inline meters - here are the results: Low speed: 26 watts; Medium speed: 31 watts; high speed: 44 watts.

    Update: Eventually had to return this product as it seemed to be putting something in the air that made me ill. I note that the paerwork it comes with warns that if you are sensitive (athsma, etc) you probably shouldn't use it. I do not really consider myself sensitive, but after three days of use, it became clear that this was not the product for me. ...more info
  • Not Bad...So Far
    Not much to say at this point. I have had this item for only a few weeks. So far it has diminished dust to a degree, although there is still a slight accumulation of dust in the room it is in. Less than before to be sure. It makes a slightly annoying clicking sound as it turns. There is a small static discharge if it, or electric appliances it is near, are touched while it is turned on. But in all, and for the price, it has reduced the dust problem and handles odor problems somewhat - which are the reasons why I wanted it. I have yet to clean it. So depending on how that goes might affect my rating....more info
  • this rocks!
    As far as Air purifiers go, this is probably the best one ever made. I'm seriously considering buying another. I love the NO FILTER aspect and it is easy to clean. I recommend this to anyone!...more info
  • Honeywell Air Purifier a Winner
    I was looking for a quality tower air purifier that did the job removing dust particles from the air on my kitchen and family room (one large area) and a unit that looked nice. This thing really does the trick. I don't see dust flying around when the sun shines directly in the room, it's easy to clean, extremely quiet and looks good doing its job. Great buy. Thanks Amazon....more info
  • emits ozone
    I do not own this product, but I refuse to buy it because it emits ozone from the ionizer, which can potentially be dangerous for your health overtime.

    Buy an air purifier that doesn't emit ozone. If you want a Honeywell, there are other purifiers under this brand-name that don't emit ozone.

    But, be sure to do the research yourself, don't trust these corporations.
    info: info
  • Great at eliminating dust, household odors
    The Honeywell HFD-120 is a great air purifier. I've been using it for about a month now, and have noticed a significant decrease in kitchen and other household odors, as well as airborne dust.

    Like all ionizers, it does produce some ozone -- this is the cleanish "chemical" smell that some others have noticed. Ozone is just O3, compared to Oxygen being O2; so it's not the biggest deal, but some people are sensitive to ozone. I've found that it's fine in a large living room, but it might not be good for a bedroom, especially if you sleep with the door closed.

    The fan is very quiet on low, and noticable but not annoying on medium. On high you'll need to turn the TV volume up; but I find I use high only for rapid cleaning. The filters capture a noticable ammount of dust and lint -- and even captured a couple of gnats! ...more info
  • Honeywell is quality!
    Awesome product. My parents loved it. How this tower rotates keeps a larger area clean, along with a hand hold in the back so you were able to carry it to another location easily. I am still the Best son ever who got the best present ever! Oh and amazon shipped it in no more than 36 hours, because it was at my house a day and a half later. I just choose to have it shipped under normal 7-10 days shipping. Impressive....more info
  • No more dust!
    I received this product as a Christmas gift and love it! The first thing I noticed was that the air in the room smelled fresh! It also removes a large amount of dust from surfaces. It runs quiet, you barely notice it on the lower settings. I am plagued by indoor allergies and this product has made a real difference. I'm sleeping better, sneezing less and don't have to dust the room as often. As budget allows, I would like to buy several more and put them all over our house. I reccomend this product to anyone who is tired of breathing dusty, stale indoor air!...more info
  • good buy
    3 big dogs live in the furnished basement when I am at work...imagine that smell. not only it has a permanent filter, it actually works very well [isn't it the whole point of buying one?]. the doggie smell is gone and the air is fresh. job well done....more info
  • I'm talkin' dust people!
    I bought an excellent slim and quiet air filter for my small home. It worked great but was soon overwhelmed by the amount of dust in the air. I live in Southern California on a dusty breezy property and I often keep the windows open. So I soon became overwhelmed by paying $50 for a "three year" filter that lasts me about 6 months.

    This particular model has a nice oscillation function and that funny ionic smell one reviewer complained about left after the first day. I would give it a full five stars if it didn't make considerably more noise than my quiet quiet one- which kills this model on the dbs. However, the functionality of washable filters for my situation is king. The air is noticeable much cleaner and quiet mode is quiet enough for me.

    Dork note: my cat was weirded out by the oscillation which was quite funny for several days....more info
  • I can breathe! Breathe!
    I am allergic to so many things in the air that I don't remember the last time I didn't feel one of the side effects of the allergic reaction.
    While this nice Honeywell tower does not cure my allergies completely, it does make my sleep a lot more enjoyable, since it noticeably refreshes (and cools) the air and traps lots of dust. I don't have a stuffed nose when I wake up!...more info
  • I really enjoy this air purifier
    I received my air purifier earlier this week. So far, the unit works extremely well. I don't know why other people call it noisy. Even on the highest setting, I don't hear it. I guess if you have no noise in the house, you are going to hear it, but it's much quieter than when you listen to your air conditioner running in the house. I don't even notice it. When the TV is on, or Napster, I never hear it, even on the highest setting.

    I used to have to clean my filters on a cheaper unit(different brand) every third day, and both of them died after two months. I have been very impressed with the quality of this unit so far, and it works very well and removing smells. I am already a neat freak without allergies, so I purchased the unit to get rid of smoke smells. It work wonders for that.

    The only problem I have had is that it has increased my dog's allergies. I have a Lhasa that has eye problems, and his discharge has increased. My vet says that's because the unit pulls the air from the middle of the room, and dispenses it near the bottom of the room, and some dust discharge does come out. I haven't noticed that, but again, I get rid of dust myself like nobody's business. I honestly don't think that his discharge is due to the unit. it's allery season for him.

    I recommend this product. Since so many other brand units die after a couple of months, I feel confident that this one won't, and even if it does, I can return it to the manufacturer. After five days of use on low and medium, I have not had to clean the filter yet, and I run it almost the entire day.

    Give it a try....more info
  • it works for me
    i never needed an air purifier until i lived in a rain forest area of Oahu and there is a mold issue, as well as occassional vog (volcanic smog) i didn't want to use air conditioning (we have wonderful breezes, there's no need for it) i noticed a difference in the first 24 hours i used this. i let it run 24/7 and i'm only in the room to sleep, don't have to close up the whole house, has worked GREAT and would recommend it. it did have an odd odor for about an hour (of course it was new)...more info
  • average while it lasted
    Product worked well for 4 months, then suddenly failed to power on. Product shows no sign of life whatsoever- extended service is through a 3rd party vendor, so I am guessing that repairs or service will be hard to acquire.

    -product produced cleaner air than no filter at all, yet air quality seemed inferior to other true HEPA filters
    -clean air produced by filter had a consistent faint metallic smell
    -product was quiet, providing great white noise at night
    -oscillations were fluent and gentle
    -brief product lifespan severely limits quality- I simply cannot recommend this product...more info
  • Works great
    I knew I wanted a permanent filter because I didnt want to buy replacements. I read reviews for this one (along with a ton others),i decided to ignore the bad ones and took a chance on this filter. Can I say it is GREAT, I love the long tower desing and the fact that it oscillates. I live in a city apartment and all my windows face a high traffice avenue, on top of that I have a dog. This filter has made the air in my apartment so much cleaner, and I def. stopped waking up feeling stuffy. I keep in on high most of time and its actually very quiet. And it has not had any effect in my electricity bill....more info
  • I can breathe!
    I've had this air purifier for 5 days so far, and I can already feel the difference in how clearly I'm breathing. I can actually breath through both nostrils, something I haven't been able to do for months due to dust and pet hair allergies. Another nice perk is that we don't have to dust the apartment as often, we usually dust every 2 days or so, and so far, I've seen no need. ...more info
  • Worth much more that what I paid.
    I recently moved into an older apartment and developed a cough from the dirty air being circulated through the vents in our heating/ac system. I was unsure if buying an air filter would help and after ready review after review I chose this honeywell. Not only is this as quiet as a fan on low but my cough of 2 months was gone after using it for only 3 days. Another thing that I think I should mention is that I feel like I have more energy in the morning and generally feel better. My wife says I haven't snored as much lately info
  • Glad you asked.
    I was disappointed in this product and sent it back. It was advertised as HEPA but in fact does not have a true HEPA filter. Rather it has a "HEPA like" filter. Think you should change the misleading title of the machine. In going to the Honeywell site, I found that they do not title it the way Amazon does. dee gray...more info
  • No more medications!
    After doing lots of research, I decided to buy the Honeywell HFD-120 HEPA Air Purifier.

    I like that it's tall and thin as it's easy to put in the corner of the room. I also like the fact that it oscillates and doesn't just blow air in one area.

    I have to clean it out about every 2 weeks but I do have 2 dogs that are often in that room. Cleaning requires a quick vacuuming and a rinse of the pad. It takes no more than 5 minutes.

    It's a bit loud, but I keep it on the highest setting durning the day and the on the lowest at night. I am a light sleeper but on the lowest setting it's not that loud.

    The permanent filter is nice since filters can be so expensive!

    After about a week, I wasn't waking up in the morning with allergy symptoms. For that fact alone, I am satisfied with it since I no longer depend on medication to feel good....more info
    I read all of the previous reviews. My research said this was the best item.I have used it for a month. Prefilter had 1/16" of dust on it. The inner filters had very little accumulation. It does better than the name brand tabletop that claims to do a 30' x 30' room. Maybe I expect too much. Will monitor the purifier and advise later if I see noticeable improvement. I am within the parameters listed by manufacturer for the size room purifer to be used in. The problem I am dealing with is dust created by the hot air heating system. The room in question is at the end of the system and deposits dust instead of the air and dust going to the return vents. The furnace is not strong enough. I expect to update this review later. ...more info
  • as advertised
    I've had this filter for three weeks; have been running it 24 hours a day and so far so good. I don't have serious allergy problems but I am living in Beijing so I just need something to make my air cleaner. The filter does leave the room smelling clean and there's a lot less dust particles floating so it seems to be working for me. Lastly, the filter can circulate around the base, or not and is relatively quiet in the low fan speed setting. I've broken 5 ionic breezers from Sharper Image already so I'll keep my fingers crossed until I've had this unit running longer....more info
  • Air cleaner
    a little to big and I don't care for how it has to be away from the wall so far. Almost in middle of the room. It is quiet but don't think I'd buy it again....more info